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American Yoga School: The Colossal Failure of Modern Yoga.

... head on over to social media, where the world spends a whole lot of time. See there that yoga rock stars like to teach how to “get” fancy poses with a few words that are not based on reality, and are always accompanied by a flattering photo. Or scroll down a bit further and find teachers who share videos of people they’ve deemed to be bad getting killed, posted along with their clucking comment that this is karma, revealing that they are profoundly misguided about what karma is and what a yoga teacher’s job is.” I’d wondered how bad it was getting. The use of stock photography seems rampant on yoga school pages, in yoga social channels. Thanks, Craig Jensen on FB.

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vowe dot net: How to clean up your Twitter timeline.

Ugh. Thanks, Volker.

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Macworld: Switch from Facebook’s iOS app to Facebook on Safari to save battery life.

Still hungry.

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The Verge: Here’s how Twitter’s new algorithmic timeline is going to work.

In any case, this will be the new Twitter by default — but you will be allowed to opt out of the new timeline, The Verge has confirmed.” Without some larger graphical indication of freshness, this is going to crash and burn. IMHO.

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New Yorker/Comma Queen: The Strippers, J.F.K. and Stalin—or, the Importance of Serial Commas.

Very good.

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Facebook at Work.

No. Just say no. Project management, putting info in one spot, yes. Facebook is not optimized for tracking issues. I predict a quagmire.

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PS Insider: Question - Can You Upload Images Instagram From Your Desktop?

Sigh. And we must from time to time. FYI.

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New Yorker: The End of Twitter.

What should worry Twitter is irrelevance, and there is growing data to suggest that that is where the company is headed. If Twitter’s real-time feed is its most powerful asset (and it is), it’s not difficult to see a future in which Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or even a newcomer like Peach (yes, I am citing Peach) focus enough on real-time news that they obviate the need for Twitter’s narrow, noisy, and oft-changing ideas about social interaction.

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Upgrade News.

Curated design, front-end, back-end, mobile dev links. No RSS feeds? Looks like I’d have to sign up to find out.

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SERoundtable: Google+ Photos Search Stopped Working.


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Re/Code: Big Exec Departures at Twitter.

In general, it has been a very hard time for all top execs there, as Twitter has struggled to regain its growth among users and momentum with investors. Along with that, the company’s stock has plummeted recently to well below its offering price.

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HuffPo: A Fake Politico Reporter Is Becoming Facebook Friends With Lots Of Journalists.

Just noticed? Kinda behind the eightball, kids. You should click on a few links of your latest Twitter followers. I seem to have a lot of sexy-lookin’ women whose URLs point to unpopular Kindle ebooks. Every week, block and report for spam ... block and report for spam ... failure of the Panopticon.

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Slate: How Facebook’s news feed algorithm works.

Facebook’s news feed algorithm can be tweaked to make us happy or sad; it can expose us to new and challenging ideas or insulate us in ideological bubbles.” “Trends” seems designed to depress the hell out of me.

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Macworld: #TerribleIdea - Twitter might extend the limit from 140 to 10,000 characters.

The fact that Twitter is considering altering one of its key features shows that CEO Jack Dorsey will try anything in order to jumpstart user growth. Twitter has been struggling to gain traction and become a ‘mass market service’ against competitors like Facebook and Snapchat.

Hmmm. Twitter, when introduced, was too short for me - and I was known for concision. I just couldn’t wrangle my thoughts consistently into 140 characters. So I ignored the service at first, thinking my dislike would be repeated elsewhere. And all my traffic went bye-bye, over to Twitter. Good bloggers began posting one-liners, instead of wonderful detailed posts. The A-listers were of an age to start building families, and their available blogging time disappeared. Twitter was their answer, to ‘keep their hand in’.

Will this step do anything for Twitter? I suspect it will make Twitter a pastiche. The only reason I peek in, is to pick up on breaking news. Otherwise, I’m just echoing my updates here for those who use Twitter as their aggregator. I think longer posts, without an overall design overhaul, will just end up in hostage-ransom-note territory.

But I’ve been (demonstrably, above) wrong before.

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I neglected to remark on the demise of Zite, one of my fave news apps.

They shut the virtual doors on December 7. I already feel the lack - Flipboard is NOT a suitable replacement. Flipboard took my import, and is now feeding me photography links (one of my Zite ‘interests’) from 2004. I could cry. There went a morning’s coffee/tea enjoyment.

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Fun History Pinterest ...

Random find.

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WaPo: Study confirms that ending your texts with a period is terrible.

Excuse the French ... f_ck this. I’ll be insincere and heartless. I enjoy punctuation. Get over yourselves already, kids.

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TechDirt: Can You Defame Someone By Directly Quoting Them? New York Court Says You Can.

Fellow bloggers, read.

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Only one “Adele” article today. Amazing how fast they fade.

Meantime, the consistent Taylor Swift appears with a bird ... she seems to do something social-media-wise about every three days.

I find the manipulation (or not) of social media fascinating ...

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Medium: #SlackDown - A lesson in brand interaction.

Great lesson in crisis-as-opportunity.

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Macworld: Google to offer deep links to Facebook content inside its search app.

Might be a good time to make sure your posts in Facebook are properly marked either ‘Friends’ or ... ‘Public’.

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TechDirt: Instead Of Fashionably Killing The Comment Section, Medium Quietly Tries Giving A Damn.

A recent paper published in the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication found that all it took to improve civility was someone with the vaguest semblance of authority showing up and treating people like actual human beings. Treat comment sections like unmanageable troll playgrounds, and that’s generally what they’ll become. And they’ve only become that because many editors and authors either don’t want to see corrections to their stories made quite so visible, or they’re too myopic to see the public’s role in the fluid conversation that is modern news.

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The Atlantic: ‘This Is Really Bad for Independent Creators’.

Facebook ‘steals’ video content.

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Dazed: Aussie model furious at lack of likes on Instagram photo.

The really truly sad aspect is, this isn’t The Onion. Social recognition, a new ‘right’?

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