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NY Times:

What’s doing in Austin.  I’ll have to ask my nephew if this is the best one can do ...

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NY Times Travel:

On Block Island, a chance to chill out.  Block Island, just off the coast of Rhode Island, is one of my favorite vacation spots.  Little to do but relax.  But the quality of light is what brought me back time and again.  For photography, the island is magical.  The light is ... hard to describe.  My first ferry-trip over was on a partially-overcast day, with holes in the overcast throwing round beams of light upon the capped waves.  It’s a magical place for pensive photography ... highly recommended.

If I have the chance, I’ll think about scanning some of the shots I took there, and making a new gallery.

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Venice imposes a one-way Carnival.  Will they break out the mandaia as they did in the past, and execute criminals?

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NY Times Travel:

Making tracks in a world gone silent.  “The varied designs — known in snowshoe-speak by names like the bearpaw, the Maine, the Michigan (sometimes also called the Algonquin), the Alaskan and the Ojibwa — were created for travel over different snow conditions and terrain.”  Was it the old L.L. Bean catalogue that used to carry all the varied types, back in the 60’s/70’s?  I remember poring over them, wanting the longest ones ... little did I realize that more weight per foot, more work.

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Here’s another must-do for my life experience list ... the new Adelaide to Darwin train line is open.

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NY Times Travel:

Playing head games on Rapa Nui.

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Noche de Rabanos.  You look quite radishing, my dear ...

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NY Times Travel:

Well, they finally visit Big Bend.  A complete newbie article, not especially well-researched.  No mention of the Marfa lights, for instance.

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NY Times Travel:

Christmas wish: A room at the inn.  Remember that individual who got slapped for manipulating his photographs?  Look at the photo on this page.  My first reaction was, “Love those Cokin graduated color filters now, don’t we?”  Or, maybe it was overdone after the fact.  Talk about unreality.  And the horizon’s totally crooked!  Does the NYT have photo editors anymore?

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NY Times:

Hey, dude, where’s my herd?  Beginner ... no, remedial ranching, really.

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NY Times Travel:

What’s doing in Paris.

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Words every globetrotter should know.  My guess: “I’m not American, I’m Canadian ...”

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NY Times Travel:

A villa that defines Tuscany.  Looks and sounds lovely.

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What is ...

RedPaper.  Another spot trying to crack the walnut of making $$ on the ‘net.

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NY Times Travel:

Paris, by Segway.

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takes a walk in Celle.  Great shots of half-timbering.

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NY Times Travel:

I need to visit Britain.  So many of my interests combine in that country.  Literature, history, Latin, language, law.  The photographs in these two articles are making my mind wander.  Speaking of my interests, here’s an article on Shakespeare’s co-authors.

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Italy, land of unbridled anarchy.  “Indeed, a staggering 70 per cent of single Italian men between the ages of 25 and 29 live in subsidised comfort at home, where their meagre earnings do very nicely as pocket money. And when they do move out to the stability of marriage or cohabitation, it is generally into a flat that is provided by the family.”  It’s not just a local effect: replace ‘flat’ with ‘mobile home’ and you’ve got New Mexico.

Oh, and: “What is quite clear from the interminable chat shows in which politicians talk with great fluency and urgency about what the government should do, is that, in Italy, the government either cannot or will not govern. The looming pensions crisis, the huge problem of illegal immigration, the hopelessly clogged-up judicial system - not one of these issues receives serious or consistent attention” sounds quite familiar, too.

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Yahoo News/Reuters:

British desert explorer Wilfred Thesiger passes away.  “I didn’t miss Western civilization ... [snip] ... I wanted to get as far away from all that as I could. I was just in time to travel, see and experience a vanishing world and to live the life of my choice.”  And I’m envious.  That’s another book to add to my bulging list.  Rest in peace, sir.

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NY Times International:

Living on the slopes of Vesuvius.  One has to nurture a certain sense of fatalism, I suppose.

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NY Times Travel:

Three on Alaska.  Climbing Denali.  If a bear knocks, don’t answer.  Live, it’s “Northern Exposure.”

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NY Times Travel:

2000 Years of History in Bath.  Timely, after I’d just picked up and refreshed my memory with Austen’s “Northanger Abbey.”  Also, don’t miss the well-written piece on “The Season De l’Amour.”

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Cuidades Mexicanas del Patrimonio de la Humanidad.  The clever programming with music on the bottom buttons isn’t to be missed.  Not to ignore the travel sites themselves, mind you.

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