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Neuroskeptic: The Terrorist Inside Robin Williams’ Brain.

It’s a very sad story, only read if you have the ability to absorb it without consequences. A terrible end for such an amazing person. Gifts given are sometimes devastatingly and cruelly ripped away. Makes me even more convinced that assisted suicide should be a legal option.

09/29/16 • 10:35 AM • EntertainmentHealthScience • 1 Comment


Further, because Robin was a very close friend of Oliver Sacks and they had spent very large amounts of time together talking over many years, Robin really knew the long-term implications of his symptoms (i.e. parkinsonism symptoms).  Even just knowing only that, would be enough to cause very strong, courageous people to take their own lives as an alternative choice, in my opinion.

Posted by Evelyn Redtree on 09/29/16 at 11:32 AM


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