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NY Times: Google and Partners Seek Foothold in the Living Room.

Google’s about to swallow your television viewing.

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SmashingWebs: 10 iPhone PSD Resources.

Handy.  I may have linked something like this before; you can never collect enough links to freely available templates.

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FAK3R: Build your own open source Dropbox clone.

A bit complex.  Not for nOObs.

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WebDesignerDepot: CSS Bugs and Inconsistencies in Firefox 3.x.

“Firefox has always done an excellent good job of supporting both CSS and JavaScript in a standards-compliant manner without too many awkward bugs. There are, however, a few CSS properties and selectors that aren’t supported by one or more of the versions released since version 3.0., which I will cover here.”  Just FYI.

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CNet: Going beyond Flash, Adobe shows off Web tech.

A new version of Adobe’s Creative Suite products is due to arrive soon, but these demonstrations won’t be showing up in the software, the two said.” Rats.

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NPR: No Ink, No Paper: What’s The Value Of An E-Book?

“There’s serious misunderstanding there, because the publishing companies do today exist, and they do have all that overhead and they have to pay for it. And so that has to be figured into the cost of an electronic book… [snip] ... It’s not just the cost of transmitting a file. So it’s misleading to think that just because there is no physical book that the costs all disappear. They don’t.”  Paper and bookbinding will be traded for internet delivery systems, security and computers. I’ll bet the prices will be higher.

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Formula One Race Times and Dates for Google Calendar, iCal & Outlook.

Get ‘em while they’re hot.  Via vowe.net

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The Single Page Interface Manifesto.

Dude’s thinking too much.  The single CMS template is possible.

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Ahhhh.  MarsEdit’s back up.

It was a mod_security issue. New rules installed, MarsEdit’s working again. 

To be honest, I hadn’t realized how much of a timesaver MarsEdit had become.  Hand-copying titles, body text, switching tabs to set categories for a post ... and then having to scroll down to hit the submit button because I’ve got such a long list of categories ... damn.  In MarsEdit, I’ve custom-configured the info that gets quoted in the constructed post, too.

I don’t often plug a product, but just go out and buy MarsEdit.  You may call me biased because I worked the beta for Pike all those years ago, but I’m tellin’ you ... use it for two weeks, you won’t go back.

Later: To be perfectly clear, in case this gets linked: from what I understand, mod_security 2.5+ no longer allows the on/off switch to be set via .htaccess, because of the insecurity of .htaccess.  Any changes must be set from Apache/PHP.  If you’re on shared hosting, send a ticket to the security or tech departments. In MarsEdit, go to WINDOW > NETWORK LOG and copy the first eight lines of information (including URL, Method name, Network reply received, Status Code, Succeeded) and send this information along with your request. Your host will be able to set the correct mod_security rules.

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ars technica: Safely whitelist your favorite sites and opt out of tracking.

“Many were more than happy to unblock Ars, but many others had difficulty doing so due to the complicated nature of many ad blocking solutions. Dozens of you asked for help, so here it is.  In the first of many articles we plan to produce about these topics, we’ve attempted to collect information on how an informed Web user such as yourself can safely and responsibly whitelist websites that you support and trust.

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Matt Legend Gemmell: iPad Application Design.

“We already have iPhone apps on the iPad (they can run at their native size in the middle of the screen, or be scaled up to fit). That’s useful, but it’s not particularly interesting. Far more relevantly, we can bring desktop-class applications to iPad — but we need to rethink our user interface and design in general.” I wonder how iPad-specific apps scale down to iPhone?

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Queness: Most Effective Method to Reduce and Optimize PNG Images.

Cute little trick.

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Measuring Usability: Why you only need to test with five users (explained).

Makes a crystal clear case.  Timely, too. Needed to test something.

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ReadWriteWeb: Does HTML5 Really Beat Flash? The Surprising Results of New Tests.

Here’s what this all means in layman’s terms: Apple isn’t allowing Flash to become more efficient on their Mac OS X/Safari platform (or their iPod/iPhone/iPad one, either) by not providing the access to the hardware it needs to reduce its CPU load. Adobe is waiting and watching to see if they do, but, as Ozer says ‘the ball is in Apple’s court.’”  Sadly, not in wider public perception, but I think Jobs’ remarks are (as evinced by this and other articles) going to backfire on him.  Reality had to punch through at some point.

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All Things Digital: Video Interview: Jeff Smith of Mobile App Maker Smule.

Smith is part of a small but vocal chorus of app developers who say they don’t want to move to Android, even though it is growing quickly. His complaints: He doesn’t like the way the store merchandises its wares, and he doesn’t want to have to create different apps for each handset Android supports.”  Yet we see, time and again, those who throw up walls, refuse to adapt, are the ones who generally lose.  Marked to revisit this in a year or so.

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insic designs: Create Social Media Icons in Pure CSS.

Just for reference.

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Google Apps Marketplace ...

... is here.

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The Atlantic: Digital Rights Group Blasts iPhone’s Faustian Developer Deal.

”‘Steve Jobs has confirmed that Apple can remotely disable apps, even after they have been installed by users’ ... [snip] ... The contract also strictly bans tinkering with any Apple products, a limitation that Lohmann points out could prevent developers from making apps that work with open source software.”  Perhaps a bit of FUD; perhaps not.

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Panic Blog: The Panic Status Board.

Brilliant.  Via Bump’s Twitter.

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PHP Zone: Use jQuery With Other Libraries Like Prototype and MooTools.

Timely. I’m running across more and more sites with just about every library under the sun being called on the home page, top of the page, uncompressed, slowing everything to a crawl.  A corner-rounder in MooTools, a collapsible box in Spry, navigation in JQuery, Dreamweaver rollovers ...

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Macworld/MacUser: Are Macs really cheaper to manage than PCs?

“Macs in the enterprise aren’t just cheaper to manage — they’re a lot cheaper, according to a new survey released today by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance.” After switching back from PC to Mac a year ago, I concur wholeheartedly.

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Macworld: iPhone app purge: Are template-based apps next?

“Template-based applications can be a handy way for a small company or blogger to get a branded iPhone application into the hands of users as quickly as possible. Apple reportedly doesn’t have a problem with this in principle, and seems to be focusing on applications that have very basic functionality.

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The March issue of FFDMag ...

Flash and Flex Developers Magazine ... is available.  There’s an article on iPad, for those interested.

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appstorm.mac: How To Find Your Files Faster with Tags.

I should use tags more.  I still have to wade through my backlog of photos and tag them all ...

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After a week of playing with Woopra,

and comparing it to Statcounter and Google Analytics, I almost want to drop Google Analytics.  Google’s consistently under-reporting the stats for the site, compared to Woopra and Statcounter. Woopra, they’re live stats - I can watch visitors’ paths through my site, and even label each visitor with a nickname. I know they’re real ... and I know that Google’s missing 10-15% completely. All three of these (Statcounter, Woopra and GA) tally by Javascript, so JS is not a factor here. Any JS based statcounter has to be missing hits (due to JS being turned off, page caching, etc.) anyway, which means GA is even more inaccurate. I’ll only use Google Analytics to gauge trends now - never again for definitive counts.

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