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Gmail label features.

I hate ‘em.  I liked being able to move the labels over to the right, can’t seem to do it now.  The interface is slower than death when redrawing.  One fell swoop, it’s gone from nice to nearly unusable. Hate, hate, HATE the change.

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Washington Post:  This is getting mailed to clients ...

Facebook Activism: Lots of Clicks, but Little Sticks. “‘Commitment levels are opaque,’ says Joyce, who last year took a leave from DigiActive to work as new-media operations manager for Barack Obama’s campaign. ‘Maybe a maximum of 5 percent are going to take action, and maybe it’s closer to 1 percent ... In most cases of Facebook groups, members do nothing. I haven’t yet seen a case where the Facebook group has led to a sustained movement.’”

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TechFlaps:  I like paper.

Waves of Technology: 40 Creative & Artistic Example of Using Paper in Web Designs.

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Times Online.UK:  Steve’s back.  Just.

Steve Jobs ‘was in end-stage liver disease’.

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AP: Disclosure, disclosure.

The Associated Press: FTC plans to monitor blogs for claims, payments. “Many bloggers have accepted perks such as free laptops, trips to Europe, $500 gift cards or even thousands of dollars for a 200-word post. Bloggers vary in how they disclose such freebies, if they do so at all.”

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New Scientist: More emailing means disaster looms?

Email patterns can predict impending doom. “Email logs can provide advance warning of an organisation reaching crisis point. That’s the tantalising suggestion to emerge from the pattern of messages exchanged by Enron employees.”

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Boston Globe:  Paper good, screen better?

Paper vs. computer screen. Discussing the Kindle: “All you are aware of is the next page, you don’t get this feeling that you are coming to the end of the book. It’s like being plunged directly into the author’s content.”

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GoMediaZine: Some Mac utils for creatives.

10 Great Time-Saving Mac Utilities For Graphic Artists.  I hadn’t known about many of these, so I figgered I’d link it.

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Mac update ...

Yesterday, I successfully updated my iMac to 10.5.7 without incident.  I ran Cocktail, then did a separate Disk Permission repair via Disk Utility, restarted, and then applied the Combo Updater.  I knew to expect the double-reboot after install, and the excessively-long startup time afterwards.  Did another Software Update, and added the Bluetooth Firmware update, the Safari 4 install, and the Java update without incident.  Ran one more Disk Permission repair afterwards, and all seems well.

One recurring glitch.  The Sound control panel seems to reset to default settings after each reboot, knocking my headset settings off.  Happened a couple of times yesterday, but not today ... yet.

So those I advised to wait a little bit before updating (I always like to wait to see if an update is ‘good’, remnants of my time in Win XP), I say go for it.

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Wisdump: Small CSS Frameworks.

Two lightweight CSS grid frameworks: the 1KB and the 1-liner.  I pointed to one of these before, but there’s another one here, and possibly some in the comments.  FYI, fellow designers.

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CNET: “Professional Twittering.”

Professional management tools for Twitter: HootSuite and CoTweet.


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News.com.au: Technology you really hope you won’t ever need.

GPS shoes for Alzheimer’s patients. “A shoe-maker and a technology company are teaming up to develop footwear with a built-in GPS device that could help track down ‘wandering’ seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.”

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CNET News:  End of the PowerPC era ...

Apple refreshes iPhones, MacBooks, and OS X at WWDC. “Apple demoed OS X 10.6, aka Snow Leopard. It will be available as a $29 upgrade for Leopard users, and for $49 as a 5-user family pack this October. It’s the first version of the OS X operating system that will not work on PowerPC-based Macs, meaning only people with Intel-based Macs will be able to use it.”

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Carrer Blog:

1 line CSS Grid Framework. Simple, brilliant.

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CNET News: Twitter, for fogies?

Study: Young adults haven’t warmed up to Twitter. “While 99 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds have profiles on social networks, only 22 percent use Twitter, according to a new survey from Pace University and the Participatory Media Network.”

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Macworld: New from Adobe.

Adobe aligns software branding to shine light on Flash. “Catalyst is a new tool that helps bridge the gap between designers and developers so a rich Internet application as conceived by a designer has the best chance of being developed that way on the back end, Gruber said. “

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Hulu - Labs: I’m thinking of moving my iMac into the living room ...

Hulu Desktop. “Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer.”

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Smashing Magazine: If you want to customize Wordpress, you’ll want to see this.

Wordpress Theme Development Frameworks.  I rarely troll the WP waters anymore, yet occasionally I get called upon to do so, hence this link.  Doesn’t make it as easy as Expression Engine, but it will likely take some of the pain away.

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CNET: Categorize yourself on Vimeo

Vimeo now highlights hot videos with categories.  I’ve been saying for ages, the money’s in self-selected subcategorization.  A poor metaphor: An individual dentist can’t shine in a general dentist social media group.  But as a member of the blind, left-handed dentists’ social media group, one could be a star. Some would pay $$ to be afforded the chance.  And that’s the point.


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Adobe Labs: Presentations joins Buzzword.

Acrobat.com Presentations.  I look forward to trying it out, old presentation-wonk that I am.

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MarsEdit2: Purchased.

I only had five days (out of thirty) on the trial, and couldn’t stand the thought of not owning MarsEdit2 after just those few days of use. Great to find something that just flat out works with Expression Engine, without histrionics.

[Ironic thing is, this is full circle for me. I was part of the beta cycle for Userland’s Pike (later Radio Userland) in 2000, the archetype for this piece of software. Pike was MarsEdit to the Manila weblog environment.]

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cnet: No ads in the Twitter business model.

“Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said at the Reuters Technology Summit on Monday that the ubiquitous microblogging start-up isn’t considering an advertising-based business model at all.”

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Online pattern-making tool.


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Macworld: Blind faith in the cloud?

Google outage lesson: Don’t get stuck in a cloud.  I’ve been using Gmail for both my Gmail account and my POP3 email.  I experimented with their IMAP via Apple’s Mail client, but it was just too cumbersome an implementation. So I turned on POP3 retrieval from Gmail to Apple Mail, and it’s quite ... well ... entertaining.  Mail that goes to Gmail sometimes never bounces over to my Apple Mail client. If you’re using Gmail as a rough-and-ready spam filter for your POP3 accounts, you might want to verify you’re receiving all your legitimate mail.

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