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Goins, Writer: The Painful Practice of Putting Your Art Out There.

Yes. Interestingly, the Evernote Clipper will not function on this site. I can only bookmark it. I wonder if that’s purposeful.

06/03/16 • 08:24 AM • ArtsPsychology • 1 Comment


I won’t get into the “art” aspects of engineering since the audience is so localized for my work and the strongest endorsement is silence, but…. Like artists I do it because I have to. Ref Dilbert’s “The Knack”

When the market didn’t pay me to do it, I did it anyway.
At it’s best it is a field I would pay to get to do, at it’s worst I cannot be paid enough - but that is never the engineering - it is the superfluous crap that surrounds it.

I want to say “If you CAN be run out of you field by silence or negative comments, then it isn’t your field” but can be a hobby.

Then I remember trying to make a living blogging requires attention and some has to be positive.

So I’ll recommend she read Altucher or Ferris, shrug because I don’t understand how any of them do it, and I’ll shut up.

Posted by Emmett on 06/03/16 at 09:04 AM


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