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PVC: Affinity Photo and ON1 Photo RAW challenge Lightroom and Photoshop.

The next months are going to be very interesting, I believe, and if all goes according to plan, we may see many people changing their workflow.” Lightroom is getting very pokey. Everyone suspects CC bloat. So I’ll be looking at these closely.

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Macworld: How to better organize your classical music in iTunes 12.5.

FYI. If you have the time to do such extra work.

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Macworld: macOS Sierra review - Mixing iOS with OS X to make a better Mac.

FYI. Mixed bag. Mine’s a 2011 iMac, so much of the whiz won’t be here.

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Product Hunt: Slack Beta.

No longer a wrapper for a website. I’ll probably just wait for wider release - mine’s fast enough.

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The Register: Evernote dumps its own bit barn, boards Google’s cloud.

My goodness. Well, they should save a great deal of money and overhead, no?

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Mashable: Gmail access goes down for several hours, prompting panic.

It’s been delivering inconsistently for me since Sunday. But my account’s so old, I figure the server is in a defunct warehouse’s locked-up john.

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AI: iOS 10 tests show slower boot times, but overall smooth speeds even on older iPhones.

How often does one boot up an iPhone? I don’t often do it. I’d say there’s a beat longer with some functions.

BIG WARNING - the update process briefly bricked my iPad Air. Totally unresponsive in the middle of the update process. Black screen, but you could tell the screen was powered. Did a Home+Power hard reboot, the Apple logo appeared for about five minutes, then the progress bar restored. Stalled about 2/3 of the way through for another five-ten minutes, then completed the process to the lock screen. Phew. So iPhone was smooth, no hitches. iPad, glitchy upgrade. Make sure you do it wired to your Mac with iTunes, and have a current complete backup.

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BittBox: Make a Dotted Line in Photoshop.


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Designer News: Anyone else finding that Adobe programs are becoming more slower to load?

Oh yeah. I need to stuff an SSD in the iMac or upgrade. Religiously keeping my main drive half empty (performance suffers if the disk is above 50% capacity).

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Macintouch gives instructions for how to save a copy of El Capitan before it’s pulled.

Here. Be careful, as per usual.

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vowe dot net: Move from Evernote to OneNote on a Mac.

I think I’ve expressed before, if I were starting from scratch, I’d look closer at Eaglefiler. I don’t use Evernote or OneNote regularly from mobile devices. Though, as with all things digital, that will likely change.

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Cascable: The Professional WiFi Camera Remote.

Got a wifi enabled camera?” Play.

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The Verge: Adblock Plus has already defeated Facebook’s new ad blocking restrictions.


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DP Review: Astropad 2.0 brings better performance and increased compatibility.

Have to try it again. Bought the previous version, played for a day, too slow/unresponsive.

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c|net: Microsoft Word wants to help you with your homework.

FYI, Office 365.

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NY Post: Victoria’s Secret retoucher reveals her techniques.

I’ve made jokes before about the Jockey catalogs when they arrive. Missing limbs, belly buttons, more. I guess that’s where retouchers go to learn from their mistakes, before going to a premium brand ...

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Macworld: LiquidText for iPad review: All you need for deep research projects.

This looks like something we expected the iPad to offer, years ago. I’ll have to try it out.

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Register.UK: Flaws found in security products from AVG, Symantec and McAfee.

Microsoft is brewing a patch for Detours due to drop next month which will help to address matters.” Hoo boy. Back up your stuff, Win users.

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Macworld: Scrivener for iOS review - A sophisticated writing and research app for on-the-go.

Quirky but lovely, I use Scrivener for all my longer-form writing on desktop. I’ve not tried this mobile variant yet.

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Luminous Landscape: Whither Adobe? Issues With Accurate Printing From Lightroom and Photoshop.

Roll back or wait for final prints in August. Needs a faster fix, IMHO. This is important software for many.

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Macintouch Forums: Building My $1200 Hackintosh.

Of interest.

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Zoho: Free Evernote Alternative.

Usual caveats apply. [Such as, can you get out what you put in, etc. etc.]

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AppleInsider: Another Mac-specific malware pops up.

Another FYI. Leave Gatekeeper configured to identify developers.

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Cinema 4D now has short-term licensing available.

Still one of the best packages that combines the ease of the old Strata StudioPro line, and the speed of rendering of Electric Image rendering packages. I used to do well with Form•z -> Cinema 4D.

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Macworld: External Editors for Photos review: Every image editor is now an extension.

Just make sure you can easily set color balance/white point. I see that as a distinct weakness in all third-party PS competition.

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