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Thanks for the compliments, but I’m still looking for Relton’s “elegant presentation.”  I’m not there, yet.  A few issues.  Firebird is not displaying the two main columns on the page flush top.  The baselines of ‘Navigate’ and the first date should line up.  Hah.  Internet Explorer is only allowing the smallest shim of space as a clickable area for my permalinks (“Heaven forfend, he used negative margin sizes!  Call the Spanish Inquisition!”).

Later: Fixed.  The CSS will still get renovated, but display is more consistent now.  Adding in those little touches from the previous DM.

This is what I get for hitchhiking the existing design, rather than designing from scratch.  Remember that ... it’s usually best to design with CSS from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in.  I think you’ll catch my meaning.

There’s also been a request for full-text RSS feed.  Any preferences between excerpts and full-text?  I haven’t had time to deal with the RSS feeds yet ... but slapping them into FeedDemon showed they exhibit that annoying tendency to require a return to my page, before hitting the outgoing link.  I’ll work on that, after I get this design wrung out, I promise.

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Practice what you preach then! The css looks pretty complicated to me. I’d say start with loosing the br tags in the html, then position things with css.

Posted by Ben on 08/15/03 at 07:43 AM

IE6 on XP is not giving any place to click the permalinks, assuming that the + signs are where the permalink is anchored.

Posted by BillSaysThis on 08/15/03 at 07:51 AM

Also, why are comments opening in a new window rather than reusing the main window? I prefer PhilR’s style.

Posted by BillSaysThis on 08/15/03 at 07:54 AM

I vote for a full-text RSS feed, or at least to offer both full-text and excerpts. Since I started using Feed on Feeds (http://minutillo.com/steve/feedonfeeds/) I find I’m much more likely to read a full post as RSS than to follow a link to an excerpt. Layouts are nice, but I follow weblogs for the content, not the layout.

Posted by Scott Hanson on 08/15/03 at 08:02 AM

To Ben, yes, you’re right.  Cheating spacing with BR’s is an awful precedent.  But there’s more serious cross-browser spacing issues that I must puzzle out.  I will probably go back to square one and redo the entire thing, this weekend.  I really do prefer my navigation on the right-hand side.

To Bill, I’m using MT ‘standards’ at the moment.  For comments, that is.  The permalink opens up a page that gives you the entire post, and the page-wide comments section.  Are you saying you would prefer that?

That could also solve the permalink issue ... the comments link could also become the permalink.  If I can figure out an appropriate label or icon.

Posted by Garret on 08/15/03 at 08:07 AM

I have no problem or complaint with the format or design of the comment/single article page. What I was getting at was the _target = New part of the Comment hperlink.

Posted by BillSaysThis on 08/15/03 at 08:29 AM


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