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Italian Ways: The Ferrari 275 GTC, queen of competitions.

And one of Denise McCluggage’s favorite NART drives.

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Bike EXIF: When the pavement runs out - Vintage Electric’s scrambler.

This could make commuting into Santa Fe on the Rail Trail a real blast.

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BBC Sport: Swimmer banned for 10 months over false robbery claims.

Don’t exaggerate to yo’ mama, and then double down on the exaggeration when asked by the press.

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Slate: NBC’s Olympics ratings were way down.

For some inexplicable reason, I had zero interest this year. I didn’t watch a single event. Don’t know why. Sports are not a big interest of mine, but I would usually show up for some gymnastics or swim meet footage. Perhaps all the negative lead-in about Rio. Maybe. I’ll have to think about it more. Phelps capped an amazing career, but my memory of Mark Spitz’ domination still means more. Maybe it’s my age/era.

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Youtube: Akademia Szermierzy - Fior di Battaglia (medieval longsword techniques).

A bit precious, but as you’ll see, accurate to the historical book.

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ESPN: Brazilian police say video shows Ryan Lochte’s, swimmers’ robbery story untrue.

The official said Lochte’s teammates Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz, who were pulled off a plane going back to the United States late Wednesday, told police that the robbery story had been fabricated.” For shame.

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Atlas Obscura: The Dangerous Origins of the Pentathlon, the Only Sport Created for the Olympics.

Just because it has a military genesis, does not mean it should be dropped. How many objects in our daily lives, how many behaviors, are originally ‘military’? I so wanted to compete at pentathlon when I was a teen. Didn’t have the cash for training.

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Mashable: Olympic runners finish race together after a heartbreaking fall.

Great moment. Face adversity with your head high.

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Guardian.UK: The hounding of Gabby Douglas - unworthy end for a great American champion.

Lesson: Stay away from social media while in competition.

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BBC: Plane crashes into sea at air show.

Decent outcome.

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BBC Sport: Rio Olympics 2016: Work begins on returning diving pool to blue.

Even for a gold, I wouldn’t. Not unless my team had their own test kits.

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NBC Sports: Enzo Lefort loses cell phone mid bout.

I ripost this, sans comment (wink) ...

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Mashable: Michael Phelps uses ‘cupping therapy’ in Rio Olympics, but should you?

Ouch. Those photos.

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ArtDaily: 1966 race car project sells for over £80,000, three times its estimate.

The rear ... ug-ly. But I should probably withhold judgment until restoration.

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Cyclingnews: Armstrong a ‘doper, dealer and liar’ says US federal government.

Nothing quite like a government sponsor scorned. Henry Tudor would have his head by now.

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Autoweek: Denise McCluggage’s 1986 Mille Miglia 1000-mile revival rally coverage.

Oh, Denise. We miss you every day.

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The Economist: Ride ’em, cowboy!

Mr Polhamus paints a romantic portrait of a West ‘that believed a handshake was as good as a contract, when faith was practised openly.’ The announcer is proud that rodeo scorns the all-shall-have-prizes culture: many competitors are thrown off almost at once, or fail to lasso their steer. ‘If they win, they’ve earned it,’ he rumbles.” Less negative, Economist, than I expected. The mythology of the West is still worshipped in many quarters, and that’s not a bad thing.

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FishbowlNY: The Caitlyn Jenner Sports Illustrated Issue Has Arrived.

Less retouching than usual. Like Jennifer Lawrence a couple of months ago, Jenner is flirting with overexposure. Believe me, I’ve had acquaintances going through trans issues ... but if you want to convince the masses that it’s OK or that it’s normal ... this isn’t the way to go about it. Jenner’s affluent. There are many in rural areas who are suffering exponentially more than Jenner ever did, and will never be able to afford the plastic surgery and other aesthetic tweaks associated with her/his transformation. Resembling one’s ‘correct’ gender makes things so much easier.

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Cool Tools: Crane Bicycle Bell.

Class in brass.

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NBC Sports: Investigation shows Alonso’s Australia crash impact peaked at 46G.

And he walked away. Amazing.

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Youtube: Why is Jesus white? - Muhammad Ali.

If you never got to experience him. RIP, Muhammad.

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Reuters: Boxing great Muhammad Ali near death in Arizona hospital: source.

Hopes for a gentle end. I had the experience of seeing Ali and Frazier yelling at each other from different cars in downtown Trenton (near the Farmer’s Market) before their first fight. Ali had the verbal advantage. Both had their ‘hangers-ons’ and other managers about them, to prevent any early dustups.

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BBC: Briton Leslie Binns abandons Everest peak to save fellow climber.

Leslie Binns, 42, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire, turned around to save Sunita Hazra, an Indian woman, who was scaling the summit ahead of him.” Not many do this ... good on you, sir.

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SciAm: New Study Finds That Roof Racks Are a Real Drag on U.S. Fuel Consumption.

I knew this already. Yet my roof rack stays on the car ‘just in case’. I should just go ahead and take the durned thing off. I’ve been chucking my bike in the back of the van, just because of the drag on the roof. In NM’s high winds and weather, a bent frame and tons of bugs are your reward for sitting on the roof. Better the back-of-the-car strap-on dealy.

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Vox: I was really bad at sports in high school. This new study helps me understand why.

Overall, she says the finding is a strike against the popular ‘10,000 hour rule,’ which implies anyone can become master at an activity if they were to just devote the time to it. The research in sports, and in other activities such as music, games, and education, just doesn’t back that hypothesis up.

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