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Mailplane: Notifications do not work.

We’re currently working on a solution and are very sorry for that interruption.” I was starting to pull my hair out trying to fix it. Now I’ll just wait.

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Terry White’s Tech Blog: Why do I have 2 copies of my CC Apps?

Uninstall info also.  Mine did not ‘automatically transfer’ my presets and settings.  I had to transfer those manually. So don’t uninstall too quickly.  Dig through your Plugins/Presets/etc. folders to be sure you’ve gotten everything.  I just option-drag copies over to the new install folders.

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Macworld: TriggerTrap Mobile review - Control your camera’s shutter with your iOS device.

I use it. It is nice,  but it is not a professional tool.  I experimented with some sunset timelapses; I’m not sure if it was the camera’s fault, or the iPhone, but Triggertrap would ‘drop’ a frame every so often (set to take a photo every minute, then every x number of minutes it would not fire. When that happened, the timer would get out of sync by a certain amount of seconds, but then assume the same minute intervals again). My exposures were so close together, you couldn’t see the occasional jump. Here.  Oh, and it chews up battery power, too. Bottom line is, if I were doing this for pay or posterity, I’d purchase a dedicated device. But for the hobbyist, it’s just great.

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psdiff · simple psd file previews for git.

Neat, but for large projects … use another solution, methinks.

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Modern Honey Network.

The Modern Honey Network project makes deploying and managing secure honeypots extremely simple.

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Git-backed Evernote replacement.” Of interest.

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Prahlad Yeri: PHP vs node.js - The REAL statistics.

Of note.

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NY Times: New Bug Found in Widely Used OpenSSL Encryption.

But, in reality, OpenSSL had only one full-time developer and three “core” volunteer programmers in Europe, and operated on a budget of $2,000 in annual donations. This, despite the fact that OpenSSL is used to encrypt the majority of the world’s web servers and widely used by technology companies such as Amazon and Cisco.

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Re/Code: SwiftKey, Swype Already Working on iOS Keyboard Apps.

Switching to iOS from Android, I thought I would miss Swype/Swiftkey more than I have. In actual fact, I see little difference. Sure, the third party keyboard widgets speed things up, but the predictive autocomplete doesn’t benefit someone with a large, flexible vocabulary (IMHO). There are fewer words I type over and over again compared to the software’s apparent expectations, and the suggestions can be hilarious. I spend just as much time correcting wrong suggestions as I do mistypes. I will still welcome the apps; choice is good.

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Guardian.UK: Inside the Guardian’s CMS - meet Scribe, an extensible rich text editor.

Of interest. Sounds good … proof is in the pudding, though.

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The Register: Flaws open gates to WordPress en-masse SEO beat-down.

The flaws allowed hackers to launch privilege escalation and cross site scripting attacks against vulnerable sites running old versions below 2.1.6. The plugin has been downloaded nearly 19 million times.” Another week, another WP plugin security issue.

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BBC: ‘Two weeks’ to block cyber-attack as criminal network seized.

Just caught my eye. “The action related to a strain of malware - meaning malicious software - known as Gameover Zeus. Its alternative names include GOZeus and P2PZeus.

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c|net: Dead and buried: Microsoft’s holy war on open-source software.

The real world isn’t black and white—and there are open-source companies that sell proprietary software (e.g., Red Hat) and proprietary companies that use OSS to augment their commercial software and make it more attractive. As developer adoption of open-source software has grown to the 70 percent-plus level, I think most business units at Microsoft realized that treating it like ‘a cancer’ was self-defeating—they lost that battle a long time ago.” Ah, the ‘good old days.’

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InstantShift: Making Windows 8 Work More Like XP.

Might help those with family who have purchased Win8 stuff, and are full-blown-gonzo confused.

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PankajMore: Static site generators focus on the wrong thing.

Jekyll does not scale well. It takes minutes to compile in case you have lots of posts.” After a brief contemplation of moving to an SSG, I have to agree strongly with the above statement. When you’ve got tens of thousands of posts, this is not a minor point. When the author says ‘lots of posts’, he is likely referencing hundreds. I wouldn’t start using a blog environment that couldn’t scale to thousands, if not tens of thousands. If you start, you’re likely to keep going. Witness how I got plugged into The Matrix, after all (wink). I’ve had to recast my archives at least five times now, and each time it gets more onerous.

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PC World: So long, TrueCrypt - 5 alternative encryption tools. [Mac/Linux options mentioned.]

Of note.

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Gizmodo: Here’s How a 1984 Macintosh Tutorial Taught People to Use a Mouse.

Oh, I remember this. But what was more stunning was the first use of MacPaint. That cursor, the paintbrush … they felt alive, in a way that a computer had never felt before.

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Laverna - store your notes anonymously and encrypted.

Of note.  Markdown again. If I had my Evernote/Springpad/Yojimbo experiments to do over again, I might choose EagleFiler.  I still might, if Evernote’s costs go up.

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Felipe Contreras: Git v2.0.0, what changed, and why should you care.

Of note.

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PetaPixel: Creative Cloud Update Allows You to Install Previous Versions of Adobe Software.

This was the first version of Creative Cloud’s menu bar widget to update in one fell swoop, cleanly and flawlessly. Better late than never! [Previous versions have taken up to four reinstalls on my 10.7.4 machine. I have since the last update, gone to 10.7.5 in anticipation of moving to Mavericks shortly.]

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Re/Code: Dropbox Isn’t Cutting Prices in Cloud Pricing War.

Interesting. Their brand is instantly recognizable, and the go-to solution when you ask the layman. They’re banking on that, when it could change faster than they apparently concieve. Word-of-mouth via social is faster than ever in engendering change, and price point is a strong deciding factor (how many people use Wordpress because it’s “free”?).

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Announcement: Springpad is Shutting Down on June 25th.

I liked the look, but never used it. I never could get the interface to be economical with screen real estate. Took too long to find things.

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MeFi: FalseCrypt. [TrueCrypt is Dead.]

TrueCrypt is dead, and in an extremely bizarre way.

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EOSHD: Watch a 6K Red Dragon sample video in 4K VP9.

VLC or Chrome required. Of interest.

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Macworld: Apple neglects to renew SSL certificate, breaks Software Update in the process.


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