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The New Inquiry: Against TED.

“So many of the TED talks take on the form of those famous patent medicine tonic cure-all pitches of previous centuries, as though they must convince you not through the content of what’s being said but through the hyper-engaging style of the delivery. Each new ‘big idea’ to ‘inspire the world’ and ‘change everything’ pitched from the TED stage reminds me of the swamp root and snake oil liniment being sold from a wagon a hundred years past. As Mike Bulajewski pointed out in a Tweet, ‘TED’s ‘revolutionary ideas’ mask capitalism as usual, giving it a narrative of progress and change.’” If it is what it claims to be, it can accept such criticism and become better. In science, ‘entertainers’ are rarely the ones with the most important information to convey.

02/20/12 • 11:24 AM • ConsumptionScholarlyScience • No Comments
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