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BBC: Ancient flood, almost proven.

Ancient Mediterranean flood mystery solved. “We could for the first time link the amount of water crossing the channel with the amount of erosion causing it to grow over time.”  Sounds like they still have some work to do on their theory.

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NY Times: We’ve been surpassed.

Collider Sets Record, and Europe Takes U.S.’s Lead. “There is also a depressing symbolism in the fact that the hottest new results in fundamental physics will for decades not be coming from our country.” We’re too busy burning crosses and obsessing over Tiger Woods these days.

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CNN: Soy for breast cancer patients?  Hmmm.

Soy may benefit breast cancer survivors, study says. “The study looked at more than 5,000 women in China who had undergone a mastectomy; they were followed for about four years. The women who consumed the most soy protein (about 15 grams or more a day) had a 29 percent lower risk of dying and a 32 percent decreased risk of breast cancer recurrence compared to the women who consumed less than about 5 grams of soy protein a day ...”  I would keep in mind that there are immunogenetic differences between ethnic groups. That, and the women probably consumed fermented soy, which has certain undesirable phytochemicals eliminated by the fermentation process. American industry prefers to go the cheap route and just give us unfermented soy.

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BBC News: How do they know it wasn’t the gaggly hazelnut creamer?

Coffee could help cut prostate cancer risk, says study. “It found the heaviest consumers had a 60% lower risk of aggressive tumours than men who did not drink any coffee.”  Plenty of other studies show different results.

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CNN: Become a new person.

Antidepressants change personality, study suggests. “After eight weeks, the group of patients who took Paxil reported a reduction in neuroticism nearly seven times greater than that reported by the patients taking placebo whose depression symptoms had improved a comparable amount. The increase in extraversion reported by the Paxil group was 3.5 times greater than that among the matched placebo patients. (The changes in personality were measured using a standard questionnaire.)”  This is not surprising; I expect physicians will now be flooded with folks wanting a ‘brightener.’

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Washington Post: There is deeper meaning behind pretty pictures.

The Wow Factor: Joel Achenbach gives us an even briefer history of time and space. “It’s too easy to get blissed out on the eye candy. We can become a little too star-struck.”

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NY Times: Why bother?

Questioning a Cancer Drug That Costs $30,000 a Month. “We believe we are fairly priced.”  The article goes on to mention a child leukemia drug at $34k a week. I can’t imagine the torture of being a parent who knows there’s a therapy, can’t afford it, and must watch their child wither and die.

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ars technica: Cooked data doesn’t prove existence.

Neither does it prove nonexistence.  Leaked climate docs: the schools involved investigate.

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NY Times: Butt, butt, butt ...

Relocating a Patient’s Fat From Thighs to Breasts.  Reminds me of: “Said Farmer Brown / Who’s bald / On top / Wish I could / Rotate the crop / Burma-Shave.”

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Reuters: Now we wait to see if miracles materialize.

U.S. approves first ethical human stem cell lines.

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Reuters: Building momentum.

Big Bang collider sets particle beam record.

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Guardian.Co.UK: Pretty good definition of hell.

Car crash victim trapped in ‘coma’ for 23 years was conscious.  That would be one of my top ten nightmares.

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Bloomberg: Not something we wanted to hear in NM.

Salud! The More Spanish Men Drink, the Lower Their Heart Risk. “The study of more than 41,000 adults, published in the journal Heart, found that regularly drinking alcohol of any type lowers the danger of serious heart disease by almost a third, according to the researchers, led by Larraitz Arriola at the Public Health Department of Gipuzkoa in San Sebastian, Spain.”  Encourage more drinking among men (of *any* ethnic group)?  No thanks.

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Reuters: Star Trek never visited a ‘crocodile world.’

New fossils reveal a world full of crocodiles. “They have given some of the new species snappy names — BoarCroc, RatCroc, DogCroc, DuckCroc and PancakeCroc — but say their findings help build an understanding of how crocodilians were and remain such a successful life form.”  I get a curious thrill thinking that our SETI broadcastings may end up being returned by intelligent crocodiles ...

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NY Times: Stressful life? Good time to exercise.

Phys Ed: Why Exercise Makes You Less Anxious. “In those experiments, rats taught to feel helpless and anxious, by being exposed to a laboratory stressor, showed increased serotonin activity in their brains. But rats that had run for several weeks before being stressed showed less serotonin activity and were less anxious and helpless despite the stress.”  Cool.

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NPR: Atherosclerosis isn’t an industrial-age malady.

Ancient Egyptians Suffered From Hardened Arteries. “CT scans of 22 Egyptian mummies, several around 3,000 years old, detected significant deposits of calcium in 5 of the 16 mummies with preserved arteries, definitive evidence the people had atherosclerosis while alive.”

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New Scientist:  A parallel universe?

Mystery ‘dark flow’ extends towards edge of universe. “Laura Mersini-Houghton of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, thinks the flow is a sign of a neighbouring universe.”  More than the Higgs Boson, I want scientists to conclusively test for the existence of parallel universes.

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NY Times:  The side effects and costs would seem to be the scare factors.

Forty Years’ War - Medicines to Deter Some Cancers Are Not Taken. “It has been devilishly difficult to show conclusively that something simple like eating more fruits and vegetables or exercising regularly helps. And, as the response to the prostate drugs shows, people are not enthusiastic about taking anticancer pills, or are worried about side effects or not really convinced the drugs work. Others are just unaware of them.”

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NY Times: World War II subs found.

2 Japanese Subs From World War II Era Are Found Off Hawaii. “While the submarines were meant to threaten the United States directly, none of the attacks occurred. The subs were developed too late in the war, and American intelligence was too good.”

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BBC: Dino looks front-heavy, to me.

Missing link dinosaur discovered. “The remarkably complete skeleton shows that the creature was bipedal but occasionally walked on all four legs.”  I sincerely doubt it walked around in the position illustrated.

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Times Online:  Jeez, isn’t 15 a bit late?

Mandatory sex lessons for every 15-year-old. I believe ours started in 6th grade (11). The explanatory films were so vague, I remember one boy asking the teacher, “Miss—-, are you SURE we’re supposed to urinate in our girlfriends?”  Still, learning on the street wasn’t much more accurate.

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Washington Post:  “Oh look ... yummy treats.”

Great white sharks coming closer to shore than thought, researchers find. “For years, humans have thought of great white sharks wandering the sea at random, only occasionally venturing close to shore. We were wrong.” I still recall my first trip to the Jersey shore after “Jaws.”  A long wad of dirty toilet paper wrapped around my leg, causing no less panic than the shark I feared it might be.

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BBC:  Humans tend to foul their own nests.

Logging caused Nazca collapse. “Our research contradicts the popular view that Native American peoples always lived in harmony with their environment until the Spanish Conquest.”  I believe that ‘popular view’ is only held by those who have never read Lewis & Clark’s journals.  The Anasazi at Chaco had middens piles as long as the face of Pueblo Bonito, right in front.  You had to walk through the garbage to *get* to the place.

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Mind blowing.

All-Sky Milky Way Panorama 2.0.  Click on the picture, and see why Carl Sagan was so sure about SETI. Damn, that’s a lot of possibilities. Via Follow Me Here.

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Boston.com:  Great photos of the Ares launch.

The Big Picture: Launch of the Ares I-X. “The two-minute sub-orbital test flight encountered a few problems along the way, as the launch pad was slightly damaged, a planned stage separation did not go quite according to plan, and a possible parachute failure led to a hard splashdown for its first stage.” Bugs to be worked out.

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