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MessyNessyChic: A Forbidden No Man’s Land Poisoned by War.

Before the President or Congress marches off to war again they should view — and contemplate — this.

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Guardian.UK: King Henry I, like Richard III, could be buried in a car park, say archaeologists.

Who knew ‘car park monarch’ would be a thing?

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Italian Ways: The Osca 750S, beauty times eighteen.


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Alaska Dispatch News: Alaska’s first full mammoth skeleton may be lurking under Arctic lake.

Great pic.

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The New Yorker: In Defense of Amtrak.

A profit-maximizing, reëngineered train could squeeze five or perhaps six seats into the same space, making basic economy miserable enough that more people might pay to escape it.”  What the hell. I sentence this author to a couple of years of commuting on the NE Corridor, before he can write about Amtrak again.

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Hyperallergic: Woman Found Guilty of Criminal Harassment for Instagramming Street Art.

Shouldn’t they go after the street artist instead?

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SciAm: Highly Contagious, Antibiotic-Resistant Food Poisoning Establishes U.S. Presence.

Because of the increasing threat of multidrug-resistant shigella, the CDC and other health agencies recommend doctors only prescribe antibiotics for severe cases. Shigellosis can actually clear up on its own with proper hydration and rest.

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CAR: Stirling Moss drives the Mille Miglia: 360-degree video.

Drag the video around. Kind of cool. Two viewpoints, left-front and right-rear.

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Quartz: Most children are happy no matter what, but materialism catches up eventually.

There is also a noteworthy difference in the nature of of kids’ carefree attitudes in rich and poor countries. Despite being generally happy, children in developed countries were relatively less satisfied with their body, appearance, and self-confidence.

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ArtDaily: John Paul II’s blood-stained cassock on display 34 years after shooting.

Hit four times with a 9mm, you’ll be surprised at the lack of blood. Two in the intestines. Lucky man to have survived.

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My thoughts are with the victims of the Amtrak accident.

As most of you know, I took the train from Princeton to NYC for thirteen years. A NJ Transit pass would give you access to the express Amtraks, so I know these trains well. The tracks in many locations are in a dreadful state of repair. Mashable has a shot ... look at the rails. The express tracks are concrete, and the early ones would shatter between the rail connection and the concrete tie when the trains set up high frequency vibration beyond a certain MPH. The wooden tracks ... well, you can walk along the NE Corridor and pull spikes out with your bare hands. The engineer may have gone too fast for the condition of the tracks - but why are the tracks in such condition, when they are so heavily used? One gets the idea there’s no safety margin. There could be a mechanical failure in the train itself, too. Either way, ignoring infrastructure kills people.

Later: Note also, in some shots, how close it came to what seem to be parked tank cars.

Even later: Excess speed is being blamed. I’ll bet the brakes were applied too heavily, in a panic; the crushed first car is a good indicator. If the engineer had been more gradual, the train probably would have made it in spite of the speed.

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Dazed: Five ominous quotes from Tories who are now in government.

You have my sympathy, UK. We’ll be facing our own situation in ‘16. Let’s hope we learn from yours.

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King’s College London: Short-sightedness becoming more common across Europe.

Reminds me to step outside and focus on distance occasionally during the day ...

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Mashable: Vintage WWII-era planes fly over D.C. to celebrate V-E Day.

Would’ve loved to be there to snap some pix. Though it would mean a whole lot more to see them fly over London.

Later: Dang. I want a photo of the Helldiver.

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MessyNessyChic: The Lost French Castle that’s taking 25 Years to Re-Build.

This is the recreation of a lost 13th century castle which began construction in 1997 using only the techniques and materials used in the Middle Ages.

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ArtGallery: Team of American explorers say pirate Captain Kidd’s treasure found off Madagascar.

Pirate’s booty ... pirated?

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DiscoverMag: Freightliner Unveils World’s First Self-Driving Semi Truck.

I wonder how well it’ll handle our gusty winds. S was behind one the other week, who went up on two wheels (well, one-side ... more than two wheels), fishtailed across two lanes + breakdown lane, and took out a couple of signs when hit with a 60mph’er.

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Italian Ways: The Piaggio Vespa 400, a four-wheel starlet.

Love to have one for short jaunts.

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BBC: Nepal earthquake, ‘Worst-affected’ village of Langtang.

Wiped out by landslide and avalanche. The video is harrowing.

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High Camp Teardrop Trailers.

I’m a sucker for stainless, in this case.

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BBC: Caravan, A Great British Love Story.

There is a unique union of canopy, awning and torrential rain that one can only experience in caravan and camping parks.” If you lived in a row house somewhere in the UK, this would seem more indulgent than we in America would believe.

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Guardian.UK: If it flew 100 years ago, it will fly again - the 1916 warplane built from drawings.

If they need a test pilot, they can find a couple at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Anyone who can fly one of their original Bleriots, could handle the 1 1/2 Strutter. A Bleriot is a friggin’ nightmare to fly.

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Kitfox Aircraft.

Always wanted to own a Cub. Fly with the doors open. Next best thing. And they have a radial now!

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NY Times: F.A.A. Orders Fix for Possible Power Loss in Boeing 787.

Boeing said the problem had occurred only in lab simulation and no airplane had experienced it. Boeing said that powering the airplane down would eliminate the risk that all power generators would shut down at the same time.” Well now, that could be disconcerting. But never shut down for eight months? Sheesh. I’d hope the system would get a break now and again.

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ArtDaily: National Air and Space Museum lowers Bell X-1 to floor level.

This is a rare opportunity for visitors to see the Bell X-1 up close and side by side with two other milestone artifacts.” Yeah, this, The Spirit of St. Louis and SpaceShipOne. The last interests me nowhere near as much as the previous two. I need to get back East soon ...

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