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c|net: Inflatable anti-drowning device sits on your wrist like a mini life raft.

I love it when the simple, obvious solution finally finds a manufacturer.

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From the other week, the Hemmings “Great Race”.  Still have to finish processing ‘em.

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Bicycling: Best Ways to Watch the Tour de France on TV or Online.

FYI. Great for spinning or treadmilling at the gym.

Later: Speak of the Devil, maybe not today. Ouch. A lot of pain, there. Authorities and racers are already edgy about camera-wielding selfie and enthusiast photographers, not to mention selfie sticks and other lethal impediments to racing.

Even later: Good lord.

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Mashable: Motorcycle racer saves himself from a brutal crash, finishes race on his knees.

I think he was still in shock, just trying to keep it together. I doubt he actually realized he crossed the finish line.

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vowe dot net: Fly with Svetlana.

16:30. Keep your lunch down. Badass.

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Hemmings Daily: Six decades on, a look back at the tragedy of the 1955 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Hawthorn’s Jag ... and all the other Jags ... had disc brakes. They were so much better than the drums the other cars relied upon. Macklin was stuck with Austin Healey drum brakes; Hawthorn cannot escape sharing responsibility here. However, you can understand the confluence of factors ... Hawthorn’s precipitate brake maneuvre; Macklin’s overdone swerve; Levegh’s attention rearward. Truly an history-changing moment in racing.

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YT: Bradley Wiggins FULL One Hour Record Attempt [07.06.2015] - 54,526 KM.

Congratulations, Sir Bradley!

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DPReview: TTRobotix introduces TTR-SB Seawolf submarine for GoPro cameras.

Neat. But to be really useful, it needs powerful lights pointed forward.

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SB Nation: Unclimbable.

It is, I tell people, the best natural campsite I have ever visited. It’s also among the most beautiful eyefuls of landscape I’ve ever seen — its rock walls more overpowering than Zion’s, in Utah, its evening light more perfect than Hawaii’s, its peaks more menacing than Denali, and its stillness more complete than the deep rainforests of the Olympic Peninsula.”  Thanks, MeFi.

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Youtube: Sir Stirling Moss and this Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR Remain Unbeaten.


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NY Times: Couple’s Kayak Trip on Hudson Included Missteps and Dangers, Experts Say.

This one is bizarre. Every time a new article on this incident shows up in my feed, I look for new clues.

What gets me is not the accused, and the attempts at using cultural excuses for her post-incident behavior. It’s the ‘experts’ weighing in. Everyone around NM has a whitewater kayak rotting in their backyard, in various states of disrepair. When season comes, they get used - drain plugs or not. They’re simply awful - AWFUL - on open water in wind and current. They have flat bottoms and wind can push you around wherever you want. Yet folks still use ‘em on lakes. I’d like to say even the biggest fool knows to wear a PFD, yet I see folks consistently go out on flat water with none, thinking flat water is ‘safer’ than whitewater. Whitewater kayaks are designed to roll easily - if you enter the water without a PFD, it’s often suicide. Further, it seems these folks had no sprayskirts (preventing water from entering the cockpit), no paddle-leashes, in addition to the other important equipment mentioned in this article. Saying these two were ‘experienced’ kayakers is ridiculous. Two people went out for an ‘adventure’, completely unprepared for the conditions. Whether she left him to drown or not, it wasn’t ‘kayak sabotage’, given the current clues. And there’s not enough circumstantial evidence to convict, if the jury’s honest.

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NY Times: Dean Potter, Extreme Climber, Dies in BASE-Jumping Accident at Yosemite.

Flying in wingsuits, they tried to clear a notch in the granite cliffs but instead smashed into the rocks in quick succession.” Are we seeing a spike of excessive risk-taking, now that folks can record their own exploits so easily?

Later: I assume the notch on the right.

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Bicycling: Jobst Brandt Passes Away.

His most recognizable contribution to cycling is his book, The Bicycle Wheel. The definitive tome was first published in 1981 and it is still in print.” A copy of which sits in my shelves. RIP, good sir.

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“Change is the only constant; hanging on the only sin.” RIP, my good friend.

A quote from the great lady herself. But she never ‘hung on’, really. She drove, with all her consummate skill, right up until the end. My beloved client, famed race car driver Denise McCluggage, passed away last night. Autoweek, Road & Track have remembrances this morning.

I cannot compose anything of worth, because the pain is still too great. I don’t even have the heart to blog at the moment. This weekend, perhaps, I’ll be able to author a longer piece.  As Autoweek did, I’ll leave you with the AE Housman verse she excerpted for her book title:

With rue my heart is laden
For golden friends I had,
For many a rose-lipt maiden
And many a lightfoot lad.
By brooks too broad for leaping
The lightfoot boys are laid;
The rose-lipt girls are sleeping
In fields where roses fade.

I will note that ‘lightfoot lads’ were left in the dust of her driving skills. As she would always say upon parting: “Ciao.” Ciao, Denise. We love you, and will never, ever forget you.

Later: Car & Driver. Automobile Magazine. Hemmings is particularly good. Racer.com quotes Road & Travel, “If there was ever a woman that defined ‘cerebral personality,’ basically someone who genuinely maximizes the potential of their brain and spirit, it’s Denise.” That is a precisely true statement. One of the many reasons we got along so well. She understood free-range brainstorming, and could play Devil’s advocate as well as anyone. We had some great, GREAT discussions over the years.

Even later: Santa Fe New Mexican.

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Youtube: Fenati and Ajo clash in Moto3 warm-up.

Childish and dangerous. The guy in the blue punches the other’s engine kill switch at 0:30. He received a well-deserved penalty.

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ArtDaily: Bonhams to offer Sir Stirling Moss’s 1961 Porsche RS-61 Sports-Racing Car.

We are hugely honoured to have been commissioned to sell Sir Stirling’s cherished Porsche RS61 following his retirement from competitive motor sport. It is particularly appropriate that we should offer the car at the forthcoming Goodwood Festival of Speed – where Sir Stirling is the founder patron and where he achieved so much throughout his unmatchable career.” Watch the checkbooks fly for this baby.

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Kitfox Aircraft.

Always wanted to own a Cub. Fly with the doors open. Next best thing. And they have a radial now!

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Autoweek: World of Speed museum opens Friday!

Looks great, I think. Way too much HDR in these pix. Ruins it, IMHO. I can’t judge the mood of the space.

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Bicycling: French Railway Seeks Action Against Paris-Roubaix Riders.

Normally riders who go through a closed safety crossing are disqualified. But Guy Dobbelaere, president of the jury of race commissioners, defended the action of the riders on Sunday.” I disagree. Watch the video. It’s indefensible on its face, and those riders should be disqualified. Damned stupid. Crossing tracks can be dicey enough on one’s own; if one racer had gone down, a dozen or more would have been tangled on the tracks with no way to save their lives before that train plowed through. I’ll leave the possible carnage to your mind’s eye.

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Guardian.UK: High time Lance Armstrong realised that only humility earns redemption.

He must accept his scarlet letter at some point, and act accordingly. Showing up in France just prior to the TdF, will do nothing to help his reputation. Notoriety, yes. Reputation, no. Notoriety will not boost rehabilitation.

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Autoweek: One-off Mercedes-Benz 300 SLS ‘Porter Special’ crashes into rare Lister-Jaguar.

Oh, that hurts.

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On the uses and abuses of ‘charity’.

Lance Armstrong. Will Ferrell. Compare, contrast. For the TdF, I can see how they wouldn’t want Armstrong and his legacy anywhere near their event, charity or no. Because a given effort benefits a ‘charity’, does that automatically make it ‘right’?

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Deadspin: Asshole Spectator Grabs Cyclist’s Handlebars, Causes Broken Collarbone.

If you ever see this, encourage other spectators to help you grab the idiot and sit on him/her, wait for authorities to come collect the garbage. The racer could easily have been killed.

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The Coolist: 1959 Lister-Chevrolet Celebrates British/American Craftwork.

A beaut. Too bad you can’t take it out on the road.

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Youtube: West Coast surf vs YZF.

Long walk back, presumably.

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