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Medium: Let’s fly.

Authorities recommend arriving two hours before international flights. I say four. Get there four hours before your flight.”  We learned this when travelling for work in the 80’s. That way, little bits of graft to skycaps would get your heavy equipment on board without huge overage fees.  I doubt that’s the case now. But still - arriving early gets special attention, always. Another tip - I purchased an Amex Platinum card, which gives special travel concierge service. One phone call, I could have a personal assistant reroute my interaries in minutes, get me access to all the airline lounges.  Don’t know if that’s still the case, but if you travel a great deal, the $400 bucks a year was more than worth it. So many times it make the difference between sleeping on a sofa in a strange airport and sleeping in my own bed. I remain a faithful Amex user, though no longer a platinum card holder, because of those experiences. [And this is an unpaid plug, in case you were wondering.] Via Kottke’s sharp eyes.

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Guardian.UK: New stem cell operation could revolutionise treatment of knee injuries.

The procedure, which is being trialled at Southampton general hospital, involves coating damaged cartilage with stem cells, taken from a patient’s own hip, and surgical glue.”  Obviously, there is a ‘knee’d’ for this ...

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Past Horizons: Well preserved Roman remains at Binchester.

The trooper described his rank as ‘architectus’ and this is the only example from the whole of the Roman Empire, outside of Rome itself, which shows that architects were on the staff of auxiliary cavalry units and not just the legions of the Emperor’s personal protection unit, the Praetorian Guard.”  Click through and check out the gorgeous ring.

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SciAm: Traps Set after Giant Snake Reported in New Jersey Lake.

.Initial reports of the creature surfaced more than a week ago when a resident of the lake popular with motor boat enthusiasts and jet skiers said he saw the snake under a dock at his boathouse.

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Archaeology News Network: Ancient temple to be buried under apartment block.


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Italian Ways: Polaroid manipulations.

They become impressionist paintings.

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Popular Archaeology: Archaeologists Uncover Lost Population of Ancient Amarna.

The many builders who lived short and hard lives.

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The Verge: Japan’s new Cruise Train is a luxury hotel on rails.


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BBC: Airlines divert flights away from eastern Ukraine.

Too late. Tragically so.

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Guardian.UK: Fracking firm ‘underplayed’ heavy lorries needed for Sussex drilling.

Of course they underplayed. All the fracking companies try make the business of fracking sound like a cakewalk. The traffic is significant, the noise is significant … the wear on public roadways is more than significant. You’re talking transporting millions of gallons of water via truck. Water is what, 8.3x pounds a gallon, sans additives? You can see why frackers inject the excess into the ground after fracking is over. They certainly don’t want to have to transport, store, clean or remediate all the liquid they use. Taxpayers will have to handle the freshly lubricated geologic faults.

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Messy Nessy Chic: The Romeo & Juliet Villages of Santa Barbara.

One could wish more American architects took chances like this.

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DeZeen: Foster + Partners adds new galleries to London’s Imperial War Museum.

Looks like a jumble to me. I wonder what the crushed orange piece is on the floor. A 9/11-ish crushed vehicle? I’m hoping that style is not going to start dominating museum displays.

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BBC: French blogger fined over review’s Google search placing.

A French judge has ruled against a blogger because her scathing restaurant review was too prominent in Google search results. The judge ordered that the post’s title be amended and told the blogger Caroline Doudet to pay damages.” Of note to bloggers. One of the hallmarks of (old school) blogging was matter-of-factness. The letter of the law may not appreciate unblemished opinion.  This is France, of course; however, jurisprudence tends to stay aware of cross-border judgments.

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Telegraph.UK: Mysterious giant hole appears in Siberia.

Think twice, if you see an inscription saying “Lasciate ogne speranza, voi ch’intrate.

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Hemmings: Mini Moke fans to celebrate 50th anniversary of the British trucklet.

The Moke could transport four people at up to 74 MPH, if they were sufficiently brave ...

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BBC: Unseen Donald Campbell speed record footage restored.

I agree; better to remember him for his achievements, than for his tragic crash and death.

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WalesOnline: Police operation launched after Welsh relic, thought to be the Holy Grail is stolen.

Call Indiana Jones!

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Italian Ways: The Oratory of the Rosary of Santa Cita, between heaven and earth.

Done in plaster? Yeow. Fragile. Notice it’s all above a human’s reach.  Wise.

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500px ISO: Live Your Dream As A Photojournalist For Adventure.com.


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Youtube: Boeing Preps the 787-9 Dreamliner for Farnborough.

To do the bank from takeoff takes loads of power to avoid a stall. Impressive plane. Doubt they’ll ever try that with a full load on onboard.

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Italian Ways: Saint Patrick’s Well in Orvieto and deliverance.

Now here’s a olace to get creative with photographic lighting ...

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ArtDaily: Leading artist Tobias Rehberger ‘dazzles’ ship to mark First World War centenary.

Er, ah … looks more like graffiti to me.

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Reuters: Raising the Costa Concordia.

Low in the water, but it’s correct-side-up and afloat.

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Brott Barcelona: Stylish Dog Collars from Spain.

I’m no expert on such things, but these look pretty snazzy to me.

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The Urban Explorer: Burlington Bunker, under RAF Corsham, Wiltshire.

Great. Lots of great old equipment … and the fonts on the signs! Slice of history.

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