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cole peters blog: Design culture is a frozen shithole.

We spend our time and energy not on things that improve the lives of people around us in an honest fashion, but on whatever seems most profitable and tempting to VCs; then, we convince ourselves that our profit-centric ventures are actually humanitarian causes because it sounds really good in the press and makes us feel special and warm and fuzzy.

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LA Times: Marina Abramovic Institute responds to critics of unpaid positions.

But the come-work-for-free ad — I mean, ‘volunteer’ — strikes a dissonant note when the foundation’s namesake has her multimillion-dollar real estate transactions regularly covered on Curbed. And when the organization seeking the unpaid work is fund-raising for a $20-million headquarters in New York’s Hudson Valley designed by starchitect Rem Koolhaas. Not to mention that the skills the institute is demanding for these positions is quite specialized.

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Mashable: ManServants Startup Is Not a Joke and It’s Not a Gigolo Service.

Everyone who watches it thinks it’s a parody. [snip] Even the name of the company sounds like a joke. But it’s not.” You go, girls.

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Jarvis - Your SMS Personal Assistant.

Interesting concept.

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PhotoShelter Blog: How 4 Photo Editors Are Using Instagram.

Of interest.

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SERoundtable: CNBC Highlights 17 Year Old Web Site Devastated By Google’s Panda 4.0 Update.

We need to rout around Google indexing.

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Dazed: Top fashion bloggers now earn six-figure salaries.

Popular bloggers can demand $50,000 for an appearance at a high-profile brand event like a store opening. One top blogger charged $5,000 for posting a single Instagram photo of the brand’s product.” Good grief - I picked the wrong niche.

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Harvard Business Review: The Simplest Way to Build Trust.

A powerful way to establish trust is to employ one of the mind’s most basic mechanisms for determining loyalty: the perception of similarity. If you can make someone feel a link with you, his empathy for and willingness to cooperate with you will increase.

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kottke: Kickstarter Boost.

Direct pledges to those projects from kottke.org readers ranged from just over $400 to almost $12,000 with an average of about $4,600. kottke.org also participates in Amazon’s Associates program and over the past 12 months, kottke.org readers have collectively spent an average of $23,000 per month at Amazon.” Interesting.

Later: Oof. Maybe the wrong timing.

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FStoppers: Facebook Software Engineer Teaches You How to Steal Copyrighted Images.

According to his bio, Jesse Chen is a software engineer at Facebook and recent graduate of UC Berkeley. Jesse has a personal blog which we recently stumbled across that includes a blog post from 2012 that detailed how to go about stealing copyrighted images and removing watermarks.” Causing a bit of hoopla. Who would actually spend that amount of time, though? Most people don’t have the skillset.

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Photoshelter Blog: A new guide - What Photographers Should Know About Insurance.

Good info to have.

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NY Times: Please Turn to the Chapter on Obscurity …

‘Did you write it?’ she asked. ‘No,’ I said. ‘I just like signing books.’

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MetaTalk: State of MetaFilter.

Tough times for wide-ranging linkblogs. Nobody understands better than I. Godspeed, MeFi.

[Note their mention of Google ‘index updates’ … I assume the same algorithm changes I’m being affected by.]

Later, related: The Awl, The New Internet Gods Have No Mercy.  “Google might bless a site with new visitors or take them away.” But that’s the issue.  It was one thing when the algorithms removed black hatters. Now Google is subtly reshaping the internet to their own preferences, without regard for legitimate sites. That deserves wider discussion. IMHO.

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Medium/Cameron Moll: The Economics of a Kickstarter Project.

Great that he shared his experience. Mental note: plan better.

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PS Mag: Are Sundays Dying?

How can we stop the weekday from swallowing Sunday without even recognizing that it’s taking a bite? This failure of perception is perhaps a nuanced symbol that we are entering a new epoch. We are edging ever closer to a machine-tethered, work-chained, gruel-fed world governed by corporate automatons.” Linked more for the title, and the thought that generates, than the article itself. I’ve been working a great deal over weekends, and the ‘client firewall’ of Friday night/Monday morning seems more and more a fond memory. I ask myself whether it’s really techno-creep, or if I just need to get more strict (teach through example).

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SciAm: What Your Name Says About How Believable You Are.

The authors hypothesized that claims paired with easy names would be rated as true more often than claims paired with difficult names.”  That does it.  I’m changing my name to “Hi Colonic.”

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Medium/Dustin Sites: Freelancer.com is destroying my life.

A precautionary tale.  Going wider than just this freelance site - check your online payment providers for where they’re incorporated, how their arbitration or other system works. You may find yourself out of luck for not reading the fine print.

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The Baffler: The Tyranny of Time Management.

According to a press release by Vanderbilt University, the researchers found that test subjects ‘overwhelmingly viewed the actors using the electronic calendars as being more authoritative.’ Additionally, one of the authors said that ‘actually being able to operate the devices really isn’t all that important, provided you know enough to look reasonably competent. Just possession is 90 percent of the game ...” My emphasis. Via the unquenchable Dr M on Twitter.

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Photo shoot this morning; links later on.

Tootle along elsewhere for the morning, kids. I’ll be back in the afternoon.

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Mac Desks.

What always disturbs me about these kinds of sites is the lack of mess/paper. Mine is always a minor disaster area. I have an obsession with index cards at the moment; using them instead of Post-Its (no glue to gum up the works, just a couple of stacks of cards).

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WaPo: France didn’t ban people from checking work e-mail after 6. This is why it should have.

The reports stemmed from an agreement made between labor unions and a federation of engineering and consulting companies, affecting 250,000 people and involving no official laws.

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The Atlantic: America’s Rebel Band of Custom-Bike Builders.

Right now is the Golden Age in custom frame building. [snip] There have never been more builders producing, and the quality has never been higher.” Prices, too. $15K means the 1% are buying bikes? I’d like to see a followup on who the market is, and how the bikes are actually used.

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Youtube: The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch).


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Atlantic: America’s Workers -: Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Totally Exhausted.

“… the U.S. falls several rungs below other countries with more rational work-life policies, such as France. So we’re putting in the most hours, but we’re not actually working intense, short, productive hours. We’re just putting in a lot of meaningless face time because that’s what our workplace cultures value — at the expense of our health, our families, and our souls.

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Branders.ch: Storytelling in marketing communications. (in German)

Worthy, even through the filter of bad translation mechanisms.

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