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Hazlitt: The Internet’s First Family.

MeFi gets some much deserved recognition and appreciation.

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Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right.

If Flickr’s getting up your nose, this looks interesting.

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Aeon: How it feels when writer’s block dissolves.

Now I want to be writing every day, even as I can’t yet say what I want to be writing about. Like I might sometimes want to be walking, with no destination in mind, feeling just the movement of the arms and legs. I want the cadence, only the cadence is inward.”  Nuggets of precious creativity, within.

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CSS-Tricks: Taking Control of the CSS/JS that WordPress Plugins Load.

Yes please. Speed up those plugin-contaminated slow-loading installs, please.

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Another busy morning.

Links in about an hour. 

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Busier morning than I expected.

Links eventually.

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Metafilter curiousity.

When I visit Metafilter via RSS, I’m seeing a very modern redesign. Anyone else?  Looks nice.

[Later: Ah, new design when I’m logged out, old design when I’m logged in. DNS percolating changes, I assume.]

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WritersDigest: The Art and Craft of Wasting Time in 20 Quotes.

Of interest.  Forgive the sourcing.

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bruegel: Uber Economics - There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Be circumspect how you oppose. I’ve contemplated this for ages, particularly during Presidential elections years. Some things I just won’t blog, in order to keep the signal level lower.

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Blade & Skillet.

Simple recipes that you need but a sharp chef’s knife and a cast-iron skillet for.

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Copyblogger: Why Copyblogger Is Killing Its Facebook Page.

Facebook might not be the best place to invest brand time and energy.” In a world of increasing time pressures, one must rate social interaction by response, and reapportion efforts accordingly. Said it for ages.

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Nice Marmot: Blogging like it’s 1999.


Later: Dr Vornov says, “With our symbolic tools of language that abstract the maps into notes, conversations and blog posts, we can get out of our heads and team up with other minds to improve the usefulness of our internal maps, even to the point of knowing things that are beyond any ability to experience.” 

This post has been simmering in the back of my head as I’ve been running around town today, and I wanted to expand on it. I think of how fellow bloggers, my readers and others have shaped my perception of reality, my interpretation of events, my interpretations of groups of facts over the years. It’s been invaluable. However, after near fifteen years of blogging, I have to face my own … sluggishness? … to change the mental maps of late. I wasn’t so slow to change in ’99. Today? Glacial by comparison. Is it age? Is it exposure to poor quality articles? Is it comfort in an attractive rut? Is it a reflection of the knee-jerk post-9/11 fear-and-panic in our culture? I know it’s not media-driven - I don’t watch television! Not even Jon Stewart (though he served me drinks at City Gardens in Trenton eons ago). That seems to shock people.

I circle back to something the Barrett boys [Cam and Damien] underlined for me. Weblogs are best when they’re about stories. A good story is from the heart, from the soul. “I lived this.” A good story changes my mental map, because it is a convincing direct experience I can feel. It’s the direct experience I don’t have, but when I hear it from a person I trust, it bends my opinion to the bloggers’ experience. My mental map extends beyond my direct ken.

Why are today’s stories not changing my maps? Why are stories less compelling than they were? I think it’s because there’s a difference between a fellow blogger, posting as a virtual friend, and a stranger posting a story to Medium or other venue. Stories are told at an arm’s length now - even worse, when they’re on sites with no comment areas. There is no interaction. And historical storytelling has always been about adjustments for the audience as the story is being acted out. I think of the famous photo, the elder at the bonfire, spinning out stories to the next generations, animated look on his face. Our old blogger-banter served that need for interaction - that banter, that back-and-forth is largely gone today.

I suppose that’s why I mourn for the ‘old days’ of blogging.  And I make a mental note (scribbled on my mental map margin) to tell more stories.

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Ebola Deeply, Covering the Crisis.

EbolaDeeply.org, a curated list of articles on the crisis. I need to watch ‘em for a few days before I recommend ‘em.  The article “Ebola Threatens Chocolate” rings a bit off (in the changing ‘Around The Web’ sidebar).

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The New Yorker: The Limits of Friendship.

With social media, we can easily keep up with the lives and interests of far more than a hundred and fifty people. But without investing the face-to-face time, we lack deeper connections to them, and the time we invest in superficial relationships comes at the expense of more profound ones.”  Hmmm. ‘Profound’? I’d say ‘expense of more psychologically beneficial ones’.

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The Amphipolis Tomb - Map, photos and information.

Nice.  Someone’s compiling all the latest on the tomb.

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The Dish: Chicken Not So Little.

Sully fell for it. I ain’t never seen a scrawny chicken on any farm, in my whole life - unless they were sick. Were we all picking at bony little two pound birds when I was born? Hell no. Do you realize how little meat is on a two-pound bird? Look at history. Vintage cookbooks from the 19th century spec four pound and larger hens.

This is what I mean about today’s internet. Doesn’t matter who is curating, how popular or clever they are. Accept nothing at face value. That includes MY finds. I do my best ... and in spite of that, I still link some pretty stinkeroo stuff from time to time. One must question the premise, every damn time.

Later: See the comments for clarification.

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Scripting News: 20 years of blogging.

Happy 20th, Dave! Plain and simple, Scripting News and Userland Frontier were the carrots that pulled me into blogging over 15 years ago now. I do miss the old Edit This Page community; I sigh to think of it almost daily.

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Kirby 2 is here!

One of the handful of decent file-based CMSs out there. Looking forward to kicking the tires again.

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NiceMarmot: A Place for Everything.

Thought-provoking. What reading this brought to mind: what if Alzheimer’s is a loss of one’s mental map key ... no sense of scale, no ability to quantify the raw data within one’s mental map? We know the brain is very good at squirrelling stuff away in parts unknown. I wonder if the ‘key’ could ever be restored, post diagnosis. Just an amateur’s five second reflection.

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Yes, I’m behind the 8-ball.

I’ll catch up with stuff here shortly.  Post-Concorso, there’s just so much to get accomplished in a very short period of time.  Links will increase in frequency gradually once I get the Award Winner images finalized.

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Santa Fe Concorso weekend starts today for me.

I may even be late with my 365’s.  At worst, I’ll catch up on Monday. Wish me luck! There’s a 40 percent chance of storms (with small hail) that could really bollix things up on Sunday.

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An article on Scientific American ...

... clicks through to “QuickAndDirtyTips.com.”  Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

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New Statesman: Is it possible to live a modern contemplative life?

FOMO lingers, I suppose. Most of the early bloggers were young enough, the start of their married lives and families nuked the FOMO habit. For myself, commenting on politics started to erode it, the overall casual/sensational trend in news further gullywashed it ... and now ... well, I just look for stuff I like for the most part. Things I would be reading anyway, and believe appropriate to share. As I’ve said for ages, continuing the virtual extension of my physical self.

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Jump for Joy! Featuring Roland Tanglao ...

More from Roland’s shoot. Great stuff!

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Yeah, well ... day got away from me.

And supposedly there’s a car show on the Plaza. I have to go see. I’ll be back with pix later.

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