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Designer News: It’s time Sketch fixed their font issues.

Of note.

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Day One Blog: Introducing Day One 2.

Purchase tomorrow, 50% discount for the first week. I love the (now) Classic version - and yet never use it. It’s well thought out, dead simple to use, beautiful to look at, a joy. Not sure why I haven’t partaken.

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Pomodoro Time Manager.

For those of you like me who tend to collect these low cost apps in search of the perfect solution ...

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Macworld: Default Folder X 5 review - Mac app advances the state of file navigation.

One of those apps I expect to have available on any Mac I use.

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GitHub: A Git client for Sketch.


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f.lux Forum: Seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Interestingly, I believe I experienced this effect. Correlation is not causation, but it was the only factor that was altered in my normal daily routine. My SAD got significantly worse after about a week of use. I think f.lux is great - I was sleeping peerlessly - but I’m saving it for summertime. If you’re using it, and you notice an uptick in melancholy/depression/‘downs’, you might want to experiment a bit over a few days.

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Macworld: VLC for Apple TV hands-on - Goodbye format woes

None of those annoyances matter much when all of a sudden your Apple TV box can play virtually any file from any of your devices without any cash outlay on your part. That’s a nice upgrade right there. In fact, Apple ought to thank the VLC folks for so drastically expanding the capabilities of its box.

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Sortd: Smart Skin for Gmail.

If you use Gmail as a to-do list - and love lists - you’ll like this. I have hated lists my whole life, and only recently made an uneasy detente with them. I recognize and appreciate their utility, but dislike them nonetheless.

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DZone: Goodnight, Sweet Prince - Internet Explorer 8, 9, and 10 Reach ‘End of Lifecycle’.

HOORAY! Oh, wait ... (breath) ... respect for a once-great browser.

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Lightroom CC, ‘app not responding’ ...

File under “Dumb Ass Doings.” I removed Suitcase Fusion, installed RightFont, and turned off a bunch of fonts. Including some Adobe needs to paint their interface panels. So if you have a font prefixed with “Adobe ...”, leave it the hell turned on. That goes for Devanagari, Gurmukhi and Naskh.

Once I re-enabled them, stability returned.

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The Luminous Landscape: Merging images in Lightroom and Photoshop CC 2015.

Options I hadn’t realized were available. Useful!

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Trying out RightFont.

Suitcase Fusion (all versions) have been such hot messes. I feel I need a break.

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Downloaded Mac App, “Timing.”

You know what surprises me? With so much CMS work, I spend a great deal of time in a browser. Makes the choice of browser a much more important decision than I ever realized.

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Macworld: Evernote drops dead weight with demise of Clearly, Pebble app, and most Skitch versions.

Butofcourse! I use Clearly and Skitch. Skitch most, since my other screengrabber of choice hasn’t updated for Yosemite. Ah well. Life is change ...

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SqlPad - A web app for running SQL queries and visualizing the results.

Of note.

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TechDirt: Clueless Press Being Played To Suggest Encryption Played A Role In Attacks.

Oy vey. As stupid as believing this buildup of armaments was accomplished in order to crash a holiday office party.

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The Register.UK: Adobe - We locked our customers in the cloud and out poured money.

Missing the point. They also locked out pirates, who were bleeding them dry. I used to run across many people using pirated stuff. I’d read them the riot act, to no avail. I like CC, I like having all the latest toys faster. I just hate the CC desktop widget. A more problematic piece of crap, I’ve never seen. Since the last update, it crashes on every bootup. I restart it, open Activity Monitor, manually quit “Adobe Desktop Service”, and then within a couple of minutes it works again.

[That being said, Dreamweaver needs a complete redesign and rethink. I don’t even crack it open for the sitemap feature anymore. Waste of hard drive space.]

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Pro Video Coalition: Affinity Photo gets major update and is App of the Year.

Beware of low-cost Photoshop substitutes. Or, just don’t count on them for anchoring your ‘production suite’. Why? Many major features are missing, compared to PS. Before you invest in any for photo editing, do a search on ‘software-name white balance’. You’ll see what I mean. This is just one major function that most of these competitors short-shrift. Post-production is the most costly aspect of photography; don’t handicap yourself.

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AppleInsider: Lightning-connected Gamevice gaming controller for iPhone debuts in Apple Stores.

Hmmm. I used to enjoy “Real Racing” on my iPod Touch. Perhaps I should ...

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DB Blog: Saying goodbye to Carousel and Mailbox.

Never used them, though I demoed ‘em a while ago. I see some lamentations online.

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Sketch Blog: Leaving the Mac App Store.

Of note. I bought my recent update outside the App Store; they have frequent updates, and I wanted the latest faster.

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KelbyOne Learning Center: What’s new (this morning’s CC update).


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Medium: #SlackDown - A lesson in brand interaction.

Great lesson in crisis-as-opportunity.

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PetaPixel: Reuters Issues a Worldwide Ban on RAW Photos.

Post-production is a time-suck, no doubt; however I think they’ll rue this move. I can do a lot to a JPG, untraceably. Canon users will hate it - gives the boost to higher dynamic range sensors. Nikon and Sony win this one.

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AppleInsider: Certificate problems causing app authentication errors for some Mac App Store users.

Interesting. I’ve had a spate of “This app was downloaded and installed on another computer. Please verify your password” screens.

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