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Slate: Satellite images show ISIS, other groups destroying archaeological sites.

War vs. history. And you can’t blame Daesh alone.

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KOB: Amtrak says Southwest Chief’s New Mexico routes to remain.

The announcement ends more than two years of fear and uncertainty in Northern New Mexico’s smaller communities about whether Amtrak would alter the route.” But for how long, unless we infuse some money into infrastructure repairs ... ?

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Guardian.UK: World’s largest aircraft looking for investors to give it liftoff.

“People say, God, the Hindenburg [the German hydrogen-filled airship that crashed in flames in 1937]. But on this, you are flying the world’s biggest fire extinguisher.

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NY Times: Islamic State Destruction Renews Debate Over Repatriation of Antiquities.

I used to be pro-repatriation. I suppose Zahi Hawass made such a strong case for Egyptian artifacts to be best appreciated in their country of origin, I was convinced. The Bamiyan Buddhas, Arab Spring, etc. have convinced me otherwise now. Spread cultural treasures widely throughout the world - with liberal travel/touring displays. Humanity’s art and history belong to no individual nation, region or political system.

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Past Horizons: Rare medieval devotional panel found by River Thames goes on show.

Some interesting backstory here. Go Google a bit on Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. Links to all sorts of trivia.

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The Atlantic: Pilots on the Germanwings Murder/Suicide.

And when people start looking for whom to blame, the answer is simple: Joe-six-pack who wanted a $99 flight from New York to L.A, or Pierre Baguette who wanted a 65 Euro Paris-Casablanca…and the cynical bean counters who make this possible” Pilots used to be paid well, have peerless training and plenty of *useful* hours in type. Not so today. Huge issue.

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BBC: Italian court acquits Knox and Sollecito of Kercher murder.

Circumstantial evidence cases are notoriously difficult. From my reading, the Knox guilt was threadbare.

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Guardian.UK: High time Lance Armstrong realised that only humility earns redemption.

He must accept his scarlet letter at some point, and act accordingly. Showing up in France just prior to the TdF, will do nothing to help his reputation. Notoriety, yes. Reputation, no. Notoriety will not boost rehabilitation.

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NY Times: Richard III Gets a Kingly Burial, on Second Try.

Royal funeral, bargain-basement style. Perhaps it is time to pull the bones of the ‘two princes’ out of the wall of Westminster, and see if they’re actually DNA matches. ‘Tis the season.  And the poem’s not bad.

Later: The Tomb, finished.

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NY Times: Germanwings Co-Pilot, Andreas Lubitz, Deliberately Crashed Plane, Prosecutor Says.

I join with the rest of the world, in being horrified.

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Guardian.UK: Richard III DNA tests uncover evidence of further royal scandal.

... before we raise questions about the legitimacy of the Yorkist kings and the Lancastrian kings, there are questions higher up the line, raising doubts about nearly all of the Plantagenets.Sewing the seeds of familial discord in the Plantagenets. You may quote me.

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Mashable: German flight’s 8-minute descent is key mystery in crash.

The Airbus 320 has not recorded the slightest accident since it has been used by Lufthansa group.” Yet the 320’s been cited for being prone to ‘glass cockpit blackout.’  Power outage with no navigation and no communication capabilities. On a cursory glance, it would certainly fit the overall profile.

Later: Photos have been released of the crash site. As with any mountain crash, the slopes and terrain shred airplanes to tinfoil. There are no survivors. My deep condolences to the families.

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Collectors Weekly: Sex and Suffering: The Tragic Life of the Courtesan in Japan’s Floating Wor

Surprising, how much of this I already knew just from reading James Clavell’s Shogun.

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Italian Ways: The mixed beauty of Villa della Pergola’s Gardens, in Alassio.

A vision for your Monday morning.

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People’s Daily Online.CN: The most complete ancient crossbow unearthed with terracotta army.

The best crossbows’ shooting range could double that of an AK47, reaching almost 800m ...

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Youtube: The new Air France safety demo video.

A smidge cloying, wouldn’t you say? Though I’m sure it serves to distract from long taxi journeys to the runway.

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Fashion Gone Rogue: France to Ban Super-Skinny Models.

Girls would present a medical certificate showing a BMI of at least 18 (that translates roughly to a weight of 121 lbs and height of nearly 5’9”) before being able to be hired for a job ...” Wait for it, someone will stand up for ‘thin-shaming.’

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Italian Ways: Castel del Monte, Abruzzo: Dark Ages and silver screen.

I’d need a high resolution camera and an entire year to capture all the lighting combinations.

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Atlas Obscura: Airstream Ranch.

On the one hand, this is so cool ... on other other, why WASTE them? I want one! To USE.

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Modern Mechanix: Unique Bus of Future to Duplicate Speed of Railroads.

‘Cruise ship of the prairies’.  I like it.

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Xinhuanet.CH: Weird train lands on Beijing’s 798 Art Zone.

Working very hard to see this as ‘art’. Perhaps I need some backstory, but you know about ‘the joke that has to be explained’ ...

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KOB: What exit? New Jersey question getting a bit trickier.

8A better be staying 8A. Otherwise, I’ll get terribly lost next time I’m in Jersey.

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The Tico Times/BREAKING: New explosions at Turrialba Volcano.

Costa Rica. Nice animated GIF.

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Italian Ways: Roman culture and the Lancia Astura Aerodinamica 233C.

Ah, lovely. Art Deco alert.

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MessyNessyChic: And now, a Catalogue of Crazy Customized Coffins.

Good choice, leading with the Airstream. But check out the crab, further down. Gravediggers probably *hate* these things.

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