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Hulu - Labs: I’m thinking of moving my iMac into the living room ...

Hulu Desktop. “Hulu Desktop is a lean-back viewing experience for your personal computer.”

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Smashing Magazine: If you want to customize Wordpress, you’ll want to see this.

Wordpress Theme Development Frameworks.  I rarely troll the WP waters anymore, yet occasionally I get called upon to do so, hence this link.  Doesn’t make it as easy as Expression Engine, but it will likely take some of the pain away.

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CNET: Categorize yourself on Vimeo

Vimeo now highlights hot videos with categories.  I’ve been saying for ages, the money’s in self-selected subcategorization.  A poor metaphor: An individual dentist can’t shine in a general dentist social media group.  But as a member of the blind, left-handed dentists’ social media group, one could be a star. Some would pay $$ to be afforded the chance.  And that’s the point.


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Adobe Labs: Presentations joins Buzzword.

Acrobat.com Presentations.  I look forward to trying it out, old presentation-wonk that I am.

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MarsEdit2: Purchased.

I only had five days (out of thirty) on the trial, and couldn’t stand the thought of not owning MarsEdit2 after just those few days of use. Great to find something that just flat out works with Expression Engine, without histrionics.

[Ironic thing is, this is full circle for me. I was part of the beta cycle for Userland’s Pike (later Radio Userland) in 2000, the archetype for this piece of software. Pike was MarsEdit to the Manila weblog environment.]

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cnet: No ads in the Twitter business model.

“Twitter co-founder Biz Stone said at the Reuters Technology Summit on Monday that the ubiquitous microblogging start-up isn’t considering an advertising-based business model at all.”

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Online pattern-making tool.


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Macworld: Blind faith in the cloud?

Google outage lesson: Don’t get stuck in a cloud.  I’ve been using Gmail for both my Gmail account and my POP3 email.  I experimented with their IMAP via Apple’s Mail client, but it was just too cumbersome an implementation. So I turned on POP3 retrieval from Gmail to Apple Mail, and it’s quite ... well ... entertaining.  Mail that goes to Gmail sometimes never bounces over to my Apple Mail client. If you’re using Gmail as a rough-and-ready spam filter for your POP3 accounts, you might want to verify you’re receiving all your legitimate mail.

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Busy Monday.

A few things. 

First, switched over from my old Linksys router to a new Apple Airport Extreme. The speed of surfing has gone way up, which will of course make my CMS work much more civilized. Config was dead simple. It’s like getting a internet service speed upgrade.  Pics just snap right up.  Traceroute now works straight in Terminal, without the “-P ICMP” flags.  Expensive router, but I’m very happy.  Wireless coverage goes out to my patio, and I don’t need anything more than that (55’ through stucco and plaster walls, 3 out of 4 bars of signal).

Second, I’m integrating MarsEdit2 into my weblog workflow. I like it.  Very much.  Still, I’m going to give it a few days before purchase to make sure it completely fits my druthers.  Let me know if my new titling style helps or hurts.  I’d had a discussion with NewMexiKen about the relative non-helpfulness of my old news-source based titles in RSS feeds ... perhaps my RSS fans will be delighted.  MarsEdit2 is attractive enough workflow to make me shift my style (Expression Engine only allows a set number of identical TITLEs; I’d manually adjust title parameters for each post).

Third, I’m attempting to better organize my surfing/reference endeavors through using Evernote and, perhaps Delicious.  I can see a huge value to Evernote, but getting it into my morning surf style is proving challenging.  I need to spend more time with it to get my morning rhythm going.  Still, for work-related reference, Evernote seems to be working very smoothly for me.  The tag search is powerful and quick ... as long as I’m smart with my tagging.  If you’ve run across any power-user articles, tips or tricks, point ‘em my way.

Fourth, as a solo designer/programmer, I’ve rarely used version control. There’s been no need to have a repository, as Expression Engine saves revisions internally on a per-entry and per-template basis.  There’s another workflow, however, through using static templates, which makes the use of a system like Subversion a handy backup.  There’s also a cheat to get live previews of the static templates through using .htaccess.  So I’m playing with Springloops.com, static templates and Coda trialware on dangerousmeta.com here. If the weblog looks like it’s broken, it’s just me screwing around. Chalk it up to my neverending search for better/faster workflow.

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ReadWriteWeb: Shopping 2.0 trends.

Current E-commerce Trends (Redux).  The chart’s particularly interesting.  I was emailing an old weblogging friend today about a similar subject, mentioning that some weblogs have become so much like a compilation of daily corporate press releases as to be just as useless.  Those weblogs are ruining enjoyment of the form for the rest of us.

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Testing MarsEdit2.

I mean, since the author himself responded in one of my last posts, how could I not?  Metaweblog API seemed to work on first go (though not automatically); be sure to trim your ID # off the end of EE’s generated Metaweblog API and enter it manually.

Later: I should mention this is posted with MarsEdit2.  And now edited with it, as well.

Even Later: No hitches, no glitches.  I have to consider my titling scheme, however.  EE only allows a certain set number of identical article titles, which my news-source title style breaks (I manually add extra title/URL info to avoid this).  What I like best is, smaller RAM footprint than all the browser windows I usually keep open.

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Hackers ‘destroy’ flight sim site.  Another reminder to back up reliably.

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Adobe announces

the Strobe media framework. 

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Forrester: Social Technology is Like Sex.  Now there’s a rich metaphor.  Twitter as codpiece.  Facebook as worn-out streetwalker.  The mind boggles at the possibilities ...

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Webdesigner Depot:

How to get started with iPhone dev.

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Rest in peace, RSS. Sorry, dude, I don’t agree.  Auto-generated Twitter feeds are largely chaff, slower to mentally parse, and take longer to weblog with ... until better software comes out.

Related: Tweeters use Twitter for Business.  Mental note: set up separate business entity on Twitter, in copious and fictional spare time.

Later, Related:  Twitter “Nest Unclutterer.”  And a mildly interesting discussion of why Twitter uses third parties to shorten url’s.

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A BBEdit upgrade is available.

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How to Turn Humdrum Photos into Cinematic Portraits.  If you’re allergic to Photoshop, don’t click.

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QuickBooks Online opens its doors to Mac users.

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“Wouldn’t it be neat if I could take the designer’s work, import it into Flex and then interactively turn the design into real code?”  Tobias talks about Adobe Flash Catalyst.

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Many Twitters are quick quitters: study.  “Twitter’s audience retention rate, or the percentage of a given month’s users who come back the following month, is currently about 40 percent.”  I believe it, yet folks said weblogs were a flash in the pan, too.

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Hey, Prince of Persia’s still around.  I suppose it’s nice to have the 3D gimmickry ... I think companies should keep the classic versions available for a lower cost.

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I miss ...

the KPT Spheroid Designer.  After hours of use, I actually understood the interface and even enjoyed it.

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Flash completely dominates CSS/HTML/JS for rendering text accurately.

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Damien’s got a great article up: Building a Mac Tech Utilities Drive.  I’d been wondering, now that I’m back on Mac, if DiskWarrior was worth picking up.  Looks like it’s still just as great when you’ve got your kiester in a jam.

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