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LA Review of Books: Are You Out of Your Mind?

Do you think you have what it takes to make it through this entire review? Though it’s not long, it will require patience. And though it will be interesting, it will require concentration. It deals with important topics — technology, craftsmanship, philosophy, psychology — and big questions ...” Love it when someone challenges us. Most important read o’ the week.

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WDDepot: Medium 2.0 launches with great features, and dreadful branding.

The new logo is proof positive — if proof were needed — that good math does not equate to good design.

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Re/Code: Twitter Plans to Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit.

Less one-line snark in our lives. I think that chalks up as a Martha Stewart “good thing”.

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Steampunk Vehicles: Story about a Jet Trike.

Read the whole thing.

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The Atlantic: What It Takes to Make Fashion Blogging Look Effortless.

Pro-bloggers, we learned, must continually reconcile a series of competing demands: They have to appear authentic but also remain on brand, stay creative while tracking metrics, and satisfy both their readers and the retail brands that bankroll them. Many work up to 100 hours a week, and the flood of new bloggers means companies increasingly expect to not have to pay for partnerships. Meanwhile, the nature of the job requires obscuring the hard work and discipline that goes into crafting the perfect persona online.” This niche is another I’ve been following, along with ‘mommyblogging’. The investment in ‘brand’, faux-personas, is astonishing. I hope psychologists are looking at this, too. Esp. the folks who can project multiple faux-personas in virtual sphere, while maintaining a separate reality.

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Plaeroma: When Facebook is down.

Hee-hee. Mildew. That’s it. “I grow mold, I grow mold ... I will wear my fungus rolled.”

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PS Blog: Did I Just Give My #Permission? The Hashtag as Consent.

The Times article quotes a spokeswoman for Olapic, a visual marketing company, as saying, ‘brands do not always need to ask for permission to use a photo on their websites because users can give implied consent by tagging a company in their posts.’

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Look who’s on Instagram.

Eugene Richards. Some background.

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Medium: Take better selfies.

This seems to be getting popular. I would mention, don’t forget you can use proper lighting and a DSLR, transfer the image to your phone, and then post to the social channels. Many Instagrammers are *not* using their phones for their photos. If you’ve wondered why you can’t approach their quality - that’s why.

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TechDirt: Moral Panics And How ‘The Kids These Days’ Adapt.

We lived most of our college lives on Snapchat — now we don’t have any ‘tangible’ memories.

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Dazed: Miley Cyrus just came out as ‘pansexual’.

Slightly NSFW photo. You don’t even have to look - I just wanted to make an observation: As opposed to what’s said in this article, you can browse Tumblr and find most young people today are finding it cool to list themselves as ‘pansexuals’. Don’t be surprised if your kids copy the trend. The frequency was already on the uptick, but it has exploded since Bruce/Caitlin Jenner’s PR push. So many are young ladies who live in the boondocks, who want to be ‘different.’ I can only imagine their reactions if they were hit on by some of the transsexuals I used to see in lower Manhattan in the ‘80’s.

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Will Reichard: Pocket’s ‘recommendations’, coming to a cramped screen near you.

So the bloat starts. The ‘Microsoft Word’ path of ... hyperaccessorizing? Would that be a correct term? I use Pocket solely as an easy transfer between mobile and desktop for blog purposes. A button tap or two, versus sending myself an email. Fewer steps than sending to Evernote, and then erasing (if it’s in the blog, I don’t need it in Evernote). I hope ‘Recommendations’ aren’t going to get up my nose ...

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Connect/DPReview: Instagram now allows landscape and portrait formats.

Purists may have a hissy fit, I suppose.

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Fusion: Second Life college campuses - A tour of abandoned worlds.

I had more than one client believe the hype. Luckily they listened to reasoned argument.

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NY Times: Where Clicks Reign, Audience Is King.

Undigested comments that people might have made to colleagues or friends but later thought better of are now written down as journalism, and ‘get indexed and archived in the same way as a serious news story.’” Important read o’ the day. Don’t miss it. Muchos gracias, All About George on FB.

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Macworld: You can now send Twitter DMs that are way longer than 140 characters.

Um ... not even in my Twitter web interface yet. Bit premature.

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This cowgirl pumps her own beer ...

That’s the definition of a ‘keeper’, I think. Awesome boots, Meffl.

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“Archive or backup your tweets!”

Popped up in my RSS reader. Interesting thought. I really don’t want my tweets. They were toss-offs in the first place. I’d like to have the option to have ‘em self-destruct after a week, a month, a year, etc. Most have a sell-by date anyway. I understand the urge to archive the ‘net, but in this case ... reduce ‘net clutter! Of course, not everyone will agree ... (wink) ...

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Register.UK: Google unhooks ‘social network’ from YouTube.

Given the lack of interest the platform has generated over the last four years, this move could prove the beginning of the end for Google+.

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c|net: Man tries selfie with rattlesnake, gets snakebit for $150,000.

Another?!!! Okay, people. Wild animals do NOT do selfies. Just don’t.

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Interesting ...

... that Tumblr’s “Recommended Blogs” widget can guess my preferences better than Google, Facebook or Twitter. Combined.

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I love it ...

... when someone responds to a post of mine privately, “You scare the hell out of me. Where do you come up with this stuff?” Lets me know I’ve still ‘got it.’

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Re/code: Twitter Stock Jumps Nearly 8 Percent on Fake Bloomberg News Post.

This is a real story, but a fake one caused Twitter’s stock to surge nearly 8 percent.” A new method to make a quick mill?

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Storify: A bad coffee date in Toronto (with tweets).

Men, listen up.

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Facebook is becoming a broadcast tool for news you don’t want to know.

Or, “All the news fit for the recycle bin.” Each time I checked it on the July 4 weekend was like voluntarily sitting through an entire episode of “Jackass”. I just took my news feed, and started labelling posts in a simple manner, and realized the ratio of junk to valuable or social posts in my feed is about 15:1. I’m going to start scheduling my FB time a little more realistically, given that ratio. I also must make a list of the folks who actually do consistently post interesting things. To check FB first thing in the morning right now is to tarnish and/or wilt some of my best thinkerin’ time.

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