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NY Times:  Back to the dino drawing board.

Fossil Find Challenges Theories on T. Rex. “Paleontologists said Thursday that they had discovered what amounted to a miniature prototype of Tyrannosaurus rex, complete with the oversize head, powerful jaws, long legs — and, as every schoolchild knows, puny arms — that were hallmarks of the king of the dinosaurs.”  Which is notable because they thought these anatomical features were adaptations T.Rex had to make because of sheer size and bulk.

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NY Times: For the Jung at heart.

Magazine Preview - Carl Jung and the Holy Grail of the Unconscious.

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Scientific American: A Holodeck for Scientists?

A 360-Degree Virtual Reality Chamber Brings Researchers Face to Face with Their Data.

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Washington Post: Ah, *someone’s* finally woken up ...

... to the elephant in the room of ‘climate change — When It Comes to Pollution, Less (Kids) May Be More. “Recycle, shorten your commute, drive a hybrid vehicle, and buy energy-efficient light bulbs, appliances and windows — all of that would cut out about one-fortieth of the emissions caused by bringing two children, and their children’s children, into the world.”

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BBC: Bless science.

Antibiotic resistance clue found.

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New Scientist: Ancient Egyptians had their eyes on the skies, too.

Egyptian temples followed heavenly plans. “Ancient Egyptian temples were aligned so precisely with astronomical events that people could set their political, economic and religious calendars by them. So finds a study of 650 temples, some dating back to 3000 BC.”  Reminds me of the Chacoans, who believed that seasons would not appear unless religious festivals were held on time.

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Telegraph.UK: The power of oral myth.

Fairy tales have ancient origin. 

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Discovery News: ‘Sidedness’ an advantage.

Animals That Favor One Side More Successful.

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Times Online:  We’ve had a lot of AIDS letdowns, but this sounds plausible.

New hope for Aids vaccine as scientists find ‘Achilles heel’. “The newly discovered antibodies, called PG9 and PG16, are promising because they recognise parts of the virus that do not appear to change on a spike that HIV uses to infect cells. This suggests that they should be capable of attacking the virus in all its forms.”

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BBC NEWS: Thin thighs mean you die?

Large thighs ‘may protect heart’.  I don’t believe that means 23” of fat, however.


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NY Times:  In the ‘70’s, an impending ice age was the great worry of the time.

Global Warming Could Forestall Ice Age.  Few remember the ice age ‘panics.’

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WSJ.com:  It’d be nice to avoid DEET.

Mosquito Bites: The Real Reason Some People Are Immune. “The researchers have identified a handful of the body’s chemical odors—some of which may be related to stress—that are present in significantly larger concentrations in people that the bugs are happier to leave alone. If efforts to synthesize these particular chemicals are successful, the result could be an all-natural mosquito repellent that is more effective and safer than products currently available.”

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SF New Mexican:  Dig anywhere in Santa Fe, you’re bound to find something historical.

San Ysidro Crossing: Archaeologists unearth the site of an ancient pueblo village.

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SEED:  No, this article’s not interesting.  (You’re not looking, right?)

Truth or Lies. “... we have based our society on the assumption that deciding to lie or to tell the truth is within our conscious control. But Harvard’s Joshua Greene and Joseph Paxton say this assumption may be flawed and are probing whether honesty may instead be the result of controlling a desire to lie (a conscious process) or of not feeling the temptation to lie in the first place (an automatic process).”

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BBC NEWS:  IVF with three parents?

Genetic advance raises IVF hopes.


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Ars Technica:  Why worry about flu, when you can worry about a new Maunder Minimum?

Another Little Ice Age? Solar activity and climate change.


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AnesthesiologyNews: On Propofol abuse.

Very interesting in light of the Jackson story ... esp. the link to emotional trauma:  Propofol Abuse Growing Problem for Anesthesiologists.


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The big news in New Mexico is boobies.

A Blue-Footed Booby has made an extremely rare (near-inconceivable) appearance in Conchas Lake.


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CNET News:  Patching an ailing heart.

How to heal a broken (or weakened) heart.

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CNN:  Yeah, yeah ... blame somebody else.

Study: Global warming sparked by ancient farming methods. “Ancient man may have started global warming through massive deforestation and burning that could have permanently altered the Earth’s climate, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Virginia and the University of Maryland-Baltimore County.”


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BBC:  Simon and Garfunkle got it wrong, for plants.

Herbs ‘can be natural pesticides’. Clove and mint and rosemary and thyme.

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NASA: Back to the Moon, perhaps Mars, if we’ve got the pocket change.

NASA Completes Assembly of Ares I-X Test Rocket.  Exciting pic, it gets my blood simmering again.  Yet, it may not happen for a very long time.

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Miller-McCune:  Monkey see, monkey do.

Children Exposed to ‘Togetherness’ More Likely to Help. “A new study finds 18-month-olds who were subtly introduced to the concept of togetherness were far more likely to help someone in need.”  Once again, I’m surprised researchers are surprised.

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The New Yorker: Speaking of interpretation ...

Should we hate Judas Iscariot? “All this, I believe, is a reaction to the rise of fundamentalism—the idea, Christian and otherwise, that every word of a religion’s founding document should be taken literally. This is a childish notion, and so is the belief that we can combat it by correcting our holy books. Those books, to begin with, are so old that we barely understand what their authors meant.”  Can’t force modern society into an ancient archetype, and it is endlessly futile to try ... I suppose that’s why it’s a lucrative business for many.

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SF New Mexican:  Saying no to plastic packaging.

Hold the plastic: Consumers are ingesting more than they bargain for, through food packaging. “Your kitchen is a laboratory. The traditional materials used in laboratories are glass, ceramics and stainless steel, because these materials are relatively inert and do not affect the results of laboratory experiments, so they won’t contaminate your food, either.”  Hear, hear.

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