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Macworld: Scrivener for iOS review - A sophisticated writing and research app for on-the-go.

Quirky but lovely, I use Scrivener for all my longer-form writing on desktop. I’ve not tried this mobile variant yet.

07/20/16 • 08:32 AM • ArtsBooksInternetMobilePersonalSoftware • (3) Comments


Scrivener’s Apple bias finally lost me. Years of the Windows version lacking the crucial sync features did it.

It’s another form of lock-in, which I am diligently working to avoid these days.

Posted by Will on 07/20/16 at 10:26 AM

Oh, and discontinuing the Linux version.

Posted by Will on 07/20/16 at 10:26 AM

Their emphasis of late has clearly been getting iPad and iPhone up to some sort of capability.

Everyone’s got mobile on their minds (‘mobile first’).

Whereas I’m looking at typewriters again (wink).

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 07/20/16 at 10:49 AM


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