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Wonkette: Let’s Try Talking About Juanita Broaddrick, Again.

But truly — back then, men were taught that a girl has to say no a couple times before she says yes, so no one will think she is easy.” Read it, see what you think. Most are only linking the original article; this is the ‘apology’. In the ‘90’s? Please. ‘50’s, maybe. I was born in 1959, and I understood “No” to be “No”. And it never went that far, in my hearing. And ‘taught’? Where in the world did that idea come from? And religious redemption is the slippery slope by which terrible politicians regain the limelight.

Sometimes, as a blogger, you have to step back and avoid the ‘I need to answer my mistake right away’ urge. A longer, more thoughtful process is required. Most readers will understand the pullback-and-contemplate time, if you ask for it. “I didn’t express myself well, let me take the time to carefully rephrase my intended meaning.”

Speaking more generally: Given the youth of today’s journalists, I really do wonder sometimes at their portrayal of previous decades. It only rarely resembles the realities I lived through. The first lesson: Avoid making broad generalizations without evidence!

08/18/16 • 08:52 AM • Human RightsPoliticsWeblogs • 1 Comment


I ran into a blobpost went to the editor picks in google news about how Republicans should talk to newer generations.

Of 22 paragraphs they only made 11 before resorting to worn out memes of overly liberal media / schools etc.

Not gonna make much progress that way

Posted by Emmett on 08/18/16 at 10:25 AM


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