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Telegraph.UK: Female codebreakers reunited at Bletchley Park.

What more can I do, than get a tear in my eye and clap for these ladies? We owe them almost as much as we owe Churchill.

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ArtDaily: Skeleton from Greek mystery tomb to be identified next month.

The result of macroscopic study of the bone tissue (identifying) sex, age and height will be announced in January.

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Archaeology News Network: Taxes and costs, 70 Italian castles on sale.

I need to win a lottery.

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USA Today: Dramatic video shows turbulence rock AA flight over Pacific.

Commercial airliners are, if my memory is correct, able to handle -1.5 to +3 g’s.  Unspoken as yet, turbulence seems to be on the rise. Global warming, one assumes.  We certainly see more lenticular clouds over the mountain ranges here, than in past years. Lenticular clouds have (as opposed to the above article) broken even military aircraft to pieces.

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Italian Ways: Delio Tessa and Milan’s trams.

Santa Fe needs trams. But wireless ones. Wires would ruin the aesthetics of adobe. And they’d have to look vintage. Modern space-age looking trams would just be wrong.

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Ancient Origins: Intriguing discoveries from million-mummy necropolis in Egypt revealed.

OK, wow.

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ArtDaily: Native American sacred masks sold by the Eve auction house in France despite protests.

While the sale of sacred Indian artefacts has been outlawed in the United States since 1990—legislation which has allowed the tribe to recover items held by American museums in the past—the law does not extend to sales overseas.

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ArtInfo: Man Sentenced to 5 Years in Prison for Punching a Monet.

Meanwhile, Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, having only put holes in people and families, are free to do as they please.” Oh, ouch.

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Guardian.UK: A tale of two cités: can the Philharmonie de Paris bridge the social divide?

The Philharmonie’s banks of seating are nested inside the much larger shell of the hall, floating free of its walls, making for an intimate experience in a large space: ‘no audience member will be more than 32 metres away from the performers,’ says chief executive Laurent Bayle, ‘but the room is large enough to be very resonant.’” Looks quite interesting. Proof is in the sound, of course.

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Italian Ways: Pinocchio and uncle Attilio’s murals.

These are great!

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Atlas Obscura: Quietly Growing Among Us, These Trees Flew to the Moon and Back.

There’s a bit of trivia that’s new.

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BBC: Why is diesel now bad news?

First, there have been problems with the particle traps - some drivers have removed them because they sometimes don’t work properly unless the car is driven hot. Second, the diesels are still producing nitrogen dioxide (NO2), which irritates the lungs of people with breathing problems. Diesels make several times more NO2 than petrol cars.” ‘Clean Diesel’ is apparently a misnomer.

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NY Times: Why I’m Giving Up My Passport.

Of interest.

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Classic Driver: Treasure trove of 60 barn-finds includes ‘lost’ Ferrari 250 GT SWB.

Oh. My. Freaking. God. Magazines! Rotting magazines. Unbelievable.

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Italian Ways: The Italian Air Force Museum in Vigna di Valle: four hangars of adventures.

One of these champions was Francesco Baracca, credited with thirty-four air war combat successes: ‘I aim for the aircraft, not the man’, the Ravenna-born hero used to say. Ironically, he was shot in the temple and died on June 19, 1918, while flying over the Austro-Hungarian trenches near the Montello, a hill in the province of Treviso. Baracca’s emblem was a black prancing horse, which his mother bestowed to Enzo Ferrari in 1923 as a good luck charm.”  Never knew that! And ... never heard of this museum before. I owned a model of one of those floatplanes.  Haven’t seen it since - and I’ve looked.  Just great.

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Guardian.UK: Lorca mystery may soon be solved but much of Spain’s past remains buried.

The guitar
begins its weeping.
It is useless
to hush it.
to hush it.

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PS Mag: America’s Railroads Are Ill-Equipped to Act as Oil Pipelines.

Using rail networks has saved the oil and gas industry the time and capital it takes to build new pipelines, but the trade-off is greater risk: Researchers estimates that trains are three and a half times as likely as pipelines to suffer safety lapses.” My italic emphasis, while ignoring the grammar.

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History: The Truth About Poland’s “Vampire” Burials.

Extra points for the use of apotropaic.

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ArtDaily: Hagia Sophia - object of admiration and contention.

... under the rule of the Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP), co-founded by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan which came to power in 2002, there have been noises about reconverting the Hagia Sophia into a mosque.” Ask Constantine first.

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Design You Trust: Rabbit Showjumping at an Animal Fair in Stuttgart.

This is great. I think I need to visit. Flying Hasenpfeffer!

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Guardian.UK: Shakespeare First Folio found in French library.

One of the most interesting things about the book is that the Henry IV play has clearly been performed because there are notes and directions on the pages that we believe date from around the time the book was produced.” Now that’s cool.

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Italian Ways: Genius unnoticed – the Mitterhofer Typewriter Museum in Parcines.


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Guardian.UK: Taxpayers to fund hundreds of fracking boreholes across the country.

One of the most bone-headed concepts I’ve ever heard. Every single one of those boreholes will have to be capped with concrete, and then monitored in perpetuity. Paid for by taxpayers, of course. “Manage the subsurface safely.”  What a crock.

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BBC: Pilgrims flock to Goa to see Saint Francis Xavier remains.

All well and good, but dig deeper and read about this Saint’s life and travels.

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Expedition Portal: Inuvik or Bust - To the End of the Earth in a BMW M Coupe.

Some challenged spelling in spots, but a fun read nonetheless.

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