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Obviously, one of those days.

I had to go stand in line at the PO to get some packages sent off, client meetings, deadlines, other stuff. ‘Tis the season. I’ll dig up some links shortly.

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TechDirt: Can You Defame Someone By Directly Quoting Them? New York Court Says You Can.

Fellow bloggers, read.

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Nice little escape from reality.

Opening my aggregator this morning, I see the world’s still crazy. (sigh) Hope you all had fantastic Thanksgiving weekends.

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Links in the afternoon again ...

Just busy. Tootle along, I’ll be back soon.

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Crazy day. Links as I can.

That time o’ the year. Everyone needs stuff done before the holidays start ... and during ...

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Editor’s note.

It’s not I who keeps cutting off titles. This old version of Expression Engine has a limit to title length. For some reason, titles “be gettin’ longer.” And I seem to have less time at this moment, so I overlook the mistake. It eventually gets repaired. Thanksforyourpatience.

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TechDirt: Instead Of Fashionably Killing The Comment Section, Medium Quietly Tries Giving A Damn.

A recent paper published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication found that all it took to improve civility was someone with the vaguest semblance of authority showing up and treating people like actual human beings. Treat comment sections like unmanageable troll playgrounds, and that’s generally what they’ll become. And they’ve only become that because many editors and authors either don’t want to see corrections to their stories made quite so visible, or they’re too myopic to see the public’s role in the fluid conversation that is modern news.

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Beneath the Underground: New CD - “The 512EP” available November 12th.

Jeremiah’s got a new EP rolling out in days.

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Gotta hustle this morning.

Have to get the rental D810 back to Fedex, and handle a few nits. Blog posts a bit later on.

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“Do you write original work, or do you copy others?”

What a question! Another reason why blog-advice sites make me go postal. Why blog, if you’re going to rephrase others? I know an answer, but it’s an answer that I don’t accept. Tell your own stories. Period.

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Serendipita: Rodalber Felsenwanderweg.

Kasha-Katuwe, in Germany? Cool.

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10,000 unread items in Reeder.

I so hate to do it, but I think a “Mark all as Read” is in order. Hey, here’s a thought. I wish they’d enable a “Mark all previous to today as Read” as a feature.

Later: Reeder has “Mark Below as Read” ... that’ll do. Manual.

Bit Later: Thanks to the previous, 10,000 turns into a more manageable 900.

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Had an opportunity to escape for four days ... so I took it.

Didn’t want the locals knowing I was gone, so I just sort of abandoned the blog for a bit. Hope you didn’t mind. I should have scheduled some stuff, but anyone who reads here regularly would easily discern if scheduling had been done (the freshness quotient would have been suspect). The logic of all that stumps me; I realize I’d been so busy I wasn’t thinking straight anyway. Stories of the experience to come.

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In the midst of our power outage last evening ... [On Medium] ...

Trolling through various websites over a cell-only connection, nothing was giving me any joy. EXCEPT. Perhaps not so astonishingly, Medium rendered both images and text almost instantly. Reading material! Turns out Medium is very good company when infrastructure collapses. Who knew?

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Morning meets.

Links later on. Tootle along, kids.

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William Reichard: The foundations of Star Wars.

Interesting! And here I was just referencing Asimov below. I’ve not heard this radio adaptation - I’ll have to give it a go. I have to say, the new Star Wars trailer seems a bit disjointed ... bespeaking too many stories being woven together. I think it should have started smaller, as the original did, only to blossom (with unfortunate results, for the original trilogy) later. In my world, there are only two Star Wars films. The original, and the sequel. Everything else is ... well, embarrassing. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive the baldfaced merchandising decision behind Ewoks ...

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Looks like, from my RSS feed, Catapult’s been hacked.

Don’t open any links.

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Try as I might, I’m just not finding much today.

I think I need to toss my existing RSS sources and start over again. My curiousity’s just not getting sparked by this crop of ‘usual suspects’ ...

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LA Review of Books: Are You Out of Your Mind?

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through this entire review? Though it’s not long, it will require patience. And though it will be interesting, it will require concentration. It deals with important topics — technology, craftsmanship, philosophy, psychology — and big questions ...” Love it when someone challenges us. Most important read o’ the week.

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More meets. Links soon.

Tootle along elsewhere for a while, I’ll be back soon. Busiest time of my year, this month ...

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WDDepot: Medium 2.0 launches with great features, and dreadful branding.

The new logo is proof positive — if proof were needed — that good math does not equate to good design.

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wood s lot: Happy fifteen!

”... rich mud in burning rivulets ...”  We plod along, don’t we? Always smoldering. Best.

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William Reichard: Wandering, truant.


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WilliamReichard: Excellent read about the nature of theater.

Will asks the question. I answer: Reading may be solitary, but it makes me better when involved in community. My reading drove my imagination as a child, causing me to break boundaries and become a more complete individual. After a spin in the pages of a novel, I return to society seeing the same-olds through new lenses.

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My day is just not going according to plan.

Links when I have an opportunity. I’d forgotten about the endless photo requests from the major auto mags ...

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