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Space shuttle catches up to Hubble.  I’m sure we all wish a successful mission ... if for no other reason than to get more mind-blowing desktop wallpapers.

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Study plunges standard Theory of Cosmology into Crisis.  Is dark matter science, or alchemy?

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New Scientist:

Brainy men may be healthier men.  And, related, Heat + Energy = Brains.

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Nefertiti bust, a fake?

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Now that sounds like a fun weekend.  Going to see corpses having sex at a museum.  Pass.

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Seems NM was part of a ‘Lost World’ for some dinosaurs who (in spite of the confusing title of the article) survived the ‘extinction event’ by 500,000 years.  “This is a controversial conclusion, and many palaeontologists will remain sceptical.”  [sic]  It’s the editing of the piece that’s making me skeptical ...

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UC Davis:

Native Americans Descended From a Single Ancestral Group, DNA Study Confirms. 

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SF New Mexican/AP:

New Mexico testing for swine flu.  “The New Mexico Department of Health has been testing samples for possible swine flu and has sent two probable cases to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for further tests, state officials announced Wednesday.”  One case, SF County ... the other, Valencia County. 

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Flu update.

You may miss this in the fine print - and do dig around to check the veracity — but the infant who died in Texas had ‘other health problems’ — and I heard a mention that the influenza rates in Mexico were climbing since February.  That source (which I can’t find now) believes the hundreds of deaths there represent thousands of unreported, unconfirmed illnesses.  This may be no more ‘deadly’ than ‘normal’ flu.

I think WHO is being foolish not to restrict air travel, if they feel it’s so serious.  When I flew, I’d always contract a cold from someone on those flights.  Colds are viruses, too.  An airplane with an ill person is a big incubator, and when you let those people out at their destination, they’re carriers.  A thermometer at debarkation won’t help worth a damn.  Flying in a closed cabin with an ill person is a whole lot worse than encountering someone coughing in a grocery store or stadium.

Later:Underlying health issues” with the deceased infant.  But it takes a hell of a lot of digging to find even one news report that mentions it.

A smidge later: I was reading the articles on Grist, and debated whether to link, then found CJR commenting on the same subject: Swine Flu and CAFOs?

Even later:  The ethic behind not restricting air travel is, apparently, a belief that restriction only helps in the very early stages of the disease.  Once the bug’s on the ground and in-country, the infection rates often soar, making air travel effect numbers relatively small in comparison.

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Foster Folly News:

The polo horses, so lately in the news for their sudden and tragic deaths, died of selenium overdose.

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Telescopes flight given ‘go’ date.  Going where?

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Knock ‘em down, Rich.

CDC Director Richard Besser is a classmate from Princeton High School.  Good, straight-to-the-facts guy.

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Inside the mind of a baby.  “While scientists and doctors have traditionally assumed that babies are much less conscious than adults - this is why, until the 1970s, many infants underwent surgery without anesthesia - that view is being overturned.”  The pharmaceutical industry still makes the mistake of dosing kids as if they’re small adults ... a bodyweight ratio of drug ... rather than considering them as individual beings with different body chemistries.  Many drugs never undergo trials in children before being approved for use in kids ... just that assumed ratio.

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Wired Science:

Artificial Intelligence Cracks 4,000-Year-Old Indus Script Mystery.  Verifies that it is language, but cannot translate.  Yet.

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Conde Nast Portfolio.com:

Scientific American is falling prey to the economy.  Sounds like one of our national treasures is going ‘consumer.’  Terrible.

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Egypt finds mud brick pharaonic temple in Sinai.  Perhaps Sinai was not the empty wasteland that the Mosaic record indicates.  Thutmose II and III are the likely Pharaohs of Exodus.

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Hawking ‘to make full recovery’.  That’s good news.

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SF New Mexican:

Looking for the ‘Taos Hum.’  Belching of bark beetles?

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Boston Globe, The Big Picture:

Cassini’s continuing mission.

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NY Times Opinion:

The more affluent, the higher the IQ.  As opposed to the old genetically-gifted model.  “Convincing junior-high kids that intelligence is under their control — you could argue that that should be in the junior-high curriculum right now.”

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For those still worried about bird flu, there’s some hope.

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Dig ‘may reveal’ Cleopatra’s tomb.  So what did Octavian say when he saw the results of her suicide?  “Nice asp.”

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Ancient medicines were alcoholic.  Surely that can’t be a surprise?  Here, make your own herbal tinctures.

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BBC News:

Drug offers hope on Alzheimer’s.  It surprised scientists, in that it completely removes the amyloid protein without apparent side effects.

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“Human females may get offended at dates who expect a little something extra after they buy a steak dinner, but for chimpanzees, the exchange may be a fair one ...”

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