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Alternet: How the Cutthroat Walmart Business Model Is Reshaping American Public Education.

Ugh. Our current political climate clearly displays the effect of attacking public schools. The common good should not be privatized.

03/15/16 • 07:48 AM • ChildhoodHistoryPoliticsScholarly • (2) Comments


Well I have two issues

1. Privatized instantly equals unequal education

2. Industry driven education goals means constantly chasing last years technical skills over the self-education skills required to change with industry

Posted by Emmett on 03/15/16 at 07:56 AM

The demonized ‘liberal arts’ degree is still most valuable. Teach a person to think, not a specific skill. Skills change swiftly; being able to reason is evergreen.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 03/15/16 at 08:22 AM


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