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Teehan+Lax: iPad GUI PSD.

A generous offering. iPad interface elements in vector format.

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CNet: Already a pacesetter, Amazon drops cloud pricing.

“Effective February 1, AWS is reducing prices by 2 cents per gigabyte based on the tiers of usage offer. Amazon also lowered rates for data transferred out of its Amazon CloudFront content delivery network, cutting rates by 2 cents per gigabyte. And while 2 cents may not sound like much, at the highest usage levels of 1,000 terabytes, that takes the cost down by 40 percent per gigabyte.

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gskinner.com: My Thoughts on the Future of Flash.

Well said.

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CNet: Blogging declines among teens, young adults.

Blogging declines among teens, young adults. Facebook effect.

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I think Yojimbo’s going to win out over Evernote.

I don’t have to pay a monthly fee, just the purchase price.  I can sync through MobileMe.

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CNet: Apple releases firmware update for 27-inch iMac displays.

First article with feedback on the fix. Sounds like some are getting mixed results. I’ll wait a bit before applying it to the wife’s machine.

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nextrapixel: 13 Useful WordPress SQL Queries You Wish You Knew Earlier.

Though I tend to favor Expression Engine, I still work in WordPress also. These queries will come in handy.

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The weekend meme, “post your Flash stats”, was cool.

I found out that only 2.7% of my followers have Flash turned off - predominantly iPhone access. 97.3% enabled is a lot higher than the 89% saturation I had in my head. But even more astonishing, almost 90% have version 10 of the Flash Player! Better adoption rates than I ever expected. I credit Hulu and the other online entertainment services. My audience here has no particular platform allegiance and remains statistically close to national saturation rates. I’ll do some peeking into client stats too, but it looks like my Flash work can drop version 9, and I can add version 10 whizziness and use FLVPlayback 2.5 without concern. That’s a relief, with all the streaming alpha channel work I’m doing in a current project.

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CNet: Google shows off Chrome OS tablet ideas.

“Given that Apple chose to use a variation of its iPhone OS for the iPad, it’s interesting but not terribly surprising that Google chose to use Chrome OS rather than its phone operating system, Android. In the big picture, Google clearly hopes the browser will be the foundation for applications, letting them run more easily on a multitude of devices.

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ars technica: No rules: Internet security a Hobbesian “state of nature.”

“The report was funded by security vendor McAfee, but it was conducted by a respected DC think tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. It paints a stark picture of the security problems faced by major enterprises and infrastructure groups, and some of the statistics are downright shocking.”  Shocking? Not really. Inauspicious? Yes. We humans thrived in nature; we’ll survive the internet.

Related: Social networking spam hit business hard in ‘09.

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Macworld: YouTube support of IPv6 seen in dramatic traffic spike.

Apparently turned on last Thursday.

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Cats who Code: 10 ways to make Internet Explorer act like a modern browser.

It all helps.

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Adobe TV: iPhone apps built with Flash.

Flash Player may be locked out of iPhone, but Flash development is not.

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Mashable: Steve Jobs Is Not Happy With Google, Adobe.

Of course he’s not. Ah, Mashable’s wised up. This Apple/Adobe hoo-hah is about the fight over mobile and internet-only OS’s.  Chrome OS is what Mr Jobs is really worried about, and my guess is he simply doesn’t want to give Adobe a carte blanche to be able to deliver RIA’s across all mobile networks (Chrome OS, Android *and* iPhone) without some sort of compensation framework. Most likely Apple simply wants a cut from Adobe to give them access.  Just a WAG, Wild Ass Guess.

And for the record, Mr Jobs, my Mac crashes most often because of third party ‘menu extras.’  HTML5, for all your rhetoric, will not see wide acceptance for a while - it’s not robust enough. Particularly for video. For instance, try to find ‘cue points’ in the HTML5 video spec. Deal-breaker, for most commercial uses - those who want to sync closed-captioning and advertisements outside of re-encoding video or supplying multiple video encodes ($$).

If you have a real dog in this Adobe/Apple race, and don’t need complex video features, try this technique for embedding of simple videos, allowing graceful degradation from HTML5 to Quicktime to Flash to a placeholder image. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I think it’ll be great if you have ‘politically sensitive’ readers.

Later: Should you go busting your hump over HTML 5’s video tag?  Read this first.

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The Flash Blog: Some questions about HTML 5 video.

Lee Brimelow’s looking for the answers to some HTML5 questions. I’d encourage folks to read the comments. And if you’re on a Mac, try out those HTML5 samples while Activity Monitor is open and watch your CPU usage. It’s instructive.

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CNet: Google phasing out support for IE6.


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MXML/AS: building your application for the iPhone.

Looks interesting. Involved, but interesting.

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A Flash observation.

Upon finding out that Adobe Flash Player is allegedly unable to fully address hardware acceleration on the Mac platform, I decided to open Activity Monitor and check CPU usage for Flash Player 10.1 on my dual core 2.8 Ghz 24” iMac system.  Ran Green Day’s “21 Guns” video in 480P and 360P from YouTube.

What became abundantly clear is that the CPU usage varies hugely depending on which browser I use to view video. Running Flash Player inside of Firefox is consistently higher CPU usage than others. Chrome and Safari, middling. Opera was the lowest overall CPU usage for running Flash Player. I wonder how much bandwidth factors in; last night I was getting ~45% CPU usage in Firefox, a stellar ~18% in Opera. Today (this morning), ~40% in Firefox, ~33% in Opera. 

These are unscientific results, just probing to see for myself rather than listen to the buzz, now that my attention’s been directed at the issue. Try it, see if you notice the same thing. I’ll keep playing at different times of the day, see if I can deduce a pattern. I have to say, however, if I’m going to run Hulu or one of the other online video delivery services, I’ll use Opera from now on. 

Note: I tried turned off hardware acceleration in the player, as some forums say to do. I believe I saw an increase in frame rate, but the edge quality fell off sharply (darks/lights) ... and CPU went into the stratosphere. No thanks.

Other note: I also understand that SystemUIServer can go nuts when streaming video is being used and you have menu extras (those icons up near Spotlight) that poll internet connections. Quitting menu extras when doing high quality streaming may keep CPU cycles even lower (as an aggregate of CPU cycles, that is).

Last note: Using the debugger version of Flash Player, I’m surprised at how many Flash creations are throwing simple errors. I keep seeing the familiar 1009 error, calling an instance name with Actionscript before a symbol’s been instantiated (addressing it programmatically before it appears in the timeline). This is not a video problem, but a human one. I see it most often in motion demo reel sites.

Much later: I just opened Chrome on my older Windows laptop, loaded the same video as above. Made sure I updated to the latest Flash player (10.1). Task Manager shows CPU usage between 38% and 52%.  Then I went back to my Mac, opened Safari, and an HTML-5 Youtube video (Jeff Beck, Day in the Life). My God, 80% to 108% CPU. Unless Activity Monitor’s got brain damage, that’s one hell of a CPU hit. Try it yourself (don’t take my word for it). And people complaining about Flash. Please. Seems like this is just a ‘fashionable bash.’ I’m done with it. I’ve never had a crash in my Flash Player on Mac, and I actively develop in Flash. I’ve got one creation here with over 50 alpha channel videos in it ... not a bobble. All of my issues with Flash are my own learning curve with Actionscript. Flash naysayers, find another argument. This one’s impotent, IMHO.

Even more final: Just checked Quicktime on my Mac. Ran a 30fps 1010x618 .mov off my hard drive. ~28% CPU.  Used the same movie in open source VLC: ~18%. Then tried Jobs’ “high quality” streaming QT speech (roughly equivalent to standard Youtube), ~19%.  Running Silverlight here (not even fullscreen) gets me ~110% CPU.

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Copyblogger: Could Your Blog be Ruining Your Business?

Funny, and true. You see it all the time. Web design firms weblogging just enough information for their clients to try it themselves. I’m very guilty of TMI in meetings. Can’t help it. I’ve been weblogging too long. Information just pours out of me when people ask. Need to be better. 

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visualswirl: 6 Ways Apple’s iPad Will Shake Up The Design World.

Fluff piece. A lever for me to declare the real impact on designers: Rich internet apps. Start getting up to speed now, if you haven’t already. The requests from clients are just around the corner.

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Adobe: We want Flash developers on the iPad.

Adobe also asked for developers interested in developing iPad applications using Flash to get in touch. ‘We are looking for developers and designers who have a specific app in mind to be submitted to the iTunes App Store within the next two months,’ the blog post said.”

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rc3.org: Is the iPad the harbinger of doom for personal computing?

If you haven’t seen it, Rafe’s got some concerns about the iPad that will spur deeper thought about what’s happening in computing today.

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SF New Mexican: Meet Encanto.

The public supercomputer that will make 3-D technology available at 33 sites in N.M.

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Insanely great? Ars reacts to the Apple iPad.

Many of the ars editors respond ... the article’s three pages long. Tiny nav’s at the bottom of each page.

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Vimeo: Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop.

Good Lord.

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