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The Economist: Conversation and the sexes - Why men interrupt.

What evidence shows that male and female styles differ? Among the most compelling is a crucial piece left out of the “simple sexism” explanation: men mansplain to each other.” Oh God, this is SO needed. Once again, as a stutterer in the past, it was always easy to step on my conversation and dominate. And so many did. Both sexes, but certain males ... jeezus, my eyeballs would practically pop out for needing to express myself while being pummeled with irrelevant self-aggrandizement ...

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I feel for you, used to be quite retiring personally. Clearly got over it.

I actually spend quite a bit of time coaching my subordinates including pep talks before presentations
“Is anyone in that room more expert than you? Is this a conversation? No, this is a presentation. Is this an invitation to redesign? I expect you to shut that down immediately.”

I also have them bag carry for me or arrange to be the presenter before them to demonstrate.
And afterward we critique.

And increasingly I coach voice control.
And send them to speaking classes (company pays), to get the lilting sentence ends dead, dead, dead.
They can indulge any style they like until they take the podium and represent US, then I want James Earl Jones voice of god authority.

Posted by Emmett on 08/14/16 at 04:43 PM


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