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I’m here, I’m alive.

I forgot to schedule posts when I should have. 25th wedding anniversary trip! Didn’t want to let the entire internet public know my house was empty and waiting for brutalization. What a time to be gone! Nice, Baton Rouge, Tuppence (Trump-Pence). I see I didn’t miss ANYTHING ... links when I can, as I plow through the backlog. My aggregator’s probably going to force-quit itself [internet software equivalent of suicide] for overload when I open it shortly ...

07/18/16 • 07:47 AM • PersonalWeblogs • (2) Comments


Many more happy happys, Garrett and Sandra!

Posted by BillSaysThis on 07/18/16 at 07:56 AM


Glad you got away!

Posted by DanB on 07/18/16 at 08:17 AM


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