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nakedcap: TPP Ministerial Negotiations Fail, with No Date Set for the Next Round.

Readers know I very rarely wave pom-poms… But ‘Yay!’

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BBC: Plane crashes into Blackbushe Airport car auction site.

At airport events, one still tends to focus on various cars being moved around (so as not to get hit) ... not the airplane traffic overhead. A helicopter still makes me pop up and look around. Really don’t want to be chopped to hamburger.

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Atlas Obscura: Old Barracks Museum.

Well, if you go, you can see my [adopted] grandfather’s Toby jug collection, and his grandmother’s wedding dress in all its Victorian glory. The Van Syckels - longtime Quakers in NJ.

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Tumblr/BestintheWest: I have gotten lots of questions these last few…

Great advice, if you’re going out riding in the wilderness.

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The FJ Company - All FJ Models for Sale.

Sigh. Frame-off restores, for a price.

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Guardian.UK: Cecil the lion’s cubs most likely killed by rival lion, say conservationists.

Lion cubs fathered by Cecil, the celebrated lion shot dead in Zimbabwe, may already have been killed by a rival male lion and even if they were still alive there was nothing conversationists could do to protect them, a conversation charity has warned.” The ripples flow outward, from that one selfish act.

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Mirror.UK: Katie Hopkins wants ‘euthanasia vans’ because ‘there are far too many old people’.

Has she met Ann Coulter yet?

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BarnFinds: Amazing Bugatti Barn Find!

Stunning. See Artcurial for other images.

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Guardian.UK: Killer of Cecil the lion was dentist from Minnesota, claim Zimbabwe officials.

They tied a dead animal to their vehicle to lure Cecil out of the park and they scented an area about half a kilometre from the park.” Given the fact the lion was wearing a radio collar (a rather unsubtle addition to the lion’s mane), you wonder if they ever actually looked before shooting.

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c|net: Cause of fatal 2014 SpaceShipTwo crash determined by NTSB.

As we already suspected early on, pilot error. In a busy cockpit, you live or die by the checklist.

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Guardian.UK: Zimbabwean authorities hunt Spaniard accused of killing Cecil the lion.

Orford calculates that with tourists from just one nearby lodge collectively paying €8,000 per day, Zimbabwe would have brought in more in just five days by having Cecil’s photograph taken rather than being shot by someone paying a one-off fee of €50,000.” Perhaps, but who owns the camps? And does that money stay in the local economy? I have a feeling there’s much more to this, before the animals can experience any sort of safety.

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Italian Ways: The Ascoli Piceno Quintana - the Middle Ages are coming back.

Surely you must be jousting.” {sorry} {not really}

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NY Times: Aging Infrastructure Plagues Nation’s Busiest Rail Corridor.

Plagues?!?!” This was true in 1980. 35 years ago. To call it an embarrassment, is simply not enough. Federal, state and local authorities have all passed the buck year after year, decade after decade. If maintenance had been done continuously, properly ... many extensive replacements would likely not yet be needed. This is going to cost the taxpayers dearly.

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Mashable: Man jumps off Tower Bridge in London, calls it ‘stupidest idea ever’.

Ya think?

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Guardian.UK: Bison ruins woman’s selfie at Yellowstone in fifth run-in of the season.

Not again.

You know, I keep seeing youngsters on Tumblr linking images of lions and tigers hugging humans. I fear they believe that is humanity’s natural relationship with predators.

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ArtDaily: Nepal quake forces ‘living goddess’ Bajracharya to break decades of seclusion.

Perhaps the gods are angry because people don’t respect traditions as much anymore.” I wonder how she feels about smartphones.

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The Coolist: offSET Shed House on New Zealand’s Coast.

Cool, indeed.

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NY Times: The Revolt Against Tourism.

The Eiffel Tower, with seven million visitors each year, is the world’s most heavily visited paid attraction. Tickets are limited and timed to the half-hour. Visitors move up and down under the watch of discreet guards. The gardens surrounding the tower are kept manicured by a full-time crew of 38 workers. Loitering is forbidden; street vendors are strictly regulated.” Sounds good on its face, but they have a notorious problem with gangs of organized pickpockets.

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ArtDaily: Lederhosen abound as thousands celebrate Bavarian costume in southern Germany.

Major props ... leather shorts in 90 degree weather, out in the sun? Yeesh.

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ArtDaily: Bulgaria’s Valley of Thracian Kings, accidentally discovered in 1944, keeps its secrets.

The Thracians built these splendid monumental structures to last forever. [snip] We cannot just uncover them and leave them like that.

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Mashable: Boeing to airlines - Flying with batteries in cargo can destroy planes.


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NPR: ‘The Great Fish Swap’ - How America Is Downgrading Its Seafood Supply.

The Chinese love seafood. The Japanese, the Koreans, they love seafood. And they’re willing to pay top dollar for it. We just aren’t willing to do so. We want our food cheap and easy.Bleurgh. I was expecting a mention of monkfish, the fake-scallop of choice ...

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Youtube: EYLENDA - Iceland in 4K.

Double-check that YT is playing it in 4K (gear icon, lower right).

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Italian Ways: Cattolica, the queen of holidays on the Adriatic.

Apologies; I have a terrible weakness for vintage travel posters ...

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ArtDaily: After 24 years, Loch Ness Monster hunter Steve Feltham hooked on catfish theory.

Well now ... check out a photo of a Wels Catfish. That’s not a Photoshop job. Google it yourself. Good grief - might as well be a dinosaur.

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