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ProPublica: And You Thought It Was Just ‘Pink’ Slime.

And, I understand there is some question about spinal tissue in ‘pink slime’, too.

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In Iowa we currently have a Republican Governor (Terry Branstad) who is publicly performing ‘outrage’ to the hilt over the ‘smear campaign’ (Ha! what an image!) against ‘Lean Finely Textured Beef.’  Multiple adjacent-state Governors including Branstad are appearing together in public ranting and raving about it, but Branstad acts like a mad dog compared to the others. 

Online, you can watch what I regard as the best program on Iowa Public T.V., to see this for yourself: http://www.iptv.org/mtom/

The episode of Friday April 6th is particularly interesting, and not just for the beef story.  The episode of Friday March 30th also shows the Governors in action, on-site at the manufacturer’s plant.     

Branstad has also drastically reduced State staff for agencies that serve the vulnerables in Iowa, including the aged and the unemployed.

Posted by Evelyn in Iowa City on 04/13/12 at 07:48 AM


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