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Flash completely dominates CSS/HTML/JS for rendering text accurately.

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Damien’s got a great article up: Building a Mac Tech Utilities Drive.  I’d been wondering, now that I’m back on Mac, if DiskWarrior was worth picking up.  Looks like it’s still just as great when you’ve got your kiester in a jam.

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I think I just experienced retinal detachment.

“Most awesome Flash intro ever.”  Thanks to SinPantalones, via Twitter.

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New Scientist, Tech:

Innovation: Mind-reading headsets will change your brain.  That’s all we need ... another excuse to not move around.

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Zen and the art of emailing.  “The average person sits at a computer for several hours a day and uses e-mail more than 50 times and instant messaging 70 times. And if the person interrupted by email happens to be at work, it will take 16 minutes and 33 seconds on average to get back to what he or she was doing previously ...”  Time to decrease the refresh interval of email.

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Refrigerator magnets ...

for Twitter.  Twittermagnets.com.  Alas, for my Twitter feed subscribers ... a new time-wasting addiction.

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The art of the title sequence.  ‘Quantum of Solace’, the title sequence, was such a letdown after ‘Casino Royale’.

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Amazon S3 on sale. 

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ars technica:

Caustic Graphics launches real-time ray tracing platform.  A custom hardware board (or more) is the way to do it.  My old TVL system in the early 90’s used three true 32-bit buffer boards in a 286/386 Windows 2 PC, and I was doing live broadcast effects.  The boards were interlinked, and I could ‘punch’ a mask or graphics to any of the three boards (with alpha channels).  Loading into two boards while one displayed made up for the slower hard drive load times and slower CPUs of those days.  I had all the effects of today’s Powerpoint or Keynote, along with live After Effects-style capabilities.  Interface was simple, the graphics were optimized for video projection.  Alas, TVL is no more.  Can’t even rent the hardware now.

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dzone architectzone:

An introduction to cloud computing.  Just for my own edification; hopefully I can forward this to a few clients to explain the tech.  Haven’t watched it yet.

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10 Reasons to Avoid Joomla.  I’d rather stick icepicks in my eyes, than try to template some of the other CMSs.  Major reason why I use Expression Engine.

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9 Reasons Japanese Interactive Work Is Awesome.

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The latest Twitter client du jour.  This time, ‘Tweetie.’ 

Now what would really be cool is a canned, self-running tweet creator that adapts to your particular ‘voice.’  Enter your mood, what music you’re listening to, what news your reading, etc., and let ‘er rip.  I mean, who needs to waste brainpower typing trivia?

Later: Oh, jeez.  I think, therefore I tweet?

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XHTML 2 vs. HTML 5: Real World Matters.  The proliferation of new tags may throw me back even harder into BBEdit, using Tag Maker.

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Wall Street Journal:

Typeface Inspired by Comic Books Has Become a Font of Ill Will.  Just say “No” to Comic Sans.

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Find them unused CSS selectors.

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cnet, technically incorrect:

Facebook messes up your GPA.  As opposed to the conclusions of the author, I wonder how modern kids make it through school with all the technological distractions.  My generation didn’t have iPods (not even Walkmans), cell phones, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or anything else.  I would have been so distracted by these toys, I’d never have made it through high school.

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just lost its mind.  One tweet across all panes, everything else gone.  Back to Twhirl.

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London Review of Books:

Short Cuts/On Google Street View.  “There seems to be something fundamentally not right about total strangers on the other side of the planet being able to look at a picture of my house. Younger users don’t see the problem: but then their attitudes to privacy are hard to understand, across the digital generation gap. The briefest look at Facebook or MySpace or Twitter shows a fundamental shift in how guarded people are about their private information: the younger generation really doesn’t seem to care.”

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Tweet to self: Evernote gets Twitter integration.  I know a lot of folks love Evernote.  I haven’t tried it, for fear my Mac will begin looking like my desk ...

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Trying out Nambu, one of the newer Twitter clients.  Open the search trends panel, and am slammed by the banality.  American Idol Adam Lambert looked like he farted green nuclear fusion fog the other night?  TV shows, sports, not much else. Perhaps it is better that level of conversation isn’t posted on weblogs. 

Drobo seems successful in garnering attention via the retweet. [See vowe.net’s observations here.]  I fell for that spam scheme, too.  I won’t be doing it again.

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Smashing Magazine:

Table Layouts vs. Div Layouts: From Hell to… Hell?  A nice overview for those who still haven’t jumped to CSS layout.  No real mention of the various box model hacks required to get multi-column CSS layouts working across all browsers ... but why spoil the fun? 

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Conficker wakes up, updates via P2P, drops payload.

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Twitter use explodes.  “... the average age for Tweeters was in the 25- to 54-year-old range, with the over-45 set stealing the bulk of the user pie.”

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IE6 CSS Fixer.  I haven’t tried it yet, just thought others might be interested.

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