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First “Entry” in Movable Type.

I feel like I’ve traded my jacked-up, nitrous-oxide 50’s Studebaker pickup (dropping parts on the road every time I fire it up), for a sleek new Triumph motorcycle.  I’m digging this.  Though I will have to get used to putting titles on everything ... something I’ve never done before.

The style of my weblogging will change a little bit.  With the change in design, and the re-introduction of initial caps, some will believe there’s been a sea-change in philosophy.  Hardly the case.  You’ll find I haven’t changed ... this weblog is now simply reflecting a different flavor of my online mind.  It’s been WAY too long since my last redesign ... and I’ve been itching to do it.  Not that this is anything ground-breaking, mind you ... but it’ll do for a bit.  I needed some color.

08/12/03 • 05:57 AM • Personal(4) Comments
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