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TWSBI ECO Fountain Pen, Black, F Nib.

Bought this on a friend’s recommendation. Omigod. With Noodler’s Black ink, it’s smooth as butter. Best stainless steel nib I’ve ever used. HIGHLY recommended.

06/02/16 • 06:19 PM • ConsumptionDesignPersonal • (9) Comments


Handsome and affordable, may have to try them.

Posted by Emmett on 06/02/16 at 07:19 PM

$30 smackers for a good fillable fountain pen ain’t bad. I expected overhype - I was way wrong. I love this thing. Even comes with a wrench to open the piston assembly, and a little bottle of silicon grease to keep the piston in good shape.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/02/16 at 07:48 PM

Further, I’ve found fine points to be somewhat scritchy if not superbly made, yet a medium tends to be too thick for everyday use. This is thicker than a fine point, just a smidge (IMHO), but flows beautifully and looks great.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/02/16 at 07:49 PM

Day later, after filling: the nib had a dry spot, missing the tops of letters as I started writing. A wipe with a tissue, and I’m back in business. I suppose hard-core folks have a blotter.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/03/16 at 07:19 AM

Blotter -Har

I suppose maybe they do.

I only have to fill maybe monthly, so usually do so with water handy and was down the nib while I am at it.

On those occasions I’m scribbling in a meeting and it is skipping from dry spots, I discretely dip it in my coffee and scribble it dry off to the side in my doodlepatch. Only a few have noticed, generates smiles but little else.

But then I am something of a wierd fossil at work so they have little idea what to except of me as “normal” anyway.

Posted by Emmett on 06/03/16 at 08:38 AM

If the teeth become a little black, you can always blame betelnut.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/03/16 at 09:15 AM

Yeah, I may drink the coffee afterward, but I have never resorted to licking my nib as in olden days of yore.

Posted by Emmett on 06/03/16 at 09:40 AM

Mmm, betelnut.

Posted by Hal B. Rager on 06/03/16 at 10:41 AM

Is that fond memory speaking?

Posted by Emmett on 06/04/16 at 09:57 AM


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