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TechCrunch: Blogging Site Medium Rolls Out Password-Free Email Logins.

Of note.

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Politico: Fox dumps Sarah Palin.++

Article states that she’s out, and then follows up with incredible amounts of popularity statistics. Popularity, as I keep banging on about, has no polarity. Yet it’s continually being used as a measure of worthiness.

I can tell you right now, Lucifer’s Twitter feed would have more followers than his traditional opponent. Following doesn’t make him worthy; it just makes you susceptible.

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Just acquired a new ‘follower’ on Twitter ...

Someone who follows 198,000 people. How is that even useful? I know, I know ... encouraging oblige-o-follows, and then letting large numbers make you seem important. Still. Probably has a list with the 25 people actually followed.

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Register.UK: Brace yourselves: Facebook plans MORE PHP jiggery pokery.

Multi-page; don’t miss the extra content reached via very small page number/links at the bottom.

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One of the most lovely things about Cam’s new blog ...

I can read and link his Tweets through his RSS feed. Never occurred to me how handy that might be. One of those ‘nose on your face’ things. I’d rather read all he has to say in *one* place.

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Medium: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Logos, Ranked.

Cursing doesn’t add to the hilarity. It’s enough to show the logos. Not a fan of H’s logo; straining for single letter/symbol memorability like O’s ... and failing. It’s just way too Playskool for my taste.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Supports 8K Videos At 4320p.

Insane. [I’ll look at this post ten years from now, and wonder ‘what was the big deal?’]

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Dazed: ISIS fighter posts selfie, US Army bombs everything.

... a post on social media to bombs on target in less than 24 hours.

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SE Roundtable: Only 11% noticed traffic changes after Google’s Mobile Friendly update.


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AppleInsider: Path sells off core social apps, kills off Talk Places messaging feature.

Time to erase another social service! I’m fully enjoying streamlining my life ...

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Well, my Klout experiment is over. I’ve opted-out and destroyed my account, which should be gone in 48 hours. They’ve continued to drop my score in spite of clearly excellent results in all social channels (including links from Klout prominente). Whatever they’re measuring, it’s no longer congruent with my goals, values and interests. Experimenting with the service has been an utter waste of time. To be honest, I’m getting better actionable info from analytics.twitter.com these days.

Later: And, LinkedIn is getting up my nose, too.  I’ve had just about every Asian and Eastern European web dev company send me connection requests.  A few every day. And what has LI done for me? Zero. “Because everyone else is using it” isn’t good enough anymore. IMHO.

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FishbowlNY: Anthony Bourdain Follows Website Investment with Content Curation.

Roads & Kingdoms seems another Medium knockoff, with shades of Exposure.co, pointed at a specific niche. I have to say it, I see many of these around.

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Medium/Cameron Barrett: I wish, more than anything else, for Medium to have an API.

Yes. Wholeheartedly agreed.

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Google NGram Viewer: AOL, Facebook and Twitter.

Of interest.

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Toronto Star.CA: Social media destroying stardom, Catherine Deneuve says at Cannes.

It doesn’t allow people to dream anymore.” That strikes home. Would we have loved Audrey Hepburn as much, if we followed her daily life through selfies and studio-moderated tweets? I sincerely doubt it. More is not necessarily better.

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Mashable: Tourists just trying to take a selfie severely damaged a marble statue in Italy.

Exactly like what early skateboarders did to architectural treasures. What it used to look like before the crown was pulled off.

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Globe and Mail.CA: Movie-fan bloggers the new Hollywood influencers.

While the fan connection has long been cultivated at conventions such as Comic-Con or Disney’s Star Wars Celebration, young writers such as Jones – whose posts have been read nearly 11 million times – are increasingly being courted at events once reserved for traditional media outlets.” 11 million times! I should just shut up shop and retire to the back of my sock drawer. But that’s a good example of the popularity a niche blog can stumble upon.

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SF New Mexican: Santa Fe ranks as top capital city for selfie-taking.

Sunny weather is posited as the reason why.

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DWB: Tweet from Command Line with t.

Thought I’d posted something like this before, but a quick search shows I haven’t. Perhaps I shoved it in Evernote.

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Re/code: Stop Oversharing Your Facebook Information.

Of note.

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The Atlantic: Facebook Is Eating the Internet.

To say Facebook is huge is an understatement.” In giving us what we want to see, it fails to give us what we should see.

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ScholarlyKitchen: Version Control; or, What does it Mean to “Publish?”.

“But isn’t scholarship built on an architecture of citation? Even if one doesn’t credit the whiggish notion that we will know more and be better for it over time, the structures of scholarship are such that one builds on what has come before. Citation, the essential scholarly building block, requires some measure of fixity, a version of record.” Related to my astonishment at some pro blogger sites’ recommendation of altering your archives. If one references a mark that is not fixed, doesn’t that invalidate the reference and other works linked to that reference entirely?

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News.com.AU: Belle Gibson - ‘No, None of it is true’.

Factitious disorder is self driving and self perpetuating, maintained by the attention that people receive. Sufferers who use social media have a wider audience and therefore a greater propensity to receive the attention they are looking for by pretending to have the illness.” No remorse, endangering real cancer patients’ lives with bad advice. Just a plea of “I’m screwed up. I have Mommy issues. Give me some respect.”

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HistoryToday: Monetising the Past - Medieval Marginalia and Social Media.

Perhaps the success of these accounts would be lessened if a tweet were busied with shelfmarks, dates and sources, but wouldn’t it be nice if these huge audiences had the choice between investigating them further or not, and if libraries and archives received due credit for making this wealth of material available.” I recognize a fellow Utopian. Alas, we’ll have to wait for more than just more capable software; we must await a sea-change in attitudes. Attribute, dammit.

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I love Lynda.com. Can’t stand LinkedIn. If they bust it, I’ll never EVER forgive them.

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