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Medium: Thirty Things I’ve Learned.

Everyone will enjoy this.

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PerlTricks: Your users deserve better than Disqus.

Of note, particularly the security implications.

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Cleaning my keyboard a bit ...

... I realize I need a new one. I’ve worn CHUNKS out of the e, s, c, n, m and (of course) l keys.  Literally scooped out of the centers. Good grief.

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Version control Wordpress with Capistrano. Also handles the database.

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Late start.

Was up until the wee hours last night working. Links coming.

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365/2: 204. Hot sunset, no monsoon activity to speak of.

365/2: 204.

I was revelling in the fact I’ve got Reeder back again. Blog workflow is much faster - though it also allows me to read after more tangents, too. [*slaps wrist*] I have too damned many interests.

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Having Reeder back enables me to ‘firehose’ links again.

Missed it. Apologies to those on Twitter, whom I may overwhelm.

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Macworld: Monotony review - Super simple RSS reader for your Mac.

I prefer mine full-featured. But it’s RSS, and RSS needs our support.

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The Awl: All The New Yorker Story Roundups You Should Read While The Stories Are Still Unlocked.

Before it all gets hidden behind the upcoming paywall, one presumes.

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10,000 Words: Reddit Launches Live Blogging Platform.

Yep. [DM! puts finger in mouth, makes popping noise, and says ...] Big whoop. Read the ‘midnight snack’ link for the example.  I don’t get the difference between a ‘live blog’ and a regular blog. Is my blog not ‘live’? Is it ‘dead’? Am I breathing?

Yeah. That kind of mindset today.

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Slow start.

Lots of email to work through. Links soon.

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The Register: 50,000 sites backdoored through shoddy WordPress plugin.

Surprised it is so few.

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Removed a post for the first time.

About how publishers should contemplate “director’s cuts”. I decided my comments and critiques were not phrased well, and offered too wide an opportunity for misinterpretation. My apologies. Sometimes it is indeed better to shut one’s cake-hole and listen a bit more.

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Ghost in the Machine: A Wasted Opportunity. So Now What?

Here it is. Your most important read this week. I’ll call it early.

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Eye appointment … back later.

Just a check. Nothing serious.

Update: I’d been testing a set of Ciba contacts.  I wasn’t able to go more than five or six hours with them. Terribly red, dry eyes. Doc said that was not good, so we switched to Coopers. Immediate relief, but I have to spend more time with them (and let the eyes recover from the Cibas) before I can make a real recommendation.

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MetaFilter: Ah yes, the old rumpscuttle and clapperdepouch (aka “fadoodling”).

Oh, yes. Period slang. Just the thing to add to the weblog.

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Ghost in the Machine: Tagged and Archived.

Sheesh. I’d best get my arse in gear. Did you sitemap.xml all that, Kevin?

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Getting to links soon, I promise.

Running to catch up today.

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BBC: French blogger fined over review’s Google search placing.

A French judge has ruled against a blogger because her scathing restaurant review was too prominent in Google search results. The judge ordered that the post’s title be amended and told the blogger Caroline Doudet to pay damages.” Of note to bloggers. One of the hallmarks of (old school) blogging was matter-of-factness. The letter of the law may not appreciate unblemished opinion.  This is France, of course; however, jurisprudence tends to stay aware of cross-border judgments.

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Ad Age: Why Online Audiences’ Mobile Migration Isn’t Bad for Blogs.

Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger and Medium have each experienced double-digit declines in U.S. desktop traffic in the past year, according to numbers from comScore. Three of them — Tumblr, Blogger and WordPress — have recouped some of their audience on tablets and smartphones, to the point that their respective mobile audiences are now bigger than their desktop ones. But so far, only WordPress has been able to offset its desktop declines enough to spur overall traffic growth.

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23rd wedding anniversary yesterday ...

Slept a little late after all the celebrating.  Now I’ve got client meetings.  I’ll be back posting early afternoon (MST) ...

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GigaOm: British blogger Brown Moses launches new site to train others in crowdsourced reporting.

… I think Higgins is one of the leading examples of a new kind of self-taught journalist — one who uses social networks and public data to do the kind of fact-checking and investigative work that was previously only available to large entities like the New York Times.” Craft good search terms. Dig. Cross-reference. Dig some more. Check the author background(s). Explore a referenced tangent or two.  When doing really serious research, I set up a single-subject folder, under which you’ll usually find: ‘alleged’, ‘verified’ and ‘fantasy’. If I need the various source verification articles, the main article gets an individual folder beneath one of those above three, using Mac’s color coding to indicate which is the main article and which is (are) supporting. Separate color for author cred, too. Am I revealing too much? I should put it in a ebook, except I never thought it would be valuable to anyone else ...

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Happy 15, MeFi!

Metafilter makes fifteen years. Huzzah!

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Time: Bloggers, Surveillance and Obama’s Orwellian State.

In some ways, bloggers use the same practices of 19th Century pamphleteers, where anybody with a hand-crank could stand on a corner and shout to a group of people.” I’ve repeated this metaphor countless times now … I should have trademarked it a decade ago.

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The Sunday Rumpus Interview: Emily Parker.

In specific, about her book on international bloggers, Now I Know Who My Comrades Are. On my list.

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