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DYT: Teens In Britain Are Taking Driving Lessons In BMW Supercars.

Hope she took the shoes off. Otherwise, fail.

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Open Culture: Mark Twain’s 60 American Comfort Foods He Missed While Abroad.

Underlines the paucity of our modern mass-produced diets. We think we have more variety, more choice. We don’t.

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Telegraph.UK: Another car park, another King.

Archaeologists have discovered what could be King Henry I’s remains languishing beneath a Ministry of Justice car park on the site of Reading prison.” The dead never get to rest, it seems. They just idle.

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Riveted: The Re-Dedication of Naay I’waans (the Chief Son-I-Hat Whale House).

Simply wonderful photoset. Thanks, Wiredfool!

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Dazed: A British artist is stranded on a boat in the open Pacific.

One of the more bizarre stories you’ll read this month. Make some time. Nothing really earthshattering, but still ... an artificial ‘connected’ no-(wo)man’s-land. It must be like suspended animation.

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Atlas Obscura: The World’s Oldest Snowshoe Sat in an Italian Cartographer’s Office for 12 Years.


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Guardian.UK: Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt.

Wowowowowow. They’ve found the second ship. Long way away from the previous. Right up my interest-alley. THANK YOU EVELYN for the link.

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BBC: MH370 search - New debris in Madagascar includes ‘burnt parts’.

Another opportunity to show us the same old maps again. And to reiterate, it’s worse than trying to find a needle in a haystack.

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c|net: Porsche’s 2017 Panamera 4 E-Hybrid plug-in rocks 31 miles of EV range.

“Rocks”?!! *Cough*. That won’t even take me food shopping on an average day, much less get to a client location and check my PO box.

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SciAm: Ecuador Begins Drilling Oil in a Pristine Corner of the Amazon.

This is the worst imaginable place to be drilling for oil.” With oil prices where they are, insane. Humankind continues to operate as parasite on this poor planet.

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Italian Ways: Giovanni Patrone’s Italian ocean liners.

Ocean liners are some of my fave vintage posters.

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LOTR, anyone?

LOTR, anyone?

I could tell you where this is, but then I’d have to snuff you.

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NY Times: Air Force, Running Low on Drone Pilots, Turns to Contractors in Terror Fight.

You mean Flight Simulator’s not enough?

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DYT: Mindblowing Photographs Of The World’s Most Fascinating Indigenous Tribes.

Mostly staged. We don’t live in a ‘60’s National Geographic world anymore. I look at these, and wonder who of these subjects is actually manning a food cart at the local market, looking unremarkable. I mean, great photos and all ... but I smell a substantially significant amount of hyperbole.

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Youtube: Airlander 10 crashing into the ground cardington shed airship.

Bounce, more like. Doesn’t look like the cockpit/passenger section ever contacts the ground, just the blimp nose. Inexperienced pilot, methinks. I suppose it responds even more slowly than a conventional blimp ... though I saw no last-minute recovery attitude adjustments.

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Guardian.UK: Thomas Hardy altarpiece discovered in Windsor church.

The discovery shows it did exist, but that it had been covered over some time in the 1920s.” Totally rad.

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Dazed: Teenage girls in the UK feel ‘worthless’ and ‘unhappy’.

If all that wasn’t enough, a major new survey from the Department for Education has revealed that more than a third of teenage girls in the UK now suffer from depression and anxiety. According to stats obtained by the organisation, 37 per cent of female 14-year-olds feel unhappy, worthless, or unable to concentrate – which is double the amount compared to boys of the same age.” Begs the question, why?

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National Geo: Are We Losing the Grand Canyon?

My God. Nat’l Geographic, in rigor mortis. Not a peep about Colin Fletcher - or more importantly, Harvey Butchart, without whom many sections wouldn’t have been known to be passable. These later through-walkers stand on the shoulders of giants. For shame, Nat’l Geographic. For shame.

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Atlas Obscura: Nobuo Fujita’s Sword – Brookings, Oregon.

Good lord, are they crazy? A katana needs constant care - esp. an historically valuable one. This shouldn’t be allowed to tarnish and molder in a case. This should be performed on a regular basis.

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ANN: 40,000 shipwrecks waiting to be found off British coast, says Historic England.

People who are regular walkers along the coast or who have dogs should look out for them and let us or local historians know if they spot one.

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Amazon.com: Pendleton Rainier National Park Full Blanket.

Pendleton has made a whole series for all the National Parks.

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ESPN: Brazilian police say video shows Ryan Lochte’s, swimmers’ robbery story untrue.

The official said Lochte’s teammates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, who were pulled off a plane going back to the United States late Wednesday, told police that the robbery story had been fabricated.” For shame.

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The Atlantic: The Couple Who Worked as Truck Drivers Together.

I just sit on my butt and turn the steering wheel, but gross over a thousand dollars a week. You can’t say I’m lazy, can you?

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Guardian.UK: Visitors rush to the Great Barrier Reef to catch it before it’s gone.

A survey published this week in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism found 69% of tourists had been driven by a sense of urgency to see Australia’s coral icon while there was still time.

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Italian Ways: Lake Garda in tourist posters.


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