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TechDirt: Flickr Plans To Sell Creative Commons Photos And That’s Okay ...

The vast majority would never have taken the steps necessary to profit from their work, so print sales do not deprive them of money. When a user really expects to sell prints, they should avoid Creative Commons licensing ...” When CC was first set up, old-fashioned copyright was portrayed as a barrier to collaboration. There was much peer pressure to adopt it, to allow others to riff off your stuff. I don’t think anyone except die-hard photogs recognized how broad the license really was.  If you don’t want others to profit monetarily from your work ... go with traditional copyright. [Note: see comment thread for explanation of this correction.] Those of you with kids, your children’s images could end up in some really strange places.

Flickr, it should be an ‘opt-in.’  Not ‘you licensed CC - we’re selling your stuff and you get no benefits.’

12/02/14 • 09:49 AM • ArtsCorrectionsLawPhotography(7) Comments
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