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NY Times: The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t.

If the prices of traditional media keep falling, then it seems logical to critics that we will end up in a world in which no one has an economic incentive to follow creative passions. The thrust of this argument is simple and bleak: that the digital economy creates a kind of structural impossibility that art will make money in the future.” My italic emphasis.

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Planet Princeton: Subway Can’t Compete with Hoagie Haven: Nassau Street Franchise Location Closes.

A national franchise can’t compete with a local independent business, at least when it comes to the battle between Subway and Hoagie Haven on Nassau Street in downtown Princeton.” Hoagie Haven is THE BEST. Bar none. When in school, we’d wait outside until someone ordered a veal sandwich or parmesan; just after it was deep-fried, we’d order french fries. HEAVEN.

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Photo shoots this morning; links later.

Busy Thursday. Not sure what I’ll need for today’s shoots, so I’m hauling *everything*.

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99U: Kelly McGonigal - How to Turn Stress Into an Advantage.

But actually, stress can be a barometer for how engaged you are with the things in your life, that bring love, that bring laughter, that bring learning and that bring growth. That stress actually seems to go along with the things that we most desire, the love, the happiness, the success, the wealth, the satisfaction, and the meaning in our lives.” Stress is not a single magnitude or polarity; there are many shades/types of stress. A bridge with a 1000 pound weight limit too often finds out the difference between good stress and bad stress.

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Bookseller: Publishers Association ‘busts myths’ on copyright.

It is time to debunk the long-pedalled myth that copyright is an obstacle to growth in the digital economy. When you look at the success of publishing and other creative industries in developing online products and services it is palpably untrue – copyright is the means by which the digital economy functions, allowing works to be made available to consumers and rewarding creators and the companies which invest in them.

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Time: How to Stay Productive While Working From Home.

I’ll add some NM flavor. With our current heat wave, cook dinner at breakfast, in the cool of the morning.

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Friday morning powwow.

Links soon. Thanks for your patience.

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A meeting this morning, then links.

Thanks for your patience.

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naked cap: More on the Myth of Outsourcing’s Efficiency.

Particularly good. Do take this one in.

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WalletHub: 2015’s Best Cities to Start a Business.

Surprising results.

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SF New Mexican: Santa Fe’s Construction Sector - Bad Ugly.


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Slack vs. HipChat.

Of interest.

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LaCroixDesign: Streamlining Our Proposal Writing Process.

Kinda cool.

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@SnoreWell: How to start a creative agency.

Dying laughing.

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Guardian.UK: What a $15 minimum wage means for US small businesses.

Business owners, for the most part, will cry ‘foul’. Minimum wage has been so egregiously low, raising it to a proper level is painful and it takes time for businesses to find ways to adjust. As we saw with the living wage in Santa Fe, those with good business models survive. Those on a shoestring fail.

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HistoryToday: Monetising the Past - Medieval Marginalia and Social Media.

Perhaps the success of these accounts would be lessened if a tweet were busied with shelfmarks, dates and sources, but wouldn’t it be nice if these huge audiences had the choice between investigating them further or not, and if libraries and archives received due credit for making this wealth of material available.” I recognize a fellow Utopian. Alas, we’ll have to wait for more than just more capable software; we must await a sea-change in attitudes. Attribute, dammit.

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99U: Why It’s Selfish to Avoid Giving Negative Feedback.

Explaining to someone the modifiable, external factors that contributed to their poor performance (“this article fell short because it wasn’t based on enough research insights”) is more likely to result in them reacting in a constructive way to the criticism, as if their priorities are more about learning than showing how good they are.

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WaPo/On Leadership: Gretchen Rubin on successful people’s habits.

Absolutely. Not to say you can’t learn some new tricks from self-help books, but don’t mistake ‘research’ for procrastination.

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A List Apart: Initiation to Code.

Synchronicity. I just mentioned the importance of mentoring yesterday. Speaking of which, I’d surely like to see an ALA Guild.

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Aeon: Management theories from Roman slave-owners.

When ‘personal branding’ was done with a red-hot iron. I have to say, I was pretty ruthless* on new hires when I was working in management. Taking corporate productions on the road, you need an extraordinary dose of patience, a significant sense of responsibility, and a clear understanding of “failure is not an option.” It’s something that can only be accomplished through mentoring; it can’t be taught through books or interactives. I successfully moved about a half-dozen assistants through this process. Only two went on to freelance. The business requires a certain temperament — if you can’t get your work done in a cold dark ballroom with an Executive VP losing their sh-t in your left ear over a typo in their speech, you won’t make it. [*You all know me well enough to know how I mean “ruthless”. I’m harder on myself than my hires.]

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What else need I say?

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Curated: Grow your audience by collecting and sharing engaging content.

Be me for $25/month (500 subscribers), with auto-sponsorship opportunities. But you’d better be monetizing. Looks a whole hell of a lot nicer than Paper.li.

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500px ISO: A Designer Shares 6 Tips for Getting More Out of Your Licensable Images.

Good advice. The images you post may not be great standalone photographs, but if text and graphics can be overlaid without losing the essence, they can be great for licensing. I have to physically restrain my right index finger from cropping ...

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Guardian.UK: Capitalism was supposed to reduce red tape. Why is bureaucracy worse than ever?

People must be encouraged to compete fiercely and amorally against each other, motivated solely by personal gain, yet also prevented from taking this to its logical conclusion and simply killing or stealing to get the other guy’s stuff. That necessitates big police and legal bureaucracies, just to begin with.” Man, and people say I’m a pessimist.

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USB Typewriter: “A groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence!”


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