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Haven’t posted a pic in ages.

East was best tonight.

For some reason, Flickr’s less interesting with their last redesign. [Photo services are less compelling than ever, I’m finding. I need to build some photo-stories over on Exposure.co; change it up.] Tonight’s sunset was best looking to the East, rather than the West.

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Paywall again.

The New Yorker this time. Sorry not to be able to read, sorrier not to be able to give you extra ad revenue by a link.

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99U: Escaping the Time-Scarcity Trap.

Instead of saying, ‘I don’t have time to work on my novel,’ try saying, ‘My writing isn’t a priority’ out loud and see how that feels.

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Busy Thursday. Links as I can.

Meetings this afternoon, prep work required. Catch as catch can.

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New Republic: The Politics of the Curation Craze.

One simple explanation is prestige appropriation.” I had to look that one up on Google ... prestige appropriation ... nope, not a thing. I think you’ve just witnessed the birth of a new online buzzphrase. I visualize a young, secretly-destitute toy-boy dating the rich older widow ...

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Adding a ‘Future’ category to the blog.

That last post made me realize the deficit in not having one.

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William Reichard: Ursula Le Guin answered my writing question!


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Busy Friday.

Links when I can! Thin today. I only have a brief window of opportunity. Perhaps later today I can do a more thorough newscrawl.

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SER: Google Says They Never Index All The Pages.

Only ‘important’ pages.

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MeFi discovers Zozobra.

Lordy, what an FPP. It’s like the NM State Historian wrote it. The burning of Zozo’s great ... the dancing? Not so much. The drinking at the event, however, is spectacular ...

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William Reichard: Self-employed as what?

Will’s got a stumper. Without looking, ‘professional scalp-taker for the Redskins’?

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My day is just NOT working out as intended.

Sorry. Links when I can.

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The Bookseller: On blogger critique of books.

Blogger viewpoint and Author viewpoint.

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NY Times: Where Clicks Reign, Audience Is King.

Undigested comments that people might have made to colleagues or friends but later thought better of are now written down as journalism, and ‘get indexed and archived in the same way as a serious news story.’” Important read o’ the day. Don’t miss it. Muchos gracias, All About George on FB.

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Crazy idea.

What would you think, if I set up a Slack account for everyone? Free tier (unless we eventually needed more)? Would that be more interesting than a conventional comment area (not that I’ll take comments away, but it might spur more discussion throughout the day).

Plus we could leave channels open. Channels that roughly echo some of my categories.

Just another crazy numbskull idea, that’ll probably eat up too many billable hours. But one has to move with the times, right? Comment areas seem so passé.

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NewMexiKen seems to have dropped off radar.

Any have any info on what’s up? His URL returns a blank page. Hope all is well.

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Google is now “Alphabet” ... ?

Here. Just waiting for the tidal wave of ‘what this means’ articles to start overstuffing my RSS account ...

Later: The NY Times announcement.

Bit later: Go to Google search, enter “Alphabet”. This news already dominates the search term. Wikipedia on the alphabet is moving down page two, as we speak. Gonna be hell for Playskool and other learning outfits to get any traction with learn-the-alphabet toys. So far, “Alphabet Soup” is unaffected.

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Tuts+: Introduction to OwnCloud - Using Applications.

Watching this, because I’m curious about dropping away from pay-for services.

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Metafilter: Several secular Bangladeshi bloggers hacked to death.

Noone should be murdered for a mere opinion. Yet such is history; littered with idealistic corpses. The ‘dangerous gift of eloquence.’ Read “Scaramouche” by Sabatini. I love Dumas, but I love this just as much.

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Live blog the debates? In the past, yes. Today ... ?

Nah. We didn’t live-blog “Beavis and Butthead.” We knew better.

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This cowgirl pumps her own beer ...

That’s the definition of a ‘keeper’, I think. Awesome boots, Meffl.

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I just had this funny image in my head, writing a comment on an earlier post.

Potteresque/LotR atmosphere. An ancient cathedral. All the stained glass windows depict the old A-list bloggers. The other bloggers are depicted painted in frescos on the walls.

[Serious, then laughing] Yet all we have is this. [You’ll find my old original Array blog in one of the stanzas.]

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ProBlogger: Thinking of Quitting Blogging? What Dooce Did Next.

I don’t know a single blogger who even enjoys it any more.” If I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t do it. But my blog’s raison d’etre is not linked to $. It’s not my *business*. Everyone gets sick of business. Blogging? Pure blogging. No affiliate links, no ads. Just me ... some links, some observations, some stories ... and a firehose to the internet. What blogging used to be. No matter how busy I am (and I get extremely busy with my business and life in general), something always drags me to the blog.

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Web Designer News - The best curated news for designers.

A link to this showed up in my feed. Anyone track this, follow it? Useful, or problems with signal/noise ratio?

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Techdirt: Canadian Court Orders Blogger Who Reposted Writer’s Defamatory Statements To Pay $10k.

Here’s a not-so-gentle reminder that Canada’s defamation laws are significantly different than those in the United States.” Legal wagons are circling in other nations. Keep your eyes peeled.

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