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Hillary almost collapsed.

Looks like Hillary’s suffering from a familiar A/V malady. We would go from venue to venue, hyper-air-conditioned (super-cold in anticipation of thousands of hot bodies), then travelling out in the heat between venues. Or cold ballroom - hot city - cold airport - temperate airplane - cold airport - hot city ... you get the idea. The sharp temp changes really tax your immune system. And planes are petri dishes.

I fell ill of this in Baltimore, years ago ... noone to spare from the crew. I had to haul my butt to the emergency room in a taxi, alone. They freaked out - I was dehydrated enough to start heart rhythm problems. They pumped me full of saline for hours. When I walked out eight hours later to catch a cab back to the hotel, I felt like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. Thought my eyes would pop out of my head. I couldn’t drive myself back home to Princeton, I sat in a hotel room alone, hallucinating for three days until the fever broke.

I give Hillary a big ‘pass’ on this one. Been there, been through that ... it’s really horrible. And I was late 20’s, 30’s ... in tip-top physical shape. It *hurt*.

[I’m an ethical guy - I would give Trump or Johnson a ‘pass’ on this one, too.]

Get well soon, Hill. And don’t do too much too fast. It’ll come back on ya.

Day later: Note that Donald Trump behaved better on this (so far) than the media.

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But did she throw up on a head of state yet?

Campaign trail is one good test for the job, schedules are brutal even after you win.

Posted by Emmett on 09/12/16 at 07:07 AM

From my better half:
“you know the term for barfing in public in Japan is
“Literally translates to “Do the Bush thing””

Posted by Emmett on 09/12/16 at 07:21 AM

Hopefully she won’t prop her bare feet up on the conference table in the White House (Carter).

You know, the big unspoken question of this campaign is, “If Hillary cannot overcome a Trump (ignorant boor) with ease, how in the hell is she ever going to handle Putin, Syria, North Korea or China?”

We need a good answer for that. And she has to make the case through a hostile media.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 09/12/16 at 07:22 AM

Hillary’s problem is not being a better candidate.

Hillary’s problem is not being a better arsonist.

People are pissed, and hurting.
And done “going into that good night” quietly.

Posted by Emmett on 09/12/16 at 04:23 PM


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