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Going Live!

There’s a lot yet to be done, and I’m not satisfied with anything yet, because there’s been little time.  This design has been ‘in the can’ for a while, a mild modification of the MT standard template.  I felt the need for something brighter, cheerier, simpler.  I felt the old site was carrying too much baggage; the ‘virtual projection of my physical self’ was not reflecting my current state of mind.  I’m really looking forward to having the extended format to allow more discursive posts when the muse hits, without overweighting the index page.  Titles still bug me, but I think I’ve got them tamed to where they’ll fit in my normal flow.  It’ll make commenting a bit odd with multiple posts from the same source, but I think it’ll be O.K.

On to the technical: Navigation will probably end up back on the right; feels odd on the left.  The archives are online (talk about baggage!), and a subset of the Image Galleries. It’s enough to start with. Let me know if there are any obvious breakages. The style sheet is a bloody train wreck, but it seems to work in IE6, Firebird, Opera, Mac IE 5.1.6 ... so I think I’m safe until I have time to pretty things up.

I’ll be too busy to post anything of substance for the next few days, so thanks for your patience.  Still moving other client sites, checking for craziness.

[And yes, your eyes don’t deceive.  Initial caps.  A real RSS file.  Don’t get too giddy; I’ve had no time to seriously fiddle and destroy anything ... yet.]

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Lookin good.
Makes me feel like a lazy bum for not touching up my site. At all.

Posted by curt on 08/14/03 at 04:08 PM

How about an RSS feed w/ full contents (not just excerpts)?

(For those of use with the non-web browser aggregators)

Posted by f on 08/14/03 at 06:09 PM

Patience, Grasshopper.  I’m just getting started.

Posted by Garret on 08/14/03 at 06:20 PM

I really dig it, Garret.
And you have comments now! W00t!

Posted by Jake on 08/14/03 at 06:29 PM

Great stuff Garret.

Posted by John on 08/14/03 at 10:48 PM

Great work as always dude smile

Posted by Karl on 08/15/03 at 02:44 AM


Posted by milov on 08/15/03 at 02:52 AM

upper case, upper case, the horror the horror…...  arggggggggggggggg

Posted by sam on 08/15/03 at 07:34 AM

All right, all right.  Can it.  I had to switch to caps ... the lowercase was becoming so ingrained, it was bleeding over into my ‘work’ work, requiring even *more* work.

I think that was English.  But you get my drift.

Posted by Garret on 08/15/03 at 07:46 AM

Love the new layout and MT features. Glad to have you back.

Posted by Ed Bilodeau on 08/15/03 at 11:20 AM

Garret, very slickerrific!!!

Man, seeing all this makes me want to drop a nukalure device on my site… or *something*...

So anyway, where are you hosting this now (that is, if you care to divulge)?  Just curious.  But no matter that, this is good—this is cool—and hey, even your photos seem happier in their spiffy new home too!  >;]

Posted by mike on 08/15/03 at 09:51 PM

Congratulations on finally being assimilated into The Collective.

And I’m sure that you can use regex or some MT Plug-in to convert your typing to lower case. Or maybe it would be fun to just do it to your commenters.

Posted by PhotoDude on 08/16/03 at 08:23 AM

hi garret:

nice to see you again.  sorry if i missed it but why the switch from Zope?



Posted by Roland Tanglao on 08/16/03 at 03:54 PM

Hmmm.  Seems the East Coast is really getting slowed down either by the Blaster worm, or by the power outages.  Never received those last two comments as emails.  Oh well.

First, I could do a ‘lowercase’ CSS bit, of course, but I like the look of the caps in Georgia, at the moment. 

Second, I’m switching out of Zope, embracing PHP more fully.  In short, without my own server, Zope is getting expensive.  None of my clients, in this ‘down’ economy, have any demands that would allow me to leverage Zope to advantage.

PHP/MySQL is rock-solid and pretty simple.  I find, at the price point I compete at, I can’t make Zope profitable right now.  I’ll look at it again after they make Zope 3 stable.

Posted by Garret on 08/16/03 at 04:52 PM

yeah i investigated Zope partially because of dangerousmeta and other good press and partially because Python is cool

i am not impressed with Zope 2 but Zope 3 and Plone look like they may be finally realizing Zope’s potential

until then i’ll be using PHP and MySQL like everybody else!

Posted by Roland Tanglao on 08/17/03 at 10:10 AM

Your redesign looks really nice - same great content, bright new look.  I continue to read with pleasure!

Posted by Tara Long on 08/18/03 at 05:03 PM

Thanks, Tara.  I still have to do the trawl through the CSS ... and I have to get used to this bright, cheery look.  My previous designs, when I started blogging, were the more gothic white-type-on-black ...

TITLE: A More Dangerousmeta
BLOG NAME: Antipixel
Wow—- take a look at the new dangerousmeta, a whole new package with added Movable Type goodness. That’s a nice-looking page.

TITLE: Garret’s move to Movable Type
BLOG NAME: Roland Tanglao’s Weblog
(SOURCE: dangerousmeta!: Going Live! )- He’s back! Very cool.

Posted by Garret on 08/19/03 at 01:38 PM


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