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Spam: Seriously?

Asian movers? As in furniture movers? Some poor schmuck putting comments on ‘The Luminous Endowment’ and ‘Wikipedia: The Dictator’? Folks need to work on their targeting ...

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TechDirt: Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town’s Government.

Well. Does TechDirt moderate comments?  I can’t tell from their site.  I’m not defending the town, mind you. But another article on TechDirt quotes this opinion in positive manner: “I do delete comments from time to time. If I notice them and they are ‘excessively violent’ or ‘harassing’ or ‘otherwise objectionable,’ I delete them. Why? First, its my blog, so my fucking rules. You have a right to express yourself, but not necessarily here.”  My italics.

Everyone loves the First Amendment until it ends up bristling and ugly in their own comments section or social channels.

I come down on the side of, “If tax money is being used to support those sites, then any taxpaying citizen can comment.”

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Medium: Why I care about PowerPoint.

It takes way, way too much time and frustrating effort to create excellence in Powerpoint. I find noone’s willing to pay for excellence; the presentational quality of a ... Xerox ... is fine with them. With sparkly transitions. *Gag*.

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Github/aaronkwhite: foundation-jekyll.

Of note.

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Xmas gift suggestion: Heartbreak Time Machine.

Well, dang ... Jeremiah’s out of his ‘Super Pak’. But you can still pick up a single, here.  And you’ll be supporting another blogger.

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Xmas gift suggestion: Gordy’s camera straps.

Great stuff, and you’ll be supporting a fellow blogger.

Note: I’ll start doing these occasionally, pointing to those who frequent this blog and have wares for sale.

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“Mark All as Read”.

Too much stuff in the aggregator.  I have to cry “UNCLE!”

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Super busy.

Links IF I can. Sorry. Tootle along elsewhere. Craziness on this end.

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Storify: There is No Fold (with images, tweets).

Finally, someone with recognized authority calls BS on the myth. Thank GOD.

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EuanSemple: Social media purist.

“Content marketing” vs. just plain old blogging. Makes me think of the difference between beef cattle on big old ranches, versus feedlot beef.  Feedlot beef facilities have to deal with a whole lot of ... well, ‘byproducts’. Whereas for traditional blogs, the byproducts transmute to fertilizer for future posts ...

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Apostrophe CMS/Node, MongoDB.

So WYSIWYG, it kind of hurts my brain. YMMV.

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Got so busy so fast, forgot to blog!

I’ll get on it.

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Heartbreak Time Machine: Mustard Seed School Benefit, Holiday Heartbreak Show.

Frequent commenter Jeremiah’s doing some benefits. His limited edition single is gorgeous (and gorgeously packaged); designers on your gift list would love it. 

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Dazed: Flickr is about to sell off your Creative Commons photos.

Are you one of the millions of people signed up to Flickr? It’s time to switch your license settings. The Yahoo-owned photo-sharing site has just announced that it will start selling prints of some 50 million Creative Commons-licensed images, but the photographers involved won’t see any of the profits. Nope. Not a single penny.” My emphasis. I warned y’all about this a decade ago. All my Flickr images are copyright protected. All.

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The Book of Life.

I point you to the “What is it” page. Better to just dip your toes in, on the main page (click the logo top-left).

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Envato: Critical Security Vulnerability in WordPress Versions 3 to 3.9.

FYI, if you haven’t already heard.

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Macworld: Re/code kills comments - I have something to say.

The idea of person-to-person interaction is now almost quaint. While there remain strong communities of users, they’re often not the primary source of information for most people. Rather, we turn to company sites and data repositories to learn what we need. As for social interaction, well, that’s why they call it social networking. We increasingly use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other services to hang out with our virtual friends.

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BBC: Trip Advisor couple ‘fined’ £100 by hotel for bad review.

People should have the right to vent their disappointment if a hotel stay did not meet their expectations and should not be prevented from having their say.” Reviews are getting less and less useful for the consumer, as people become fearful of litigation.

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Follow Me Here…: Fifteen Years of Fun.

Huzzah, Eliot!

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Ghost in the Machine: At Fifteen, A Re-Shuffle.

Happy Fifteen, Kevin. Keep fightin’ the good fight. I’ve got some work to do with our local Legislature turning redder; they’ll unleash the dogs of fracking. Pulling out my rhetorical knucklebusters.

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Busy day, not getting any less busy.

Links when/if I can.

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Monocle: Too much information.

Today’s world is a far more connected and unforgiving place. Information spreads in a split second and it is never forgotten. Just Google the right words and memories of a mistake that you might have made perhaps 10, 15 or even 20 years ago can come flooding back.

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The Atlantic: The Psychological Comforts of Storytelling.

Gilgamesh has all the trappings of a modern story: a protagonist who goes on an arduous journey, a romance with a seductive woman, a redemptive arc, and a full cast of supporting characters.” Stories don’t have to be “hero’s journey” arcs to be worthy.

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Busy Friday.

I probably won’t have time to post links until afternoon. Tootle along, I’ll be back soon.

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POPTech: Anil Dash, Holding to Account [Vimeo link].


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