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Writefully: Turn a Github Repo into a CMS.

Of interest.

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Catching up after the weekend.

It’ll take me a while to parse the built-up overage of feeds and get some work done ... unless I perform a “Simmons” and hit ‘Mark All Read’.  We’ll see how long I last before I implode.

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Posting schedule for the next four days.

Because it’s Indian Market here in Santa Fe, both clients and festivities are going to keep me very busy. Links will be sporadic. Hopefully I’ll have time to post some stunning photos - planning to attend the main event again this year (Saturday’s the big day). So ... as per usual, you’ll see me when you see me. Thanks.

Just in case you don’t recall, here’s my gallery of the Native American Regalia contest from 2009.

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Techdirt: Thomson Reuters Thinks Not Responding To Their Email Means You’ve Freely Licensed All Your

So it’s just bizarre and surprising that media giant Thomson Reuters apparently believes that it can license whatever content it wants by merely sending an email and saying that a refusal to respond will be taken as consent that it can use your content.” !@&^#$$% Bloggers, beware. That puts a whole new exponential spin on ‘big grab’.

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euansemple.com: Social tools and the filter problem.

“We expect to meet different people in different physical contexts and manage our expectations of different conversations in this way. The problem at the moment is that in the competition between Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and the others for our time and attention, they are all beginning to look and feel the same!

Software should be able to solve the problem of high quality/high frequency social. The only obstacle to plucking consistently interesting bits from the firehose of social is the programs themselves. [Tags, FB. Like Tumblr. Yesterday, or sooner.]

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The Atlantic: The Joys and Sorrows of Late-Night Email.

Wake-up-to-power-down is the new 9-to-5.” Yep. Ugh. And we bloggers didn’t help that much, typing our little hearts out deep into the night.

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PS Mag: Just Kill All of the Comments Already.

Our problem was a different one: We primarily deal with science and research, and know that comments can change the perception readers have of not just the stories themselves, but the facts and figures covered in the stories that often shouldn’t be open to interpretation.”  If you don’t actively engage your commenters, I see how this can be true. I feel having a comment system requires active participation by the blog- or site-owner. It’s not a set-it-up-and-let-it-run device.

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SERoundtable: Google - Low Quality Guest Blogging Considered Content Spam.

Oy vey. No doubt I’m going to be fighting their definition of ‘scraped content’. So, do I drop using article titles and pullquotes?

Google as arbiter of ‘good blog posts.’  What’s the world coming to?

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PhotoShelter Blog: Do Good Stories Trump Good Photos? HONY, Selby and More.

“... as many people have pointed out, you can be a great photographer but a poor businessperson and fail to succeed. Similarly, in today’s hyper-connected but highly decentralized world of ‘publishing,’ good photography is rarely enough to go viral. Storytelling is a vital skill for success, and that’s arguably a good thing for photography and photographers ...”  For every photographer, a blog then.

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NewMexiKen: Little Sure Shot.

Happy B-day, Annie Oakley.

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Kind of creepy, how many folks are trying to boost their brands with Robin Williams’ death.

It’s been bad before, but this is the worst I’ve seen. Too many pious articles with no direct input, branders continuing to try to clamber higher in their scores on the backs of a tragedy.

The actions on Twitter towards his daughter, make me sick inside.

Here’s what I think: I think we all ought to pick a day ... perhaps the day of his funeral. We all go find the tallest thing we can, stand on it, and and take a photo of ourselves with “O Captain, My Captain” as the caption. Flood the social media airwaves.

I invite someone with more followers than I to make the idea popular. Take the idea whole, I don’t care. Something like this needs to be done. Come up with something better! This just rolled out of my head. We, the core of the internet, need to make this right for his memory, for his daughter.

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nice marmot: On the brighter side.

Always carry a camera.” Indeed, Dave captures some beauties.

Later: Speaking of nice marmots ...

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Alert.Websecurity.ATT.com, using ScanSafe, thinks my site is malicious.

Simply because, according to the following: “Currently, the site is not categorized by Scansafe and it is HIGHLY LIKELY that it is malicious.

Since when is ScanSafe categorization a basic requirement for a website?

First, Google. Now third-party spam filters. How do I “get categorized” by ScanSafe?  Anyone know?

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Thoughts on personal branding, Charo, and Q Scores.

Long story to set this up.

I ran across a version of Malagueña on Spotify, played by María del Rosario Mercedes Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza, a student of Segovia’s. Sounds impressive on its face, right?

Wait. You’ll recognize her more readily under her stage name, Charo. The Segovia link probably surprised you - it surprised me. As did her playing (on this version). And after perusing her Wikipedia entry (the 1970’s), I became acquainted with her Q Score

This, of course, brought Technorati, Klout, personal branding to mind.

The story for Charo is that because of ill-advised overexposure, her recognition factor is as high as Clint Eastwood’s, but her popularity factor is in the single digits.

Everyone knows you, not many care about what’s going on with you. No ability to generate any buzz, except through sensationalism ... which requires ever-greater levels of personal exposure, allying with strategic larger brands, or creation of false personas.

Personal branders, beware. This is a metric you may not be paying attention to. One can expose themselves quite thoroughly, score well on the social media measurement charts, link all the trending subjects, and have no popularity.  Oh, you can have ‘influence’ — you talk to a lot of people — but do you really have ‘likeability’? It’s that polarity thing I keep railing about. I’ve tested Klout over and over, and it has no method for judging a positive thread vs. a negative thread ... the same failing Technorati suffered from.  Numbers without context, that blow up into a fantasy.

So, to put it gently — counter to Klout or other measurement services — perhaps less recognition and greater likeability should be the general goal ... ?

My opinion. Take it or leave it. I’ll sign off on a totally ironic note ... sounds like folks should start blogs rather than social media empires.

Neil Young, Sugar Mountain.

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The day is turning out ridiculously busy.

Links as I can.

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CNBC: Has Google lost control of its anti-spam algorithm?

Not the best source. Still, some more interesting info to be gleaned within. Double-check before counting on it. Really horrible modal dialog to begin.

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Mashable: Major Security Vulnerability in WordPress, Drupal Could Take Down Websites.

Another week, another security issue.

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AlJazeeraAmerica: Big Food uses mommy bloggers to shape public opinion.

Um ... isn’t it rather sexist to link BlogHer to ‘Mommy Blogs’ without offering any linkage of the two? BlogHer is certainly not just mothers who blog.  Or am I reading this wrong?

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RSS Reader for Developers.

Not really my style, but others might enjoy it.

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SERoundtable: Google Restores MetaFilter’s Traffic After 20 Months Of Poor Rankings.

So I wonder, did other sites also notice a boost in traffic, the ones hit by that update back in November 2012?”  Me? Not so far.

Later: Apparently Naked Capitalism is back, too.

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Sorry, kids.  Just too much going on today.

Even had a kernel panic on a server.  I’ll make up for it on Monday, honest.  Drove out to see the B-29, but didn’t go for admission because the skies were too cloudy for good photographs. You have to get the shine on that beastie. And decent contrast.  Nobody likes having to make up for it in post.

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GitHub/barryclark: jekyll-now.

Got a GitHub account? Kick the tires on Jekyll.  When I have a moment, I’m going to.

Later: As I have time ... dangerousmeta.github.io. Stupid-simple setup. GitHub can take up to ten minutes to show the initial page, after you set the URL.

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MeFi: DIY Law School - Learn the Law Without Law School.

Everyone should understand at least a *little* law. Read a little Blackstone, at the very least.

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Medium: Thirty Things I’ve Learned.

Everyone will enjoy this.

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PerlTricks: Your users deserve better than Disqus.

Of note, particularly the security implications.

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