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Gerry McGovern: How reliable are web analytics?

Let’s say you’re a single man in a bar and you see a beautiful woman. You walk up to her, smile, she smiles back. You say a few words and then offer to buy her a drink. She says okay, then you pause and inform her that before you will buy her a drink she has to give you her phone number. How successful do you think you’re going to be?

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99U: You Were Born to Sell: Dismantling the Myths of Self-Promotion.

Turn selling into an act of being yourself.” Works for weblogging, too, BTW.

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It’s that time again, people.

I’ve destroyed two more office chairs this year. Anyone found the Holy Grail of low-cost, sturdy office chairs? Wheels, lower back support … recline and arms not necessary. Thinking of going for a Banker’s Chair (wooden) this time.

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Links in a coupla hours. Everyone’s getting ‘jiggy’ to have changes up by Xmas.

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WSJ: How Busy Colleagues Spread Secondhand Stress.

STOP being contagious!

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rc3: The costly bias against older workers.

Brilliance is great, but experience can be better, and there are plenty of people out there who are both brilliant and experienced. Age bias somehow makes it hard to see that some older workers are former young geniuses who’ve taked on a couple of decades of relevant experience since they started out.”  I vote this ‘the read of the day’.  Have at it.

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Psychology Today: Workplace Relationships?

Thus we have four groups: two junior accountants, or nurses, or journalists, begin to live together and (in time) announce their engagement (open, lateral); the head of marketing makes no bones about his affair with a new recruit from sales (open, hierarchical); two divorced board members are romantically linked but trying to keep it hush-hush (closed, lateral), and the engineering director is secretly bedding his married secretary (closed hierarchical).” Oh so familiar.

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Seth’s Blog: Eight email failures (and questions for those that want to do better).

Good advice. I need to forward this to a few people.

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Inc.: The Coolest Cubicles in the World.

At first I was going to say the log cabin, but the Tetra Shed is definitely cool.  And … their website.  They multiply!

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Altucher Confidential: Cheat Sheet for Reinventing Yourself.

Time it takes to reinvent yourself: five years.

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Guardian.UK: White House delays small business healthcare market by one year.

… some engineers will be working throughout the holiday week as the administration also revealed that further software and hardware updates were still necessary before the healthcare.gov consumer site could hit new capacity targets by Saturday’s deadline.” It’ll be real interesting to find out the $$ tab when all the fixing is done.

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FastCoDesign: The Ikea Of Bikes Is Ready To Ship.


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WSJ: So Many Podcasts, So Little Profit.

Wall Street Journal seems to be confusing fixed equipment costs with actual podcast recording costs.

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The Morning News: The Window Cleaner.

Lovingly written Via Mefi.

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99U: When Being an ‘Expert’ Is a Bad Thing.

Sometimes we think we need to specialize to survive, but maybe the future will better reward “Expert Generalists.”” Noone believes in polymaths anymore. The market’s been saturated with poor exemplars of late.

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France24: Swan song for iconic French pianos by Pleyel.

Seems Pleyel has been on life support for decades.

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mathbabe: There is no “market solution” for ethics.

There never has been, nor there ever will be, a market solution for ethics so long as the basic incentives between the public and an industry are so misaligned. The public needs to be represented somehow, and without rules and regulations, and without leverage of any kind, that will not happen.”  Been saying it for years. +1.

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Kahunaburger: Google Voice - this alone was worth the switch.

I’ve been slowly reapproaching Google Voice, and hadn’t even considered this benefit.  Isn’t the service on the ropes, as far as Google’s concerned?  I thought we heard it might go the way of Reader soon … ?

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New Atlantis: The Myth of Multitasking.

Some are linking this today. For those who haven’t run across the common refutation, I repeat it for your edification.

Write these two sentences and time yourself:

Multitasking is a ridiculous waste of time.
Multitasking is a ridiculous waste of time.

OK, now write the same two lines, timing yourself, by writing one letter on the first sentence, then one letter on the sentence below, back and forth, until you’re done.

The increase in time should be patently obvious. Notice the quality of your writing; not just the fact you were able to do it. You’re churning out a lower quality product, and taking more time to do it. And this is with identical sentences! Try it with two different sentences. Or three.

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Strobist: Your Real Estate Agent Would Like Some Free Photography, Please.

Great rant.  Gotten one of these ‘opportunities’ through Flickr myself, and ignored it (as it deserved).

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SmallBizSEM: Small Biz Owners Prefer Websites To Social Media, But Are Ignoring Mobile.

Also important these days is having a mobile presence, but the Verisign survey doesn’t have good news on that front: Only 21 percent of the SMBs surveyed said they have a mobile version of their website.” I wouldn’t say ignoring, I’d say that until they implement a RWD version of their site, they won’t see any particular benefits. Those who have thought ahead and updated to mobile-friendly designs attract mobile users, those who don’t … don’t. This is one case where you have to spring for a feature, and have faith in the outcome afterwards.

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NY Times: A Wave of Sewing Jobs as Orders Pile Up at U.S. Factories.

Here, they are recruiting at high schools, papering churches and community centers with job postings, and running ads in Hmong, Somali and Spanish-language newspapers. And in a moment of near desperation last year — after several companies worried about turning down orders because they did not have the manpower to handle them — Minnesota manufacturers hatched their grandest rescue effort of all: a program to create a skilled work force from scratch.Thanks for the heads-up, E!

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Uh-oh. Sudden increase in Asian web service emails.

Means the unsolicited phone calls will be starting again soon. UGH.

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Bliti’s Blog: Moving on from freelancing.

I can so commiserate.  As a freelancer, you do everything.  Accountant, sales, marketing, programming, design, much more.  Sometimes I dream of showing up at 9, having a regular lunch at 12, leaving at 5 … getting a paycheck every two weeks, and a two-week vacation each year guaranteed. But then, something great happens, and I’m glad I am where I am.

Anyone want to hire an overqualified blogger … ?

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Anyone know of any good ‘general’ copywriting seminars in the Western US?  I have a client who asked, and I am concerned about quality vs. price.  Any leads would be appreciated.

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