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Adobe PS Blog: Introducing Content-Aware Crop - Coming Soon to Photoshop CC.

Here’s how you will be able to use it: Move the horizon by adding more sky or ground; Change the aspect ratio by adding content around the edges of your image; Fill in the corners when you rotate an image so you don’t give up any of your pixels … and probably more we haven’t even imagined ourselves.” Oh, gimme.

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PVC: Adobe Bridge CC - your “free” DAM.

Interesting! If Lightroom gets up your nose, you have another option in the same CC universe.

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DP Review: LandscapePro software promises simple steps to dramatic changes.

This kind of software makes me crazy. I saw an article by a photographer the other day, who changes the size of features in his landscape shots via Photoshop. Makes mountains taller, seashells bigger/smaller, that kind of thing. The result is a complete fantasy. Sure, that has a place in photography, but it should be labelled as such. Fantasy. Fine art shot. Not reality. Very hard to place the line between sometimes.

Bad enough we alter colors and ranges of contrast routinely. Worse that we photograph crowded places during slow times, giving the impression that beauty and solitude are guaranteed (Santa Fe, this is getting very hard to do with all the tourism pushes). You see a photo of Santa Fe Plaza empty - it’s fiction. The place always has people in it.

It’s good, occasionally, to ask one’s self “What exactly am I portraying and why”.

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AI: Leaked screens show Siri in Apple’s upcoming OS X 10.12 with always-on ‘Hey Siri’.

I can’t help but imagine the new ‘open plan’ offices, with dozens of people shouting “Hey Siri!” and the poor iMacs crossing commands left and right ... worthy of a comedy sketch at least. Using the word ‘delete’ for any purpose would be as heinous a crime as saying ‘fire’ in a theatre ...

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GitPrime: Data Driven Development, Software Team Productivity Tool.


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Alfred 3 Preview - Take Control of Your Mac and OS X.

Been a user since the earliest days. Can’t imagine life without it. Hopefully they won’t take the TextExpander subscription route when it’s finally available ...

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Theremin - Play your own musical synth with delay, feedback & scuzz.

Spacey, man. Trippy.

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Atlas [Charts and data service].

Of note. Simple, readable.

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Macworld: Corel AfterShot Pro 3 update sharpens competition with Lightroom.

... you don’t have to abandon Adobe to use AfterShot Pro: Not only can it integrate directly with Photoshop, if you choose, but its file-based system lets you avoid importing images into a catalog—a quick, lightweight advantage for some users.” Affinity Photo, ON1 and a couple of others are on the cusp of releasing DAMs (Digital Asset Managers). Stay tuned.

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Instagram Blog: A new look.

Generic. As old as skeuomorphism is, their old icon stood out. It’ll be harder to pick out of a group of icons now. And note - gradients are slipping back into designs. The ‘80’s keep coming back, like Godzilla.

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Register.UK: Server-jacking exploits for ImageMagick are so trivial, you’ll scream.

FYI. Ugh. Our weblogs stand atop a house of cards ...

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Mashable: How to disable Chrome notifications.

Useful. Evernoted, to forward to clients.

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Macworld: Vivaldi 1.0 review - Browser offers innovative ideas, some more polished than others.

FYI. I’ve downloaded and fooled with it a bit. Nice enough, but I’m not switching from Chrome/Safari/Firefox. I’ll use it for accessing client CMSs and accounts from time to time, see if it chokes.

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c|net: Dropbox looks to declutter your hard drive.

‘Twould be lovely to free up some space on the old primary hard drive. Security issues twangle in the back of my brain, however. DB’s had some issues. Even so, they’re so ubiquitous among my clients, using them is the #1 option.

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TechCrunch: Hundreds of Spotify credentials appear - users report accounts hacked.

FYI. I went ahead and changed my password, nonetheless.

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ScottKelby: Another Little Instagram Tip - Better-Looking Text In Your Posts.

Cheat to add line-breaks.

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Register.UK: Adobe scrambles to untangle itself from QuickTime after Apple throws it under a bus.

In the meantime, Adobe’s Windows customers now have little choice but to use QuickTime, despite it having two gaping holes in its security that allow full remote code execution if a malicious video is played. Adobe better move fast on this, and Apple customers might want to trust Cook & Co a little less to keep them safe.” Beware, Window folks.

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Macworld: This tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now.

Of note.

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BookForum: The Program Era (how word processing changed the way we write).

What stands out to me most starkly, having lived through the sea-change: when the Macintosh/Laserwriter combo came out, how text looked became as important (sometimes moreso) as the text’s actual written quality.

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TechDirt: Optometrists Push For State Laws Blocking Online Eye Exams.

Wow. The service itself.

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Ask Siri: “Can you rap?”

As with Eliza, endless entertainment ... though I prefer the beatbox.

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PCWorld: Chrome 50 ends support for Windows XP, Vista, and earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Less mentioned, any OS X earlier than 10.9.

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WordPress 4.5 “Coleman”.

Backup, and update.

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vowe dot net: Follow Volker and his experience with the new iPad Pro 9.7.

Dig down to when he receives his iPad, and work up from there. Volker’s never led me wrong yet. I’ve also used Paper, and also been frustrated by styli. My iPad’s due for an upgrade at the end of the year, methinks, if Volker continues to find benefits.

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Techdirt/Daily Deal: Scrivener.

It’s quirky, but if you do longer writing, it’s indispensable. Highly recommended, particularly at this price point.

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