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In These Times: Many Pro-Bernie Groups Still Don’t Trust Clinton. Here’s Their Plan.

the bulk of People for Bernie’s efforts, Wong says, will be devoted to advocating for policies like single-payer health care and debt-free college that formed the core of Sanders’ platform—by holding Clinton accountable to the commitments she made during negotiations over the Democratic platform and pushing her to the left on issues where she and grassroots activists remain divided.” Well, that’s their only move at this point. Let’s hope they all stick to the agenda.

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Politicians rarely ever lead their coalitions. They follow behind the consensus of the coalition minimizing risk and controversy. We need in office politicians not actively opposed to their left’s agenda, and we need to keep up the pressure on them demonstrating where their supporters insist they move.

Look at Social Security. Six years ago, the debate was about by how much could it be cut. Twelve years ago, the President was actively trying to eliminate it. Strong pushback and consistent pressure by the public has moved the debate, for the Democratic side to how would it be best to expand it.

You see a similar transformation in minimum wage. The R’s seem immune to this public pressure, because they cater solely to their base voters and monetary backers, so we need Dems in office to have any real influence.

Posted by Eric in Santa Fe on 07/15/16 at 07:33 AM

But isn’t this what we were all supposed to be doing all along?

Democracy simply isn’t capable of working if citizens only participate every four years.

Look at the number of small town (bedroom communities) the Fed is having to clean up in California alone.

Posted by Emmett on 07/15/16 at 10:07 AM


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