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Dead lightning bugs.

A friend and I, when we were children, decided to collect as many lightning bugs as we could.  We intended to put them in a clear glass jar, to see if we could read by their light.  My friend drew the short straw, and got to keep the jar overnight with the dozens we had collected.  He neglected to knock holes in the jar lid, so by morning they were all, unfortunately, deceased.

Why do I mention this?  My comment about the beer aftertaste below encouraged me to comment on protein powders.  Met-Rx recently reformulated, and now includes “non-dairy creamer” in the ingredients.  No thanks.  I’ve been dabbling with different brands, but after stumbling upon a new store (“Vitamin Cottage”), I decided to get wild and try out their “Trans-Plex Natural MRP” meal replacement/protein powder. 

No aspartame, no bad stuff that I can see. 

But, like many modern protein powders, it has that lamentable taste of dead lightning bugs.  Or rather, it tastes like those lightning bugs smelled.

But it’s less so than other brands, so I’m sticking with it.  $29 bucks for just over two pounds of the stuff.  Economical, after checking the ingredients.

So, now that I’ve crossed at least two tangents, I know you’re wondering.

Yes, you could. 

Read by the light of dozens of lightning bugs.

12/07/03 • 03:58 PM • Childhood(3) Comments
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