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Buffer: The Two Keys to a Lasting Early Morning Routine.

Good advice. Our little wintering hummer forced an early morning routine on us (thawing feeders). The practice has boosted overall productivity.

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The Economist: Tattoos in the workplace - Ink blots.

... by and large the more visible the tattoo, the more “unsavoury” a candidate seemed—even if the boss had one.” Inc. ≠ ink.

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Moo Letterpress Business Cards.

Mass market letterpress. For a price.

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Vox/Study: Left-handed people earn 10 percent less than righties.

Most of this gap can be attributed to ‘observed differences in cognitive skills and emotional or behavioral problems,’ he writes, adding that since lefties tend to do more manual work than right-handers, the gap appears to be due to differences in cognitive abilities, not physical.” What about poor ambis?

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Busy, busy day.

Links when/if I can.  Trying to remember to breathe.

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Ask DN: What’s your use case for Evernote?

Of note. Thread should mature more as the day goes on.

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PDN Online: Photographers’ Rep Julian Richards on Why He Abruptly Quit the Business.

Digital changed the landscape. Before the pixel, craft was still an elemental component of the narrative. A process that involved trusting strips of cellulose in a mysterious dark box was replaced by instant, impeccable rendering, in situ on vast monitors. The photographer’s role as sorcerer and custodian of the vision was diminished: The question ‘have we got it?’ became redundant. Now it was the photographer asking the art director asking the client. Which is a big deal.”  I want to pullquote more, but it’s against my religion.  Go read it, seriously.

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SpartanTraveler: The Myth of the 4-Hour Workweek.

Of interest.

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When a Client Hasn’t Paid: Just Tell Julie.

Brilliant business model.

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Vimeo: Kanban - isn‘t it just common sense?

Wonderful stuff within.

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Pacific Standard: Feelings of Entitlement Boost Creativity.

The greater their need for uniqueness, the more they break convention, think divergently, and give creative responses.

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High Performance Lifestyle: Productivity Tools - 61 Experts Reveal Their Top 3 Choices

Of interest.

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Hinted: “Calm breeds calm.” How to handle #stress.

If you’re always running around with your hair on fire, I promise you’re stressing those around you out and diminishing performance.”  Perhaps. After many years in the workforce, I’ve noticed there is a particular kind of person who cannot — will not — calm down until you get as unhinged as they do.  If you don’t, they feel you’re not recognizing the severity of the situation and you become a target for their rancor. There’s naught you can do but feign a freakout, and then de-escalate them slowly using the same calmness you would have had otherwise.

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SciAm: The Surprising Problem of Too Much Talent.

Why is too much talent a bad thing? Think teamwork. In many endeavors, success requires collaborative, cooperative work towards a goal that is beyond the capability of any one individual.

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Youtube: Toyota Kata by Hakan Forss, Lean IT Summit 2013.

Creating a culture of continual improvement. Hit me at a good time. Favorited.

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FrontApp: Three months at Y Combinator - what it’s like and how to get in.

Of interest. Annoying modals.

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99U: Nobody Knows What The Hell They Are Doing.

If you’re worried you don’t measure up, that could well be a sign that you do.” We all need to squash that little devil who sits on our shoulders, telling us we suck.

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PodioBlog: Stop giving me productivity tips.

For me productivity is all about getting started, and getting started is all about motivation. So I make sure that I actually want to do most of the things that I have to do, and they are relevant and interesting for me. I check regularly that I am happy with what I am doing (you don’t need any tools for that).

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Remote Year.

Remote year is a one year program where you get paid to travel around the world with 100 interesting people while working remotely from the beach, pool or coffee shop.

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Designer News: How much time do you guys need to complete a 10 page website?

The comments.  Surprised noone’s responded to the ‘guys’ thing yet.

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My last attempt at using an ‘office chair.’

My final office chair experiment, before I build a standing desk.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed standing. But before I make the investment in building a standing desk, I thought I’d try to maximize my sitting investments and try one more style of ‘chair.’  With this, I figure I will shortly break the plastic seat ... but ... BUT ... I can replace it with a real, metal vintage tractor seat.

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FastCo: Coffee Alternatives That Are Better For Productivity.

I beg to differ. A little cold, fingerless gloves work a treat. Too hot? No A/C? Miserable.  Cold’s relatively easier to deal with.

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Medium: What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?

You get what you pay for.  Print design is still taking it on the chin.

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ReadWrite: “Web Developer” Is A Job Title That Has Come And Gone.

Durned if I’ll call myself some sort of ‘imagineer.’ And specialization? When you’re a small shop? Death.  I’ll have to stack specialized monikers on my company site.

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The Economist: Dress codes - Suitable disruption.

A slicked-up entrepreneur is inevitably a salesman trying to compensate for an inferior product.” Later in the article, another pullquote: “When everyone wears a T-shirt to lectures and board meetings, how do you tell who is truly innovative and who is just posing?”

Answer: I have no flippin’ idea.  Other than those who have creations to show, and those who have only rhetoric.

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