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Mashable:  Sharing your mirror.

STUDY: 80% of Twitter Users Are All About Me.

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CNET News:  Apple Newton rebirth?

Report: Apple brings back Newton developer.  Got my styli crossed.

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CNET:  Getting caught with your pants down by Google?

Your Google docs: Soon in search results? Via SinPantalones Twitter feed.

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Macworld: As I mentioned yesterday, time to kick the cloud.

Google’s Gmail fail casts dark cloud on cloud computing.  Hard drive failures, system bugaboos, etc. still make the cloud attractive. Unless you absolutely must have failsafe apps ... in that case, I wish you a case of Maalox and a hearty ‘good luck.’

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Gmail is down. 

Time to configure the old email software ... let’s all kick the cloud.

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PR 2.0:  Distraction, or benefit?

Does Social Networking Impair Learning? “People who are regularly bombarded with several streams of electronic information do not pay attention, control their memory or switch from one job to another as well as those who prefer to complete one task at a time.”  I worried that the study might not have been generationally relevant, but they did use students.

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Bedrock Framework: Web Developer updates in Snow Leopard.

Apache, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Rails, Ruby, RubyGems, SQLite, Subversion.


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ReadWriteWeb:  Video’s the way.

New Record: US Internet Users Watched 21.4 Billion Videos in July.  Video excites me much more than tweets.

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Check your programs before updating.

Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Compatibility.

Also, Apple’s official list, and a rather more comprehensive compatibility wiki.

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Mashable:  Well, duh.

Think Twice: That Facebook Update Could Get You Robbed. This is old news in the blogging world; I think a lot of folks don’t believe this really happens - or simply won’t happen to them.  Best to be a little vague about your plans.  I write in retrospect, *after* travel.  Why invite burglars?

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Washington Post:  Scammers have a system.

European Cyber-Gangs Target Small U.S. Firms, Group Says “They send a targeted e-mail to the company’s controller or treasurer, a message that contains either a virus-laden attachment or a link that — when opened — surreptitiously installs malicious software designed to steal passwords. Armed with those credentials, the crooks then initiate a series of wire transfers, usually in increments of less than $10,000 to avoid banks’ anti-money-laundering reporting requirements.”

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myInkBlog: There are no ‘social media experts.’

Social Media Expertise – Designing the Myth. “To master social media, a massive network for communication, one has to be able to communicate and interact effectively via these various outlets. But since communication is an interactive, back and forth dialog, these power users are unable to effectively communicate with their massive number of interactees.”  Good points within.

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BBC: The return of the undead.

Microsoft backs long life for IE6.  Worst news I’ve read all day.


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CNET:  PowerPC ghetto.

Adobe Creative Suite to abandon PowerPC Macs. Well, what do you expect?  If Apple’s dropping it in Snow Leopard, everyone else will follow suit.


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MacUser/Macworld: Mac College tips

Starting out in college, the Mac way. Linked for some apps I hadn’t heard of.  And I’ve only heard boos over the Bamboo tablet ... so it’s interesting to hear a positive.

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ReadWriteWeb:  No more moody, isolated teens?

Your “Real” Friends are Your Online Friends (or so Says Gen Y). “What’s interesting, though, is how social networking is having an impact on this traditional coming-of-age process. Instead of simply feeling disjointed, confused, and lonely, today’s younger generation has an outlet for connecting with their peers which previous generations did not: the internet.”

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CNET: Learn COBOL, you twit.

Forget Twitter. COBOL is where it’s at. “All the hipsters in Silicon Valley talk about PHP, Twitter, and Web 2.0. But recent surveys show that kids can’t be bothered to use Twitter.  Meanwhile, COBOL, one of the industry’s oldest programming languages, still ‘equates to 80 percent of the world’s actively used code,’ according to Stephen Kelley of Micro Focus.”  And here I’ve been poo-pooing COBOL all this time.

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Here’s an energy efficent car ...

Heh.  I like the idea of jet engines on the old-style design.

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CNET News:  Flickr needs a redesign.

How Flickr needs to change. “I use and enjoy Flickr. But with each passing month it worries me more that when I visit a photo page on the Yahoo photo-sharing site, it looks essentially identical to when I first started using it four years ago.”  More personalization would be a good thing (change background colors, etc. etc.).

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Mashable:  World war, live on your desktop.

Is Cyber Warfare to Blame for Twitter Meltdown?

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Abduzeedo: Still, it’s fascinating to watch.

The Perfect Lie in Photoshop


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ZD Net:  On2, now owned by Google.

Google buys video compression outfit On2 Technologies.  As Arte Johnson’s Laugh-In Nazi used to say, “Verrry interesting.”

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Handy. RegExr.

Online Regular Expression Testing Tool.

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thedesigncubicle: Lots of good advice here.

How To Become A More Effective, Proficient Graphic Designer.

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CNET News: Recruiting kid hackers.

Talent search is on for cybersecurity students.

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