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Meat! - Git for Web Developers.

Another Git service to take note of.

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Github/ChrisZieba: DodgerCMS.

A static markdown CMS built on top of Amazon S3.” Keeping an eye on this.

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fxguide: RenderMan: under the (new) varnish.

Always great results. When you know what you’re doing!

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Slack vs. HipChat.

Of interest.

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Airwalk: FiftyThree Releases New Think Kit For Paper.

Easier flowcharts and diagrams, exportable to PowerPoint, Keynote and PDF.

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Mobile Mouse: Turn your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch into a Remote for your computer.

OK, seriously cool. With an iPad and a stylus, I could have a Wacom tablet on the cheap?

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The Agile Alliance Blog: 8 Reasons Why Agile Projects Fail.

I find a whole lot of businesspeople talk about it, but few actually understand it. The stories I hear, some savvy businessfolks seem to use it to bleed investors dry, blaming the process.

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NY Times: F.A.A. Orders Fix for Possible Power Loss in Boeing 787.

Boeing said the problem had occurred only in lab simulation and no airplane had experienced it. Boeing said that powering the airplane down would eliminate the risk that all power generators would shut down at the same time.” Well now, that could be disconcerting. But never shut down for eight months? Sheesh. I’d hope the system would get a break now and again.

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Lifehacker: Feedhuddler Sends RSS Feeds Straight to Pocket.

Pffft.  Wanna see me blow up Pocket with my thousand+ feeds?

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Bloomberg.com: Amazon discloses cloud services sales, 49% jump.

Holy Hannah.

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Apple Support: Pro Video Format 2.0.1 asks me to update it repeatedly ...

One of those days. I downloaded the Apple software update after reapplying the blasted update twice in the App Store, made sure it installed properly, and then just chose to ‘Hide this Update’ in the App Store, rather than purchase Pacifist. Posted this for others suffering this particular malady.

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My host decided to recompile PHP ...

... and the global PHP.ini file got borked. Piwik let me know — “PDO extension not enabled”. Host didn’t double-check their work. Naughty, naughty ... now I have no stats for the last 24 hours. Not that it’s a concern. I just like to see where folks come from. I still get a lot of enjoyment from seeing readers from across the globe.

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WSJ: Best Way to Organize a Lifetime of Photos. [Comparing Apple Photos to Adobe LR, more.]

A bit fluffy, but worth referencing.

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Lightroom 6/CC update ... continued.

I just sent out five finals after post-processing, and a selection of ‘potential portrait backgrounds’ converted to B/W ... in about a quarter of the time it usually takes. I haven’t used any of the new features, just doing what I always do, faster.

Note that this update maintained access to all my third-party plugins, effects and presets.  The previous updates required manually adding them back.  A significant time-saver.

Some tricks from Adobe for the new LR, and some free presets (I have way more than enough; don’t need these. I’m finding less is more.).

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Just upgraded to Lightroom 6/CC ... fast.

Noticeably faster. GPU action there. So far, nice. The only glitch I hit was, I’d been using a purchased version of LR5.  When I installed LR/CC, it didn’t recognize my old catalog, so I had to ‘open’ and upgrade it manually. FYI. I’ll have more comments in coming days, once I use the new features.

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Adobe – Creative Cloud Photography and Lightroom 6.

Big additions. I’ve been converting to DNG for a while now, only because I’ve seen a speed improvement in the Develop module versus native Canon files. I’ve been retaining the old RAWs on an external, ultimately only archiving the ‘printable’ items ... you know, ‘just in case.’

My CC widget is still only showing LR5. I suppose I’ll have to restart to see the new CC version.

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AppleInsider: OS X 10.10.3 triggering kernel panics when previewing JPEG files.


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New versions of Final Cut Pro, Motion, Compressor.

But I can’t play with them until I update to Yosemite. Dammit. Time to pull another clone and just get it over with.

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Helium: A floating browser window for OS X.

Of interest. If you can manage to concentrate on work *and* watch movies, more power to you.

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Newbie to Expert Photo Editing in 5 Minutes.

Fun, if you’ve never dragged a slider in your photo editing program before (I’ll wager you have). I think the biggest mistake for beginners ... do your adjustments, then go back and halve them. Everyone overdoes, when starting out. Do more work in the camera next time, not in post.

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LR Killer Tips: Making Sure All Your Lightroom Photos Have Your Copyright Info Embedded.


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Fast.co: Spotify, Tidal, Taylor Swift, And The Coming Streaming Music Wars.

It seems unlikely that these new music services can convince the average consumer who spent $64 a year on music in the days of CDs, to pay $10 per month without first getting hooked.” Not so unlikely. Current media reports indicate Millenials aren’t into owning ‘stuff.’

I find the streaming systems incredibly freeing. Instead of buying a CD, playing it for about a week, getting bored of hearing it, storing it for umpteen years ... or buying MP3s and worrying over backup schemes ... I can make playlists and do the same thing without taking up any physical or hard drive space in my home. I can delete, restore, craft playlists, take advantage of others’ cleverly assembled playlists, etc. Of course, it’s another ‘service’. Death by a thousand cuts ... all these $10-20 monthly charges from online services we love to use. I suppose being involved in web design, I’m already accustomed to the service model, more than Americans in general.

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EOSHD: Magic Lantern run Linux OS on Canon DSLRs.

Magic Lantern just turned your 5D Mark III into a desktop computer.” HAH. Will some wag will try to install Open Office next ... ?

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Embedly Blog: Twitter’s got a New Harassment Problem — Periscope.

Periscope and other public live streaming apps have a battle to fight and a social responsibility. The ability to type hate and see an immediate physical, emotional response is the ultimate tool for a tormentor.”  I’ve been seeing Periscope recommended by various niche talking heads for the last week. I was about to download, when I ran across this. Seems you need to be careful with your settings - they’re defaulting to ‘too open.’

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AE Scripts/Plugins: Tickler.

Could be very handy when you don’t have time/budget to do a full-on animation.

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