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Will Reichard: Pocket’s ‘recommendations’, coming to a cramped screen near you.

So the bloat starts. The ‘Microsoft Word’ path of ... hyperaccessorizing? Would that be a correct term? I use Pocket solely as an easy transfer between mobile and desktop for blog purposes. A button tap or two, versus sending myself an email. Fewer steps than sending to Evernote, and then erasing (if it’s in the blog, I don’t need it in Evernote). I hope ‘Recommendations’ aren’t going to get up my nose ...

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Connect/DPReview: Instagram now allows landscape and portrait formats.

Purists may have a hissy fit, I suppose.

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Fusion: Second Life college campuses - A tour of abandoned worlds.

I had more than one client believe the hype. Luckily they listened to reasoned argument.

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NY Times: Where Clicks Reign, Audience Is King.

Undigested comments that people might have made to colleagues or friends but later thought better of are now written down as journalism, and ‘get indexed and archived in the same way as a serious news story.’” Important read o’ the day. Don’t miss it. Muchos gracias, All About George on FB.

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Macworld: You can now send Twitter DMs that are way longer than 140 characters.

Um ... not even in my Twitter web interface yet. Bit premature.

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This cowgirl pumps her own beer ...

That’s the definition of a ‘keeper’, I think. Awesome boots, Meffl.

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“Archive or backup your tweets!”

Popped up in my RSS reader. Interesting thought. I really don’t want my tweets. They were toss-offs in the first place. I’d like to have the option to have ‘em self-destruct after a week, a month, a year, etc. Most have a sell-by date anyway. I understand the urge to archive the ‘net, but in this case ... reduce ‘net clutter! Of course, not everyone will agree ... (wink) ...

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Register.UK: Google unhooks ‘social network’ from YouTube.

Given the lack of interest the platform has generated over the last four years, this move could prove the beginning of the end for Google+.

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c|net: Man tries selfie with rattlesnake, gets snakebit for $150,000.

Another?!!! Okay, people. Wild animals do NOT do selfies. Just don’t.

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Interesting ...

... that Tumblr’s “Recommended Blogs” widget can guess my preferences better than Google, Facebook or Twitter. Combined.

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I love it ...

... when someone responds to a post of mine privately, “You scare the hell out of me. Where do you come up with this stuff?” Lets me know I’ve still ‘got it.’

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Re/code: Twitter Stock Jumps Nearly 8 Percent on Fake Bloomberg News Post.

This is a real story, but a fake one caused Twitter’s stock to surge nearly 8 percent.” A new method to make a quick mill?

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Storify: A bad coffee date in Toronto (with tweets).

Men, listen up.

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Facebook is becoming a broadcast tool for news you don’t want to know.

Or, “All the news fit for the recycle bin.” Each time I checked it on the July 4 weekend was like voluntarily sitting through an entire episode of “Jackass”. I just took my news feed, and started labelling posts in a simple manner, and realized the ratio of junk to valuable or social posts in my feed is about 15:1. I’m going to start scheduling my FB time a little more realistically, given that ratio. I also must make a list of the folks who actually do consistently post interesting things. To check FB first thing in the morning right now is to tarnish and/or wilt some of my best thinkerin’ time.

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TechCrunch: Blogging Site Medium Rolls Out Password-Free Email Logins.

Of note.

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Politico: Fox dumps Sarah Palin.++

Article states that she’s out, and then follows up with incredible amounts of popularity statistics. Popularity, as I keep banging on about, has no polarity. Yet it’s continually being used as a measure of worthiness.

I can tell you right now, Lucifer’s Twitter feed would have more followers than his traditional opponent. Following doesn’t make him worthy; it just makes you susceptible.

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Just acquired a new ‘follower’ on Twitter ...

Someone who follows 198,000 people. How is that even useful? I know, I know ... encouraging oblige-o-follows, and then letting large numbers make you seem important. Still. Probably has a list with the 25 people actually followed.

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Register.UK: Brace yourselves: Facebook plans MORE PHP jiggery pokery.

Multi-page; don’t miss the extra content reached via very small page number/links at the bottom.

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One of the most lovely things about Cam’s new blog ...

I can read and link his Tweets through his RSS feed. Never occurred to me how handy that might be. One of those ‘nose on your face’ things. I’d rather read all he has to say in *one* place.

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Medium: The 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Logos, Ranked.

Cursing doesn’t add to the hilarity. It’s enough to show the logos. Not a fan of H’s logo; straining for single letter/symbol memorability like O’s ... and failing. It’s just way too Playskool for my taste.

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SERoundtable: YouTube Now Supports 8K Videos At 4320p.

Insane. [I’ll look at this post ten years from now, and wonder ‘what was the big deal?’]

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Dazed: ISIS fighter posts selfie, US Army bombs everything.

... a post on social media to bombs on target in less than 24 hours.

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SE Roundtable: Only 11% noticed traffic changes after Google’s Mobile Friendly update.


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AppleInsider: Path sells off core social apps, kills off Talk Places messaging feature.

Time to erase another social service! I’m fully enjoying streamlining my life ...

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Well, my Klout experiment is over. I’ve opted-out and destroyed my account, which should be gone in 48 hours. They’ve continued to drop my score in spite of clearly excellent results in all social channels (including links from Klout prominente). Whatever they’re measuring, it’s no longer congruent with my goals, values and interests. Experimenting with the service has been an utter waste of time. To be honest, I’m getting better actionable info from analytics.twitter.com these days.

Later: And, LinkedIn is getting up my nose, too.  I’ve had just about every Asian and Eastern European web dev company send me connection requests.  A few every day. And what has LI done for me? Zero. “Because everyone else is using it” isn’t good enough anymore. IMHO.

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