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Big presentation this morning.

I bent the ears and got feedback for three hours, when I’d scheduled one. Lots to go over. Great result. Links when I can.

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inessential: Oldie Praises the Old Old Ways.


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Ghost in the Machine: Catching Up - Books.

Busy guy, Kevin. On my reading list(s). For The Past and Future City, did you look at the [what I call] Disneyfication of Santa Fe after 1912? They stripped the Victorian clapboards, the brick buildings, and stuccoed them over to look like Spanish Revival/Pueblo style. The past was forsaken for an older, faux past. Umberto Eco, Travels in Hyperreality, cubed.

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You’ll be hearing this a great deal. Big projects in-house. Links when I have time. Big storms overhead - hail? ‘Tis the time of year ...

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Host is going to transfer this account to a new server (new hardware). Tonight. Pray.

We’ll see if I survive. Why Memorial Day weekend, I don’t know. The logic escapes me.

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Scott ☠ on Twitter: UI vs. UX ... “it’s simple, really.”

Viral, brilliant.

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Server outage on my VPS this morning.

Back up, but my attention was obviously elsewhere (this is hosted on a different cluster). Links as I have time!

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DP Review: Photo business - the rise and impending fall of social media ‘influencers’.

The unnamed executive predicts influencers will start to disappear as brands recognize that the value isn’t there. ‘Just because photos look good and have 200,000 followers means nothing.’ While it lasts, it sure seems like a pretty sweet gig.

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Oh, only 2600+ unread news articles in my agg ...

... as in ‘gag’. Let’s see how far I can scan before I decide to bail for “Mark all as read.”

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Luminous Landscape: Michael Reichman passes away.

Oh, for God’s sake. Fuck cancer. I’ll miss Michael terribly. Luminous Landscape and Michael have been a regular stop for me since they started. RIP.

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First chance I’ve had to breathe today. How’re you all? Hope you’re well. And that’s the last you’ll hear from me until tomorrow ...

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Busy this morning, then busy all day tomorrow.

Photo shoots, video shoots. And a brief car repair. Man, I’m already tired just looking at my schedule. Links in and around these events. Thanks for your patience.

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Busy today.

Links when/if I can. Tootle along, plenty to see elsewhere. I’ll be back.

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SEO supremacy! At last!

Apparently my site dominates some keyword searches for ‘dangerous meteors’. That’s accuracy and usefulness for ya!

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FishbowlNY: The Toast Is Shuttering.

The conversation started when revenues were down, and I had to carry payroll for a month or two out of my personal account ...

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WaPo: The hottest trend in web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites.

Wait long enough, I may not have to redesign. I’m now ‘brutal.’

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Appointments this morn.

Links later on. Trot off to other interesting destinations for a while. Thanks.

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The Rumpus: Reckoning With The Bros - Trump, Bly, And Swimming In The Sea Of Grief.

There are unseen forces at work. The other night, a friend said she feels like the id is run amok. I chose Jung over Freud, arguing that the unexamined shadow is emerging from the unconscious. I just wish Joseph Campbell were around to interpret all this for us.” Oh, it’s a good one. Make time to read it.

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Sorry - had to run.

Finished some last changes to a contract before zooming out for a photo gig. Back now. Links will percolate through.

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Backup Brain: I’ve had a big secret. Now I’m sharing it.

Tom has stage IV cancer. Read his post, it’s quite eloquent on his feelings about the situation. Given Tom’s preferences, I’ll send him a wish I wish I’d fulfilled for my own father. The night before he died of myelodysplasia/leukemia (we knew it was close, just not THIS close), he’d asked for us to move the television into his room so he could watch his beloved “Law and Order.” We begged off until the next day, because a) it was late and b) we were tired mentally/physically/emotionally and c) it was a bloody huge tube TV with a wooden case. Turns out he passed just before noon the next day, never really becoming conscious except for a few seconds here and there. I will forever rue that choice. Pleasures are few and precious when a life winds down. Tom, I fervently wish (with all the love I can push behind it) you get to drive that Mercedes of yours.

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Vox: Bookslut’s founder on shuttering the website, why American publishing is “repulsive”.

... her unapologetic frankness is a reminder of the spirit of forthright criticism that made Bookslut great. It will be sorely missed.” Yes, indeed. Another archetypal blog gone.

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Techdirt: The Chilling Effect Of Mass Surveillance Quantified.

A study from PEN America writers found that 1 in 6 writers had curbed their content out of fear of surveillance and showed that writers are ‘not only overwhelmingly worried about government surveillance, but are engaging in self-censorship as a result.’” Hell, I know I’m thinking twice, thrice before posting certain phrases for fear of misunderstanding.

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TechDirt: Facebook Has Lost The War It Declared On Fake News.

Many of these fake news pieces contain headlines for stories that some people want to believe, typically for ideological reasons. This is why a family party recently saw me trying to explain to my grandmother that, no, Michelle Obama probably does not in fact have a penis.” And that’s just the egregious category. There are subtle misdirections and purposeful leading-by-the-nose that make quality linkblogging a real chore.

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Deleted MeFi post: RIP Kuro5hin.

If you no longer have a valid URL, you can’t be an FPP. Apparently. Not even the Wayback Machine can show it. Wikipedia says it closed permanently today. Another piece of essential weblog history, as gradual disappearing screenshots ...

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MeFi: The history of my stupidity would fill many volumes.

The thing is, not to avoid mistakes, but to make better mistakes. Iterate more efficiently.

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