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General observation: You know, with auto-correct all over the place ...

... I see more misspellings than ever. I was always taught that if it is worth saying, it’s worth spelling correctly. One of the pillars of self-respect, communicating well. Depressing that even news orgs don’t even bother anymore.

(Spurred by visiting a site I pay for, and finding ridiculous misspellings through their product. If it weren’t so useful, I’d cancel my subscription.)

06/10/16 • 03:30 PM • GeneralPersonalWeblogs • 1 Comment


I too have been wondering, if it is autocorrect or perhaps bad dictation software? I see so many misused homonyms that I wonder which or what combination might be the culprit. Or is it is choice ‘C’ which I am unaware of.

But the number of errors that a human editor or ever a proofreader would catch seems to have increased by several orders of magnitude…

I wondered if I would see something similar when I got the new version of Dragon but have had zero problems. I did, however, go through the extended ‘training’ which may have eliminated those errors.

Or perhaps something completely different.

Posted by Hal B. Rager on 06/11/16 at 03:54 PM


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