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Guardian.UK: The death of writing.

Walking the streets of Lahore’s old town, festooned by the 1950s with electric cables, he describes being struck with a sense of having come ‘too late’ to see the vanished, ‘real’ Lahore; although he knows that the ethnographer who came here 50 years before him felt the same thing, and that the one who’ll come 50 years later will wish he’d come 50 years earlier to see what he, Lévi-Strauss, failed to see right there in front of him.”  Wallow in this one, folks.  Enjoy it.

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Re/Code: Pioneering Tech Blog Gigaom Closes Down.

The site, which was one of the first prominent tech blogs to launch in 2006, has recently hired new management, including an interim CEO.” Y’know, the first ‘tech blog’ I think I ever saw, was this. GigaOm wasn’t a frequent stop for me - too many others were meta-blogging their articles - but what I did grab, was worthy. I’ll miss it.

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Squall - The Tweetstorm Cometh.

Another microblogging environment. No recommendation; just noting the circumstance.

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MetaTalk: Sixteen Years.

I can only imagine the stress, Matt. Best wishes on your new endeavours!

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SF New Mexican: Amid Clinton controversies, Dems yearn for alternative.

Hmmm. I say, Anil Dash for President.

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Out of internet and cell range for a while.

Links in the afternoon.

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Any of my readers ...

... using ModX? Contact me at the usual garret at dangerousmeta email address. I have a conundrum.

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Happy 14th, Euan.

Keep ‘er growing and changing.

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Catching up after yesterday.

Linkage on time-allowed basis.

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Air & Space Magazine: Hamilton H-47 - Panoramas of cockpits.

They will be adding some great planes to this list.

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Welcome to the new CJR.

CJR redesigns. Looks good, first impression.

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I seem to have ingested something that had more than just cross-contamination. No fever, just the inability to think, a feeling of flu-like aches, and the requisite digestive issues. This is what leukemia must feel like. Energy drained through the heels, every muscle reduced to the size of a shoelace.

I’ve gotten very good at avoiding ‘the g stuff’. Only rarely am I caught, and even more rarely with this kind of severity.

Links will be slow to appear, in other words.

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New site: Useful Mac.

If you use a Mac, add it to your RSS aggregator. Very new, but some nice tips so far. Recommended.

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The Atlantic: What Blogging Has Become.

Of interest. The author states he is a ‘twentysomething’ who experienced the ‘first blogging boom.’ *ahem*. I’m heading into sixteen years now ... how old do you have to be to start blogging? Surely older than single digits? Originally blogs *were* centralized. Editthispage. Pyra/Blogger. And more. They were vital communities. Decentralization began to dilute the stream of info, until individual blogs started relying on the stack o’ links on the home page, or the ‘circles’ and ‘rings’ (those little javascript widgets at the bottoms of pages to cycle you through all bloggers in a particular niche). And then saved by RSS. But I should save all this for my own post. Which may actually be tossed over to Medium itself.

We need to write that history of blogs. I’ll keep sayin’ it.

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Ghost in the Machine: 2014 In Film.

Nobody calls ‘em better than Kevin. Not even the paid reviewers. Not even the late Ebert.

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My business day started at 6AM ... how’s yours?

Best-laid plans. Links when I can.

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edgee - playground for the curious.

First impression, from the video, is a mashup between Medium and Tumblr.  I’ve requested an invite (13k).

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New ways to write and read on Medium.

Allowing short-form posts? Intriguing. I may have to play.

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c|net: Google’s Blogger to put sexually explicit content behind privacy wall.

Remembering the early days when amateur First Amendment advocates would have had a cow over this. Crickets.

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Okay, where’s the day gone?

A few more things to handle, then some links.  Crikey, I suck as a weblogger today ... can’t even sneak in *one* link ...

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Busy morning again.

Links in a few.

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Busy morning.

Links soon.

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The Atlantic: What Good Is Twitter?

Without revealing numbers that will get me in trouble with my bosses, I concluded that my prodigious use of Twitter in the last 30 days has cumulatively driven less traffic to TheAtlantic.com than one of my below-average stories.” I went in to look at my stats and, good God, he’s right. Two people on average click on my links per day. Oh, many people read an individual tweet, but few engage with them. Is this not the *definition* of ‘noise’? I would consider dropping my auto-tweet IFTTT script, but my ‘impressions’ numbers seem on a slow growth cycle.

If you’re trying to get performance on Twitter, you would do well to read the above article, and take a hard look at your own stats: “The more sophisticated takeaway is that Twitter is worthless for the limited purpose of driving traffic to your website, because Twitter is not a portal for outbound links, but rather a homepage for self-contained pictures and observations.” 

Blogs ain’t dead. Said it before, I’ll say it repeatedly.

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Marco.org: Google and blogs - “Shit.”

There is good news, though. I get the occasional right-wing site link a blog-article tweet because the title sounds like I’m supporting their cause. When their followers click through, the fur sure flies. Enormously enjoyable. “Hey, I was just standing here. You walked into the wall yourself.”

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Co.Design: How One Woman Makes Almost $1 Million A Year On Etsy.

Now, Shaffer has a team of 15 sewers — ‘all moms,’ Shaffer says — working full-time, as well as a professional photographer. [snip] Not all the items are entirely handmade by Shaffer’s team — many, like the knitted legwarmers, socks, and gloves, are sourced wholesale from India.” The honesty’s refreshing.

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