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ProBlogger: My Blogging Income Breakdown for the First Half of 2016.

I find these things fascinating. Amazing what readers find of value.

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Email today ...

“I like your blog. I’d read it more, but I just don’t understand it.” Sorry you’re having a hard time. Specifics?

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Got busy. Links soon.


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Geek and Sundry: The Original Internet Hoax Story Has Returned to YouTube.

Poor title. Not the first internet hoax, not by a longshot. Kaycee Nicole, five years earlier at least. Wikipedia gets a lot wrong, as usual. The MeFi’ers who started digging called themselves the “Scooby Doos”, determined to push the whole thing back to facts.

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Catapult: Misadventures in Micronesia.

Clever. Flavor of Griffin and Sabine.

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The Millions: There Is No Handbook for Being a Writer.

You’ve only failed when you’ve stopped trying.” Sort of like blogging (wink).

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Sorry for the missing sidebar this morning.

Blew past my self-imposed disk allotment on the server. Fixed.

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Editor’s note: Apologies about titles percolating to Twitter.

Because of all the work in-house, I’m not being as careful as I should about title lengths. They get truncated by EE1, and I don’t generally notice until I post the *next* entry. Trying to be better, but things still slip through. Another reason to upgrade (another item on the to-do list!).

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GalleyCat: Writing Quality Decreases Among Those That Read Online Only.

Bah. I’ll argue sample size.

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Donald’s broke, and I can’t find anything to link ...

I have to run out to another photo shoot. Back later! Promise!

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Guardian.UK: Lonelygirl15 - how one mysterious vlogger changed the internet.

The thing is, Bree wasn’t real. Lonelygirl15 actually had a small team of writers. Bree and her best friend Daniel were played by actors.” This has occurred in so many of the internet’s niches. A popular blog goes viral. Turns out, the long posts, the artful photography, the well-produced videos ... are the results of an uncredited team of people. And, more often than not, wealthy sponsors pushing brands. Bottom line tends to be if it’s too good to be true, if it looks perfect ... it’s a ruse.

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Mashable: How Yahoo derailed Tumblr.

IMHO, it still has the best suggestions engine. It can peg my tastes pretty damned accurately (suggestions for new Tumblrs to follow). That alone is worth big $.

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General observation: You know, with auto-correct all over the place ...

... I see more misspellings than ever. I was always taught that if it is worth saying, it’s worth spelling correctly. One of the pillars of self-respect, communicating well. Depressing that even news orgs don’t even bother anymore.

(Spurred by visiting a site I pay for, and finding ridiculous misspellings through their product. If it weren’t so useful, I’d cancel my subscription.)

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Techdirt: New York Times Says Fair Use Of 300 Words Will Run You About $1800.

FYI. I asked in 2000 via direct phone call about blogging excerpts. They said (NY Times, WaPo): “Source identified clearly, no more than three sentences and a link back.” I’ve pretty much tried to stick to that policy throughout my blogging career. Perhaps it is time for another phone call.

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I’ll be with you soon. Tootle along for a bit.

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GitM: Catching Up - Trump & the GOP.

Makes me feel better.

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Guardian.UK: Want to imbibe wisdom by accident?

OK, but please understand they are the ‘snacks’ of wisdom. Short, easy to post and read. And then most of us move on, without any depth of thought. So many are posting mediocre images and tacking quotes on. It’s clichè turned to 11 now.

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Big presentation this morning.

I bent the ears and got feedback for three hours, when I’d scheduled one. Lots to go over. Great result. Links when I can.

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inessential: Oldie Praises the Old Old Ways.


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Ghost in the Machine: Catching Up - Books.

Busy guy, Kevin. On my reading list(s). For The Past and Future City, did you look at the [what I call] Disneyfication of Santa Fe after 1912? They stripped the Victorian clapboards, the brick buildings, and stuccoed them over to look like Spanish Revival/Pueblo style. The past was forsaken for an older, faux past. Umberto Eco, Travels in Hyperreality, cubed.

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You’ll be hearing this a great deal. Big projects in-house. Links when I have time. Big storms overhead - hail? ‘Tis the time of year ...

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Host is going to transfer this account to a new server (new hardware). Tonight. Pray.

We’ll see if I survive. Why Memorial Day weekend, I don’t know. The logic escapes me.

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Scott ☠ on Twitter: UI vs. UX ... “it’s simple, really.”

Viral, brilliant.

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Server outage on my VPS this morning.

Back up, but my attention was obviously elsewhere (this is hosted on a different cluster). Links as I have time!

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DP Review: Photo business - the rise and impending fall of social media ‘influencers’.

The unnamed executive predicts influencers will start to disappear as brands recognize that the value isn’t there. ‘Just because photos look good and have 200,000 followers means nothing.’ While it lasts, it sure seems like a pretty sweet gig.

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