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WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”.

Backup, and update.

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Medium: bye.

The people who came here to express themselves in an original manner are being drowned out. The people who came here to read original writing are finding less and less to read. The people who are trying to improve their writing and share within a community are being pushed aside by the big mouthed marketing assholes and start up know-it-alls whose ultimate goal is to become another zuckerberg and retire on top of a pile of cash by 34.” Come now, stop holding it all in. Let us know what you really think. I find good stuff on Medium, I find terrible stuff on Medium. I expect the marketing of Medium is partially at fault (word-of-mouth); many tend to believe excellence is bestowed simply by using the service. The funny thing is, when I open Medium here, my feed is 90% Dave Winer and Chris Messina - both of whom I prefer to read on the open web. In general, the only reason I go to Medium is when an article pops up in my RSS feeds. I don’t review Medium as a standalone news source. Thanks for the heads-up, Ray.

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Meetings, meetings.

Tootle along elsewhere, I’ll be with you after a bit. Busy Friday.

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I’ve stepped off my high horse for a while.

Links got me rather exercised this morning. “Everybody’s doing it wrong, and I’m the only person who knows how to do it right!” Sorry. The blogger malady.

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I won’t spend much time linking today ...

... with April Fool pranks, it’s a whole lot of wasted effort. Authentic interestingness vs. tomfoolery.

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Roads and Kingdoms: 19 Things to Know Before You Go to Vancouver.

All true, Roland?

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I’m going to try for a T-less day.

Wish me luck.

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TownHall: The Hypocrisy Behind the Student Renaming Craze.

Here’s a name I haven’t heard since the ‘warbloggers’ ruled the airwaves in the early ‘00’s. Victor Davis Hanson. He’s still around!

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EuanSemple: Do you wanna be in my gang?

We form gangs around our stories and exercise control over membership, who’s in and who’s out. We threaten eternal damnation to those who fall on the wrong side of that line.” This leans toward the correlation-is-not-causation trap too. Problem is, personal stories tend to concretize a single experience into a deeply-held belief. How can we stop this tendency? Seems to be part of human nature. Perhaps we should regularly remind ourselves that we need multiple repeated instances before a deeply-held belief should be formed ... ?

[Dammit, I know I saw those boxes of blue-powder cereal in 2001: A Space Odyssey. They were there. And if you don’t believe me ...]

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Re/Code: Dan Lyons Book About Startup Culture After HubSpot.

My gracious.

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PS Blog: Flickr’d Out.

An opinion we may not share. But worth noting.

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FishbowlNY: Medium Spins Off ‘Matter’ Into New Company.

FYI. I’ve not run across any groundbreaking Matter pieces in my RSS as of yet.

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PDN: FTC Wrist-Slaps Lord & Taylor for Deceptive Instagram Campaign.

Lord & Taylor has agreed to settle federal charges that it deceived consumers by paying fashion ‘influencers’ thousands of dollars each to promote its products on Instagram, without disclosing that the posts were paid advertisements.” Four THOUSAND bucks. To wear a dress. And take a photo. *Raises hand.* FTC’s gonna be real busy, if they want to track down all of this behavior. Many niches are drinking deeply at this well, methinks ... given the affluence of the supposed ‘solo bloggers’. My basic rule: if someone’s life seems perfect, plenty of time for excellent photography and well-proofed content ... I smell a rat. Harsh? Feigning an inaccurate reality is harmful to others. Oh, a little gloss is fine. Supporting a fake persona - never.

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Mashable: Has SXSW jumped the shark?

Think so. I used to look forward to it, watch the progress each year. This year, I’d forgotten it even still existed.

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vowe dot net: Import content from Evernote to OneNote.

If you’ve considered it before, but quailed at the procedure, MS now has a tool for you. PC-only, for the moment.

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On every damned news website ...

I want to have a big graphical lever. At the top, it says “SIGNAL”. At the bottom, it says “NOISE”. I’d like to be able to adjust this up and down to eliminate a lot of the useless, trivial stories. My braincase can only hold so much. I’d like even what I glance at to be worthy of attention.

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NiemanLab: Facebook announces a WordPress plugin that lets publishers easily create Instant Articles

I’ve not yet seen one. An ‘Instant Article.’ Anyone? Do a ‘view source’ on that Foreign Policy article. You’ll boggle at all the CSS, JS on that page. Makes me nostalgic for the 5k.

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untold stories: The Sounds of Violence.

Some may say the sounds of peacekeeping, too. We live in a noisy world - this is especially interesting, seeing as how sonics are seeing a reinvigoration as weapons. A constant ‘drone’ is annoying, almost mentally subjugating. My lovely wife would say “Constant drone? TORTURE.” Surely we have ‘freedom of silence’ ... ?

Can we do more about noise abatement please?

And then there’s smell. I’ve mentioned the stench of fracking operations. Surely remediating smell is not completely devoid of scientific research ...

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Happy Fifteen to The Obvious?

Congrats, whippersnapper.

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Brevity: Writing Through Pain.

We exit ourselves to locate ourselves.

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The Svbtle Promise.

Hmmm. Excuse us oldsters if we look askance. Better perhaps to accept the ephemeral nature of the internet and associated services, and offer solid import/export formats.

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FishbowlNY: Study - 78% of Big Papers Use Digital Subscription Model.

86 percent of newspapers with a daily circulation between 50-100,000 use a digital subscription plan; 64 percent of the newspapers with circulations over 250,000 do so.” Of note.

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Nice Marmot: A few more election thoughts.

I love when Dave cuts through the crap.

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Guardian.UK: Donald Trump pledges to curb press freedom through libel laws.

How to lose the weblogger vote.

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Ghost in the Machine: Berkday 16.

The one, the only, the original blogdog. We miss you, Berk.

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