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The High Hidden Costs of Fast Fashion.

It shocked me, the first time I engaged in a conversation and found that others buy clothes, wear them straight from the store, and then throw them away or give them to ‘charity’ to assuage their consumer mindset. I can’t even. First thing I do is wash ‘em. Those flame retardants aren’t good.

No wonder I keep coming across such badly-manufactured stuff in clothing stores. I have Ralph Lauren Polo shirts I’ve been wearing for decades, that still iron up like new.

09/12/16 • 06:31 AM • ConsumptionPersonal • 1 Comment


Just not my mindset either.
I’m guilty of finding one of something durable and buying 3 more.
JPeterman polos and they have a colorful linen long sleeve, got five if one, five of the otger a decade ago, still wearing.
CTShirts dot com for dress shirts, been wearing for five or six years, just replaced one dye to a stain. Haven’t worn one out yet.

Obvious but, I also only buy on sale.

Posted by Emmett on 09/12/16 at 07:03 AM


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