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Branders.ch: Storytelling in marketing communications. (in German)

Worthy, even through the filter of bad translation mechanisms.

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Pacific Standard: Study - Stress Increases Empathy in Women, Decreases It in Men.

Men respond to stress in a fight-or-flight manner, conserving their energy for the confrontation they fear is coming by turning inward. Women, on the other hand, take a ‘tend-and-befriend’ approach.”  Explains quite a bit about comment behavior on weblogs, doesn’t it?

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Medium: The Facebook experiment has failed. Let’s go back.

We need to go back to smaller communities. Where people aren’t lost in the mediocre averages of large networks. That’s where ideas flourish.”  I agree.

I’d like to posit another thought - after digging into the new Klout, I think anyone using Klout as a resource for linkage should disclose their association clearly on their blog or social feeds. Heavy brand promotion within. I don’t especially admire how they’re doing it.  Everything’s targeted to coercing a low-self-esteem person into becoming another rodent on their brands-promoting hamster wheel.

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NewsBlurBlog: Google Reader announced its shutdown exactly a year ago.

NewsBlur is my replacement of choice. I do better with the NB web interface than I did with Google Reader parsed by apps.

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Mashable: The 25 Best Tumblr Accounts for Book Nerds.

Of note.  Rather than using Tumblr itself, I find chucking tumblrs into per-subject folders of RSS feeds an easier way to read than their continuous stream.

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Still on deadline, but thought I’d fire off a few for the faithful.

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Nice Marmot: Bullshit.

Oh, I enjoyed that.

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Medium: How We Make Chocolate.

An ad, really, but an interesting one.

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Still crankin’ on a deadline.

Extended for late submissions.  Links when I can.

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Tootle along elsewhere today.

Very busy. As in VERY. Links perhaps later.

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Nice Marmot: Later that same afternoon ...

Dave’s kickin’ it with the bird shots today.

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Ghost in the Machine: My God It’s Full of Stars.

Ursa Major, in almost … unbearable … detail.

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I’ve added some ‘later’ comments to articles today and yesterday.

You may want to scroll down and/or turn the page.

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The Future of Digital Longform.

The people who focus on length are the people who could argue semantics forever, and who will never see the web’s great potential. All the space in the world could well free up journalists to write to whatever length wish (however short or long a story deserves); frees up designers to build templates and pages previously unimaginable and richly interactive; frees up directors of photography and visuals to select however many (or few) images a story deserves, frees them up not to have to fight for inches, but to fight for the right photographs. To say this is about “longform” is to undermine this moment in our digital evolution. This is about creativity and blowing up templates and designing for the story, and helping the reader better understand harder to grasp stories. And it is my distinct pleasure to say, that’s what I see happening.” Well-said.

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The Fully Intended: RIP Poetry.

Familiar. Teachers would want to analyze poetry to a depth that immolated any and all appreciation and/or enjoyment. Hence my mockery of TS Eliot at the time: “I grow mold, I grow mold … wheeze … I will wear my fungus rolled.”

I had a particular teacher who was intent on ‘Jesus symbolism’, and found it in seemingly every piece of written work known to mankind. I suspect she could have found it in the phone book. In the crumbs of her morning toast. Almost completely turned me off of reading. If the lead character doesn’t martyr themselves, then it can’t be a good novel?

If they’re not teaching you how to do it, or how to appreciate it, but simply to clinically dissect it … what good does that sort of instruction do? A poem is not a pickled frog or an automobile engine. It has soul.

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Ghost in the Machine: Ryan - Still Clownshoes.

Kevin needs a segment on NewsHour.

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Shift: Episode 020 - Radical Transparency.

Another fun verbal romp from Euan and Megan. A good a time as any to point to part of my “12 years” post, on Risk.

Later: One other thing. The concept of leadership. More people are capable of being leaders than most perceive; leaders are common. The greater problem is a dearth of ‘worker bees’; folks happy to work at their respective grindstones. Even worse in today’s ‘personal branding’ environment; noone’s content to be a “B-actor.”  How do you lead when everyone’s fighting to be a leader? Do flat heirarchies work when everyone’s at the top?

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New Republic: Technology’s Mindfulness Racket.

We must subject social media to the kind of scrutiny that has been applied to the design of gambling machines in Las Vegas casinos.”  A good read. Via wood s lot.

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Scripting.com: Why blogging is an amateur thing.

We need a word for what we do because it is an important activity. You can’t understand how news works today without understanding the role that bloggers play. So in a sense professional reporters hurt themselves by usurping a term that meant something before they applied it to themselves.” Hear, hear.

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Ghost in the Machine: Where It Began, I Can’t Begin to Knowin’.

So, instead of British or Spanish, America may be French. Gives a whole ‘nother perspective on ‘freedom fries’ ...

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Fast Co: Oral History - Sex! Drugs! Apps! SXSW Interactive At 20.

Long read; familiar names and faces. Leave for when you have the proper time to stroll through it.

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RandomHouse.CA/Hazlitt: What Do We Actually Want Social Media to Do?

So what do want social media to do? We want it to externalize and enable the good things: the connections with others, the lively public square, the humming pulse of the world. At the same time, we wish it could somehow evade the other side of things: the tracking, the personal branding, the fear of missing out, the pointless evasion.” I picked a bland pullquote; do read the whole thing.

What do I want? Not filters. Not lists. Hallways between niches, with doors that can be slammed shut. More control. Better implementation of subject niches. Too often a casual ‘Like’ becomes the forcible rape of my timeline. Excuse the graphic description, but that’s exactly how it feels. The goal has become to ‘get responses’, and as such, we have another race to self-exposure and that former blog-addictor, sensationalism. Or pee-on-the-fire-hydrant-last ‘personal branding.’ If I like a page for photos, and get descriptions of what your parrot horked up after dinner, I’m out of there. Social media as implemented today encourages blather. Blather has its place; just not as the majority of my timeline. Anyone can be funny. Not everyone is witty.

If you put up a page for a specific subject, please God stay on subject. A waver or two is fine, once in a while. But we came to you for a specific reason. Don’t forget that reason.

Via wood s lot.

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Late start.

Phone meeting, extended. Links as I can.

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Daily Kos: Noonan writes the most ironic, un-self-aware column in the history of Western Civ.

You all know how much I ‘love’ Reagan. A must-read.

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ChicagoTrib: Harold Ramis dead at 69.

And the Ghostbusters lose a troop. RIP, Dr Spengler.

Later: Kevin’s got the better obit.

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