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AVweb: Two Airplanes Successfully Ditch In Pacific.

Ballistic parachute for the win.

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Peas from Austria. Why?

I just noticed on my package of frozen peas from Trader Joe’s, that they are grown in Austria. Why, I wonder? Did California drop off the map? The breadbasket Midwest get consumed in a tornado? Florida, sink? How can this be economical? Like their Dutch tomatoes and other products, I just don’t get where TJ’s transportation costs are hidden. And I won’t even start on the carbon footprint.

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Guardian.UK: ‘Fifty miles out we could smell the pollution’ - sailing amid the ocean lit

It’s my biggest fear. [snip] There’s nothing you can do except keep your eyes open during the day and keep the watertight doors closed in the bow at night in case the worst happens.

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Paris Review: The Literature of the Fear of Flying.

Sean Bean (Game of Thrones’s Ned Stark) drives to all of his European film locations. He was finally forced onto a plane to shoot The Lord of the Rings in New Zealand, though he refused the helicopter ride to top of the mountain where they were filming, forcing the rest of the cast to wait while he walked up.” My italic emphasis. Might as well enjoy the scenery while you’re there.

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Italian Ways: Riccardo Manzi’s art and irony for Pirelli.

I always adored these ads, but never knew who the artist was.  Now I do.  Great!

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Youtube: Danny Macaskill - The Ridge.

No way!

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Archaeology News Network: New theories on Amphipolis Tomb occupants.

Tough calls.

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Paris Review: Remembering the Concorde.

I still recall the first time I saw a Concorde while travelling.  It was pulled up to the gate next to my mid-size passenger jet, and its tiny aspect totally threw my childhood fantasies out the window. I expected giant-pterodactyl-rocket-ship; instead, a veritable knitting needle with wings. A B-52 isn’t all that impressive, either, in real life. Oh, the wingspan’s huge, but the fuselage is more like a long cigar. Much shorter than a commercial airliner.

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ArtDaily: British Library launches online collection of over 280 Holocaust survivors’ testimonies.

We are delighted that, through our partnership with the British Library, these important survivor testimonies are now going to be widely available to all”.

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The Rumpus: What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding.

The real gems in this book are the moments of irreverence and Newman’s willingness to say things that most people would not. I wish she would let loose a little bit more and do this more often.

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Archaeology News Network: Five skeletons buried at Amphipolis tomb.

Five for the price of one. Now the hard part starts, I assume ... finding any overlooked written documentation that mentions the tomb.

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LRB: Diary/Bad Captains.

Ferry and cruise captains, and their cowardices. And the boorish, selfish behavior of terrified passengers.

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ArtDaily: Brandywine River Museum presents a major retrospective of Jamie Wyeth’s work

Brandywine, the area, is worth a visit anytime. This just is icing on the cake.

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ArtDaily: National Air and Space Museum lowers ‘Spirit of St. Louis’ to ground level.

I’d give a lot to have an eye-level peek at the cockpit.

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SF New Mexican: After 6 decades, Garrett losing historic inn.

The lowest-cost inn with best access to downtown, will be no more. End of an era. This place will be *missed*. Terribly missed. Not posh, but a short walking distance to everything you wanted to see.

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The Luminous Landscape: Gimbal/Monopod use with long lenses.

Of interest. You know I was unimpressed with the sharpness of the Tamron 150-600. Sigma has a new lens at the exact same mm’s, and I look forward to a rental.

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500px: Shot of winter in Bavaria.

Wow. Stunningly beautiful.

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BBC News: AirAsia plane ‘fuselage located’.

Doesn’t look to be in good shape. I think authorities are being optimistic. Split below the window line. Hard hit. I wonder what the black boxes will tell us.

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Mother Nature Network: 7 cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S.

I love this link. Declared link o’ the day. I can relax now.

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Rush jobs, and an ear-lowering.

I should be linking by early afternoon. In the meantime, if you have any sewers in your family (as in SEW-ers), go help the koalas ... please.

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Italian Ways: Poor people’s gratitude, in Colognora’s Chestnut Museum.

Notice, people offer the only color here.

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Italian Ways: Turin’s Medieval Village and Castle - solid dream.

This might be a great movie set.

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The Economist: Blasphemy - Dangerous words.

The belief that casual, satirical or profane mention of the divine is a grievous sin belongs to prehistory. It has roots in all three Abrahamic religions. But to live in 2015 requires bringing ancient beliefs into consonance with modern values.

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SciAm: AirAsia Jet Tail Found Underwater, Black Box May Be Close.

But how deep? If divers confirmed, such a depth makes things a little easier. If it were below diver access, it would take months to find the black boxes.

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Youtube: Arosa Classic Car 2012 - Mercedes Benz 300SL Flügeltür-Coupé.


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