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Guardian.UK: Visitors rush to the Great Barrier Reef to catch it before it’s gone.

A survey published this week in the Journal of Sustainable Tourism found 69% of tourists had been driven by a sense of urgency to see Australia’s coral icon while there was still time.

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Authority Nutrition: Fluoride - Good or Bad?

Net-net: If you’re worried, stop.

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Metafilter: CO2 is bad for you.

In 2013, researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that carbon dioxide had measurable negative effects on human cognition at levels as low as 600 parts per million.” Maybe that explains the Trump phenomenon, and more.

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Atlas Obscura: The First Published Study About Chemtrails Is Here.

There is no better way to identify one’s self as an idiot, than proclaiming belief in chemtrails. It is so simply debunked, even elementary school children can understand.

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The Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago: Catalog of Publications.

Free ebooks. Well, PDFs. Or purchase dead tree copies. Always nice to give back to scholarly institutions ...

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PS Mag: America’s Latest 500-Year Rainstorm Is Underway Right Now in Louisiana.

Today’s rainstorm in Louisiana is at least the eighth 500-year rainfall event across America in little more than a year, including similarly extreme downpours in Oklahoma last May, central Texas (twice: last May and last October), South Carolina last October, northern Louisiana this March, West Virginia in June, and Maryland last month.” Um ... and we’re going to do what, exactly? Sit on our thumbs some more, in polluting vehicles?

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BBC Sport: Rio Olympics 2016: Work begins on returning diving pool to blue.

Even for a gold, I wouldn’t. Not unless my team had their own test kits.

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Archaeology News Network: Human burial found in the middle of sacrificial altar at Mt. Lykaion.

Human sacrifice? More digging to come.

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Mashable: Here’s how to watch the Perseid meteor shower ‘outburst event’ tonight.

They say this every year. In NM, they’ve been correct exactly once - and I chose to sleep through the lightshow, disbelieving the hype. Let’s hope this prediction’s better.

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Guardian.UK: New research hints at pattern of Alzheimer’s spread in the brain.

Of note.

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ArtDaily: At ancient Syria site, IS discovers then destroys treasures.

When the Islamic State group captured Tal Ajaja, one of Syria’s most important Assyrian-era sites, they discovered previously unknown millennia-old statues and cuneiform tablets, and then they destroyed them.”  AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH.

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Christie’s: Five minutes with Einstein’s leather jacket.

Hold your nose. Thanks, Tom E.

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Gizmodo: Why Amish Children Rarely Get Asthma

Neither the Amish nor the Hutterites have dirty homes. [snip] Both are tidy. The Amish barns, however, are much closer to their homes. Their children run in and out of them, often barefoot, all day long. There’s no obvious dirt in the Amish homes, no lapse of cleanliness. It’s just in the air, and in the dust.

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Western Digs: 12,000-Year-Old Camp Found in Utah May Have Experts “Adjusting Their Theories”.

Very cool. Site warning: Some have had popup/etc. problems with this source.

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Independent.UK: Royal palace discovered in Cornwall - in area closely linked to legend.

Doesn’t really help much to say “Dark Ages” anymore. That moniker is facing reinterpretation. And yet - Arthur!

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Guardian.UK: The climate crisis is already here – but no one’s telling us.

Journalists failing us. You can go to your local library, borrow microfilm, look through past years for remarkable weather events. You’ll find we’re already in uncharted territory. It’ll scare the bloody hell out of you. Unfortunately - and this is to state things very baldly and cynically - until masses of humans start dying in Western countries, nothing will be done.

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The New Yorker: How Rousseau Predicted Trump.

He simply assumed that his own experience of social disadvantage and poverty — though he was rarely truly poor and had a knack for finding wealthy patrons—sufficed to make his arguments superior to those of people who lived more privileged lives.” Presaged might be a better term.

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Archaeology News Network: Vikings were buried with board games to beat boredom.

Dad, you’ll have a double-crostic lovingly placed in your box.

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KQED Science: Disappearing Icons - Re-imagining the National Parks After Climate Change.

Joshua Tree as example.

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SciAm: Where Does the Female Orgasm Come from? Scientists Think They Know.

They nearly choke on their own words trying to be PC over this.

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New Scientist: Mysterious dark brain cells linked to Alzheimer’s and stress.

Studies in patients show that inflammation arising outside the brain is associated with more rapid decline in Alzheimer’s patients, and it’s important to unravel what role microglia might play in this acceleration of disease.” Oh please no.

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Archaeology News Network: Facial reconstruction made of Bronze Age woman ‘Ava’.

So, creating a facial reconstruction based on archaeological remains is somewhat different in that a greater amount of artistic licence can be allowed.” Still fascinating, though.

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Reddit/Space: There are now five spaceships parked at the ISS.

If I were still a kid, I’d be building models and dreaming of exploration ...

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New Scientist: Autoimmune diseases may be side effect of a strong immune system.

So healthy, you’re sick.

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ArtDaily: Whey to go - 17th-century cheese found in Baltic wreck

But in the Kronan’s case, the blast was so powerful that pieces of the ship were scattered over a wide area of seabed. Fishing nets, minesweeping and the forces of the sea have added to the dispersal.” Given the fact it’s a bit ripe, maybe someone ... cut the cheese. Explosively.

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