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Gizmodo: CGI Experts Say Flying Bird Man Is Fake (Updated).

Question is, it seems this is non-trivial CGI, if faked. Where’s the money trail?

If proved fake, it sure reeled me in. I really wanted to believe - caught me right in my sweet spot of uncritical joy. Previous post.

03/21/12 • 10:27 AM • InternetScienceTravel • (2) Comments


Go back and check the post again, there are more updates and the tentative consensus now is that it IS real. 

Who are you gonna believe, Jamie Hyneman, or some computer geeks?  wink

I would love to get into hang gliding, but now that I have kids, no way.  Too dangerous for me.  I’m hoping for cheap low earth orbit flights in my lifetime.

Posted by crazybutable on 03/21/12 at 12:35 PM

They’ll have to do it for network TV crews now, before it’ll go any further.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 03/21/12 at 12:48 PM


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