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Developer Drive: Introducing Page Parts for WordPress.

Of interest. Sort of like “Pages” in EE, but sounds more flexible.

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Muut Blog: Switching from Disqus to Muut.

Ah, Disqus has some competition.

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The Fully Intended: Therapeutic people.

Mollie shares a bit of happiness.

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Morning meeting. Most links after 12 noon MST.

Just FYI.

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Nieman Journalism Lab: Atavist revamps its publishing software to push design and readability to the

Still knocking around. They were Medium before Medium was an itch. They had some great ideas, just never got them to fruition fast enough. I suppose Medium’s move to attract publications triggered this. More about their changes.

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Responsive dm!, first try.

Given Google’s mobile-friendly ultimatum, I figure it’s time to force myself to redesign the blog.  You folks who were willing to test/comment/peek, I have a first round of a new home page designed. Email me privately - you know my addy. Thanks.

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Butterick’s Practical Typography.: The billionaire’s typewriter.

... how does Medium improve the Internet? I haven’t seen a single story on Medium that couldn’t exist equally well elsewhere. Nor evidence that Medium’s editing and publishing tools are a manifest improvement over what you can do with other tools.”  Very well put. Merci, Ray L.

Later: Speaking of Medium et al, Dave’s opened up his MyWord Editor.

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Our Pluto.

Help us put names on the maps of Pluto and Charon!” Choose early weblog names for features.  I mean, why not?

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The Week: Why South by Southwest is a huge, exploitative scam.

Of interest. Further, it seems last year SXSW had a seminar on this very subject. I suppose the naysayers lost ... ?

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A reminder from the proprietor ...

As the weather warms up, the frequency of my weekend postings drops to zero. It won’t happen yet, but you are already noticing a significant decrement. Simply letting new readers know this is ‘normal.’ NM homes require a great deal of maintenance and yard work.

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Surprises right and left this morning.

Links when I can.

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A surprise rush to make a press deadline this morning.

Links when I have a free moment.

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Six Revisions redesigns.

Hey, fellow old-school bloggers ... back to the future. I mean, really.

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Vox: A new study concludes there are too many scientific studies.

Use RSS? Subcategorize. Tag. Then everyone could keep up via RSS aggregators. I suppose paywalls make this impossible; another reason to disdain multiple walled gardens.

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EOSHD: Top Gear inquiry begins.

Not saying I agree, but I have run up against the situation where what one says is interpreted into text that has none of the context or nuance to understand the statement. As I’ve complained before, playing Devil’s advocate is most likely to get you socially abused. It’s a good argument for being generic ... and an argument I’ll ignore.

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Curated: Grow your audience by collecting and sharing engaging content.

Be me for $25/month (500 subscribers), with auto-sponsorship opportunities. But you’d better be monetizing. Looks a whole hell of a lot nicer than Paper.li.

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SER: WordPress Automatically Updates Millions Of Yoast SEO Plugins After Vulnerability.

WP’s plugins and themes are rat’s nests of vulnerabilities. I see this as a positive step; if only they find a way to do this for more add-ons.

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Medium: Custom domains for publications.

Today, we’re happy to announce that we are taking the first steps towards making this a reality with the limited beta launch of custom domains.”  Is it really something new, or just becoming Squarespace with a single template? Just asking. [Don’t get me wrong, I like Medium. I just haven’t used it yet. Their new short-form doesn’t seem to have attracted link-and commenters like myself.]

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Best laid plans.

Links soon.

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FishbowlNY: Branded Content Studio’s Study Reveals Branded Content is Fantastic.

Fantastic for advertisers and the Times, certainly. For the readers? Are you getting facts, or hyperbole?

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Guardian.UK: The death of writing.

Walking the streets of Lahore’s old town, festooned by the 1950s with electric cables, he describes being struck with a sense of having come ‘too late’ to see the vanished, ‘real’ Lahore; although he knows that the ethnographer who came here 50 years before him felt the same thing, and that the one who’ll come 50 years later will wish he’d come 50 years earlier to see what he, Lévi-Strauss, failed to see right there in front of him.”  Wallow in this one, folks.  Enjoy it.

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Re/Code: Pioneering Tech Blog Gigaom Closes Down.

The site, which was one of the first prominent tech blogs to launch in 2006, has recently hired new management, including an interim CEO.” Y’know, the first ‘tech blog’ I think I ever saw, was this. GigaOm wasn’t a frequent stop for me - too many others were meta-blogging their articles - but what I did grab, was worthy. I’ll miss it.

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Squall - The Tweetstorm Cometh.

Another microblogging environment. No recommendation; just noting the circumstance.

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MetaTalk: Sixteen Years.

I can only imagine the stress, Matt. Best wishes on your new endeavours!

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SF New Mexican: Amid Clinton controversies, Dems yearn for alternative.

Hmmm. I say, Anil Dash for President.

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