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Washington Post:

It’s on the tip of your tongue.  Can’t recall that name?  It’s normal aging, not dementia or Alzheimer’s.

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Science Daily:

Are Smart People Drawn To The Arts Or Does Arts Training Make People Smarter?  Among many other examples: “Adult self-reported interest in aesthetics is related to a temperamental factor of openness, which in turn is influenced by dopamine-related genes.”

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Southern Baptist leaders shift position on climate change.  “The issue (global warming) should be addressed scientifically and not theologically.”  I should think Revelation 16 would scare the hell out of anyone concerned over global warming — and could be interpreted in myriad evangelically-useful ways.  Would that the Convention adopted the above philosophy for evolution ...

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CNN Health:

Prescription drugs found in drinking water across U.S.  When reading articles about these chemicals affecting amphibious wildlife, did anyone actually believe we were somehow ‘immune’?

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The Economist:

“Something seems wrong with the laws of physics. Spacecraft are not behaving in the way that they should ...”

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Scientific American:

An accelerating universe wipes out traces of its own origins.  “The window during which intelligent observers can deduce the true nature of our expanding universe might be very short indeed. Some civilizations might hold on to deep historical archives, and this very article might appear in one—if it can survive billions of years of wars, supernovae, black holes and countless other perils. Whether they will believe it is another question.”  There is no persistence of memory.  How would one store Asimov’s ‘Encyclopedia Galactica’ for perpetuity ... ?

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SF New Mexican:

Manmade flood to be unleashed in Grand Canyon.

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SF New Mexican:

Albuquerque attracts German solar plant.  “Schott AG of Mainz, Germany, said the plant will produce both photovoltaic panels and receivers for solar thermal power plants. Initial plans call for a 200,000-square-foot facility that will employ about 350 people.”  What NM should really be doing, is building solar and wind farms ... making our state energy independent, and then selling the excess to other states for a profit.  Time’s gonna come when we’ll kick ourselves for not doing it now.

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The Daily Galaxy:

Ancient Mystery of “Maya Blue” Key to Ritualistic Sacrifices Solved.  “... solved the mystery of the 14-foot layer of blue precipitate: So many sacrifices - from pots to more than 100 human beings - were thrown into the Sacred Cenote that ultimately a layer of the pigment washed off the sacrifices and settled at the bottom of the well.” 

[Mental note: when someone mentions making ‘big sacrifices’ in their lives, revisit this for sacrificial scale.]

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Wishing you a happy bis-sextile day.  [Dash added to alleviate confusion.]

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Discovery Channel:

Shroud of Turin Gets High-Def Scrutiny.  Love this quote: “Someone just got a bit of linen, faked it up and flogged it.”

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Experts ‘rebuild’ composer’s face.  A little shocking, perhaps, sans wig.

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San Francisco Bay Guardian:

Science is crucial to the management of the nation, and without it we’re no better than a medieval kingdom.  Given SF County’s ongoing contemplation of oil drilling, this little tidbit opened my eyes wide: “You may also have heard about the scandal in 2004 when a whistleblower at the Environmental Protection Agency revealed that five of the seven members on a panel of ‘independent experts’stood to gain financially from shutting down a scientific investigation of a controversial mining technique called ‘hydraulic fracturing.’  The panel claimed that in its expert opinion, the technique didn’t require regulation, despite many scientists’ concerns that it might pollute groundwater.”  My italics.  Background article from the time.  That article links to a 76 page Acrobat PDF titled, “Our Drinking Water At Risk: What EPA and the Oil and Gas Industry Don’t Want Us to Know About Hydraulic Fracturing.

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NY Times Fitness & Nutrition:

Does Weight Lifting Make a Better Athlete?  You have to optimise for the sport.  Carrying too much muscle mass can work against you.  Why would a runner or a cyclist build huge shoulders or arms?  They need neither the weight nor the drag to excel at their sport.  Seek advice.  A personal trainer knows the difference between body building and sport-specific training.

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The Huffington Post:

The Vaccine-Autism Court Document Every American Should Read.  Get ready to be really, really angry.

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NY Times Art & Design:

Design Review | ‘Design and the Elastic Mind’.  If I were still in the NY area, I’d be there this weekend.

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SF New Mexican:

Spaceport director makes pitch for tax to fund facility.  If it is going to make so much money, why not issue bonds?

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New Scientist Space:

Giant ropes of dark matter discovered in new sky survey.  “... the team hopes to be able to address some deep questions about dark matter – such as whether it is really an invisible substance, or actually a change in the strength of gravity at large scales.”

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The Economist:

Latest Economist/YouGov poll, as pertaining to the current Presidential race.  The first page surprised me, but the rest felt better. 

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NY Times:

Pentagon Says It’s Confident Missile Hit Satellite Tank.  Okay, so I was wrong yesterday.  They’ve shown video.  My sincere apologies to the Pentagon.  I remain skeptical over the need for missile shootdown; I’m not buying the hydrazine fuel excuse. We’ve had two Shuttles disintegrate, countless other rockets explode in the atmosphere - all of which contained hydrazine - without a single similar concern.  I’ll wager in years after we’ll hear about nuclear fuel, experimental armaments, or very classified equipment.

Related: Times Opinionator has a different take.  The shootdown legitimizes missile defense in significant ways.

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Caught over the weekend ... Mysteries of computer from 65BC are solved.  “Detailed imaging of the mechanism suggests it dates back to 150-100 BC and had 37 gear wheels enabling it to follow the movements of the moon and the sun through the zodiac, predict eclipses and even recreate the irregular orbit of the moon. The motion, known as the first lunar anomaly, was developed by the astronomer Hipparcus of Rhodes in the 2nd century BC, and he may have been consulted in the machine’s construction, the scientists speculate.  Remarkably, scans showed the device uses a differential gear, which was previously believed to have been invented in the 16th century.”

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NY Times Science, Dot Earth:

From LANL: “Scientists there say they have developed a way to produce truly carbon-neutral fuel and useful organic chemicals at large scale using water and carbon dioxide removed from the air as raw materials.”  Apparently translates to gas at the pump for $4.60/gallon.

Linked specifically to point out that LANL isn’t all about the nukes ...

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NY Times Space & Cosmos:

Smaller Version of the Solar System Is Discovered.  “This could be a true solar system analogue.”

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Reuters Health:

A compound in pepper may help vitiligo sufferers.  “They found that when used alone the compounds stimulated pigmentation to an even, light brown color within six weeks. When boosted by radiation, the treatment led to even darker skin in about the same period of time.”

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Map shows toll on world’s oceans.  I think it was back in the ‘70’s, when the announcement was made that there were no water sources left in the entire world that did not contain manmade chemicals in trace amounts.  That was sad enough, then.  We continue to trash the only home we’ve got. 

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