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Techdirt: Canadian Court Orders Blogger Who Reposted Writer’s Defamatory Statements To Pay $10k.

Here’s a not-so-gentle reminder that Canada’s defamation laws are significantly different than those in the United States.” Legal wagons are circling in other nations. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Spammers got into some comments. Blacklisted.

Waste of time, but part and parcel of blogging. I can’t believe anyone spends the time to manually post such drivel, but apparently someone pays for it.

Later: They are continuing. Slowing my linking abilities a bit, as I delete the comments and ban the IPs.

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One of ours: Very upset to hear Hal Rager (‘Blivet’) has had a mini-stroke.

It’s probably easiest for most of you to leave messages on his Facebook profile. Medicine’s come a long way with stroke recovery. Here’s hoping you’re back to full posting capabilities soonest, Hal! Note that Audrey says he’s resting, waiting for tests right now. My uncle went through this a couple of times. The month or so post-event can be frightening, waiting for the debilities to diminish, but he recovered well. It was only the second small stroke that took some of his facial expression on one side. My uncle was a smart man - a beard masked the issue, and noone was ever the wiser.

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Paywalls are blocking me from good content, again.

A couple of articles I was going to link this morning remain unseen because of paywalls. Sorry, publishers. You do this, I can’t publicize your good work. I don’t link unless I can read beyond an excerpt. I also cannot afford to pay for every paywall that may pop up in my RSS aggregator. A renaissance of micropayments? The media’s distribution model needs a rethink.

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Medium: The Web We Have to Save.

Readers Ray L. and Emmett both sent me this at the same time last evening. Yes, I saw it. I’ve been stewing over some way to introduce it, but you two guys made it easier to gather my thoughts: For all I appreciate the author’s sentiment, one fact stands out. Many of the former A-listers linked it, favorited it, liked it ... on the social media. Not in a blog post.

The irony.

Oh, and thanks for the reminder, guys. Much appreciated.

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Smokejumper: A Memoir by One of America’s Most Select Airborne Firefighters.

Co-author Julian has been an occasional commenter here ... and this is a subject critical to every person living west of the American Great Plains. Highly recommended. Mine’s already ordered - in HARDBACK. Take that, Kindle. It’s a cover image worth the price alone.

Julian’s very much worth following. Check out his site for his other work. You’ll probably recognize his byline from many major magazines.

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Indiegogo: Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural.

12 hours left. Less than $5k needed. Time for angels to show up!

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Serendipita: (Spicy) Noodles.

Did someone say “Spicy Noodles”?!!

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A photo shoot this morning, and then FIVE (5) separate little meetings. Been kinda busy. I’ll see what I can find, as I have time this afternoon.

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Archaeology: In Search of a Philosopher’s Stone.

It’s a stone blog, I tell you.

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Mashable: Web design is dead

Symptom 2: Web design patterns are mature.” I beg to disagree. Web design’s gotten boring.  Everyone still wants top-slider-three-columns-underneath designs. There are bajillions of those templates, all roughly equivalent. We’ve only started to play with slide-in panels, really, still working out the UI, fighting over mobile layout implementations. There’s still a market for non-standard one-off designs, though it opens you to severe critique from competition because it doesn’t match conventional wisdom. You have to have savvy, trusting clients.

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Indiegogo: Vancouver Jump for Joy Photo Mural.

My Flickr friend Eyoälha Baker’s busily trying to drum up funds to make a new, larger building-mural in Vancouver. Double the size! That’s a lot of enlargements. Between laying them out and pasting them up, my back hurts just thinking about it. I know I’ve asked for your help for her last project - if you can’t donate, at least share it around to folks you think might be interested. I figured I’d wait until ‘crunch time’ in case she needed extra exposure, but I’m pulling the rip cord now. She’s only got nine more days, and needs 2/3 of the funding. E’s one of those people who defaults to action, and it shows in her photography. And while you’re at it, pick up a Big Love Ball [Thanks to BLB for reminding me I needed to link E//‘s project by following me on Twitter].

E//‘s photographs are the consistent cure for my endless trolling in RSS feeds. The day’s news may be gray, but E// serves up a smile, a gesture ... and if you’ve ever read Milan Kundera (mentioned below in today’s stream), you’ll know how far a simple gesture can take you. I’ll add a quote from his book The Unbearable Lightness of Being:

The heavier the burden, the closer our lives come to the earth, the more real and truthful they become. Conversely, the absolute absence of burden causes man to be lighter than air, to soar into heights, take leave of the earth and his earthly being, and become only half real, his movements as free as they are insignificant. What then shall we choose? Weight or lightness?

On many days I prefer the ‘untruth’, the half-reality, of flight. How about you?

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The Fully Intended: The Writer’s Dream.

For one so young, Mollie writes like the best of the old-school. With modern sensibility.

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TechCrunch: Blogging Site Medium Rolls Out Password-Free Email Logins.

Of note.

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Digressions. ++

I have this terrible habit of using particular posts as levers for my opinions. In many cases, my digressions take me far away from the original point of the post. Social media can’t give you this kind of information from an article title. For my Twitter followers, I think I’m going to add a “++” for now, to indicate when I’m going off on a tangent, in case you want to follow me down the occasional rabbit hole.

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Literary Hub: The Joy of Throwing Away An Entire Novel.

Was I sure there was nothing salvageable there? Was I giving up?” Every writer or blogger will know this feeling. I myself often fantasize about chucking this whole thing, wondering what phoenix would rise. Would I be happier? Freer? I chafe against the restrictions of the blog, locked in the same form-factor for a decade. Our blogs are becoming prisons, the dimensions dictated by the walled gardens elsewhere. Cam gave me hope with his new blog, and how it bodily and boldly breaks barriers. These functions should have been baked into blog software, years ago.

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One of the most lovely things about Cam’s new blog ...

I can read and link his Tweets through his RSS feed. Never occurred to me how handy that might be. One of those ‘nose on your face’ things. I’d rather read all he has to say in *one* place.

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camworld is back.

At http://camworld.org. If you hit the .com, you might be a bit surprised. I have to retrain my fingers - they still have muscle-memory from the olden days.

And Cam’s got all kinds of neat stuff working in the background.

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OK, that ended up a little big.

Jeez, thanks Tumblr.

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Sorry! Started working at 7, just raised my head.

Realized I forgot to blog. Shortly.

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UX Mag: Why Web Design is Dead.

Of note.

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What a weekend. 

Recuperating after shooting the Denise McCluggage memorial drive on Saturday, and then shooting the Nick Bostrom lecture yesterday. For the car rally, I drove up past Peñasco to find a scenic spot, and was treated to hurricane canyon winds, torrential thunderstorms, and more. Yesterday, running around a venue with dual cameras to capture different angles, and then shooting hobnobbing reception guests.  Every part of me hurts this morning, and I have much to accomplish. Links as I have energy.

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Bruce Clay: Google Transcoder - Make Your Site Fast or Google Will.

At this point, we have no idea when, if at all, this functionality will be implemented anywhere outside of Indonesia. However, Google’s underlying statement is clear: websites should be really, really fast.” Perhaps we should go back to monochrome screens then. Why should Google have such power? Why?

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Busy week, culminating in two weekend work days ...

Yeah, fighting for blogging time. Links working now.

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Busy Thursdays.

Some weeks, I have a publication to get out by midnight (EDT).  Blogging must, sadly, take a back seat. Links catch-as-catch-can.

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