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IEEE Spectrum: iPhone-controlled, augmented-reality drone.

Augmented Reality Robots Take Flight. Next Xmas?  Pleeeze?

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Román Cortés: OK, wow.

Pure CSS Coke Can. Gotta try reverse-engineering this thing to understand it.

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Scott Kelby: “Party of the Year.”

You Guys Are Invited To The Party of The Year As We Celebrate Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary.  PS came out strong, stayed strong.

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NPR: Social media is the organizing tool,

however it sounds like the more ‘traditional skills’, such as database and iPhone app programming, are making the big difference. Social media is only one part of the bigger picture: Social Media Among Haiti’s First Responders.

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mac.appstorm.net: A Mac application of note.

Papers: Your Personal Research Library. Some of you in the scientific disciplines may be interested in this.

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The H Security: A more serious Windows hole.

Windows hole discovered after 17 years. “While the vulnerability is likely to affect home users in only a minor way, the administrators of corporate networks will probably have their hands full this week.”  There are fixes delineated in the article.

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VisualFXtuts.com: I love free ‘Making of ...’ documentaries.

Even if they’re short. WHAT??? 23 Minute Feature on the Making of Avatar!

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Lifehacker: Store any file on Google Docs.

Google Docs Now Allowing Any Type of File Upload. 1GB. Dropbox gives you two gigs, of course, along with what I consider more convenient features and better UI.

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MacUser: Brent lights a fire.

Open-source project aims to build new Mac e-mail client. Save us from Mail.app, please.

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If you watched

and enjoyed JJG’s Aurora concept videos, you simply *have* to check out Circle Dock. Windows only, unfortunately.

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Mashable:  A new desktop idea for Mac.

BumpTop for Mac Launches: a Seamless 3D Desktop Experience [INVITES].

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Remember Indie+Relief today, all proceeds to Haiti.


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Ars Technica: Google’s view of the future.

Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software.

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Photopreneur: An iPhone app for photographers.

Photography Studio Shares its iPhone App.

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CNET News: I wonder if history will remember Esquire burst the dam on AR.

Bruce Sterling to keynote first augmented reality confab.

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Ars Technica: Kill IE6 - says Microsoft!

After Google hack, Microsoft asks users to abandon IE6, XP. “On its Security Research & Defense blog, Microsoft explains that while IE7 and IE8 on Windows Vista and Windows 7 both include the flawed code that was exploited in the recent Chinese attacks on Google, the publicly published exploit code only works against IE6 on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. So the company is urging users to think about upgrading their version of IE, or even their OS (which also results in a newer version of IE).” FINALLY. Perhaps this will aid us in getting clients to banish this abortion, obviating the need to use CSS hacks ...

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WebDesignDev: A designer upgrades Facebook as a personal project.

A Beautiful Facebook Concept Design.

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Digital Web Magazine: A bit old, but still interesting.

Photoshop vs Fireworks. For me, the Fireworks interface still hasn’t been brought from Macromedia UI to full Adobe UI, so I keep getting caught on key commands and layers. Perhaps CS5 will see a full adaptation.

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Daring Fireball: Talking of the Newton.

The Original Tablet. I used the Newton extensively, shortly after I went freelance in the mid-90’s. It was an extremely useful piece of equipment ... so much so, I could never transition to a ‘lesser’ Palm device. I suppose that’s also why I haven’t purchased a smartphone. It’s just not as ‘handy’. My Newton really did spoil me for anything else, come to think of it.

What sunk the Newton?  IMHO, confused marketing and placement by Apple. The apps programmers needed stronger support from the company (look at how many iPhone apps/month today, versus the snail’s crawl during Newton’s brief spot in the sun).  Finally, the handwriting recognition needed a horsepower kick (speed).

Fact remains, I was walking around with *all* my office data on a little 5” x 7” device. Contacts, text documents, invoices. Fifteen years ago! Few freelancers on a laptop today are as coordinated as that.

Imagine what a Newton could do, today, with cloud storage and color UI. DAMN.

I must go pull it out of the closet, see if it’ll boot up.  Probably just needs a new set of batteries.  I’ve never had the heart to put it in ‘deep storage’ in the garage.  That’s how much I loved it.

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John Nack on Adobe: Oh, my god ...

Type-n-Walk (‘n Not Die). What’s next, a tube of liquid refreshment and a scuba tank?

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Mashable: This is just ... sad.

United States Internet Speed is on the Decline.

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Macworld: I was going to congratulate Robert (bump.net) ...

Bump Review | iPhone Social Networking App.

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Lifehacker: If you’re on Windows, and want a free system utility.

Download Glary Utilities Pro for Free; Today Only.

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tripwire magazine:  A couple of apps I hadn’t heard of.

17 Fantastic Apps Made Especially for Writers.

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UsabilityPost: It’s all about the software?

Flash Is Never Coming To the iPhone. “If Apple were to implement Flash for the iPhone, developers would get another tool with which to make their apps. They will also have a completely open channel for distribution: the Web. This means no control for Apple.”

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