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Official Google Blog: Bringing extensions to Google Chrome for Mac.

Extensions! The automatic update hasn’t triggered yet.  Waiting impatiently.

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Business Insider: WARNING: Google Buzz Has A Huge Privacy Flaw.

I ran into the fix for this right after I accepted my Buzz invite.  Some screen popped up, and I shrieked at the contacts it was automatically following. I turned everyone off except webloggers, family, friends.  Nothing Facebook or Twitter haven’t seen.  But jeez.  So this is well-taken. Via Sin Pantalones Twitter.

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ReadWriteWeb: Will Apple Crack? Opera Unveils Plans for iPhone Browser.

“The question, however, is whether Apple will allow the application into the App Store.

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Mashable: Google Now Has a Street View Snowmobile.

One supposes personal watercraft and ultralights are next.

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Been playing with stats lately.

I am astonished at how many visit here using IE6. And how many are still rocking 800x600 monitors!  I don’t need to tell you to upgrade, switch to Firefox or Google Chrome as soon as you can. Chrome requires Service Pack 2 - Firefox doesn’t.  Get rid of skanky IE6!

The monitor resolution thing just confuses me. Just a few short months ago, 800x600 was way down on my resolutions list.  It’s popped back up near the top! Has my audience changed that much? Or is it the economy? Tempted to start posting widescreen monitor deals. You can pick ‘em up cheap nowadays. As one friend to another, I can tell you a larger monitor will improve your web surfing experience and productivity immeasurably.

Later: Here I didn’t think I needed to keep offering my flexible width design ... but apparently I do.  Note to self: check stats before every redesign.

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kahunaburger: “+” is a valid character in an email address, idiots!

“Gmail is nice enough to route an email like username+something@gmail.com to the same inbox as .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). This allows you to ‘tag’ emails and figure out who sent them.

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Three Flash/HTML5 articles.

Ludamix: Flash 10 versus JS/HTML5: The Tour Guide.

Uncompiled Thoughts: HTML5 is not about the death of Flash, but the return of browser innovation.

Web Builder Zone: HTML5 vs Flash.

IMHO, HTML5 is offering an update to DHTML, and until there are tools like Flash CS4 that give GUI access to simple gestural programming in HTML5, Javascript/Ajax and CSS3, rather than dry programmatic programming, it will remain as popular as DHTML was.  Very few people bridge the artist/programmer divide successfully; to expect them to do so, is thintelligent thinking in my book.

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onebyoneblog: Flash, HTML5, Unity3D, & Augmented Reality.

Can’t decide which trendy tech bandwagon to hop onto? Try them all at once!” Strikes me, AR needs to get basic face-recognition, then all you have to do is tilt your head, close and open your eyes. If I had the skillz, I’d do it myself.

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Running late this morning.

Sorry.  Started up the Mac this morning, Snippet.App wanted to update. Takes an unusually long time to update - just a warning for others who use the tool.  Then, immediately after update, takes a long time to do that first sync. Nothing’s wrong - just unusual.

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On the “infamous Flash crash bug.”

Here’s the bug, here’s the response.

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Photofocus: Customizing your Camera Raw defaults in Lightroom.

Handy. I need to go in and calm mine down ... too much contrast gets automatically applied, and turn off those vignettes!

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CSS-Tricks: Creating a Web App from Scratch.

Haven’t worked through it yet; thought I’d point it out.

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TechCrunch: The Future of Web Content - HTML5, Flash & Mobile Apps.

A very well-balanced overview.  If all the current invective over Adobe, Apple and Google is just confusing the hell out of you, read this.

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DevSnippets: Choosing The Best CSS Framework: A Complete Guide.

Handicapping CSS grid frameworks. Short takes on some of the major frameworks. Not really enough info on each one to be truly useful (I mean, how helpful is a bunch of different permutations of “Its main benefit is how much it speeds up the development of typographically and otherwise visually pleasing front-end designs based on grid layout”?), but it can help you narrow down the choices and may introduce you to some new ones you haven’t run across before.

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Open at Adobe: Following the open trail.

“The Flash file format (SWF) specifications are open and unrestricted, so any company - even Apple - can build their own Flash Player if they want. Also freely available are related specifications for the Flash ecosystem: RTMP, FLV/F4V, AMF, and MCD.”

Later: Is iPhone the new IE6? Many won’t like it, but if you give ‘open’ more than lip service, there are some important points here.

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videoRx.com (beta).

Get better video with prescription encoding.” Looks quite intriguing.

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Geek.com: Apple demands a developer removes Android references from iPhone app.

Providing future platform compatibility plans or other general platform references are not relevant in the context of the iPhone App Store.” Gee, that’s ... uh ... mighty open of them.  Rationalize away, but look in the mirror while you do so.

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Euan celebrates nine years of being Obvious.

Happy Birthday Blog. Best.

Later: Euan posted a video on Youtube, about his morning productivity routine.  I’d never heard of Daylite before; I’ve been fooling with a combo of stock iCal, syncing to Google Calendar, iDeskCal [embedding my to-dos and calendar events in my desktop], Things [to-do management], and BusySync (to share calendars across different computers).  My intention was, if ever I decided to upgrade to a smartphone, the idea of staying within Apple’s own app-interoperability would give me a leg up if I chose iPhone. Avoiding Apple lock-in by syncing to Google apps simultaneously seemed smart if I went Android. Nevertheless, I’ll be taking a close look at Daylite.  A recommend from Euan goes a long way, IMHO.

Last thought. I haven’t really done the ‘Follow Friday’ routine on Twitter yet, but I have to say this: If you’re into convergence of business-productivity-social media-weblogs-etcetera, you really should keep an eye on Euan (follow him on Twitter). He’s in the sweet spot before anyone else is, consistently. I call Euan “The Inclusionist”, in-house here.

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Photo.net: Advanced Photoshop Tutorial: Sharpening in LAB Color.

Nice tut.  There are a great deal of ways to sharpen; experiment with all the techniques. Different ones are better for different delivery platforms (web, print, etc).

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Mashable: Siri Assistant Turns Your iPhone into a Personal Assistant.

Intriguing. This is what Platinum Amex used to do for me when I travelled frequently doing A/V gigs. One phone call, a sexy young woman’s voice on the line would blythely agree to do anything I wanted.  “You need to change your flight departure, increase the duration of your hotel, get room service, and a foot massage?  I will call you back, Mr. Vreeland, in ten minutes with your details.”  Ten minutes later, heaven.  Expensive yearly fee, but when travelling - it made travelling on tight schedules so much nicer.

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Photo.net: Is the Apple iPad a Tool for Serious Photographers?

For the tasks that most serious photographers would want to do on a device like this, the iPad can’t deliver. The storage is too small, the input/output options are limited, there is no proper image processing software yet, and even if there were software, we don’t know if the device will be robust enough to handle the large files (RAW included) that are generated by today’s DSLRs.”

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BusinessWeek: Apple vs. Google.

Missed this a couple of weeks ago. Congruent with my beliefs, in the wake of the Apple/Adobe invective of late. “Some analysts believe the Apple-Google battle is likely to get much rougher in the months ahead. Ovum’s Yarmis thinks Apple may soon decide to dump Google as the default search engine on its devices, primarily to cut Google off from mobile data that could be used to improve its advertising and Android technology.” No Flash, no Google? I wonder if Steve really thinks he could pull that one off.  Even my most Luddite acquaintances are gravitating to Google’s free web apps.

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veerasundar: 5 Ways of effectively using Firebug to edit HTML, CSS

Some nice tips. Didn’t know about “Scroll Into View.”

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Teehan+Lax: iPad GUI PSD.

A generous offering. iPad interface elements in vector format.

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CNet: Already a pacesetter, Amazon drops cloud pricing.

“Effective February 1, AWS is reducing prices by 2 cents per gigabyte based on the tiers of usage offer. Amazon also lowered rates for data transferred out of its Amazon CloudFront content delivery network, cutting rates by 2 cents per gigabyte. And while 2 cents may not sound like much, at the highest usage levels of 1,000 terabytes, that takes the cost down by 40 percent per gigabyte.

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