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Atlas Obscura: The Eagle’s Nest.

Didn’t realize that it hadn’t been bombed to rubble. I think preserving it in some form is important, otherwise the past becomes unreal.

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Register.UK: Submarine cable cut lops Terabits off Australia’s data bridge.

Oh man. That sucks.

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Mashable: Decrepit ocean liner bigger than the Titanic could be reborn as a luxury cruise ship.

Forgot to link this the other day. The SS United States may be reborn after all. And not as a stationary hotel/conference center.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient shipwreck unlocks secrets of Maritime Silk Road.

Great. You can click the pix to make ‘em larger.

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Guardian.UK: Flamenco superstar Sara Baras - ‘If you don’t feel it, you can’t do it’.

Older flamenco dancers can perform with a strength that you will not find in other dance genres. But the most important thing in flamenco is passion. It is not about technique, but about emotion – if you don’t feel it, you can’t do it.

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Italian Ways: A theater of symbols in Valva’s Villa d’Ayala.

I really need to integrate some classical statuary into my landscape. Not sure how they’ll work with cactus and stucco ...

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ArtDaily: World’s oldest tea found in Chinese emperor’s tomb.

These data indicate that tea was part of trade of luxury products, alongside textiles, that moved along the Silk Road around 2,000 years ago and were traded up into Tibet.

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NPR: Does Egypt’s Law Protect ‘Short-Term Brides’ Or Formalize Trafficking?

Horrific. My heart screams in outrage.

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Israel21c: Israel’s 10 best gas-station eateries.

Here we Americans think Israel is too small, too urban to have such features. Love this bit of local color.

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Atlas Obscura: Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster Traffic Signs.

Nudelmesse!” That’s what I’m calling it from now on. Love it.

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ImgUr: Monument to Choctaw assistance during the Irish Potato Famine.

Footnote in history; bespeaks so much.

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MarketWatch: What you need to know about the Bank of Japan and negative interest rates.

Central banks use their deposit to influence how banks handle their reserves. In the case of negative rates, central banks want to dissuade lenders from parking cash with them. The hope is that they will use that money to lend to individuals and businesses, which in turn will spend the money and boost the economy and contribute to inflation.” Surprisingly, Wall Street seemed to respond positively to this move. Then again, maybe it’s just “better them, than us.”

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Cayman News Service: Billionaire boater destroys reef.

Why we can’t have nice things in Nature anymore.

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Wikipedia: General Motors streetcar conspiracy.

Random interesting subject of the day. Someone posted a leading infographic on FB, so I took a peek.

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Italian Ways: The ghosts of the Fumone Castle.

Every castle must have a ghost, but Fumone has two – and famous ones, belonging to two popes.” One was allegedly killed by having a nail driven in his skull, on orders from the newer pope. Nice guys.

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Return of the Cafe Racers: Ducati Diavel DraXter.

Hell, I’m too old to pull this off, but I can sure appreciate the techno-aesthetic.

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NY Times: The Wreck of Amtrak 188.

The image, 2/3 of the way down the page, of the wet grey/browns of the NE Corridor is exactly why I had to make a break for the West. I’d done that commute for 13 years. It was enough. Oh, and the article’s good too.

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Colossal: Istanbul Inception - Warped Turkish Cityscapes.

Made me check my tea for alcohol content. Yeow.

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Gentlemen’s Journal: Amazing images of the last Defenders on the production line.

A stalwart, never to be forgotten. Via Jake Sutton on FB.

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Youtube: Rhapsodie in Blech - 1970 Nurburgring Nordschleife Adenauer Forst - Part 1.

1970’s film of amateur racing at the Nürburgring. Four parts (see the description for the other links). Painful and long to sit through all of it at once (take it in small bites). I’m fascinated to see the robustness of the VW Bug; repeated rollovers, it doesn’t collapse. Given the propensity of the rear to swap ends, I’m surprised noone came up with the simple fix ... a sandbag under the hood. To win, sometimes you have to give up top speed for stability.

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Italian Ways: Futurism by bike.

Another great selection of art.

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Pilot.UK: Flight Test - Antonov An-2.

Fu-un: “Much of this time is taken up walking the four-bladed prop backwards to clear oil from the bottom cylinders of the nine-pot WSK Kalisz ASz-62 engine, a licence-built copy of a Wright Cyclone tweaked to 1,000hp. I joined in this process after a briefing that basically said you don’t let go of your paddle until the next guy has taken the strain because the prop may spring back and cleave open his skull.

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Economist.UK: After Jakarta.

If you weren’t aware, there are significantly more Muslims in South-East Asia than in the Middle East. Economic conditions may make young men a particularly easy radicalization vector.

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Register.UK: IRA’s former political wing takes aim at Apple over back tax.

Sinn Féin, long regarded as the political wing of the now inactive (Provisional) Irish Republican Army, is running on an anti-austerity platform, and is thought to have a fair chance of ending up in government as part of a coalition. And it’s already started flexing its muscles over some of the sweetheart tax agreements allegedly struck by previous governments with big US tech companies.” Oh my.

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Economist.UK: Mosqued objectives.

A mega-mosque is growing on George W. Bush Street in Tirana, the Albanian capital ...” Not The Onion.

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