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RSS: Well, I’ve got to make a choice.

NewsBlur has sharing features. What do y’all think? Feedly’s interface is just too cloying for my taste. How’s the speed on NewsBlur these days?

06/30/13 • 09:17 AM • GoogleInternetSoftware • (12) Comments


Dev’s been making dramatic speed improvements in Newsblur. To my eye, it’s the only alternative that isn’t focused primarily on eye candy (cough Feedly cough).

Very happy with its direction.

Posted by Will on 06/30/13 at 09:55 AM

Also, he’s taking payments already, a model I’m trying to support. Done trusting free.

Posted by Will on 06/30/13 at 09:57 AM

I’m using newsblur and will stick with it.

It has a memory leak for me on chromium linux but not a big issue.

Smooth and well done. He seems pretty responsive over time too.

The fact that everything is in github and if he walks away from it I can pick it up is a key sell for me.

Posted by Adam on 06/30/13 at 10:31 AM

I like that aspect as well.

Posted by Will on 06/30/13 at 11:09 AM

I’m going with feedbin.me on the backend with Mr. Reader (iPad) and ReadKit (OS X) on the frontend. I realized I want to defer to Mr. Reader since I do most feedreading on the couch or interstitially, now with occasional desktop usage.

I’m with our esteemed host though, and waited until the last mintue. We’ll see how it turns out.

Posted by C. Ross Jam on 06/30/13 at 03:15 PM


And it’s too bad NetNewsWire doesn’t seem to be making the transition very well. I’ll still keep it around and test out new versions for loyalty’s sake, but Marco Arment pretty much put a stake in it for me.

Last word, I was never a social user of GReader so YMMV.

Posted by C. Ross Jam on 06/30/13 at 03:21 PM

I’ve been using Reeder and NetNewsWire for ages. Very disappointed in both, for this transition.

Leaning heavily towards Newsblur (paid, as per Will above) at this point. I used the sharing features only rarely - yet when I used them, the folks who shared with me had excellent ‘winnowing’ skills. I plan to change that habit of mine, if I can categorize my shares.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/30/13 at 03:50 PM

been using NewsBlur exclusively for a month, and recently paid for the service so I could go beyond the 64 feed limit of free accounts, and to support the dev. I use it within Safari (at home) and Firefox (at work), as well as on the iPad. The iPad version has some bugs that I wish were fixed, but on the whole it suits me find. Although I’ve used NetNewsWire and other dedicated apps before, I was mainly using Netvibes as my newsfeed aggregator before, so I’m used to the in-browser way of reading RSS. Sync is not an issue. The ability to save stories, and comment (within NewsBlur community) a plus.

Posted by Kurt on 06/30/13 at 05:27 PM

Newsblur it is, until I find something better (wink). Once I figure it out, my shared stuff will be here: http://dangerousmeta.newsblur.com/

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 06/30/13 at 05:51 PM

I’m using Feedly for now. I like that it gets the basics down. However, NewsBlur is something I’m probably going to dive into. Open source, being able to contribute to the code base, means more and more to me. I’ll be interested in hearing how it goes for you.

Posted by Karl Martino on 07/01/13 at 03:13 AM

Trying to stay with NetNewsWire but set up Feedly as well. FBOW I prefer a native app for RSS, if only to keep it segregated from ‘regular’ browsing. Instructions for making a Feedly Fluid app are, to say the least, disappointing though.

Posted by BillSaysThis on 07/01/13 at 05:43 AM

I agree, Bill. I prefer an app as well. We’ll see where the market goes, but Newsblur is quite interesting for the moment. Serves the purpose without too much adaptation.

I’ll have a (characteristically short) review later.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 07/01/13 at 07:27 AM


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