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SF New Mexican:

TV show to air Santa Fe sex-ed controversy.  “After The New Mexican reported last month that the state Health Department found no wrongdoing on the part of its employee, Tony Escudero, an Albuquerque newspaper and two television stations did similar stories. That led to national publicity, especially among conservative media outlets.”  No doubt the subject was approached with humor — which, when selectively quoted and creatively couched in spare journalistic phrasing, rings false.

Reminds me of something.  When I took high school sex-ed, the teacher passed around a birth-control pill container.  It had pills in it, so some of the more macho jerks popped some out of the specially-sealed container, and swallowed them.  When she told them they contain female hormones, these bozos stayed out of school for a week, waiting for something to fall off.  Those guys were laughingstocks for weeks. 

No doubt conservative talk shows would spin this into the “dangers of sex education.” 

To my mind, if licking a condom increases the incidence of their use for premarital sex, we’ve saved lives (AIDS, unwanted pregnancy).  Conversely, if it so grosses out a child that they choose abstinence until marriage, that’s also a ‘win’ too.  It all depends on how you spin it.

One caveat, to cover my small amount of real knowledge of the incident ... encouragement is not coercion.  But the premeditated use of peer pressure, in situations like this, can cross the line.

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