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Copyblogger: Could Your Blog be Ruining Your Business?

Funny, and true. You see it all the time. Web design firms weblogging just enough information for their clients to try it themselves. I’m very guilty of TMI in meetings. Can’t help it. I’ve been weblogging too long. Information just pours out of me when people ask. Need to be better. 

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visualswirl: 6 Ways Apple’s iPad Will Shake Up The Design World.

Fluff piece. A lever for me to declare the real impact on designers: Rich internet apps. Start getting up to speed now, if you haven’t already. The requests from clients are just around the corner.

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Adobe: We want Flash developers on the iPad.

Adobe also asked for developers interested in developing iPad applications using Flash to get in touch. ‘We are looking for developers and designers who have a specific app in mind to be submitted to the iTunes App Store within the next two months,’ the blog post said.”

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rc3.org: Is the iPad the harbinger of doom for personal computing?

If you haven’t seen it, Rafe’s got some concerns about the iPad that will spur deeper thought about what’s happening in computing today.

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SF New Mexican: Meet Encanto.

The public supercomputer that will make 3-D technology available at 33 sites in N.M.

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Insanely great? Ars reacts to the Apple iPad.

Many of the ars editors respond ... the article’s three pages long. Tiny nav’s at the bottom of each page.

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Vimeo: Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop.

Good Lord.

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Studio Daily Blog: Apple Tablet - What about Flash?

“Takayuki Fukatsu, a Flash developer in Japan who received a private beta, has created a free metronome iPhone app using Flash CS5, he says, to disprove the assumption that Flash is too slow for the iPhone.”  Once we get our hands on CS5, presumably the app market will explode further.

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Gizmodo: Everything you need to know about the iPad.

The specs. Macintouch terms it an ”oversize iPod Touch.”

Clearly, aficionados overhyped the product, given the amount of negativity I’m seeing. It may be cool to be negative, but c’mon. I mean, it’s a flippin’ TABLET, kids. Where were you with the realism/pessimism just hours/days ago, when it would have meant something? The tablet market’s not exactly on fire (discounting ebooks, of course), and we all know it. I predict there’ll be backlash until reviewers get them in their hands and can reboot the excitement.  Don’t count Apple out, however; they’re habitually late to market with compelling competition - MP3 players existed before iPod crushed the field.  When serendipity strikes for Apple, they can create a market out of nothing.

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Apple’s Tablet impact.

Since the event started, my traffic’s fallen to zero. 

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IEEE Spectrum: iPhone-controlled, augmented-reality drone.

Augmented Reality Robots Take Flight. Next Xmas?  Pleeeze?

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Román Cortés: OK, wow.

Pure CSS Coke Can. Gotta try reverse-engineering this thing to understand it.

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Scott Kelby: “Party of the Year.”

You Guys Are Invited To The Party of The Year As We Celebrate Photoshop’s 20th Anniversary.  PS came out strong, stayed strong.

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NPR: Social media is the organizing tool,

however it sounds like the more ‘traditional skills’, such as database and iPhone app programming, are making the big difference. Social media is only one part of the bigger picture: Social Media Among Haiti’s First Responders.

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mac.appstorm.net: A Mac application of note.

Papers: Your Personal Research Library. Some of you in the scientific disciplines may be interested in this.

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The H Security: A more serious Windows hole.

Windows hole discovered after 17 years. “While the vulnerability is likely to affect home users in only a minor way, the administrators of corporate networks will probably have their hands full this week.”  There are fixes delineated in the article.

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VisualFXtuts.com: I love free ‘Making of ...’ documentaries.

Even if they’re short. WHAT??? 23 Minute Feature on the Making of Avatar!

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Lifehacker: Store any file on Google Docs.

Google Docs Now Allowing Any Type of File Upload. 1GB. Dropbox gives you two gigs, of course, along with what I consider more convenient features and better UI.

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MacUser: Brent lights a fire.

Open-source project aims to build new Mac e-mail client. Save us from Mail.app, please.

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If you watched

and enjoyed JJG’s Aurora concept videos, you simply *have* to check out Circle Dock. Windows only, unfortunately.

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Mashable:  A new desktop idea for Mac.

BumpTop for Mac Launches: a Seamless 3D Desktop Experience [INVITES].

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Remember Indie+Relief today, all proceeds to Haiti.


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Ars Technica: Google’s view of the future.

Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software.

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Photopreneur: An iPhone app for photographers.

Photography Studio Shares its iPhone App.

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CNET News: I wonder if history will remember Esquire burst the dam on AR.

Bruce Sterling to keynote first augmented reality confab.

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