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Pacific Standard: Learning to Love My Anxiety.

As you know, I grew up with a speech impediment. Speaking off-the-cuff in class terrified me. If anyone had described ‘anxiety’ or ‘panic attacks’ to me, I would have been a basket case. I would have needed every drug under the sun, therapy, just to face a single day of school. As it was, at that time, no such diagnoses were offered. So I found coping mechanisms. As in, I thought it was ‘normal’ and just ignored the anxiety. Later on, when an adult, I had a period where anxiety became overbearing. Seeking help from a psychiatrist, I received a dose of Xanax, and fell into the hole of chasing benzo half-life and endless useless therapy sessions. After some terrifying experiences (very mild dose, BTW), I said “SHIT” on the whole scheme. It seemed like a purposeful moneymaking track to increasingly powerful drug addiction. Three months to come down from the benzo-generated panic attacks. I would classify that period as the most disempowering experience I’ve ever had in my life. I pity those on that horrific path. Better facing the anxiety head-on, than the ‘fixes’. Yet it seems every other person in America is on this drug/therapy journey. Psychology needs to step in and break up this little profit-party.

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