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It’s time, once again. Anyone had problems with the Yosemite upgrade?

Not so much interested in the upgrade *process*, but have you seen any app incompatibilities?  Particularly concerned about Adobe Creative Cloud, Coda 2, other programming bits and bobs. If you’ve run into any issues, I’d appreciate a comment. THANKS.

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Developer Drive: Introducing Page Parts for WordPress.

Of interest. Sort of like “Pages” in EE, but sounds more flexible.

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Vox: Here’s how incredible computer word processing seemed in 1982.

And the comically underpowered computers people bought in 1982 were expensive.” Underpowered but not incapable. The dedicated word processors could churn out formatted text faster than today’s overaccessorized word processing software because they had *dedicated keyboards*. Indent? Press a clearly labelled button. Columns? Press a clearly-labelled button. It was the PC and WordStar that started us on the standard keyboard three- and four-finger keyboard commands (that so few people actually learn to use beyond the basics). Those of us using dedicated machines used to make terrible fun of the bargain-basement PC folks (PCs were cheaper than dedicated systems by a long chalk, and WordStar was trying to offer the same capabilities as the highest end dedicated setups. Trivia: Doing columns easily was a big deal back then, a litmus test of sorts.).

Granted, the output was limited by daisywheel printers. But you could switch fonts by snapping in and out different daisywheels. You know, working around a daisywheel could be why my left ear seems to not be as sensitive as my right anymore (that, and driving with the window open). And sheetfeed tractor-feed paper!  Ah, the memories. How many forests we burned through.

WordPerfect, I think, is still the closest thing to living history you can experience. Do they still have the ‘codes page’ - access to the source code of documents?

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Non-Commercial Renderman.

I think I felt the Earth shake a little.

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The Kernel: Plugging a 1986 Mac Plus into the modern Web.

Entertaining.  I don’t recall it being that hard on my Mac Plus; perhaps memory plays tricks.

Later, if you’re bored ... peruse a random 1988 PC Magazine. Man, the memories ...

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c|net: Photoshop’s new camera support suggests Lightroom update.

There may be some big changes coming. Read it, and keep your eyes and ears open.

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Adobe: An Update - Creative Cloud and Support for Mac OS X.

For full function after the next update, you must have 10.9 or better.

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The Interstitial: From Fastmail Back to Google’s Gmail.

Hmmm. Understood. But I keep a Fastmail account for an important reason - I have clients who expect instant responses, who expect email to work like texting. Gmail takes forever to deliver messages. Fastmail, it’s virtually guaranteed to be there in seconds.

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Packal: Package management for Alfred (Mac).

New to me. Bookmarked.

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Curated: Grow your audience by collecting and sharing engaging content.

Be me for $25/month (500 subscribers), with auto-sponsorship opportunities. But you’d better be monetizing. Looks a whole hell of a lot nicer than Paper.li.

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500px ISO: Watch Eight Photoshop Masters Try to Use Photoshop 1.0.

What they miss ... besides skilled work with channels ... is that PS 1.0’s “Save as ...” allowed us to move art from better creative programs to other creative programs, on other platforms. The market wasn’t a one-stop-shop as it is today. PixelPaint 8, for instance. Rio (on Targa/Vista/NuVista systems). Macromedia Director. My beloved TVL. And more.  We’d use the early macro programs [Quickeys or earlier software] on top of the early PSs to do the channel work to create nice drop shadows quickly.

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SER: WordPress Automatically Updates Millions Of Yoast SEO Plugins After Vulnerability.

WP’s plugins and themes are rat’s nests of vulnerabilities. I see this as a positive step; if only they find a way to do this for more add-ons.

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Youtube: Guardians of the Galaxy ‘Knowhere Reel’.

We built Knowhere, our most complicated environment to date, for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and then staged a dog-fight that explored every inch of it. Here we’ve linked up all our shots in the 4-mile wide and 1.2 billion polygon world.” Holy crap. I used to be impressed at a hundred thousand polygons, in Strata days.

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LayerVault shuts down.

Some folks may be wondering: Why? We will try to share our experience as best we can via post-mortems and blog posts, but the short answer is simple: we failed to make LayerVault financially viable, exhausted our existing capital reserves, and were unable to secure additional capital to sustain uninterrupted service. We ran out of money.” Shame.

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Break Up With IE8.


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Paw – The ultimate REST client for Mac.

Of note.

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500px – onOne Software [Perfect Effects 9 Premium, free]

If you’re on 500px, you can get a copy of the latest Perfect Effects 9 Premium for free. PE8 has been another tool in my arsenal; just updated to PE9. Grab it while you can.

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c|net: Fantastic Adobe video spotlights 25 years of Photoshop artistry.

Photoshop was my saviour, as I’ve expressed many times. Not many of us can still claim that we learned to do drop shadows in channels, because layers didn’t exist.

Tangent, slight: There were many graphics software packages before PS. I see a bundle of news articles today missing this fact. I used to use Rio on Vista and NU-Vista graphics boards in PCs. Rio was *very* powerful, more powerful than the first Photoshops. PS didn’t do true 32 bit graphics for many years. But it was a tres handy Swiss Army knife for converting TGAs to other formats. I could quickly get Mac and PC formats into TGAs for my video system in less than fourteen steps ... and for that, I’ll be eternally grateful.

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Of note: “Receive books on your Kindle through Dropbox.

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Macworld: DiskWarrior 5 - Essential drive maintenance and repair tool gets even better.

DW has always been the go-to fix in my arsenal. I haven’t had to purchase it for a while now, but I may spring for it soon ... as my original externals begin to age. I’ve got backups, but DW is extra insurance.

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CreativeMarket: The Best Tricks to Reduce Photoshop File Size.

A solid color layer on top of all other layers? “Photoshop’s high quality file previews are surprisingly weighty, so simplifying them as much as possible saves you tons of space on huge files.”  Learn something new every day.

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Macworld: Box fixes security flaw in Mac desktop Sync app.

Update your desktop app, if you use the Box service.

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Macworld: Your Photos for OS X questions answered.

Photos is not an Aperture replacement. It doesn’t offer Aperture’s organizational powers, brushes, versions, and so on. You can certainly be disappointed that a free bundled app doesn’t replace one that once cost a couple of hundred dollars, but all that’s going to earn you is frustration. Apple’s moved on and it seems you’ll have to as well.

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Mashable: Apple’s Photos app for OS X Yosemite.

The new Photos app might note sate all hardcore professional Aperture users, but frankly, it doesn’t really have to. Adobe has made a great product with Lightroom and if you’re a pro, that’s probably what you should use.” I’d wait for other reviews, of course; this is the first mention I’ve run across. I’m in Lightroom and very happy. I would be unhappy with having to dig through simplistic icons to get to advanced adjustments - I would hope there’s a pref to turn off/on the little icon dock. No mention of how it behaves with plugins.

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Alternote — note-taking app for Mac.

Alternative Evernote Client.”  Hmmm. Beta.

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