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MeFi: A Eulogy for Twitter.

FPP’s bound to be a conversation starter. How many eulogies, for how many services, have we had now? “Blogs are dead?” Even MySpace is still hanging on by its fingernails.

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Another day of excellence.

Klout has just suggested I post an article about the weather over Luzon in the Phillipines. I’m trying to find something positive to say about that circumstance.

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NY Times: What Does Buddhism Require?

The first is that life is fundamentally unsatisfactory, permeated by suffering of various types, including pain, aging and death and the inability to control one’s own destiny. The second is that this suffering is caused by attraction and aversion — attraction to things one can’t have, and aversion to things one can’t avoid, and that this attraction and aversion is in turn caused by primal confusion about the fundamental nature of reality and a consequent egocentric orientation to the world.” Facebook has much to teach, then.

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LiveScience: Why Twitter Selfies Matter: They May Reveal Our Moods.

By analyzing 1 million photos tweeted over a period of one year, researchers are planning to measure the “moods” of some American cities.” You know what I think about involuntary psychoanalysis. We can be forecast as a ‘wad’ of people, but don’t make assumptions about individuals based on those forecasts.

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SER: Google Says Google+ Ain’t Going Anywhere.

Of note. You’ll have to dig a little. A lot of bluster, on both sides. As with most such events, wait and see.

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ABC News: Dead People Get Life-Like Poses at Their Funerals.

Related to the previous link and the ‘downfall of weblogging’. Klout.

I added a content filter, and Klout popped up this post. What content filter, you ask?


I’m serious. And they have the gall to pillory me with morning emails, “Want to have more impact online?”

Technorati was *never* this bad.  Anyone using Klout to judge others, have not only left the path of wisdom … they’ve gone to warp doing so. In the couple of months I’ve been a member, I’ve found two (count ‘em, TWO) links worthy of reposting. And even those I only linked in order to see if their recommended articles brought greater score results (they didn’t; not unless you use the internal Klout linker - cold day in hell before you ever see a link of mine saying “shared from Klout”).

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Buffer: Evergreen Content Ideas - The Complete List For Your Blog.

Two things on my blog are truly ‘evergreen’ … and they don’t fit into this article’s oeuvre.  One, my linking of Apollo 1 spacesuit-remnant photos eleven years ago. Every day, it remains a percentage of my site’s traffic. Two, my joke post about ‘hot sexy trees’ from a few years ago. Just using ‘sex’ in association with *anything* generates continued linkage far beyond any actual value.  I’ve considered erasing both, except for my old-school philosophy of ‘never erase anything once posted.’  And now, this post will be evergreen, too.

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DesignYouTrust: Cloak, The Anti Social Network.

I vant to be alone.” Perhaps not friending as many locals … ?

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I see I was retweeted by The Mother of Dragons [@Queen_Daenerys_] yesterday. I can stop blogging now.

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Mashable: How Brands Are Using Twitter’s Redesigned Profile Pages.

Speaking for myself, I couldn’t tell you the last time I opened a profile page on Twitter.

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NY Times: Taking on Art Looters on Twitter.

Last summer at Dahshur, a site near the Giza pyramids, where armed tomb raiders were burrowing for treasure, Dr. Hanna’s tweets about the pillage drew archaeologists and local residents to the site in protest. Those social media efforts, amplified by global news coverage, prompted the government to put soldiers in place for security.”  A positive use of social media.

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PacificStandard: Study - Enjoy Life More ... Use Facebook Less.

Feeling down? New research from Austria points to a drug-free, no-cost treatment that may very well help: Stop spending so much time on Facebook.

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TopRankBlog: Social Marketing, The Hashtag Test - When Is It Too Much?

Bad practice: #Using #Too #Many #Hashtags #In #Your #Posts” God, yes.

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CNet: Too much Twitter leads to infidelity and divorce, study shows.

I found it interesting that active Twitter users experienced Twitter-related conflict and negative relationship outcomes regardless of length of romantic relationship.” Probably boundaries and time-suck.

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Disqus: Heads Up - We’re Testing a New Form of Advertising.

If your site has ads turned off, this ad will not appear.”  Noted. For how long, one wonders.

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My pet rock, taking a bath.

My Pet Rock, taking a bath.

Today’s avalanche of cat photos across all social media [no less than 30 today, to waste my time aggregating articles] thrust me over the edge of sanity. I had to take action.

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Doghouse Diaries: A Flowchart of When It’s Acceptable To Take A Selfie.

Pucker up.

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Re/code: There’s a Zucker Born Every Minute (Comic).


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Finding Facebook onerous these days.

Something about the new design has made it less than appealing; not that it was especially appealing before. Everything seems more trivial, the visual design seems more busy. I’m at the point of actively squinting before I type ‘facebook.com’ into my browser.

It’s actually encouraging me to spend more time on Twitter … unfortunately, the latest Tweetbot update has borked my TB install.

*Sigh*. Nothing’s simple anymore. Feature-creep makes just about every service or piece of software function as efficiently as a homemade boat derived from a beer cooler with Evinrude outboard motor attached ...

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CNN Money: Klout acquired for $200 million by Lithium Technologies.

“How valuable is an individual’s social pull? Could it be monetized?  And how exactly were Klout scores achieved? To wit, at one point, President Obama ranked lower than tech influencer Robert Scoble, an issue that was remedied with a major redesign in 2012 that offered more accurate scores, as well as further transparency into how scores are measured.” Their article-suggestion mechanism still blows the big one, IMHO.

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ArsTechnica: The beautiful invasion - Sponsorship and Instagram.

Hmmmm.  Here’s a suggestion: preface sponsorship with a new hashtag identifer … $.  As in, #cool #great $sponsor.

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Hi — Capture. Write. Publish.

Competition for Findery.

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NY Post: Scott’s suicide reveals tragic side of city’s glitzy scene.

While the chasm between Scott’s marketed life and her actual life came as a shock, she was just one of countless New Yorkers who secretly fake their fabulous lives.” And one of countless internet (social media, I’m looking at you) personalities who do the same.

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Copyblogger: Why We’re Removing Comments.

Everyone talks about removing comments from time to time; what’s interesting is seeing Copyblogger do it today, and try to channel their comments to Google+ and Twitter.  So they’re not really removing comments, just shifting the venue of their commenting.

Note that their Google+ entry returns what you would consider ‘normal’ blog comments. The Twitter feed is broken into multiple cryptic conversations, all difficult to follow because of the format. They’re the most interesting of the comments - yet it simply takes too much time to parse multiple Twitter conversations on a single subject.

Net-net, IMHO: Seems like Google+ is becoming serious competition to Disqus.

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Re/code: Never Forget That 16-Year-Old Girls Run the Internet.

“Two of the hottest social network apps right now are Secret and Whisper. These social interest networks share the category with platforms like Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest, but the latter three allow you to follow pinboards, people and companies to help improve the signal-to-noise. Secret and Whisper are fascinating additions to the category because they pronounce anonymity as a core feature due to the sensitive nature of the subject matter being posted.” Excuse me for pointing out, there ain’t no such thing as anonymity on the ‘net anymore.

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