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Vox/Ezra Klein: Donald Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me trul

We know all this. Our eyes have seen it, our ears have heard it, the queasiness in our guts confirm it. So why can’t anyone DO anything about it? That’s what we, the unbelieving, wonder.

07/21/16 • 10:59 AM • HistoryHuman RightsPolitics • (2) Comments


I keep in touch with my Trump supporter friends, indeed, I try to spend as much time as possible with them so I can understand what is going on.

The answer is, they are looking at the collapse of Venezuela, and they see that as the future of this country if we continue to elect Democrats to the presidency. 

So when I try to point out that Trump is truly an existential threat to our democracy, they respond with Venezuela, that Barack Obama has set us on the path to collapse, and that Hillary will certainly finish the job.

Posted by crazybutable on 07/22/16 at 06:38 AM

Obama as Hugo Chavez? Wowzer. Not heard that one. Mostly just inherited Hillary-hate from the 90’s around here.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 07/22/16 at 06:47 AM


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