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AI: iOS 10 tests show slower boot times, but overall smooth speeds even on older iPhones.

How often does one boot up an iPhone? I don’t often do it. I’d say there’s a beat longer with some functions.

BIG WARNING - the update process briefly bricked my iPad Air. Totally unresponsive in the middle of the update process. Black screen, but you could tell the screen was powered. Did a Home+Power hard reboot, the Apple logo appeared for about five minutes, then the progress bar restored. Stalled about 2/3 of the way through for another five-ten minutes, then completed the process to the lock screen. Phew. So iPhone was smooth, no hitches. iPad, glitchy upgrade. Make sure you do it wired to your Mac with iTunes, and have a current complete backup.

09/14/16 • 10:13 AM • AppleHardwareInternetMobileSoftware • (2) Comments


As I’m reading this I’m reminded to tell the SO to hold off on any updates for the moment…

“OMG, it’s horrible!”


Our oldest had talked her through it on the phone (!?) yesterday. I’ll let him handle the tech support issues when he gets off duty.

Posted by Dan Bowman on 09/14/16 at 07:32 PM

Not looking forward to shivvying this onto my wife’s 16GB 5s. But it’ll have to be done at some point.

Posted by Garret P Vreeland on 09/14/16 at 08:16 PM


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