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Suffering in silence.  Please be responsible, and don’t buy pet rabbits at Easter unless you plan for a long-term relationship.

01/16/04 • 10:05 AM • Childhood • (2) Comments


I try to bring this up on Metafilter whenever I can. Rabbits can make for great pets, but they require more care and interaction than most people realize. Our current rabbit is going on 13 years-old and roams freely in our house. We’ve had rabbits for years, although not all of them were allowed complete run of the house at all times. People interested in rabbits should check out The House Rabbit Society, http://www.rabbit.org, for information on keeping a rabbit in the house.

Posted by Tom on 01/16/04 at 12:44 PM

Thanks for the link. 

Around here, if you let a domestic rabbit loose, it’s coyote-food that evening.

But then, so are loose cats and dogs. 

It’s maximally cruel ... though it appears to the uninitiated be the ‘humane’ thing to do for a rabbit (“put it back in the wild”).

Posted by Garret on 01/16/04 at 03:08 PM


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