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Mashable: Ouch - Some Slack developers have been exposing corporate data

FYI, slackers.

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Register.UK: Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vulnerability.


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c|net: Dropbox looks to declutter your hard drive.

‘Twould be lovely to free up some space on the old primary hard drive. Security issues twangle in the back of my brain, however. DB’s had some issues. Even so, they’re so ubiquitous among my clients, using them is the #1 option.

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TechCrunch: Hundreds of Spotify credentials appear - users report accounts hacked.

FYI. I went ahead and changed my password, nonetheless.

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Register.UK: Adobe scrambles to untangle itself from QuickTime after Apple throws it under a bus.

In the meantime, Adobe’s Windows customers now have little choice but to use QuickTime, despite it having two gaping holes in its security that allow full remote code execution if a malicious video is played. Adobe better move fast on this, and Apple customers might want to trust Cook & Co a little less to keep them safe.” Beware, Window folks.

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Macworld: This tool can block ransomware on Mac OS X, for now.

Of note.

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Macworld: Outdated Git version in OS X puts developers at risk.

Hmmm. Older versions of the Mac system are using even older Git versions, too.

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PCWorld: Chrome 50 ends support for Windows XP, Vista, and earlier versions of Mac OS X.

Less mentioned, any OS X earlier than 10.9.

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Techdirt: Obama - The Word ‘Classified’ Means Whatever We Need It To Mean.

Classified material handed over to movie producers by Leon Panetta? Probably not a big deal. Classified material handed over to journalists by whistleblowers? That’s a prosecutin’.

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Politico: Past cases suggest Hillary won’t be indicted.

Between 2011 and 2015, federal prosecutors disposed of 30 referrals from investigators in cases where the main proposed charge was misdemeanor mishandling of classified information, according to data obtained from the Justice Department by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse. Prosecution was declined in 80 percent of those cases. Of the six where charges were filed, all the defendants apparently pled guilty, the data show.

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WaPo: How Clinton’s email scandal took root.

Mostly for convenience. Sad that a smart person would make such mistakes; these are important issues for the security of America. Given all that is in this article, I would like to know not just what previous SoSs did, but what other similar-level governmental officials were doing *at the time*. This seems terrible on its face, but email security something tied closely to era. No mention of what William Burns (her immediate predecessor) used. There are other articles mentioning secure communications going to other Federal employees ‘using their personal accounts’, but no names can I dredge up. Color me even less happy, but still not convinced about cavalier (criminal) carelessness.

Later: Note, this article specifically claims that some emails were classified at the time - from a report by the inspectors general. Both IGs are Obama appointees - you can’t assume a ‘Republican plotting’ stance on this. If so, much of the Clinton defense is moot.

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Register.UK: US charges Iranians with hacking into an NY dam, blasting banks offline.

The indictments against the group, announced Thursday, appear largely symbolic ...

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Guardian.UK: Dark Territory review – how WarGames & Reagan shaped US cyberwar battle.

Didn’t have a chance to post this on Sunday. Choice quote: “Congress has been told that China and ‘probably one or two other countries’ are definitely inside the networks that control America’s power grids, waterworks and other critical assets. And though no American official has said so in public, America is also inside the networks ‘that controlled such assets in other countries’.”

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Register.UK: Amex ‘fesses up: Your credit card data was nicked ...

Hello ... what?!!

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Mac Kung Fu: Massively speed up Time Machine backups.


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The Australian: Memory stick reveals names of thousands of jihadist recruits.

Modernity sinks the medieval.

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Macworld: Apple shuts down first-ever ransomware attack against Mac users.

Backups, people. Sounds like this may get more frequent.

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Register.UK: SSL’s DROWN not as bad as Heartbleed, still a security ship wreck.

Just set SSLv2 on fire.

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Daring Fireball: On the San Bernardino Suspect’s Apple ID Password Reset.

FYI. Seen at rc3.org.

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vowe dot net: How to clean up your Twitter timeline.

Ugh. Thanks, Volker.

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AppleInsider: Sparkle software updater leaves ‘huge’ number of Mac apps open to attack.

Verify updates for a while. I hope they release a list of affected apps.

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Techdirt Deals: ZenMate VPN - Lifetime Premium Subscription.

Excellent price. But are they any good?

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APNewsBreak: US declares 22 Clinton emails ‘top secret’.

So stupid. Of all people, someone who should know better. She might as well have handed her opponents a sledge hammer. Would have done less damage to herself.

Later, needed context: “The State Department said it had “upgraded” the classification of the emails at the request of the nation’s intelligence agencies. Mr. Kirby said that none of the emails had been marked at any level of classification at the time they were sent through Mrs. Clinton’s computer server ...” That sounds better.

Days later: Seems that may not matter [Aug 2015 link]. Hillary may be damaged goods going into 2016. Via Cam Barrett on FB.

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Valet.: The Wallet Backup.

Take photos? Brilliant.

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Macworld: Switch to six digits for your iOS passcode.


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