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Ajaxian: Just CSS and HTML.

3D CSS Parallax Effect. Oh, I’ve gotta try this.

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CNET News: Facebook, the new Compuserve?

Facebook is the new Compuserve. “The real concern is that we share so much behind the closed doors of Compuserve-esque Web ‘sites’ that serve as Hotel Californias for our content.”  He’s right ... that’s precisely the feeling, like we’re voluntarily (crazily) flocking into managed web communities like Compuserve or AOL. 


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Macworld:  This *almost* makes me wish I had an iPhone.

A Masterpiece Collection Review.

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vowe dot net has got you covered.

Update your Adobe Flash player on Mac.  I knew mine was old, and hadn’t gotten around to updating it. Vowe makes it easy.

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Pick a faster DNS.

namebench. “Are you a power-user with 5 minutes to spare? Do you want a faster internet experience? ”

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Reuters: Twitter update.

Twitter eyes acquisitions, sees making money in 2010. “There are no dates when we need to break even. We have plenty of money in the bank.” How lucky for them!

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Mashable: Tips on virtual meetings.

5 Important Tips for Successful Web Meetings. “… getting virtual meetings right takes a bit of skill. They differ from in-person get-togethers in many critical ways – and to succeed with web-based collaboration, meeting leaders and participants should follow a few simple tips.”  I’d add, test everyone’s bandwidth FIRST. DSL in NM significantly sucks, and the more video webcams you include, or the more online audio inputs you use, the worse the desktop sharing is going to perform. (I can hold virtual meetings with DSL clients across the country without NM’s hiccups.)  I run virtual meeting software with vidcam turned off AND run my audio feed through Skype - which maintains decent visual throughput.  For me, audio feed and desktop sharing performance both need to be stellar.  I could care less about the vidcam.

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CNET News: I shut down browsers when doing ‘real’ work.

Firefox: Heat and the CPU usage problem.  I’m accustomed to expecting memory leaks.

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Wired | Raw File:  Ain’t as easy as it looks.

Hi-Def DSLRs May Be Cheap, But Talent Is Priceless. “The main block there is what happens when 1080p video in particular gets pushed down into a truly consumer market and people encounter how much time and computer power it takes to edit the footage.”  Requires RAIDing your wallet, in other words.

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Gizmodo:  Retro Mac goodness.

Finally, A Twitter App For Mac OS Classic.  And here I was just reminiscing about the old Thunderscan this morning ...


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CNET: New iMacs have difficulties with Flash.

New Apple iMacs plagued by choppy Flash video playback? “We visited several sites with heavy streaming video content like Hulu, YouTube, and the Break Media Network, and experienced similar issues: popping sounds and jerky video rendering the content unwatchable on several accounts. Like many of the users in the Apple thread, we called up the Activity Monitor and saw that the Flash Player demanded a surprising 114.4 percent of the iMac’s CPU processes.”  Bummer for those of us programming video in Flash.

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WebDesignerWall: Fireworks overcomes?

Fireworks vs Photoshop Compression. “... did you know that Fireworks is way better than Photoshop in term of image compression?”

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FreelanceSwitch: The bottom line on social networking.

Social Networking: Is It Making You Money? “Reason [for stopping]: My peers were not – nor were they every going to be – my clients. And, since many of them were in the same business I was, they weren’t about to send any referrals my way.” Someone wises up.

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GoMediaZine: Version control for PS.

Timeline: Version Control Plugin for Photoshop. “Forget having to save multiple versions of the same Adobe Photoshop file with arcane file names like File1.psd, File_final.psd, File_ForJohn.psd and so on. Timeline allows you to use one .psd file, and all versions of your file will be safely kept on the pixelnovel.com server and you will be able to access them at any time from Photoshop or from your web browser.”  There’s also a standalone version for $60.

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Stochastic Geometry:  Interesting critique.

Joel Spolsky, Snake-Oil Salesman. “Undergraduate courses lose their technical currency in something like five years on average (obviously different sectors age at different rates – web programming has a very fast cycle, embedded systems a very slow one). If we started students off on the latest fad language in year one, they’d graduate with an obsolete skill in year four.”  Heh.  Who’s still using Turbo Pascal these days?

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Fast Company:  Kindle software to arrive on PCs.

Amazon’s Working on Kindle Reader Software for Mac, Too. “With so many conduits for Kindle reading, the ebook leader is becoming a real platform — except that it’s closed to developers who want to build services that can talk to Kindle readers.”  Yeah, yeah ... you’ve heard me before. I like bound books, leather armchairs, warm lighting, and a nice Glencairn glass of something aged and smoky ...

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Easy installs of server software.

Bitnami looks very interesting.

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MacUser:  The right way to write.

Scrivener offers hefty NaNoWriMo discounts.  I’d been playing with this software for a while, I like it very much. Missed out on the discount, though ... I’d already bought it.

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CreativeApplications.Net:  Pooch without the ‘poo.’

Sniff [openFrameworks]: Interactive projection of a dog that discerns and reacts to passers-by behaviour. “Sniff is an interactive public projection in a storefront window: an animated dog follows passers-by, discerns their behavior as friendly or aggressive, tries to engage them in a play and forms a relationship with them based on the history of the interaction.”

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iTWire: Dangerous bug in Snow Leopard 10.6.

Snow Leopard bug can delete account data. “A bug has been reported in Apple’s new Snow Leopard version of OS X that can result in the loss of an entire user account’s data. The glitch seems to be triggered by using a Guest account and then trying to log back into a regular account.”  Via Broomeman’s Twitter feed.

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TedDziuba:  Yeah.

I Don’t Code in my Free Time. “Why would you ever hire a programmer who doesn’t program in his free time?  I mean, a person who doesn’t compile recreationally is probably useless on the job.  You might as well hire somebody ... old. And who wants a bunch of people around the office who whine about things like healthcare benefits? Just don’t get sick, duh.”

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Aggregate your online identities via a JS library.

Ident Engine.

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CNET:  Create iPhone apps in Flash.

Adobe Flash apps come to iPhone—sort of. “Because of Apple restrictions, though, Flash isn’t coming in the form in which most people experience it, a Web browser plug-in. Instead, programmers will be able to change Flash applications into native iPhone applications using Adobe’s Flash Professional CS5 developer tool, currently in beta testing, then offer their programs as an Apple App Store download.”

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ReadWriteWeb: Focus your Times news feeds even more closely.

Not Just for Developers Anymore: New York Times Launches Custom Times Feeds. “The New York Times just released an interesting new tool that allows users to filter articles from the newspaper’s website by tags and keywords and turn them into custom feeds.”

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Virtuosi Media: For those who also fight with IE6 on a regular basis ...

Ultimate IE6 Cheatsheet: How To Fix 25+ Internet Explorer 6 Bugs.  I find “overflow:hidden;” to be a rough-and-ready tool (when used judiciously) to fix IE6 box issues.

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