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Macworld:  So much for .docx. How much inconvenience is this going to cause?

Microsoft will patch Mac Word to comply with court order. “Users who bought or licensed Word 2003 or Word 2007 before Jan. 10 do not have to apply the patches.”

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Greepit.com: Handy.

Free Wireframing, Sketching & Design Resources for Designers.

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NY Times: As always, compelling story first.

Then fit the effects to enhance the story. 3-D’s Quest to Move Beyond Gimmicks. I hate when I walk into a movie, and can date the thing by the effects plugins used.

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Lifehacker: Open source project management.

Collabtive Gives You Local Control Over Project Management. My problem is getting clients to use the damned project management programs. Many see it as a useless layer over email, and only use it when I insist (strongly). I’ve got Basecamp, I’ve installed Collabtive - I think the Collabtive interface would scare my clients so badly they’d never leave email again. Too much of the interface is invisible, not clear.  And I’ve found the software’s pokey on my servers.  YMMV.

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Mr Colburn

has a good link on the status of “View Source” today, and where it might be going.

A few quick random thoughts about this (for which I hold no strong opinions):

- Web apps are becoming more like programs, and we can’t see source code for programs like Photoshop or Word. Customization is only slight, handled through plugins, add-ons and scripting.  Is this not where the web is heading?

- Could transparent markup be holding back innovation and complexity?

- The beauty of the web is that anyone can put together a page if they know <html><head><title></title></head><body></body></html>. The playing field of the web is still open to the unskilled individual who has compelling content to post.  “View Source” is integral to learning HTML.

It always seems to come down to people vs. programmers. Surely it can be both, without penalizing either.

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Washington Post also photographs CES 2010.

CES 2010: New Photos of Gadgets Including HP Slate, 3-D TV and More.

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kuro5hin.org: Chess in 1k.

The greatest program ever written. “This is because David Horne wrote the greatest program ever written: 1k chess on the ZX81.”  Click the link at the bottom for more info.

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WebAppers: I hate doing this.

I hate linking these inescapable ‘best’ lists that reproduce like bunnies in the metacosm, inspiring all kinds of mediocrity.  However, a recent search for Flash components was so arduous, I thought I’d save others some grief: Best 15 Places to Get Quality Flash Components. “Quality” is the keyphrase; if you’re going to use something non-Adobe, demo it thoroughly (if you can) across the versions of Flash Player you’ll be using, to guarantee performance before purchase.

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Prologue ...

is the company that created the titles sequences for Sherlock Holmes.  You can see the stills and short QT clips here (clips on left, movies on right, bottom).  Very nicely done!

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Aetuts+: AE cheat sheet.

Adobe After Effects CS4 Keyboard Shortcuts.

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Follow up on iMac i5 27” monitor flicker issue.

Turning off Time Machine seemed to stop the periodic flickering.  At least it hasn’t returned yet.  I tipped to the idea when I saw a thread mentioning worsening flicker on iMacs writing to external drives.  I doubt Apple will care about this single observation, but I’ll let them know nonetheless, once we give it another day or two.  Previously mentioned here. [I misspoke in that post; the external drive is USB, not Firewire.]

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Lifehacker: Read clean.

Get an Instapaper Text View of Any Web Article. As I mentioned over the holiday weekend, I use Readability in association with Evernote.  Cleans the cruft, and I can grab the entire contents of an article (with the associated article-images, just losing the excess) into Evernote. This way I’ve got the full text I desire at my fingertips without blowing the bandwidth constraints on the free Evernote account.  I’ve already found some of my earlier url-only snips are unavailable, deleted, or just non-functional.  Evernote’s dropped my use of Delicious down to zero.

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Mashable: Anything that makes updating simpler.

Seesmic Acquires Ping.fm.

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ars technica: A level-headed bit of prediction over the Apple Tablet.

“Antacid tablet.”

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Y’know ...

The Readability widget is a real nifty trick for storing website content into Evernote.  Drops out all the memory-hogging graphics. 

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ars technica: End of an era, for copper-wire landlines.

AT&T: landline phone service must die; only question is when. “Indeed, perhaps the clearest sign of the transformation away from POTS and towards a broadband future is that there are probably now more broadband connections than telephone lines in the United States.”  Wow. Just ... wow.

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BBC:  As with condos, you own air.

The US virtual economy is set to make billions. I suppose if virtual pet furniture makes you happy, then that ‘virtual happiness’ becomes real happiness. In the meantime, it’s time to update my form•z software and expedite restoring my 3D skillset ...Via Ed Bilodeau/Facebook.

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tripwire magazine: First decent ‘tip’ article I’ve seen in ages.

Most of these kinds of articles are retreads of retreads with little valuable information couched in excessive gab and ads.  This one’s better: Most Essential Best Practices to Improve and Optimize Your Markup and CSS.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education:  In a Facebook world, what is a “Friend”?

Faux Friendship. “In retrospect, it seems inevitable that once we decided to become friends with everyone, we would forget how to be friends with anyone. We may pride ourselves today on our aptitude for friendship — friends, after all, are the only people we have left — but it’s not clear that we still even know what it means.”

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Reuters: After all the trouble we went through dealing with docx.

Microsoft loses Word patent appeal. “On August 12, a jury in a federal U.S. district court in Texas ruled in favor of i4i Ltd against Microsoft, for infringing a patent relating to the use of XML, or extensible markup language, in the 2003 and 2007 versions of Word.”

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CNET News: It’s all in the interpretation.

Twitter? Profitable? Really? “Considering the company has not yet put forth a long-term revenue strategy, this would be one of those Christmas miracles along the lines of a neurotic mom getting home to her stranded eight-year-old by fortuitously hitching a ride with a polka band fronted by John Candy.”

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Designcollector: More motion graphics coolness.

Inspiration set #20. Russian Motion Designers on Behance. I love this stuff.

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Ajaxian: Just CSS and HTML.

3D CSS Parallax Effect. Oh, I’ve gotta try this.

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CNET News: Facebook, the new Compuserve?

Facebook is the new Compuserve. “The real concern is that we share so much behind the closed doors of Compuserve-esque Web ‘sites’ that serve as Hotel Californias for our content.”  He’s right ... that’s precisely the feeling, like we’re voluntarily (crazily) flocking into managed web communities like Compuserve or AOL. 


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Macworld:  This *almost* makes me wish I had an iPhone.

A Masterpiece Collection Review.

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