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Vox: Psychology is in crisis. This scientist’s striking confession explains how we got here.

He’s confessing to a practice called p-hacking, or the cherry-picking of data after an experiment is run in order to find a significant, publishable result.” More on p-hacking and ‘data dredging’ in general. Why I no longer buy statistics at face value. I find too many heavy thumbs on the scales.

03/22/16 • 10:28 AM • PsychologyScholarlyScience • (2) Comments


Back in college, I studied psychology for several years. I have always said that the experience is what really taught me how to read.

Every psychology experiment has is problems and limitations, and you have to read very closely and look in between the lines to identify the problems, so you can decide if they are acceptable, or a fatal to the conclusions.

Posted by Eric in Santa Fe on 03/24/16 at 07:01 AM

True of many things in life!

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 03/24/16 at 08:12 AM


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