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Guardian.UK: Capitalism was supposed to reduce red tape. Why is bureaucracy worse than ever?

People must be encouraged to compete fiercely and amorally against each other, motivated solely by personal gain, yet also prevented from taking this to its logical conclusion and simply killing or stealing to get the other guy’s stuff. That necessitates big police and legal bureaucracies, just to begin with.” Man, and people say I’m a pessimist.

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USB Typewriter: “A groundbreaking advancement in the field of obsolescence!”


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Luminous Landscape: Peter Lik - Like Him Or Not.

Like him or not, Peter has certainly made a business success out of selling postcard image landscapes.  Crank up the contrast and bump the saturation up and make the image as colorful as possible.”  Loosely and humorously filed under “Small Business”.

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MetaTalk: Sixteen Years.

I can only imagine the stress, Matt. Best wishes on your new endeavours!

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Video and photo shoot took me out of the office all day.

Nice when a client says, “You’re so much fun to work with!” I have to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the feeling.

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Exception Not Found: Doing it Right vs Getting it Done.


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ALA: The Specialist-Generalist Balance.

Great read. Highly recommended.

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Co.Design: How One Woman Makes Almost $1 Million A Year On Etsy.

Now, Shaffer has a team of 15 sewers — ‘all moms,’ Shaffer says — working full-time, as well as a professional photographer. [snip] Not all the items are entirely handmade by Shaffer’s team — many, like the knitted legwarmers, socks, and gloves, are sourced wholesale from India.” The honesty’s refreshing.

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Matt Blodgett: The Open Plan Office and the Extrovert Ideal.

I have to laugh. The extrovert freelancers I used to hire, I’d isolate them just so they’d get SOME work done. Otherwise, they’d spend the entire day extroverting over everyone else, and destroying productivity.

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Amazon WorkMail – Managed Email and Calendaring in the AWS Cloud.

UI looks clean. Integrates with Outlook - that’s going right up against Office 365. Hard to fight the penetration of MS Word, however.

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ConsumerismCommentary: How Your Positive Posse is Destroying You.

If you’ve read here long, you’ll know I disdain empty ‘support’ statements. I want to be better, not artificially fulfilled. Take off the kid gloves, rip it up. I like it better that way.

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Evernote Blog: How to Create a Table of Contents in Evernote.

Bookmarked. The mind boggles at the circular logic in storing Evernote tips in Evernote ...

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My handiest tag in Evernote this year: “Best Practices”.

One should always work to optimize and streamline workflow. So many times, I chuck things in Evernote and forget about ‘em. I made a commitment to checking my “best practices” tag on a weekly basis. It’s been very effective in keeping me on top of my game. Recommended.

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End-of-year business shizz.

Links shortly.

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A busy day today ... end of year business stuff, in addition to regular work.

Postings will likely be thin. ‘Tis the season.

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Buffer: The Two Keys to a Lasting Early Morning Routine.

Good advice. Our little wintering hummer forced an early morning routine on us (thawing feeders). The practice has boosted overall productivity.

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The Economist: Tattoos in the workplace - Ink blots.

... by and large the more visible the tattoo, the more “unsavoury” a candidate seemed—even if the boss had one.” Inc. ≠ ink.

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Moo Letterpress Business Cards.

Mass market letterpress. For a price.

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Vox/Study: Left-handed people earn 10 percent less than righties.

Most of this gap can be attributed to ‘observed differences in cognitive skills and emotional or behavioral problems,’ he writes, adding that since lefties tend to do more manual work than right-handers, the gap appears to be due to differences in cognitive abilities, not physical.” What about poor ambis?

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Busy, busy day.

Links when/if I can.  Trying to remember to breathe.

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Ask DN: What’s your use case for Evernote?

Of note. Thread should mature more as the day goes on.

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PDN Online: Photographers’ Rep Julian Richards on Why He Abruptly Quit the Business.

Digital changed the landscape. Before the pixel, craft was still an elemental component of the narrative. A process that involved trusting strips of cellulose in a mysterious dark box was replaced by instant, impeccable rendering, in situ on vast monitors. The photographer’s role as sorcerer and custodian of the vision was diminished: The question ‘have we got it?’ became redundant. Now it was the photographer asking the art director asking the client. Which is a big deal.”  I want to pullquote more, but it’s against my religion.  Go read it, seriously.

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SpartanTraveler: The Myth of the 4-Hour Workweek.

Of interest.

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When a Client Hasn’t Paid: Just Tell Julie.

Brilliant business model.

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Vimeo: Kanban - isn‘t it just common sense?

Wonderful stuff within.

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