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Hemingway App for Mac OSX.

Of note.  Does a bit of editing while you write.

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Sublime Forum: Sublime Text 4 is on its way.

Of interest.

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Mavericks update was successful.

Don’t know if you all saw the comment thread on an earlier post.  My upgrade went pretty flawlessly, all things considered.  Today’s my first day running it.  What I’ve found:

#1: Mavericks does NOT eject external disks properly when the system goes to sleep. This is a major pain, with four external drives connected.  I’ve found a widget for the menu bar that allows me to ‘eject all’ quickly, but that’s still a kludge. Apple, fix this NOW. I’m tired of verifying disks to make sure nothing was borked.

#2: I had a random Finder window crash.  I decided to fix permissions right after (forgot to do it after updating).  No crashes since.

#3: If you’re using Mamp Pro 2.x, be sure to upgrade to 3.0 before the Mavericks upgrade. It’s a pain.

I am tickled to find I can text-message cell folks from Mavericks - then it occurred to me, I can have family, friends and clients all popping alerts on my screen all day long. Erk. I may have to find a way to turn that off easily.

Speed is about the same as my previous 10.7.5.  Some things are slower, but I think the update has to finish optimizing things - I understand it’s a constant process.

So overall - a good experience so far.  Have to catch up on updating some apps still.  Much more functionality in apps, compared to pre-10.8.  Some learning to do.

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Photoshop Insider/Kelby: My First Studio Shoot Using Lightroom Mobile.

Of interest to fellow Lightroom users.

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BusinessInsider: Passible Password App.

Of interest.  I’ve felt the visual design of the current crop of password apps lacking. This one certainly isn’t.

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Download Organizer [Mac].

Of interest. Might eliminate my monthly Download folder exclamation: “WTF is that, and where did I get it?!”

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Google+: End of the nymwars?

Today, we are taking the last step: there are no more restrictions on what name you can use. ”  Background, here.

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EE Insider: ExpressionEngine 2.9 Released.


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Another ‘definitive’ static site generator list.

Here.  Multi-language again. Bookmark, before it disappears (the other one did, albeit briefly).

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Curator [Visual Notes App for iPad].

Looks tres interesting. I’m always a sucker for apps like this.

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PC World: Cloud storage vs. external hard drives: Which really offers the best bang for your buck?.

Cloud is starting to win. I’ll have to look closer now.

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Ars Technica: IRS policy that targeted Tea Party groups also aimed at open source projects.

Worth watching. “You have a substantial nonexempt purpose because you develop software published under open source compatible licenses that authorize use by any person for any purpose, including nonexempt purposes such as commercial, recreational, or personal purposes.

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Adobe Help: CC Cleaner Tools.

Bookmarked, Evernoted, in case I ever need them. You too, perhaps.

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Lightroom Killer Tips: 10 Things Aperture Users Need to Know About Lightroom.

For those of you still on Aperture.

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NY Mag: Here’s What the Future of Reading Looks Like.

‘E-readers are looking like the next iPod,’ Mashable writes today, noting that smartphones and tablets with e-reader apps are poised to cannibalize sales of dedicated e-readers in the same way that the iPhone – which had all the capabilities of an iPod, plus calling and texting and tons of other apps – killed its single-feature predecessor.” Told you so.

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Why should your personal data be scattered around the internet, stored on computers belonging to dozens of companies? It’s your data, not theirs. Keep it all in one place.”  I like it. Keeping a weather eye on this.

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DP Review: Apple to cease development of Aperture.

No doubt you’ve heard. But fear not for Final Cut Pro, et al.

I did a passel o’ thinkin’ before choosing Lightroom over Aperture. Apple fans gave me a hard time; vindicated. I remember my Quadra 840AV purchase all too well (great hardware, only to be abandoned). The unmentioned behemoth: Photoshop. Apple would not be able to command this niche without a Photoshop equivalent, and the investment would be huge (and likely unwise). This was the Quark mistake, too.  Either create a competitive product, or work smoothly with the pachyderm in the room. I use the best of LR and PS, switching between programs with aplomb. Can’t beat that workflow. Post-processing is where most budgets are either made, or broken to myriad expensive shards.

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Giz: The Typo That Destroyed a NASA Rocket.

If you’re of my vintage, you’ll remember the amount of time it took to enter code into punch cards and paper tape. The typos were the majority of time spent debugging. And this was ten years *previous* to my experience with punch cards.

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PC World: Google reacts to Office 365 momentum with unlimited cloud storage.

There are no asterisks on the storage. [snip] It’s truly unlimited at Google scale. We don’t want customers to spend time worrying about storage.” Been waiting for this cloud tier to drop; haven’t you all, also? But wait a bit … see if responses dive even further in price.

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Julieanne Kost’s Blog: Lightroom Mobile Presets.

Some of the presets are different than those in the Desktop app; this article has a link for download of those presets.

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Circular - an open source Buffer app.

Of note.

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Mailplane: Notifications do not work.

We’re currently working on a solution and are very sorry for that interruption.” I was starting to pull my hair out trying to fix it. Now I’ll just wait.

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Terry White’s Tech Blog: Why do I have 2 copies of my CC Apps?

Uninstall info also.  Mine did not ‘automatically transfer’ my presets and settings.  I had to transfer those manually. So don’t uninstall too quickly.  Dig through your Plugins/Presets/etc. folders to be sure you’ve gotten everything.  I just option-drag copies over to the new install folders.

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Macworld: TriggerTrap Mobile review - Control your camera’s shutter with your iOS device.

I use it. It is nice,  but it is not a professional tool.  I experimented with some sunset timelapses; I’m not sure if it was the camera’s fault, or the iPhone, but Triggertrap would ‘drop’ a frame every so often (set to take a photo every minute, then every x number of minutes it would not fire. When that happened, the timer would get out of sync by a certain amount of seconds, but then assume the same minute intervals again). My exposures were so close together, you couldn’t see the occasional jump. Here.  Oh, and it chews up battery power, too. Bottom line is, if I were doing this for pay or posterity, I’d purchase a dedicated device. But for the hobbyist, it’s just great.

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psdiff · simple psd file previews for git.

Neat, but for large projects … use another solution, methinks.

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