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DZone: The Internet is Officially Terrible.

Desktop web browsing sucks because of ad networks. Mobile web browsing sucks because of Safari.” True, dat.

09/05/16 • 09:53 AM • InternetMobile • 1 Comment


Interestingly enough this was the year I gave up and started to pay podcasters to stay “on the air”.

Currently running about half of my cable bill monthly, which we never watch and will probably unplug.

If they have coffee cups, I buy coffee cups. If hosted by a magazine, I subscribe and tell them it is for the podcasts.

I have lost a couple in the last year and don’t intend to lose any more.
The internet is free.
Quality content is not and should not be.
It is a lotta work, hosting is not free, trolls are a pain.
I don’t get to bitch about audio quality if I’m not paying for it.
A good studio mic is $500 to $1,500 but makes all the difference.
Being able to afford long distance hard line conferences instead of Skype, all costs money.

Posted by Emmett on 09/05/16 at 01:12 PM


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