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Logitech: MX Master Wireless Mouse.

The thumbwheel interests me. I’m a born sucker for this kind of tech ... yet in use, it ends up being less than the fine photography and sales copy. I’ll wait to actually get my hands on one.

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I was a trackball person for many years, because I had found one where you manipulated the ball with your fingers.  I don’t know about you, but I have much better fine control with my fingers, than with my thumb.  Since that device died, I’ve never found a replacement, so I’m back to a plain mouse.

Posted by Eric in Santa Fe on 03/26/15 at 06:39 AM

In the early days, shortly after the color Macs came out, I was an aficionado of the early wired tablets.  Large ones, that mapped the screen pretty accurately to the tablet. Yet I’d keep migrating back to a mouse.

Some of the graphic designers we’d hire would be highly skilled with the trackball.  I never had one long enough to give it a thorough trial.

What I REALLY liked, however, was the knob-and-dial interfaces for early 3D packages (as opposed to mouse alone).  Extrude? Turn a dial. Switch modes? Turn a knob. I was able to loft a model in much less time, with greater precision than a mouse.

We need more of that input-device innovation.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 03/26/15 at 07:35 AM


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