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BBC: The return of the undead.

Microsoft backs long life for IE6.  Worst news I’ve read all day.


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CNET:  PowerPC ghetto.

Adobe Creative Suite to abandon PowerPC Macs. Well, what do you expect?  If Apple’s dropping it in Snow Leopard, everyone else will follow suit.


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MacUser/Macworld: Mac College tips

Starting out in college, the Mac way. Linked for some apps I hadn’t heard of.  And I’ve only heard boos over the Bamboo tablet ... so it’s interesting to hear a positive.

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ReadWriteWeb:  No more moody, isolated teens?

Your “Real” Friends are Your Online Friends (or so Says Gen Y). “What’s interesting, though, is how social networking is having an impact on this traditional coming-of-age process. Instead of simply feeling disjointed, confused, and lonely, today’s younger generation has an outlet for connecting with their peers which previous generations did not: the internet.”

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CNET: Learn COBOL, you twit.

Forget Twitter. COBOL is where it’s at. “All the hipsters in Silicon Valley talk about PHP, Twitter, and Web 2.0. But recent surveys show that kids can’t be bothered to use Twitter.  Meanwhile, COBOL, one of the industry’s oldest programming languages, still ‘equates to 80 percent of the world’s actively used code,’ according to Stephen Kelley of Micro Focus.”  And here I’ve been poo-pooing COBOL all this time.

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Here’s an energy efficent car ...

Heh.  I like the idea of jet engines on the old-style design.

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CNET News:  Flickr needs a redesign.

How Flickr needs to change. “I use and enjoy Flickr. But with each passing month it worries me more that when I visit a photo page on the Yahoo photo-sharing site, it looks essentially identical to when I first started using it four years ago.”  More personalization would be a good thing (change background colors, etc. etc.).

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Mashable:  World war, live on your desktop.

Is Cyber Warfare to Blame for Twitter Meltdown?

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Abduzeedo: Still, it’s fascinating to watch.

The Perfect Lie in Photoshop


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ZD Net:  On2, now owned by Google.

Google buys video compression outfit On2 Technologies.  As Arte Johnson’s Laugh-In Nazi used to say, “Verrry interesting.”

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Handy. RegExr.

Online Regular Expression Testing Tool.

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thedesigncubicle: Lots of good advice here.

How To Become A More Effective, Proficient Graphic Designer.

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CNET News: Recruiting kid hackers.

Talent search is on for cybersecurity students.

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Flock’s been taking forever to fix their Flickr sidebar.

So I am kicking the tires on Yoono sidebar for Firefox.  I do believe I like it much better.  It has gobs of little features that are very handy ... like opening clicked items in new tabs, giving a Lightbox JS-style enlargement of Flickr images, etc. etc.  Give it a shot, if you’re interested.  I still like the RSS feed integration in Flock ... need to look at more of the Firefox add-ons.

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rc3.org:  And this is the problem with the ‘net ...

Disparate impact in practice.  Actual users don’t influence the decision making; only assumptions about user behavior get inserted, as interpreted by the technological ‘in crowd.’

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CNET News:  Back “home” again.

Adobe reclaims design guru from Microsoft.

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Handy CSS ref.

CSS Font Size Conversion Chart.


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ReadWriteWeb:  Erase your online past?

This Message will Self-Destruct: New Tool Makes Online Postings Disappear: “On the internet, data lives forever. [snip] That may be about to change, though, thanks to a new tool created by researchers at the University of Washington.”  As an aside, I wonder how many people dive into their archives and rewrite their past, without disclosing that they’ve done so?

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Macworld: Here they come, the e-book avalanche.

Barnes & Noble makes a big splash into e-books.  Prediction, and it’s not a difficult or unique one: we’ll have as many e-book readers as we have MP3 devices.

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CNN: Bound to happen, I suppose

Robot chalks tweets on Tour de France route. “The Chalkbot takes input from text messages and Twitter posts sent by the public. The robot, a tractor-like device that’s pulled around by a truck, then paints those messages in large yellow letters along the Tour de France course.” 


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Web Design Ledger:  Good quality free fonts.

17 Remarkably Professional Looking Free Fonts.  Because we always need a few more fonts to clutter up our fonts folders, don’t we?

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PDNPulse: It amazes me anyone thinks they can get away with this.

PDNPulse: New York Times Magazine Withdraws Altered Photo Essay. “A reader, however, discovered on close examination that one of the pictures was digitally altered, apparently for aesthetic reasons. Editors later confronted the photographer and determined that most of the images did not wholly reflect the reality they purported to show.”  Virtually everyone understands what Photoshop does now, and what the signs of alteration are.

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Telegraph.UK:  Appearing in the next spelling bee?

Twitter gains entry in dictionary. “The website, which allows users to send brief online updates to their friends and family, will appears as both a noun and a verb.”  I thought it had to be the Oxford English Dictionary to really count.

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TdF Blog: Follow everything TdF on Twitter.

Tour de France 2009: Tour de Twitter.

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Sitepoint:  Concentrate on HTML 5.

RIP XHTML 2. “How will this announcement affect XHTML developers? It won’t — not unless you have been developing XHTML 2 solutions in the faint hope of eventual browser support. XHTML 1.0 and 1.1 are still an implemented standard in most browsers and XHTML 5 will support the strict syntax, lowercase tags, and trailing slashes you want to use.”

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