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Tuts+: Introduction to OwnCloud - Using Applications.

Watching this, because I’m curious about dropping away from pay-for services.

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“Sublime Text plugins for developers.”

The second plugin listed is Sublime Text [a program, not a plugin] itself.

To quote Nick Fury, “This is why I have trust issues.” Every damned time I click on an interesting link ...

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DP Review: 500px launches redesigned iOS app.

The new blue icon’s hard to find on my iPhone. And I liked the previous version better - the pix just plain looked better in small size against black. Not a fan.

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Mozilla Security Blog: Firefox exploit found in the wild.

Update your Firefox. Now. Kudos, Mozilla, for fixing this one so quick! That’s the way to do it.

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A List Apart: The Tedium of Managing Code.

The reality is that even when ES6 support becomes more widespread, there are going to be multiple, co-existing module syntaxes and package managers and unmanaged third-party code. The complexity is a sign that JavaScript has really come of age as the programming language of the web, but mastering this stuff takes some effort.” Would that template frameworks had one-button updaters ...

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The Creative Cloud menu bar app continues to be a pain ...

It will load on bootup, but no graphics will display. So I fire up “Activity Monitor”, quit it, and restart to get a functioning version up and running.

Of course, things are worse elsewhere. I’ve got Google Chrome running with a single tab open, and it has so many “Chrome Helpers” open you’d imagine it’s actually phalanx of geriatrics needing wheelchairs, walkers, colostomy bags, adult diapers, etc. etc. What’s the browser of choice these days?

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AppleInsider: Apple to patch actively exploited privilege escalation bug in OS X 10.10.5.

Just wait a day or three ... and manufacturers respond. Not like the old days. I didn’t even need to blog this, yesterday.

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Adobe: Lightroom CC 2015.1.1 is now available.

There’ve been some annoying bugs ... this repairs some of them, so be sure to update.

Later: Note, it has *not* shown up in my CC widget yet. Waiting. Impatiently.

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FmPro Migrator.

FmPro Migrator is a stand-alone application which quickly and accurately migrates FileMaker Pro databases to MySQL, Oracle, Access, SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, OpenBase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, SQLite and Valentina. FileMaker Pro database structure and data are migrated to a database table in the destination database.” I just had an Access mess end up under my nose. Marking this for future reference - just in case.

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Giving Postbox another go (Mac app).

I’ve been expanding into other email addresses, and Gmail is just too damned slow for modern email work, no matter how good their spam filtering is. Outlook.com is better these days (speed-wise). I purchased a Fastmail account back a while ago - very quick - I may restrict it to business-only work. I’ll let y’all know how I get on with Postbox. It’s a nice catch-all, that can save stuff to Evernote with a click.

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Macworld: Capture One Pro 8.3 review.

Having Macworld review Capture One is like having Consumer Reports review an F1 race. You wonder why. “Aperture replacement” my eye. Those who shoot tethered in studios love Capture One. The editing features are complex and much more subtle than the Adobe offerings. The workflow is decidedly different, so you kind of have to go all-in if you’re going to use it. New is the subscription feature, which means I could grab it for three months ($75) for specific shoots.

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Luminous Landscape: Making People and Other Things Go Away.

If you’ve not heard or used the technique before. Pretty nifty, but does require exacting technique up-front. Don’t bump that tripod too hard. Mirror lockup adds a bit of crispness, too.

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SE Roundtable: The Next Google Panda Refresh May Not Pick Up On Your Site Changes Today.

... if your site was hit by the last Panda update and today you decide to refresh all your content by having experts write the most authoritative and useful content pieces, it still may be too late. Google may have already ran all the data for the Panda refresh but they have not yet pushed the release.” Offered if you’re the sort who worries about such things ...

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Snapz Pro X wasn’t working on Yosemite.

It would sort of work once, never generate an image, and disappear.  A fix, that seems to work.

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I believe I’ve successfully upgraded to Yosemite.

It’s been a comedy of errors.  Some things learned this time around:

1: Using SuperDuper to ‘smart update’ my backup, it croaked after about eight hours (USB drive) because the disk ran out of space. If you have a backup that’s the exact size of your primary, DO NOT count on smart update. It needs more space to do its thinking. Do a full erase-and-backup sequence. Also ... USB 3 on older iMacs is dog slow. 13 hours to back up 700 GB.  There went my Saturday.

2: The Yosemite upgrade apparently has problems with certain models of iMac. One never notices these things until in the middle of the melee.  Apparently mine was one.  Halfway through the boot process after upgrade, it stuck on 50%.  I could hear the disk grinding away ... and left it for about four hours, until the disk stopped.  I followed some onscreen instructions that said to power off, power on into Recovery mode, turn off WiFi, shut down, and power on again.  This broke through that problem.

3: Then, Yosemite reached my desktop - I could start programs and such, but the screen was jammed on “Setting up your Mac”. Run to the internet forums again, and the cure was to reset the SMC. There are different methods for doing this for iMac vs. Macbook, so check the current wisdom if you need to do this. I powered down, unplugged, pressed the power button (some say to do this, some say just powering off for that amount of time is enough) for fifteen seconds, plugged back in, powered back up, and all seems fine now.

#‘s 2 and 3 ate up my Sunday.  Can I have a refund on my weekend now?

So far, Yosemite seems a little pokey. I assume (hope) the system is still running some optimizations in the background.  Mavericks was faster than the previous system right out of the box, but Yosemite, not so much.  I’ve turned off various transparencies and removed Notification Center widgets and things - better. I also notice - like Mavericks - the system keeps getting smaller in GB every update.  That’s good.

Today I’m making sure all my apps are working, all up to date.  I had to update about fifteen items in the App Store, now I venture outside that little courtyard into my other programs.  Kicked Office 365 to the 2016 version (requires Yosemite). If I notice any other glitches, I’ll add them to the comments here.

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Well, someone’s been naughty.

I’ve signed up for a couple of ‘early access’ alpha/beta programs for upcoming software.  Someone’s been nasty and sold my email address to some sort of spam service.  Dozens of spam emails (which Gmail removes, but still ...) every time I check my email.  I had reduced it to one or two, previously.

I suppose I’ll finally have to make that extra email address for such signups from now on.  I’ve avoided the snarl of multiple emails out of a wish to simplify, simplify, simplify ...

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darktable: Photo Workflow Software.

A reader mentioned this as a free Lightroom alternative. YMMV.

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DP Review: Photoshop alternative Affinity Photo now available in Mac App Store.

Ding, ding, ding. Danger for Adobe. Most people I know, use PS about a quarter of an inch deep. Someone makes that quarter-inch look really nice, and really simple to use ... (and really low-cost) ... they’ve got a volume market.

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Re/code: Capital One Continues Mobile Buying Spree With Monsoon Purchase.

Of note.

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Adobe CC Desktop app update ... failed.

Just thought I’d mention it.  I had to reinstall over top of the previous install, which got buggered in the update process. Longtime readers know I have a love/hate relationship with this little app.  In the past, it would take two or three updates to get a clean working version. It’s been good for the past six months or so; I’m hoping today isn’t the start of a new trend.

If you need it, you can log in and download it here.

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Fileloupe for Mac.

Pricey, at $29. Preview and Finder have been getting up my nose for slowness lately, however, so I might spring for it.  If I do, I’ll let you know what I think.

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CreativeApps: Last Clock for iPad “keeps you in factual time, human time and remote time”.

Cool and clever.

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UX Mag: Why Web Design is Dead.

Of note.

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GitHub: brunch/brunch-guide.

Of interest.  New to me.

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DWB: git - Delete All Branches but Master.

Like having the keys to Armageddon ...

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