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Santa Fe New Mexican:

In search of the ultimate elevator.

09/14/03 • 07:46 AM • Science • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Columbia debris to find special resting place.  “It’s a good feeling to know we’re going to try to keep the legacy of research that Columbia stood for, versus sealing her up under concrete.”

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Scientific American:

Solar flare servers up antimatter surprises.  “The result is as surprising as gold miners blasting a cliff face and discovering that the explosion threw all the dirt in one direction and all the gold in another direction.”

09/05/03 • 11:15 AM • Science • (0) Comments


Asteroid “Doomsday” risk evaporates.  Reinforcing the concept that media is biased ... not right, not left ... but towards gloom & doom.

09/03/03 • 08:32 AM • Science • (1) Comments

NY Times:

One cosmic question, too many answers.  On string theory.

09/02/03 • 06:53 AM • Science • (0) Comments

NY Times:

The End of Evolution?

08/28/03 • 10:36 AM • Science • (0) Comments

NY Times:

Shuttle report spurs debate in Congress.  “During the Apollo era we set aside almost 6 percent of the nation’s budget for space exploration,” he said. “You know what the number is today? It’s less than six-tenths of 1 percent. You can’t cut and cut and cut and expect to do the same thing.”  I think we all recognize NASA’s been trying to make chicken salad out of chicken scat.  But it’s gone over the top, risking lives.  Time for Congress to belly up to the bar and make the national will to explore space a priority.  Or, at least to clearly prioritize it against Social Security, Medicare, and defense spending.

08/28/03 • 09:15 AM • Science • (0) Comments


Well, I spotted Mars last night, naked eye.  Went inside, grabbed the 10x50’s, came back out, and clouds had totally obscured it.  I’ll try again tonight.

08/27/03 • 06:28 AM • Science • (0) Comments


Universe, or Multiverse?  “If the choices we make in our everyday lives seem a little absurd from the viewpoint of a single vast and eternal universe, then, from the viewpoint of an infinite ensemble of universes containing infinite copies of ourselves, all making every possible choice, they are absolutely absurd.”  For some reason, I hear the Olympian gods laughing hysterically.

08/21/03 • 11:23 AM • Science • (0) Comments

USA Today:

“The Mozart Effect” gets scaled back a bit.  “A fast tempo makes listeners feel more energetic, and they score higher on spatial tests; slower tempo has the reverse effect. Music in a major key lifts mood, improving test performance; a minor key puts listeners in a worse mood and lowers their scores.”  Maybe we’ll hear less “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” in background music playlists.

08/21/03 • 11:18 AM • Science • (0) Comments

Times of India:

Every cloud could do with an iodide lining.  “... it is a better bet than sacrificing young virgins or marrying donkeys.”

08/18/03 • 08:53 AM • Science • (0) Comments
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