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Going Live!

There’s a lot yet to be done, and I’m not satisfied with anything yet, because there’s been little time.  This design has been ‘in the can’ for a while, a mild modification of the MT standard template.  I felt the need for something brighter, cheerier, simpler.  I felt the old site was carrying too much baggage; the ‘virtual projection of my physical self’ was not reflecting my current state of mind.  I’m really looking forward to having the extended format to allow more discursive posts when the muse hits, without overweighting the index page.  Titles still bug me, but I think I’ve got them tamed to where they’ll fit in my normal flow.  It’ll make commenting a bit odd with multiple posts from the same source, but I think it’ll be O.K.

On to the technical: Navigation will probably end up back on the right; feels odd on the left.  The archives are online (talk about baggage!), and a subset of the Image Galleries. It’s enough to start with. Let me know if there are any obvious breakages. The style sheet is a bloody train wreck, but it seems to work in IE6, Firebird, Opera, Mac IE 5.1.6 ... so I think I’m safe until I have time to pretty things up.

I’ll be too busy to post anything of substance for the next few days, so thanks for your patience.  Still moving other client sites, checking for craziness.

[And yes, your eyes don’t deceive.  Initial caps.  A real RSS file.  Don’t get too giddy; I’ve had no time to seriously fiddle and destroy anything ... yet.]

08/14/03 • 08:37 AM • Personal(17) Comments
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