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Political ripples of the marriage debate.  “... a debate over the redefinition of ‘the most fundamental institution of civilization..’”  So, the Democrats should trump this fundamental institution with another one, a more basic and easy-to-grasp one; a debate over the political redefinition of truth and lies ... and especially lies of omission.  One could easily say it is dishonesty itself that threatens our civilization, not marriage.  The Dems could emphasize educational courses in secular ethics and morality for secondary school students, covering major religious and philosophical beliefs.  Don’t just answer the attack; open a new front for which they are unprepared. A flanking maneuvre.  One that will defuse the attacks against the stereotyping of Democrats as atheist, and immediately throws the Republicans back on their heels.

Surely there are some creative thinkers in the Democratic Party.  Some who do things other than simply react ...

Later: I see some Republicans are betting their strategy on perceived weakness in the Kerry/Catholic/abortion/gay rights congruence.  The ‘contradictions’ can be explained cogently; will the media allow them to be?  I suppose it may devolve into tit for tat, if any media journalist with half a brain is paying attention.

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