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Sterling Sports Cars kit car VW replica.

Oh, how I craved to build one of these in my college years ...

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Most winter weekends my little town is crawling with this relative:


Posted by Emmett on 05/04/16 at 06:56 PM

The Manx dune buggy. CLASSIC.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 05/04/16 at 07:02 PM

I love the Meyers Manx. I wanted to build a model of one back in the sixth grade but never found one…

Posted by Hal B. Rager on 05/04/16 at 09:14 PM

Never too late Hal!


I personally choose not to interpret my (recently revived) current interest in Wargaming as early senility, but the quest for deeper understanding of geopolitical situations (hah!).

Posted by Emmett on 05/05/16 at 05:55 AM

And so many childhood fantasies are easily (technically) within reach now.

You should see what scale modelling is able to do with the proliferation of tiny electrics and inexpensive RC equipment.

The German toy fair displayed the ability to model cities, ports all with interactive traffic and no grooves and tracks.

And then they post it all online in videos from driver’s POV, so you can be the container ship captain pulling into Hamburg to unload.

Posted by Emmett on 05/05/16 at 06:01 AM


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