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Line 25: Tips for Designing Unique and Attractive Blog Posts.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to do something like this for blog posts? I suppose if it’s your business, one has the time.

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Pop Loser: Why I Didn’t Follow You Back On Twitter

Yeah, I have days like this. Via Splorp’s Twitter.

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CNet: Blogging declines among teens, young adults.

Blogging declines among teens, young adults. Facebook effect.

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Anyone seen this LinkedIn issue before?

I installed the Yoono plugin in Firefox, so I can keep track of Facebook, Flickr and LinkedIn.  The notification screen in the plugin says I have a bunch of invitations, from people I want to make contact with.  Pop into the LinkedIn interface - they’re not there. They’re ghosts. A few I can figure out that I know them and can contact them ‘manually’, but some have names I haven’t run across - and searching brings up enough names I’d have to choose from a couple of dozen similars.  Is this because I don’t have the pay-for upgrade?  Any idea?  Boggles me that I can be getting invites, a third party plugin sees them, but the main LinkedIn interface doesn’t.

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Spyre Studios: 6 Reasons Crowdsourcing And Spec Work Sucks.

A dose of common sense.  Check the linked SpecWatch site, too.

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Mashable: Does Facebook’s Doppelganger Week Violate TOS?

One would assume it does.  I have to admit, I never gave it a thought.

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