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The Register.UK: ‘You’re updated!’ Drupal says, with fingers crossed behind back.


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SER: Google Says Self-Signed SSL Certificate Won’t Work For HTTPS Ranking Boost.

Of course. They won’t let us ‘cheap out.’

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Register.UK: Linode’s crippling cyber-siege enters day four.


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c|net: Massive trove of voters’ election data discovered on Web.


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Macworld: The sunset of a web security standard could bite your browsing.


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Aeon: How masks explain the psychology behind online harassment.

... we might have a better chance of understanding internet hooliganism if we looked at another form of concealment that isn’t true concealment, but that nonetheless has historically lured people into behaving in ways that are alien to their normal selves: the mask.” Hmmm. To a certain degree, all our online interactions are ‘masks’. I like to call a blog the ‘virtual extension of one’s physical self.’ Done right, it gives the flavor of your actual personality. Done with the intent to deceive, it is necessary consistency that breaks the facade; read someone over time, cracks in the mask form.

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TechDirt: Clueless Press Being Played To Suggest Encryption Played A Role In Attacks.

Oy vey. As stupid as believing this buildup of armaments was accomplished in order to crash a holiday office party.

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Guardian.UK: San Bernardino shooter pledged allegiance to Isis, reports say.

Makes you wonder what the NSA is good for.

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Register.UK: Free HTTPS certs for all – Let’s Encrypt project opens doors to public.

Of note.

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Macworld: Google to offer deep links to Facebook content inside its search app.

Might be a good time to make sure your posts in Facebook are properly marked either ‘Friends’ or ... ‘Public’.

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The Verge: Gmail will soon alert users about unencrypted emails.


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AppleInsider: Certificate problems causing app authentication errors for some Mac App Store users.

Interesting. I’ve had a spate of “This app was downloaded and installed on another computer. Please verify your password” screens.

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Register.UK: FastMail falls over as web service extortionists widen attacks and up their prices.

This sort of thing makes one wonder what good mass surveillance by governmental entities is.

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Macworld: Firefox keeps your browsing truly private with new Tracking Protection feature.

Of interest.

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Macworld: Facebook just made all public posts searchable.

Finally. But: “If you post on your Timeline without defaulting to ‘Friends only,’ Facebook’s new universal search will make your Timeline searchable to the world.

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Looks like, from my RSS feed, Catapult’s been hacked.

Don’t open any links.

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AppleInsider: DuckDuckGo takes shots at Google, says tracking isn’t needed to profit.

Most of the money is still made without tracking people by showing you ads based on your keyword, i.e. type in car and get a car ad. These ads are lucrative because people have buying intent. All that tracking is for the rest of the Internet without this search intent, and that’s why you’re tracked across the Internet with those same ads.

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IdleWords: What Happens Next Will Amaze You.

I don’t believe there’s a technology bubble, but there is absolutely an advertising bubble. When it bursts, companies are going to be more desperate and will unload all the personal data they have on us to absolutely any willing buyer. And then we’ll see if all these dire warnings about the dangers of surveillance were right.

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AI: Modified versions of Xcode used to sneak malware into App Store, Apple confirms.

An unexpected vector, it seems.

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Macworld: Severe external drive vulnerability prompts Seagate to issue emergency patch.

Watch out Seagate wireless external hard drive owners—your peripheral may have serious flaws in it that will open your files to malicious attackers. The good news is Seagate has already issued a patch for the problem.” Of note.

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The Register.UK: Unconfirmed PayPal 0day auth flaw lingers after XSS gets fixed.


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AppleInsider: ‘KeyRaider’ malware harvests 225,000 Apple IDs from jailbroken iOS devices.


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ReadWrite: Weaponized Drones Are Now Legal In The U.S.

The law’s author, Representative Rick Becker, originally wanted to require police to secure a warrant for drone surveillance. But then local law enforcement managed to sneak in the right to equip drones with tasers or rubber bullets by amending the original prohibition against lethal and non-lethal force to just limiting lethal weapons.

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Mozilla Security Blog: Firefox exploit found in the wild.

Update your Firefox. Now. Kudos, Mozilla, for fixing this one so quick! That’s the way to do it.

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Register.UK: Major web template flaw lets miscreants break out of sandboxes.

Templating languages including FreeMarker, Velocity6, Smarty, Twig (regular and sandboxed) and Jade are all demonstrably hackable, it seems.” Been expecting this.

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