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Guardian.UK: Deserted beaches hide evidence of thousands of years of Aboriginal history.

According to NSW National Parks, the midden at Murramarang Point in the area of Bawley Point dates back to the Pleistocene period (about 10,000 years ago). Locals have long wandered over the midden, including many surfers who use it as a thoroughfare to a so-called gnarly break on the point. A parade of thongs was causing degradation at a horrifying speed so after decades of academic study, a decision was made to cover it over with plantings for protection and lay down a boardwalk to keep the traffic off.” My astonished emphasis. What about the parade of trunks?

Later, after quickly researching: Cultural ignorance. My bad. ‘Thongs’ in Australia are footwear. Flip-flops, to us Yanks.

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