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PS Blog: Why Walter Iooss’ Streak of 50 Super Bowls Could End.

The big grab by Time, again. You’re going to see worse and worse photography. Question is, will anyone actually notice. When I see the gallons of HDR beshat upon so many pictures these days ...

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ArtDaily: Artcurial achieves record price for a car sold at auction; Ferrari sells for 35,711,359.

Told you this one would be spectacular.

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Bicycling: Cycling Sees First Confirmed Case of Mechanical Doping.

Yeah, but how clever. Make it a competition on its own.

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Bicycling: First Look - Michelin Power Tires.

I love Michelins on a bike, but they don’t hold up well to goatheads in the SW. I’ll have to try some of their ‘more armored’ versions mentioned here.

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NBC: Honda IndyCar test at Sebring sees new aero bits revealed.

From the front, looks like a slightly-used Venetian blind.

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Youtube: Rhapsodie in Blech - 1970 Nurburgring Nordschleife Adenauer Forst - Part 1.

1970’s film of amateur racing at the Nürburgring. Four parts (see the description for the other links). Painful and long to sit through all of it at once (take it in small bites). I’m fascinated to see the robustness of the VW Bug; repeated rollovers, it doesn’t collapse. Given the propensity of the rear to swap ends, I’m surprised noone came up with the simple fix ... a sandbag under the hood. To win, sometimes you have to give up top speed for stability.

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Petapixel: Sports Illustrated Lays Off 3 Top Photo Heads.

As we know from freelance book editing, quality’s gonna plunge.

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NBC Sports: Bernie Ecclestone - Female F1 driver wouldn’t be taken seriously.

Oof. The late Denise McCluggage would have his ears burning. When someone says “never”, wait five years. And then look back.

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Motorsports Marketing Resources: Adieu Denise!

An intensely personal piece, written by yours truly.

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MeFi: RIP Meadowlark Lemon, 1932-2015.

Well, we lost another great. Maybe the Jersey Reds will win a game now? So many are calling him the ‘greatest Globetrotter’ - I think he’d agree he’s just the latest in a line of greats. I remember Goose Tatum as being even more hilarious.

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Imgur, 1965 Grand Prix race.

When it was much more entertaining.

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ArtDaily: Bonhams returns to Monaco with ex-Stirling Moss Jaguar C-Type.

Legendary example of a wonderful car.If I had the expendable cash as a collector/enthusiast, a C-type is the first car I’d want to own.

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Bicycling: Free Electric Could be The New Power Source of India.

... but I want one!

SF Gate: Turkey soccer fans boo moment of silence for Paris attacks.

Turkey, the widely-touted face of ‘moderate’ Islam. This behavior’s not doing anyone any favors.

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ArtDaily: RM Sotheby’s to offer the ex-Fangio, ex-works Ferrari 290 MM.

Raced not only by Fangio but also future World Champion Phil Hill, along with numerous other celebrated Ferrari Formula One drivers, the featured Ferrari is undoubtedly one of the greatest, most original, and most valuable cars ever offered at public auction.” The auction price on this one is going to be spectacular.

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NBC Sports: Sir Stirling Moss - Enclosed cockpits in open-wheel racing ‘ridiculous’.

Motor racing is dangerous. And one does it – some of us do it – because it is dangerous. I was one of those. And I think to go and put forward things like that is absolutely ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

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NBC Sports: Hunt and Lauda to race together in NASCAR Euro Series.

Cool. Tip o’ the hat to history.

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Guardian.UK: Serena Williams’ US Open loss does not tarnish an awe-inspiring year.

Should we not celebrate Roberta Vinci’s performance, than craft encomiums for Ms Williams loss? Do we no longer root for underdogs?

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NBC: Road America to host IndyCar test on September 22.

Drats. If Concorso didn’t start three days after, I’d make the effort.

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BBC: Everest Sherpas battle crevasses on Khumbu Icefall route.

The Sherpas say they have finished repairing the route between Base Camp and Camp One, while only a small stretch to Camp Two remains to be done.
‘Now that we have fixed ropes and ladders with all that difficulty, it will not be as difficult for the mountaineers but it will certainly be harder than the usual climb for them.’
” What is Everest, a Disney ride? Zero interest, now that’s become a circus. K2 remains the challenge. You can’t buy your way to the summit, and if you did, you’d likely be buying your own demise.

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Bicycling: Should You Get a 1X Drivetrain on Your Road Bike?

SRAM moves to a single-chainring up front. Opinions within. No mention of chain-growl as it bends to spread across a wide sprocket.

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Autoweek: FIA is OK with safety of Pirelli tires for F1 Italian Grand Prix.

Pirelli also said an unusually high number of cuts were found in other tires used by teams at Spa, so ‘in order to guarantee greater safety, Pirelli proposes with the FIA to undertake a study to optimize the way in which circuits are cleaned.’” Getting to the point where buying your own slot car set (beginner suggestion) will be more fun.

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Autoweek: Mark Webber sides with former F1 teammate Sebastian Vettel in Pirelli spat.

If it’s true that Pirelli set a limit of 40 laps for a set, then they can’t burst after 28 laps. That’s a difference of 12 laps.

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Mashable: RIP, the Goodyear Blimp.

Always made me smile when it passed over Princeton during football seasons. Funny, I’ve never seen a blimp here out West. Ever. Balloons, sure. No blimps. Hmmm.

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ABC7: IndyCar drivers pay tribute to Justin Wilson with drive across Golden Gate Bridge.

Minor discussion of closed cockpits.

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