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WDDepot: Medium 2.0 launches with great features, and dreadful branding.

The new logo is proof positive — if proof were needed — that good math does not equate to good design.

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wood s lot: Happy fifteen!

”... rich mud in burning rivulets ...”  We plod along, don’t we? Always smoldering. Best.

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William Reichard: Wandering, truant.


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WilliamReichard: Excellent read about the nature of theater.

Will asks the question. I answer: Reading may be solitary, but it makes me better when involved in community. My reading drove my imagination as a child, causing me to break boundaries and become a more complete individual. After a spin in the pages of a novel, I return to society seeing the same-olds through new lenses.

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My day is just not going according to plan.

Links when I have an opportunity. I’d forgotten about the endless photo requests from the major auto mags ...

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The things you run across on the ‘net ...

Normally, I’d say NSFW ... in this case, I say Not Safe for Mental Health.

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The Atlantic: What It Takes to Make Fashion Blogging Look Effortless.

Pro-bloggers, we learned, must continually reconcile a series of competing demands: They have to appear authentic but also remain on brand, stay creative while tracking metrics, and satisfy both their readers and the retail brands that bankroll them. Many work up to 100 hours a week, and the flood of new bloggers means companies increasingly expect to not have to pay for partnerships. Meanwhile, the nature of the job requires obscuring the hard work and discipline that goes into crafting the perfect persona online.” This niche is another I’ve been following, along with ‘mommyblogging’. The investment in ‘brand’, faux-personas, is astonishing. I hope psychologists are looking at this, too. Esp. the folks who can project multiple faux-personas in virtual sphere, while maintaining a separate reality.

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Plaeroma: When Facebook is down.

Hee-hee. Mildew. That’s it. “I grow mold, I grow mold ... I will wear my fungus rolled.”

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Three days away from the blog and aggregator ...

... and I have to say, peeking back in, I’m just not ready. So much BS, hype and OMIGOD FACEBOOK IS DOWN ITS THE END OF THE WORLD ...

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I’m here, just running on empty.

Concorso finished up with two of the winning cars running out of gas at the awards platform. Guess who pushed? Links when I can move. Even my fingertips hurt.

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Santa Fe Concorso, next three days. Few updates.

I’ll be running around shooting, downloading pix ... no time for blogging. See you on the other side!

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HarperCollins: “Colons, commas, periods, and capital letters ...

Great quote ...

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Busy day. Rentals arrived, learning the 5DR(s).

And meetings. And more. And rain! Some links shortly.

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My day is, obviously, not going as expected.

No worries, however. Links shortly.

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Someone was digging in my archives today.

A reminder of the firehose I once was, when using manual updating rather than CMS/blog software. Handcoded in BBEdit, uploaded to Zope, which handled the archives.

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SER: Google Recommends Keeping 301 Redirects In Place For One Year Or Longer.

... if you’ve moved your site, and we have been able to recognize that your site has moved, which might take maybe a half a year, maybe a year or so, then at some point, you can take that redirect down. The thing to keep in mind there is that if there are still links to the old version of the URL, then chance are, we might show the old URL too, if you remove the 301 redirect.” What a hot mess.

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Schedule: Next two weeks ...

... will be very busy. Concorso’s coming up (25, 26, 27), and the lion’s share of my time will be in preparation for that, along with immediate client work. It sort of sends blogging to a distinct back burner (as you can tell from this late post). I’ll blog when I can ... but just know I’m still here, and will be back to full shred on the 28th. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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CJR: Readers will finish long stories—especially if they come from a trusted source.

... it’s important to keep in mind that our participants are longform lovers who may be predisposed to finding, reading, and sharing longer stories at a higher frequency that the average reader coming across a magazine piece.” So you mean longform readers will finish long stories ... ?

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Busy day.

I’ll see what I have time for.

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Traffic’s way down. Everyone’s out enjoying Labor Day - that’s a GREAT THING.

Further down than for previous holidays this summer. Go for it, people. Come back refreshed.

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The Atlantic: Is It Possible to Make a Living as a Mommy Blogger?

Dooce at least *tried* to keep it real. The author of this piece needs to get out a bit more - these mothers are expanding into books and online courses, leaning into folk art/journaling as their kids get older, etc. etc. The article is more about the failure of banner ads in a responsive (mobile) environment, the difficulties of being ‘real’ and handling sponsors. ‘Mommy Bloggers’ are just one niche - many are facing this. More than one way to make a buck. Dig around, you’ll see quite a bit of creativity.

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Three from Brevity.

New find for my RSS feeds, been waiting for their latest update. All excellent. Dig around the site, too. My favorite is the last.

Arkansas Chicken Apocalypse
The Burnt Plane

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The Fully Intended: Expectation vs Reality.

Beautifully expressed.

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TechDirt: Moral Panics And How ‘The Kids These Days’ Adapt.

We lived most of our college lives on Snapchat — now we don’t have any ‘tangible’ memories.

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Haven’t posted a pic in ages.

East was best tonight.

For some reason, Flickr’s less interesting with their last redesign. [Photo services are less compelling than ever, I’m finding. I need to build some photo-stories over on Exposure.co; change it up.] Tonight’s sunset was best looking to the East, rather than the West.

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