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Panic Blog: The Panic Status Board.

Brilliant.  Via Bump’s Twitter.

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PHP Zone: Use jQuery With Other Libraries Like Prototype and MooTools.

Timely. I’m running across more and more sites with just about every library under the sun being called on the home page, top of the page, uncompressed, slowing everything to a crawl.  A corner-rounder in MooTools, a collapsible box in Spry, navigation in JQuery, Dreamweaver rollovers ...

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Macworld/MacUser: Are Macs really cheaper to manage than PCs?

“Macs in the enterprise aren’t just cheaper to manage — they’re a lot cheaper, according to a new survey released today by the Enterprise Desktop Alliance.” After switching back from PC to Mac a year ago, I concur wholeheartedly.

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Macworld: iPhone app purge: Are template-based apps next?

“Template-based applications can be a handy way for a small company or blogger to get a branded iPhone application into the hands of users as quickly as possible. Apple reportedly doesn’t have a problem with this in principle, and seems to be focusing on applications that have very basic functionality.

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The March issue of FFDMag ...

Flash and Flex Developers Magazine ... is available.  There’s an article on iPad, for those interested.

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appstorm.mac: How To Find Your Files Faster with Tags.

I should use tags more.  I still have to wade through my backlog of photos and tag them all ...

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After a week of playing with Woopra,

and comparing it to Statcounter and Google Analytics, I almost want to drop Google Analytics.  Google’s consistently under-reporting the stats for the site, compared to Woopra and Statcounter. Woopra, they’re live stats - I can watch visitors’ paths through my site, and even label each visitor with a nickname. I know they’re real ... and I know that Google’s missing 10-15% completely. All three of these (Statcounter, Woopra and GA) tally by Javascript, so JS is not a factor here. Any JS based statcounter has to be missing hits (due to JS being turned off, page caching, etc.) anyway, which means GA is even more inaccurate. I’ll only use Google Analytics to gauge trends now - never again for definitive counts.

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ConceptDraw MindWave.

A widget to make Google Wave perform collaborative mindmapping.

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Javalobby: Search Engine Basics.

If you ever wanted a peek at search engine algorithms, here’s your chance.

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cloudkick blog: 4 Months with Cassandra, a love story.

We initially used PostgreSQL, but as we added billions of rows, the performance quickly degraded.” Some real numbers here.

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NY Times: What Apple vs. HTC Could Mean.

“It’s a bad scene right now. The social value of patents was supposed to be to encourage innovation — that’s what society gets out of it [snip] The net effect is that they decrease innovation, and in the end, the public loses out.

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ars technica: Why we tweaked our copyright notice.

Of interest to those concerned about meta-usage.

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CNet: Finally: Gmail multitasks more smoothly.

“One example: In a message, clicking the ‘new window’ icon toward the upper left splits that conversation out into a separate window. When you send a reply, the window closes automatically (after a 10-second delay if you have the “undo send” feature enabled in Gmail Labs—a feature I recommend).”

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Gizmodo: Apple Sues HTC For Infringing On 20 iPhone Patents.

“Apple’s asking for a permanent injunction, which would bar HTC from importing or selling phones here that use these patents, along with triple damages with maximum interest (read: a lot of money). As you can see, some of the patents are fairly broad, like “unlocking a device by performing gestures on an unlock image,” which seems to cover like every touchscreen phone ever.” Here’s to open technologies, kids.

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Ahmed Rabieh: 15 Helpful Flash Components to Make Charts and Maps.

Just for future reference.

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MikeChambers.com: Relative Performance of Rich Media Content across Browsers and OS’s.

One of his observations: “From these tests, Flash content does not perform consistently worse on Mac than on Windows.” That is my observation, as well.

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Miller-McCune: Will The Past Last In The Digital Age?

“Once upon a time, news stories were entombed in newspaper “morgues” and rarely saw the dusty light of day. Now the news never dies. Millions of people can search the archives online — an amazing benefit unless, perhaps, you’re someone who was actually in the news.”

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looks interesting.

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CNet: Facebook eats up patents for the ‘feed’.

“Can I start screaming loudly about patent reform now?”  Seems a little late, if you ask me.

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CNet: Gmail runs into importing issues Thursday.

I ran into this yesterday.  Didn’t get POP3 email for 7 hours.  Going in and doing a ‘manual’ retrieve seemed to kickstart everything.  Got a lot done without email, however ...

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ReadWriteCloud: Backing Up a Wordpress Blog to the Cloud Using Amazon S3.

This goes on my ‘recommend’ list to WP clients.

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FlashMobileBlog: Battery Performance with Flash Player 10.1 on Nexus One.

Counter to the nonsense being passed around, Flash ain’t so bad on Android. Neither is the recent against-Flash post about touchscreen devices accurate. 

A side comment: Try running the debugger version of Flash Player sometime. You’ll realize how many sloppy Flash programmers are breaking your video experience. Even large site/services! Rather than bitch to Adobe, you might be better served to nudge the authors of the Flash content to debug their creations. Photographers’ sites are particularly bad about this; Flash is widely used by photographers as a technique to prevent right-click copying.

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Creep me out.

New Scientist: Newborns’ blood used to build secret DNA database.
Discover Magazine: Augmented Reality iPhone App Can Identify Strangers on the Street.
Mashable: Google Adds Facebook Pages to Real-time Search. That’s not the bad part; read the last paragraph: “Still, Google’s stream doesn’t include public Facebook profiles, something only rival search engine Bing can access.”  A lot of people still can’t figure out Facebook’s privacy settings.  Time to walk your friends, relatives and children through it.

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ReadWriteWeb: 2 Ways to Sync Google Buzz with Twitter.

I’m not wild about meta-posting across social media (the repeats are a bloody waste of my time), but this might be helpful to some.

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Mashable: Scribd Makes Online Documents E-Reader and Smartphone-Friendly.

“Scribd — the online document-hosting service — is announcing a major play for the mobile device document market today: a new send-to-device feature, pending mobile apps, and fresh e-reader and smartphone APIs.

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