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Flickr: Labels and Tags.

I may have pointed to this before, or maybe just something similar. Tickles the back of my brain. Well, it’s always an aesthetic joy.

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Atlas Obscura: The Epic Century-Long English Battle to Rid Itself of American Squirrels.

Excuse me if I remind our Brit friends that they gifted us with overabundant English sparrows and starlings (to name just a couple of invasives).

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ArtDaily: London’s Big Ben to fall silent for months during “desperately” needed repairs next year.

In order to keep the clock ticking, we must now take the time to thoroughly inspect and restore it.

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Mashable: ‘Urgent’ fix ordered for some Dreamliner planes because engines shut down mid-flight.

A bit inconvenient, no?

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Atlas Obscura: 8 Places From Shakespeare That You Can Actually Visit.

Always helpful to have the actual place in one’s head, when one reads the works. Tangential: I recently found a program on British castles; overwrought and overproduced with too little actual information for the time allotted, but seeing Stirling Castle and Stirling bridge gave much color to RLS’s Kidnapped. Re-read it last night in one fell swoop.

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Inverse: This Community in Sulawesi, Indonesia Keeps the Dead in Homes for Years.

If deceased persons and buffalo sacrifice bother you, don’t watch the video.

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Steampunk Vehicles: The Steampunk’s Guide to Travelling on Amtrak.

Fond memories of travelling “The Southern Crescent”, before it was devoured by Amtrak. Bread pudding, served fresh daily.

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Italian Ways: Italy, land of seafarers and illustrators.

More great posters. Insta-link.

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Giz: Stephen Hawking and a Russian Billionaire Want to Build an Interstellar Starship.

It’s about time.

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Archaeology News Network: French tourist arrested for Colosseum drone flight.

No droning in Italy, without prior approval. “For most urban flights people will need to obtain a permit and we invite people to read our guidelines before they try anything.

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Atlantic: The Absurd Primacy of the Automobile in American Life.

Hmmm. Yes. When I was a kid, Dad’s car only came out on weekends, for shopping days (Trenton Farmer’s Market). Everything else we all did on foot.

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Congrats, SpaceX.

Looks to me like they went with a wider tripod. What do you think?

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Popular Archaeology: Archaeologists Survey Damage from Cyclone Winston in Fiji.

This was rescue archaeology to the extreme!

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WaPo: Switzerland shocked by Muslim teens who refused to shake hands with female teachers.

The Swiss Muslim community has largely suggested that the boys are misinterpreting Islamic teachings with their refusal to shake their teachers’ hands.” Isn’t the overriding consensus that immigrants fully integrate to the dominant culture within two generations? If so, accommodation of such fringe interpretations just hinders that process. Esp. when it’s not the consensus interpretation of Islamic teaching?

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Mashable: Autonomous taxis may soon be coming to Singapore.

... nuTonomy’s cars will operate using a combination of algorithmic software that employs fleet management, partially culled from his work on U.S. military drone management systems. The nuTonomy cars will also use LIDAR to detect cars on the road as well as stationary objects.

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SciAm: Italy’s Olive Trees Didn’t Have to Die.

But now experts can say with certainty that Xylella travels toward the roots and branches from the point of infection, rather than starting at the root and traveling through the tree. This insight suggests that growers or officials in Puglia could contain the disease by extensive pruning, rather than simply clear-cutting all trees in the vicinity of infected ones, which Italy insisted on after being pressured by the E.U., which was looking on warily.

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ArtDaily: Ancient burials revealed at mysterious Plain of Jars in Laos.

Here’s a mystery to get your brain cookin’ this morning.

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Mashable: Bones of Christian saint found in rubble of ISIS-destroyed monastery.

Words fail me.

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Guardian.UK: What you need to know about the Panama Papers.

Unravelling as we speak. Keep a weather eye out.

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Italian Ways: Eight Alpine lakes, eight wonders to see.

Funny, I would have imagined these lake photos were from the rocky crags of South America. Clearly, I need to go see the Alps.

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Roads and Kingdoms: 19 Things to Know Before You Go to Vancouver.

All true, Roland?

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The Atlantic: The State of Palmyra’s Ruins.

The best news, he said, was that the 2-ton Lion of al-Lat ISIS blew up ‘could be put back together––we didn’t lose this great statue.’

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Italian Ways: The crypt of the Holy Sepulcher reopens in Milan.

Think about the white, polished stones under your feet: they once paved the city’s 4th-century, Roman forum – which means Saint Ambrose, Saint Augustine and Emperor Theodosius all probably walked over them just like you.” Open for the first time in 50 years? Bucket list.

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Yahoo News: Scientists say Shakespeare’s skull may be missing from grave.

Why does he suffer this rude knave now to knock him about the sconce with a dirty shovel and will not tell him of his action of battery? Hum!

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SF New Mexican: Mugger injures woman in downtown attack.

Not a whole lot of people there, but certainly a regular flow of cars. These events usually run in cycles; danger of copycats. The Outdoorsman over at De Vargas has personal-size pepper sprays.

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